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A reasonable level of gatekeeping is a good thing and I'm tired of people saying it's not! Everything doesn't have to be for everyone! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


You're completely correct but at some point having any level of standards became "gatekeeping" when it was convenient (i.e. made life worse for the people who had made the communities to start with).


How about when the lack of gatekeeping makes life worse for the people who made the communities to start with?


Worded what I said poorly but that's what I meant. The word "gatekeeping" is only ever used in a context where it hurts those people. You'll never see it when the sorts of people who've piled in and polluted a hobby start tossing people (usually those like the founders) out.


> You'll never see it when the sorts of people who've piled in and polluted a hobby start tossing people (usually those like the founders) out.
This is what happened to a community I started. It was a super niche community for a niche hobby that steadily grew, but we didn't put our feet down against shithead behavior hard enough and the result is that the community is unrecognizable and nobody that ever contributed anything to the community wants to participate anymore. it was sad to watch the community die.

I think "gatekeeping" is the wrong term to use. it necessitates something else. gatekeeping implies I don't want people that aren't like me in my community, which isn't true. I want diverse people from different backgrounds in my community. what I don't want is boneheads that start shit over nothing. and talk shit about other members. it's a hard thing to control unless you're a bit of an asshole as a community leader.


It depends what you're talking about, but in general, gatekeeping is a band-aid solution to problems that shouldn't exist to begin with.


that implies anyone ever needed psuedo-intellectual chantards to get into anything, they just on to other sources instead. when it's corporate now and you're still a loser pirating shit online you really have no right to anything. grow up.


what are you even talking about? lol


>problems that shouldn't exist to begin with.
To me the problem is people migrating to a thing for reasons other than why people already like said thing. Obviously having more people in a hobby or community is a good thing (up to a point), but if those new people aren't there for the same reason then it can lead to the thing changing to accommodate them to the point where the original fanbase is pushed to the wayside. I'm not sure how you make such a problem not exist, since people are always going to want to be a part of new things.


It's about the behavior, not the people tho, eh? That's a good distinction, even if it may be that some people may have a behavior inside themselves that they cant remove which bars them from a community that would otherwise have them with mutual benefit.
Mostly this seems like a nerd, mop, etc thing tho.
Ulg I like this article but its definitely an uncomfy feel. And I disagree with the sharp categorization implied and the term sociopath. Though I cant think of a term that fits better.
See also

Thinking about this makes me appreciate sushichans hell board way of doing things.


File: 1642654997559.png (5.98 KB, 241x243, 1404576506238.png)

Ah I've read both those articles before. Interesting topic and for the most part it explains my pro-gatekeeping stance better than I could. I really do think that trying to force a space or fandom into having more mass-appeal shows a concerning lack of empathy towards people who may only be comfortable and accepted in niche spaces or hobbies. Of course it then becomes very easy to smear those people as bad or wrong or selfish. I think it's another symptom of more and more people adopting a very black and white, good vs evil view of everything in their lives, and that's scary to me. Why try to understand and empathize with disagreements when you can just say "I'm good and you're bad" and get cheered on for it?

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