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File: 1622746440190.jpg (134.91 KB, 1080x1349, 1621293361754.jpg)


Has anyone here dropped out of collage or university? Was it a good decision? How did it affect your life? I'm dropping my course and I'm pretty bummed out. I feel like a failure.
Sorry for un-comfy


what makes it a failure?
you tried something and found it wasn't for you. you've successfully grown and developed yourself in doing so.

I've dropped out of law and studied something else for a few years. i worked in that industry and was constantly in and out of jobs, then i made another career change and studied something completely different again. I'm now the happiest I've been in 20 years and excited about my future.
One of my dearest friends has tried many many things over the last 10 years - pharmacy, law, nursing, accounting - they never completed any of it (yet). But I don't think they're a failure at all, I think they've grown and matured and become someone with a stronger sense of self and identity.

For you, you're probably very young and have lots of time to readjust and refocus. Do your best, not necessarily at studying, but at your own personal development. You'll find something you want to do in time, or maybe you already have something else in mind and you're just looking for support in your decision.

Just please never look at it as a waste of time. Discovering who you are isn't a waste; it's just what we do and we do it every day until the day we die.


Very inspiring post but, serious question, why the sage?


I wondered that a bit myself when I posted. Old /jp/ habit though, I sage maybe 95% of my posts. I am only offering my little opinion. My post is not worthy of bumping a thread. Not that it makes a difference when the thread is at the top.

For this particular post, I sage it because it's simply off-topic and I hope no one really engages with it.


Sage is not a downvote it just means the poster thinks their post is not worthy of bumping it to the front page. (It's not a statement on the quality of your post.)


It's not off-topic. I think your post is exactly the kind of content this imageboard fosters and enjoys.


File: 1622819697701.gif (165.41 KB, 600x600, copypasta.gif)

I dropped out, but I'm back at it again. Different and much shorter career though, it wasn't until I noticed my sis doing 5 times the money I was making that dropping out of college was a bad idea.
I felt for the meme that "college brainwashes u" and the "trade works are better" meme, but the thing is that people that are just starting out are not gonna get too far. People will send their broken devices to people that have decades working on their stuff, since most of the people that are new are prone to breaking stuff even further.
And besides that, I don't want to own a company, I want to work for someone else and earn good money by doing so.
Plus it may be true in the US but in developing countries that really doesn't pay a lot. People in the poorest region can fix stuff and get by relatively cheap so that's out of the question.
Or maybe it pays well and I'm just too inept and didn't like the people I was working with. Either way, coding seems to pay better and I don't have to get my hands dirty or work too much as teachers said to me. In fact I don't even have to leave my desktop computer


File: 1623208824042.jpg (71.11 KB, 526x437, studying.jpg)

This topic has been on my mind as of late. 2 years ago, I burnt myself out and switched from engineering to pure sciences. I kept pressing forward, telling myself that I was so close to the end. Since then, the quality of my work has steadily declined and I regret not taking a break then to collect myself.

This lingering burnout and a newly developing depressive slump indicate to me that its time for my overdue break. I can no longer ignore that my where my efforts matter, they have been more dispassionate and fruitless than ever. I still have hope that I'll return to school in the future. Maybe not the same school or the same program, but graduate nonetheless.

At any rate, I think its important to care about what you [b]have[/b] achieved. The goals I have set for myself, the standards which I measure myself internally, in these matters I'm happy. I've read more broadly than ever, my writing's matured and I've improved at self-education. Such small things are not good enough for a diploma in my field, but its growth I'm proud of anyway.

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