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File: 1494196878267.jpg (60.99 KB, 564x561, 104a4c9b67c8d8ff0092f54077….jpg)


I have a boyfriend for the first time ever!

all i can think about when im not with him is how much i want to be cuddling together

my entire life is 24/7 comfy right now :)

how long do you think i should wait before introducing him to my parents? We've been seeing each other for 3.5 weeks now.


File: 1494199004736.jpg (247.41 KB, 500x725, Prometheus.jpg)

That's cute, sushi.

Do your parents know about him?
If so, I'd recommend to wait just a bit more, maybe when the first month milestone is reached.

However, my "experience" tells me that I should warn you about something:
Make him a part of your life (how much? time will tell!) but please take care of everything you had going on before you met him, friendships included!

Other than that, I wish you both nothing but the best.


Come on man. Think about where we are.


File: 1494314518810.png (92 KB, 557x486, 1466617506541.png)

Come on, boyfriends don't exist in real life OP stop trying to decieve us.

How did you two meet? :)


File: 1494315631076.jpg (64.7 KB, 665x842, 1488133955948.jpg)

homosexual relationships make me incredibly uncomfortable for some reason
its like deep down something is very, very wrong

i even decided to spend lots of time around homosexuals for about a year to try and change my mind
but the feeling got way worse

on the surface they were nice people but after getting to know them…
i discovered the only thing on their mind was fruitless copulation
it affected their entire personality - from how they talked, walked and even how they thought about life
all of the more promiscuous ones i met had HIV
then i learned about their culture
about getting "pozzed" and "bugcatching" just so they can have even more promiscuous sex

i found this lifestyle repugnant in every way imaginable and i asked myself
is this the lifestyle they are saying to be proud of?
the lifestyle that is just as healthy? just as spiritually pure? just as moral? just as good and wonderful in every way?

no, no its not!

now why do i care?
why do i have to throw my ugly opinion at you instead of just minding my own business?
its because i feel this post threatens what i like about sushigirl.
this post may set an example for other people and ruin this chan for me and others.
there are other places to post about your homosexual relationships and talk about homosexuality.
so please, please! do it there and not here.


ya know, you could have just said this site isn't for relationships rather than go into your life's story


>>671 (checked)
Enjoy it while it last, I got dumped a year ago and I'm still super salty about it. Love is gonna fuck you up man.


File: 1494331913335.png (207.27 KB, 900x941, ritsu_tainaka___k_on__by_d….png)

It always is difficult, if people make a whole life style out of a single attribute about their personality. Kinda agree on that toxic sushithread thing regarding relationshit in general. On the other hand "sushi social" has its name for a reason.

I guess I don't mind at all. Reading about happy things is relaxing.


File: 1494331925678.png (715.74 KB, 890x641, hwga.PNG)

The sushi here hasn't tasted the same for a while now, sushi roll. The homosexual nature of op's post isn't what annoys me though. It's the blogging, or, social identity media styling and substance of the post that bothers me. What does op want to discuss? Why does op post about his personal life on an sushi rollymous image board? Why does op treat sentences as paragraphs? Op has nothing to contribute nor does he care for the history or culture of sushi rollymous posting. There is nothing inherently wrong in this; in fact, this is how people treat the net presently and i realize that my aversion to the role of identity in discussions is obscure, and, bringing it up in this thread is totally not comfy.

Things online have never been particularly great, although they have never unnerved me the way populist trend posting and prideful identity politics has. It's like some kind of cultural gentrification or something, man.


I read that as toxic soshit thread


More and more people turn to the internet to fill a social void.
When they have nothing to talk about they end up talking about themselves.
It's similar to real life conversations in that regard, most people only talk about themselves from what I've seen.

Imageboards have now become the home of people with a certain mindset/outlook etc. Rather than just a format for topic discussion.
That's my theory at least.


This thread is getting dangerously uncomfy.


Thanks for the pic, I love it, I'd love to meet someone with her personality (minus the ptsd if possible, if not, I'll do my best anyways)

Perhaps it was never comfy to begin with, I just gave some friendly advice to sushiOP, never thought that other rolls would get uncomfortable with him being an homoroll, tbh I don't really mind.
But I don't know if threads like this one are for /lounge/, I'm a newfriend, perhaps /kawaii/ would be more appropriate?

