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File: 1553670289649.gif (189.12 KB, 400x400, silent_tears.gif)

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Why are you sad? What are your troubles?
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File: 1656627227506.png (169.38 KB, 820x580, __komadori_renge_and_white….png)

>To me it feels like a cross between a pub and a masquerade.
Best analogy for imageboards I've heard to date.


You verbalized so many things in this post that I’ve always wanted to say but didn’t know how to say. I’m going to be thinking about this one for a while.


> I like to have conversations about stuff I like
me too sushi roll. i also like to look at and collect images, the one you posted is cool. i think enjoying the internet less is a good thing that can turn bad when you keep going back to your old haunts with outdated expectations. let go, don't love lain, find a way to love life.


Life is so much less than it could have been, regardless of my own effort.


>yadda yadda yadda
I come to imageboards mainly out of habit. What else could I do? I trid reddit just this year… honestly it's kind of boring. Used discord for a while… also meh. Imageboards are also rather uneventful, at least the small boards I frequent, there's rarely anything new any time I visit. On some I even adopted a more cynical persona, and mainly do shitposting or flaming. Why do I come though? As other sushi roll said, it's kind of like a blank slate. You add your stroke and it stays there, and you forget all about it and you don't get NOTIFICATIONS about it or karma points and there's no identity to link it to (though oft I suspect mods do profile through IP information, it'd be naive to think otherwise.) I can just come in, look if there are new posts, and maybe throw in a line, insult somebody. It's like a conversation, really, but not in real-time. Like a correspondence game of go (or chess if you're into that stuff.) Every single other site is so boring, and it's tiring to have to keep a persona.
As for age, I was about 21 when I started actively using them. I was 17 when I first found out about them, but because I was never interested in anime, I thought these were anime sites, I just went in for the hentai pics because 2D>3D.


File: 1656828956172.png (591.37 KB, 900x489, 1428236996.png)

I try to love life, but so far I don't really can. Of course there are things I enjoy, but overall it's quite meh. Due to spending less time online I tried a lot of things, I worked out for 4 years, it's only a month ago that I stopped doing that. Reading and cooking are also things I tried out and keep up so far, even though I do them rather rarely. Spending some time out in the sun and a little bit of gardening were also added, which I still do today. All in all I did changes and spend less time on the Net, although most of the time is still with the Net. While those changes regarding my attitude to it occurred, it's still the thing I enjoy the most, where I get most joy out of it. The time I actually spend interacting with others are 30 to 60 minutes a day, which I use to visit the few small imageboards I like and seldom make a post. For the rest I require Internet, but I don't interact with anybody, I watch things, download things, listen to music, play games, search for new places. A few days ago I started to play around with RPG Maker, maybe it will stick, I do have an idea and wrote down some scenes, characters and quests already.
One issue is that I don't even know what I expect from the Internet anymore. As I wrote in the other posts, I do have a few guesses, but I don't really know if they are true. Yet I keep being around and even search for new websites. While I can say what I don't like to see and like to see, I just don't know why I am still doing this. The places I used are either down, turned bad or are deserted and the people I had are gone. So I don't attempt to return to those, although maybe my behaviour is a desperate attempt to return to such times?


I hope everything turned out fine


She sounds like a coward who was going to/did abandon her family and friends because she couldn't cope with being rejected. I don't blame you in the slightest for wanting to wait longer at the age of 18, and you didn't do anything wrong at all by breaking up with her. I don't see anything that points to it being suicide baiting, but I'd personally be very wary of interacting with her in the future.


Funny you both responded to this today— I actually heard from her for the first time since this incident transpired this morning. She wished me a happy birthday, and it was all left at that.

It wasn’t suicide baiting. What I was describing was actually happening in real time and played out pretty much as expected.

Things didn’t turn out the best, but I think they went as well as they could have given the circumstances. I was up late for several days, but we thwarted the attempt. I talked to her family and she went to the hospital. Remission was pretty quick but she’s been out since, as far as I know.

She left all of our group chats, and stopped communicating with me and our mutual online friend that tipped me off to what was happening.

It’s sad that this happened. I hate the idea of being associated with, like, the trauma of this other person I cared/care about and was such a big influence in my life. But as far as relationship stuff went, getting out at that time was an absolute necessity. In retrospect, the implications were so much more unhealthy than I knew even when I wrote my original post. This person isn’t a “bad person”— but it’s a person I wouldn’t have been able to continue to live healthily with. It’s been a hard lesson to learn. I’m just glad it’s over. I did what I felt like I had to do to save my friend’s life, and I’m fine with not actually being ‘friends’ anymore. It is what it is.

