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lol why dat chikun is wearin' nikes™


Le Coq Sportif


because he hates adidad lmao


I'm just gonna continue this conversation in this stupid thread instead of cluttering up and derailing that one

I didn't mean to imply that it was a downvote, and I'm also not the OP of that thread - I really just wanted to know what the poster's reasoning was for sageing. Like, it's a well-written, well-thought out response to OP's question, and I didn't know what exactly about that was "not worthy" of bumping the thread. The sage just seemed entirely random to me and it made me curious.

I feel like if you use sage by default, then in a way it just makes your usage of sage meaningless, and at worst it's a form of pseudo-nameposting - it reduces sushi rollymity by making you recognizable as that guy who sages posts that most people wouldn't sage. If you're fine with that then go ahead, but I just felt like I should point that out.
I also didn't think your post was particularly off-topic, but maybe that's just me.


I'm >>>/lounge/11490 and I use sage by default 80% of the time. It's not nameposting for the other sushi to do it because I do it too.


> drippin cock




Are you not the guy who whined on lainchan that people sage?
Everybody uses sage. I also use sage about half of the time. It's pantsu-on-head retarded to think saging in an sushi rollymous board equals pseudonimity. Everything you say is now discredited. Well done.
It really irritates me when people wants to police me for doing an essentially harmless activity, as if some thread about sriracha sauce in a norwegian floor polishing forum is so important to make it into international headlines.
People who do this just pollute the site with their meta commentary on meaningless issues, which by the way amount to what is inconvenient for them and how others should comply.


>>4559 (me)
Uh I think my post was a bit aggressive. Apologies. I was reminded of an unpleasant argument I hadmover saging, lol.


>Are you not the guy who whined on lainchan that people sage?
No, I haven't actually been on lainchan in a couple years. In fact, I've kinda been taking a break from imageboards in general lately, but even before that I hadn't been on lainchan in a while.
And yes, I realize that everyone uses sage, myself included, but I wasn't really talking about just using sage when appropriate, I was moreso talking about the concept of sageing every single post you make (and I know most people don't do that, because if that was the case then almost every post on the site would be saged). I still think that it tends to stick out as a bit odd when a post that most people wouldn't sage is saged, but I'll admit that calling it pseudonimity was probably a bit of a stretch.
In any case, I wasn't actually upset about it or trying to police anyone's behavior when I made that post, I was just a bit curious and I guess I just thought that it would be an interesting conversation to have at the time. Sorry if I came off as rude.




I wish i was dead


File: 1691937485845.png (482 B, 10x13, 1690044052617.png)

Wrong. Soicaca board


Nah I was the one that got sensitive because of the guy I mentioned on lainchan. I guess I still had that thorn lol.
Once I saw a poster on wiz saying he saged every post he made because he never felt what he said was particularly important or insightful.
I usually sage whenever I don't add to the conversation, or just funpost. Which is most of the time.

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