Whad do you think?



people here should try to talk about things larger than themselves whenever possible to avoid personal conflicts
(exceptions might be self help threads/personal improvement threads/anecdotal experience sharing threads)
as attacking ideas is better than attacking fellow sushi's

you're welcome! (•ᴗ•)
I would definitely feel bad if OP felt alienated by the community here
I was honestly worried I would be banned for my post
but if sushigirl changed it would probably be worse than being banned so I took the risk
I'm not going to argue with anyone I just wanted to let sushi's
know how some people feel regarding homosexuality in general


hey buddy i think you got the wrong door

the leather club's two blocks down





I'm not sure whether creamy would laugh or cry if she saw this thread. Either way, not good.


Good on ya', I've been with mine for a little more than six months now. Your mileage may vary with the whole parents thing so tread carefully.
You were obviously hanging around with the wrong crowd. Steer clear of LGBT clubs or groups if you're expecting to meet people with priorities other than whining and screwing.

The statement "I don't have anything against gay men, just gay men who make their sexuality their whole life" always seemed pretty disingenuous to me. There are definitely some gay guys out there who do just that, but homophobes who write everything off as gay behavior are much more common. They suddenly realize that their recently out-of-the-closet friend dresses in tight clothes, takes hygiene too seriously, has a lot of sex, talks flamboyantly, or acts in any way that affirms their prejudice.
/hell/ is dead, a thread's only as comfy as the posters make it.


This thread is nothing but uncomfiness from all sides of the argument. Mods, please delete it.


Well, my daddy taught me a few things too. Like uh, how not to rip the skin by using someone elses mouth, instead of your own hands.


File: 1494579589047.png (32.32 KB, 151x112, Angry_Arche.png)

I am not a fan of deleting threads but shitposting should NOT be allowed. This meanyface here >>2051 should be banned
This is /hell/ anyway, tho. Is this a thread for /superhell/?
This is bad because I kinda wanted to talk about love with other rolls, but it seems now this would be even more inappropriate.
At least we got a few memes


Woah there, you might scare the rolls with a weaker spirit! Just take it easy all of you.


I agree that this thread should be moved to /superhell/
We are all about comfy. You can disagree without attacking or insulting, but we do not really hold up the flag of fre spech, we hold the flag of supercomfy.
Also, we don't just try to shield ourselves behind our felings, but we don't either downright try to insult or attack others.


I don't think this thread is inherently bad, but a couple people made it creepy. I'll punt this over to /hell/ and see what happens to it.


it's weird that the qt boys threads are left untouched though.


Because they're a fetish.


also because that thread was started in a way that people could contribute meaningfully to. This is basically just a blog thread.


Come on, this wasn't even a bad thread. Yeah, this isn't a personal blog or a social media, but this isn't The Lounge for nothing (or was, because we're on H E L L now).

Not cool, not comfy :(((




File: 1516671845486.png (352.85 KB, 680x634, shy Natsuki.png)

You know what, have a bump. Fuck the haters, the pride scene is impure but love is not.
>that feel when no bf



probably bait but I'll humor you.

you're a homophobe and your views on gay people are imaginary and an extreme minority. the gay people you're talking about are gay people I've only read about but never seen. about half of my friends are lgbt and they don't fit any of what you're talking about. your views are extremely skewed.

oh also go read the rules. this is uncomfy posting. please go back to 4chan if you want to gay bash.


Nice to see you are repeating key tenets of modern dogma which has arisen from the advent of european nihilism.
With your personal anecdotes you surely proved your point didn't you.
Fantastic, instead of actually giving a reason for degeneracy to be universally tolerated
you call those with different views entirely delusional suffering from irrational fears. Great ad hominems there!
Obviously if it's not the popular(ized) stance it must not be correct.
I was entirely unaware that men penetrating the anuses of other men signified human progress.
Maybe the high rates of STDs within the "community" is also a sign of this "progress".