Ultimately, everyone is safe. I don’t have this person in my life anymore but I do have a support system now that *is* healthy and can help me. After the school year ended, I started pursuing a relationship with someone that has been really transparent and communicative and happy and that’s been lifting me up!

Anyway I guess the point is, everyone is alive and I’m working on dealing with ‘bad times’, generally, step by step but making big progress. For once in my life I can say with pretty much certainty, things are going to be OK.


I had to quit my vacation and travel back home after catching COVID. Now I've flushed a thousand bucks down the drain and couldn't visit Denmark and Sweden. It would have been the first "real" vacation, one where I would leave the country and travel around, since I was a child.


Sorry to hear that. I'm hoping to be able to visit the UK next year, and this is one of my biggest fears.


Thank you Sushi! Fingers crossed you have a better time next year!


File: 1659090883080.png (441.96 KB, 480x640, 1ed.png)

>but I grew up in the era of "internet is dangerous, never give out your real name or personal info"
Same here. I'm pretty sure at one point a pedo tried to befriend me using LimeWire, but that mantra kept me from giving out any info. Now people put their entire lives on display on Facebook and I can't fathom how they can ever feel safe.


File: 1659120104220.png (32.92 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Going from an all seeing pyramid to an all seeing network seems like an improvement to me, but things are orange and blue, not black and white.


Another altchan I've been using for a long time is going down the toilet. There used to be a lot of threads about how it was so much worse than it used to be and they were all bullshit when they were made. But now, those people have left, and now that the board is finally sucummbing to garbage posts there's not even people around to lament our loss. Another piece of my past is slowly slipping away…


Would you be willing to hint at which one it is?

Imageboards dying and growing seems to be natural honestly. I think its important to have the philosophy of "don't be sad its gone; be happy it existed". There are always tons of different places to move to and enrich for yourself and others. Don't be afraid to make threads about whatever you want!


I'm also curious!

Internet culture is changing all the time. It's up to us to become the things we like/found excitement and comfort in other people's posts, so we can carry on the good parts of old net culture instead of leaving them behind.

Also, I agree. I wish people were generally a bit more bold about creating threads concerning things of interest to them. Here, I feel like we usually end up with very general threads, or the odd thread created by a tourist with a very polarizing opinion that ends up in /hell/.

Maybe the rest of us are just too shy? lol


File: 1659564685667.png (275.05 KB, 580x548, ClipboardImage.png)

Fuck me, I went to an institution with certain clubs and the place was closed when I went.
They told me it was just today the exception but fuck, tears fall from my face.
I want to stop being a recluse and start talking with people but IT JUST KEEPS HAPPENING FUCK


Just go again. Sometimes you got to fight fate a little


i agree, i notice a lot of active threads are years old and it's not like there's a problem with that- but it'd be nice to have newer threads, yknow? i'm pretty happy i found this altchan and it sucks seeing it fairly inactive. but you can't complain about a dead board and not contribute to it, so i try to reply to threads that interest me.


File: 1659715246985.jpg (24.99 KB, 563x574, 7yea.jpg)

I met some girl from a mutual friend
for the first time in my life where there's a mutual interest but I'm just not sure where to go with it
This is the normiest problem i've ever gone through, I cant stop thinking sometimes that I'm a spergy weirdo that can't be 100% true to myself around most of the people I hang out with IRL


File: 1659828526488.png (19.12 KB, 721x451, 1648572485049.png)

tread carefully
broken heart disease is being a friendly lady on me
i won't recover


I feel very burned out lately. My weekends pass by with me just laying on the couch. I don't feel like I have much energy in my to do the things I enjoy.


File: 1660582983844.jpg (422.68 KB, 1200x1200, 50a044d1-9679-499d-bef3-d8….jpg)

I feel like I'll never find someone for me
A group of people where I feel comfortable
Somewhere where I may be at peace.
I wish human beings were less loud and more easy going.


File: 1660757688279.gif (1.99 MB, 213x243, catGlance.gif)

I'm not very good with people.
Why would someone (of the opposite sex) pretty much never notice your existence even though you've introduced yourselves to eachother, then out of nowhere look at you when passing eachother by without looking away when you look back, but without saying anything at all, no smile, no anything?
Just unflinchingly looking into your eyes until you've passed eachother?