"The sense of right and wrong . . . is so delicate, so fitful, so easily puzzled, obscured, perverted,
so subtle in its argumentative methods, so impressionable by education, so biassed by pride and passion,
so unsteady in its course, that in the struggle for existence amid the various exercises and triumphs of the human intellect,
the sense is at once the highest of all teachers yet the least luminous" (Newman, "Letter to the Duke of Norfolk", in section on conscience).

"The biological parasite begins its instruction of the gentile child, even before the alphabet, with the definition of the forbidden sin.
What is the forbidden sin? One must never show “prejudice” towards another human being.
The children hear this admonition daily from the time they enter kindergarten. They are puzzled by it, because children are naturally open and generous,
they do not hate anyone. They never realize that if the teacher fails to give them this daily lesson about “prejudice,” she will he fired from her job."

The "great event, obscurely suspected, that 'God is dead,' is the principle οf the collapse οf all values.
From this point, morality is deprived οf its sanction and 'incapable οf maintaining itself,' and the interpretation and
justification formerly given to all norms and values disappear. Dostoyevsky expressed the same idea in the words,
'If God does not exist, everything is permitted.'"


File: 1518996323212.jpg (41.23 KB, 686x582, 0outof10.jpg)

shut up nerd


File: 1519004367908.png (287.87 KB, 533x400, 1460768480250.png)

As soon as I saw a rainbow I knew it would come to this. I just avoided it but since we're in HELL now I might just poop in the poisoned well.

I don't like that OP posted this thread in such a manner to not only make it a blog, but also specifically trying to draw attention to the fact they're gay. I've seen this on other threads around here and it's getting kinda annoying. It just comes of attention seeking. I've had entire discussions about romance without realising the others gender or sexual orientation before, and the conversation was better for that fact. Additionally it's inherently controversial and part of the blame for causing a shitstorm always has to return to the source.

While I have no appreciation for homosexuals, I really have no hostile regards either. It's something that I think is an abnormality but is perfectly capable of flying under the radar and everyone just leaving each other alone about it.

I'm glad OP is happy (assuming that state of affairs has endured), and I certainly don't wish them ill. Just have a little more tact. Whether you're on the "if you don't like gays you're a close minded shitlord" side or "gays are degenerate and obnoxious", just be mindful that if both groups are given a situation where they will meet with the topic of controversy made unavoidably blatant, then any chance of otherwise pleasant conversation is knowingly sacrificed.

All that said, I'm surprised it remained generally civil and sincere in disagreement bar a few arrogant people on both sides.


It helps, when you're lobbing quotes around to try to impress people, if you don't miss the point entirely. Are you so dense that you cannot imagine society discarding one moral stance while retaining the rest? Nobody operates with the Bible on a "take it or leave it" policy. Not even the original Christians followed their religion to the letter, and humanity survived nonetheless.
Fair enough. I don't like having people's heterosexuality waved in my face, either. So I can sympathize with you.
I will say, though, if OP had chose another pic and was vague about the nature of the relationship, we would still know that he was gay. Straight people don't even think to hide stuff like that. Why would they? They're the majority, nobody tells them that they're abominations. Nothing would have changed, the bashers would still have talked shit, they know what to look for and so do the queers.


>someone says God assumes he's a Christian

Human psychology is always a slippery slope and our animalistic desires are so easily exploited. Since somewhere between the 6th and 8th centuries B.C. we have been on a steady decline. This is simply because our perception of the world changed from a mostly metaphysical one to one which is now purely physical. Every one of our institutions were oriented from above to what is above. Since most people perceived the world from a metaphysical perspective it was almost impossible to commit any acts which went against spiritual codes since that would mean an entire change in their view of reality. Those who did transgress were either shunned and cast out or put to death.

Sure not ALL original Christians followed their religion to the letter but by their beliefs those are currently the ones either in purgatory or hell. According to traditional Christian belief, very few ever make it to heaven maybe once in a million or less. It isn't because they weren't good they simply weren't good enough. The Protestant belief in salvation "by faith alone" is not only ridiculous but has completely undermined the Christian faith throwing away all the ascetic values it once had. Not that Christian asceticism is its superior form. The point being, they may have been Christian but that doesn't mean they didn't "burn in hell".

Homosexuality is spiritually degrading because it is materialistic - representing an attachment to the physical plane. Now speaking from a purely material perspective of right and wrong, homosexuality goes against the basis of our very existence making it wrong. We have maintained our existence through perpetual practices. How can homosexuality be considered perpetual if it does nothing except cause sexual addiction, degrade the human form and spread disease?

Homosexuality put into practice is not just "another way to love" it is a perverted animalistic desire and corruption as the result of environmental entropy.
In our case it is not just entropy which is fueling homosexual tendencies - it is the work of a particular social parasite.

"“Parasites may cause biological changes such as species which cause changes in the hosts reproductive glands, parasitic castration, such as the parasitic crustacean Sacculina, which destroys the reproductive organs of the host, the short-tailed spider crab, Inacus mauritanicus, which is attacked by Sacculina neglecta. The effects of Sacculina cause seventy percent of male crabs to acquire some of the secondary sexual characteristics of the female. The abdomen of these males becomes broad, they may acquire, in addition to their male copulating styles, appendages modified to bear eggs, and their nippers become smaller at the same time.” It is inevitable that the enormous effect which the parasite has upon the host would result in some biological alterations such as the effect of Sacculina upon Inacus mauritanicus. We have seen in America during the past quarter of a century, coincident with the great power attained by the Jews in every walk of life, startling modifications in the appearances and habits of American males, as well as a vast increase in the public practice of male homosexuality. American males have taken on some of the secondary sexual characteristics of the female, and they have shown amazing declines in such primary male characteristics as energy, aggressiveness, and physical strength."


There is so much about what you said that is false and/or baseless but I'm worried that if I respond seriously that you'll just drown us all in text again and learn nothing.
I like that you're anti-Protestant, though. Fuck those guys.


I'm very disappointed that there's sushi rolls with these sort of uncomfy views. I can see you're too far gone for me to be able to change your mind so I won't even bother to try and argue with you, but I highly suggest you take a look at yourself and see why you harbor these views. I really feel bad that you feel the need to post things like this here.


look, he might just be trolling. I mean, his arguement boils down to "Jews make you gay."


regardless of whether or not they're trolling, I would think it would be best to stop bumping this thread. it's uncomfy and isn't generating productive discussion.


>coincident with the great power attained by the Jews in every walk of life,
Hah, just when I thought we were at max controversy it doubles down.

Interesting read though.


I will say Martin Luther was right about one thing… the Jews.


Oh yes, antisemitism is the perfect disguise for anyone out to destroy Europe. Blame all of the wars you start on them, use the preexisting prejudice against them to sow fear and discord.
I do enjoy the selective memory all heretic sects go through regarding their false prophets. Women in Presbyterian "churches", for example. They love John Knox. Bring his treatise on women rulers up to them. Deer in the fucking headlights. I almost feel bad for them.
there's nothing comfier to me than heretic-bashing. They ruined the world.


I'm afraid the FAQ disagrees with you.
>Stay comfy~! Uncomfy topics should be obvious, but include politics, misogyny, racism, gay-bashing, ranting, insulting people's hobbies, intentional flamebaiting etc. and will be locked and moved to /superhell/ most likely.

Can we get this over with and banish this thread to /superhell/?


What are you talking about, Europe has already been destroyed and not by the 'anti-semites'.
What force do you think made these obviously corrupt doctrines spread to the plebeian masses like wild fire?
If you still trust in the Vatican II counter church - just to let you know its been long over run by Free-Masons.
Free-Masons if you didn't know are a cult of Luciferians if you have ever read Morals and Dogma.
What's interesting is how their "mysteries" are really just derived from the kabbalah and the Talmud.
Sedevacantists are probably some of the only true Christians left tbh.


File: 1519277262759.jpg (85.86 KB, 500x628, idontlikething.jpg)

1st of all refer to my previous post >>1327 but add an 's' in nerd
2nd of all you cali rolls are being quite uncomfy, stop it and take it to some other place (4ch/8ch)
3rd funny how everyone is talking out of their asses instead of providing evidence


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