File: 1660788696359.webm (3.35 MB, 578x864, PAIN.webm)

I will never have a comfy girl to cuddle with, who will put her hand on my chest and hold me, or hug me, or kiss me. :(


File: 1661024657694.jpg (67.02 KB, 640x800, b5a641ca885d1cb47e3dc4d01b….jpg)

So I was playing League yesterday like usual and we had this intentionally feeding toplaner who just ran down on any fight and missed pretty much all his skillshots and died. Repeatedly. This Malphite was running down the rift with a 2/19 score so I obviously spanned and talked shit about him, his family, his religious beliefs and so on and so forth. I sent a support ticket afterwards to report him, but not to my surprise I got the 14 day ban instead. I'm just looking at his match records right now and he lost 10 other ranked games since yesterday and finally made it into Iron I. I'm just frustrated that this piece of shit hasn't been banned or restricted in any form but I did because I was on a 10 game winning streak and they had the bright idea to assign him to my team and make me lose my mind.


I might have missed out on the chance to try to get to know a girl I was really hoping to get a chance to speak to last term, and I'm quite disappointed that I fucked up not taking the one obvious opportunity I had.
I'd try reaching out to her on facebook, but she doesn't seem to have one.

She's the cutest girl I've seen in forever.
Only thing I can think of is that I could send her a letter asking her out for coffee date, but I can't imagine that wouldn't be a complete no-no cause she'd find it stalker-ish or just spergy.
But then again, if I'm never seeing her again, what's the harm. But then again-again, she might still be in touch with people in my school, and rumors might spread.

Of course I could try to ask someone who might have known her if they have her number, but I'm worried that might seem obsessive too, being as that we've never actually had a real conversation even.

My trouble is obviously that I'm a worrywart with a crush who fucked up by not being quick enough to take initiative, and now I'm paying the price real bad.


You'll meet other girls! Look forward to it and think on what you'll do differently. Asking someone for her number sounds ok, but better to ask them to pass your number to her and then forget about it.


>You'll meet other girls
Well yeah. It's just that she's the only one in years that's been one of those that hits all of your buttons at once. A 99% butterflies in your stomach even at a distance, a possible 100% if she's also the way she seems intuitively.
Those don't come around that often, at least not for me. Which is also why it was so hard to approach her.

I'm trying to keep it under wraps, keep "when autism speaks" from turning into "when autism peaks" (I'm not diagnosed but it wouldn't surprise me).

I haven't seen a single girl that gets up to even 50% of her level ever since I first saw her. It's hard not to grab whatever small chance possible to just have a try to reach out, even if it might seem weird.


I had a sort of similar situation with different feelings.

I went to community college but it's right by my (parents) house so I didn't live on campus or in housing with other students. State schools are a big deal around here, so I wasn't seeing anyone from high school either. Basically I was alone.

Anyway, I was taking an Earth science class, but there was a 1 hour gap between the end of my previous class and the start of this one, so I'd just hike from the previous classroom to the next one and then kill time in the hall until the classroom was open. So on the first day I walk in as soon as the last class leaves, and take a seat in the back like I always do. As other students arrive, I happen to notice two 'alternative' girls sit at the table in the front row. One I would describe as mild goth (black hair, plain dark clothes, black nails, but no makeup or accessories and a plain hairstyle). The other has a more flashy punk style (like Abby from NCIS, but with bright pink hair). So I figure I might actually have found two people I can relate to through musical taste if I can just talk to them. Of course I'm too Asperger to just walk up to them after class or whatever, so I decide that tomorrow I'm gonna sit in the 3rd seat at that front table (since I know when people are given a choice of where to sit in a classroom, they tend to go back to the same spot day after day).

But then shortly before class is supposed to start, this guy walks in and takes the 3rd seat at the front table, and I feel my heart sinking because I know he'll probably stay there for the rest of the semester just out of habit and I'll never speak to those girls. Miraculously, as the teacher is explaining how the course will be conducted, this guy hears that there will be an online component for turning in assignments (this was in 2010 or 11) and has a fit about how that wasn't mentioned when he signed up and storms out of the room. He never came back, so the next day I sat up front and ended working on several projects with those girls throughout the semester and feeling like I've actually made some friends for the first time since starting college.

But then the semester ends and I burger it up. My cell has only ever been a lifeline because I don't want to be constantly connected, so I keep it off most of the time (this is still the case, and why I don't have a smartphone) so I wouldn't offer up my number as contact info to anyone, I don't touch social media at all, and I rarely check my email (my yahoo was literally days from expiring due to inactivity when I logged in a few months ago). I also didn't think to ask them for any contact info.

So I let friendships drop because it's too hard for me to stay connected to people if I'm not around them face-to-face, and reaching out to reconnect is just too uncomfortable for me to even try it.


Friendships can always pick up where they left off. I know it’s scary, but if you want to, please try to push yourself and reach out. Speaking from experience, it is worth it


I have no interests really. Even my pseudo interests, I have no interest in. I could drop my "interests" any day and not go back to them without any worries. The only interest I have is the beauty of nature itself. It captivates me. Too bad I'll never learn about it or care more than the beauty of it since I can't read books. I can't force myself to do anything, and that's not something I can change by doing it a little more every day. It's me. It's apart of me. Probably ADHD causes this or depression. I don't know and I can't be damned to learn. Also, I hate learning new things. School and ADHD screwed me up. I'm not a failure of a human being though, and I feel that. I know I have potential and the smarts to achieve my goals, but damn, I'm struggling, I guess. I always will struggle. For the rest of my life. No matter what.

I've done the ADHD drugs, but even then, I stopped taking them. I have no health insurance or job either. Can't settle for disability because I managed to get an actual career for a bit before getting fired. I don't blame myself too much for that actually. I honestly didn't like the people there. Glad to be out.

I'll get a new job and I'll succeed. Every year I become stronger and more fulfilled. Maybe one day I can earn enough to get some land and let it go to forest.

I just need to keep getting the support I have from my family.


File: 1661678716767.jpg (94.03 KB, 500x500, 1545816959508.jpg)

I know exactly how you feel. Good luck with everything.


is anyone else bad with change in their lives? i had a 7 month long distance relationship and was going to college the whole time. he broke up with me, didnt return for a second year so i start my new job this week, and there’s a guy ive been hooking up with. im supposed to be happy but something about it just depresses me.
i miss the comfy routine of college and talking to my bf. we didnt have a perfect relationship in retrospect, but sometimes you cant help but miss stuff like that.
ive been depressed since late july too and this has been my longest episode. i always bounce back after a few weeks and i just cant. i barely eat or sleep anymore and never get into my hobbies as much as i used to. i also feel disconnected from my friends/support system, i cant tell them stuff like this because i feel like they wont “get it.”
just feel like a shell of who i used to be and im patiently waiting to come back


Because I don't have a card like this and can't blame other people for my personal problems like conservatives can.




File: 1662860610738.gif (2.21 MB, 640x360, cbc47c16075175c997cd2f446d….gif)

What kills me in the inside is that I'm gonna lose my v-card to some skank who has possibly been fucked by a bunch of other men, and not a girl who is a virgin


Why do you have this assumption?

Also, no woman worth her salt is going to want to sleep with a guy that calls other women “skank” on IBs.

Sounds like you have bigger issues than women having sex with other people before you.


While you could probably phrase this in a nicer way I know how you feel. I'm sure it's not much comfort in the moment but if you're anything like me you'll stop caring as you get older. My standards regarding such silly things have fallen significantly (in a good way I think?). Not that it's helped me find anyone but at least I'm not so bitter.


I get what you want to say, and generally you are correct, but also statistically you are less likely to get to know a woman that has a low partner count, simply because the personality traits that lead to that will also make her less available to people in general.
The girls you are meeting randomly will more likely be the kind that has high partner count, skewing your perception.
The distribution of the kind of women you are looking is not uniform within the places you might be searching, and that is how you can manage to find one against the odds.


Ultimately love comes and goes, and peoples' situations change too. Even if you want someone who's always been committed to 'serious' relationships - if you find someone there's a 90% chance it won't last forever and then you'll still want to look for someone else afterwards. It's the same for them


kind of funny how people have suddenly started spamming all the less toxic imageboards with this on the surface self-pitying, in content misogynistic shit for the last few weeks though


Trying to replace the kitchen faucet, but the old one is secured by a half-inch thick steel nut that has rusted so badly I can't possibly get it unscrewed, so now I'm drilling it out, but it's half an inch thick despite only being a 9/16 nut, so it's hard to get the bit to bite and a long ways through, and doing all this over your head is a huge PitA aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is really frustrating


just cut the pipe and install sharkbite :^P


File: 1663293416843.jpg (45.86 KB, 464x485, IMG_20220915_205218.jpg)

Hard to get a good pic, but the problem is the nut/bolt anchoring the fixture. I've pretty much committed on destructively removing it at this point.


I was born defective so I might have to kill myself.


I feel a bit sad about having to retort to dating apps


sushis, why is looking for love so hard.. i want someone to watch azumanga with. and sperg about my interests to..


File: 1663805884461.gif (93.74 KB, 514x510, 1630508051060.gif)

my best bet, we're looking for introverts, and due to the nature of introverts, they are not gonna be easy to find.
sadly that seems to be the case

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