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File: 1549762839984-0.png (118.21 KB, 438x503, hatethesepeople.png)


I wanted to post this on /superhell/ as to not rain on anyone parade but it was locked.
I can't be the only one who fucking despises this disingenuous "wholesomeness" on altchans such as this site
This fake facade is what I go to IBs to escape from yet there are people who actually enjoy pretending not to hate how everyone acts like to get along with each other
I hate both myself and other sushis (fuck that filter by the way) and I don't see any point in sugarcoating that fact


File: 1549781457085.png (972.86 KB, 1463x421, hfjskfjk.png)

When I created this site back in 2014, the intention was never to be "fake." I'm sorry if you feel the atmosphere is "disingenuous wholesomeness". You seem very upset over something that I can't help you with, which is a shame. You're always welcome here at Sushichan.

To quote the /faq/:
"The aesthetic and atmosphere of a sushi bar seemed like a fun concept to mimic with an imageboard. Get comfy, grab your favorite beverage and a snack, shoot the shit, laugh, and most of all: take it easy. You may say the site runs on an Epicurean ethos."

The idea was to have a place where folks could mingle and share ideas without the venom & vitriol that a lot of IB's cultivate and even go as far as to create an atmosphere where sushis can make friends outside the realm of the board; our user base comes from all backgrounds for all over the world. There's enough malice in the world, there's no reason to perpetuate it simply for the sake of it. Furthermore, nowhere is it stated that people can't disagree, nor would I or Seitsatsu or any users want it to be that way, it'd be boring as fuck. In fact you're the first I've encountered to ever b!tch about something so petty as people getting along or silly word filters. The reason we seem to "pretend" to get along is because we really do get enjoy each others company and wish to be there for each other. This is a place for friends, and just like friends in the real world, if you can wrap your head around it, we do have disagreements here at times. Crazy, I know.

If you're truthfully that angered by something as frivolous as words and pictures on the interboobs, then I don't really think anything myself or any other mod can do to appease you, which is also a shame because a lot of love was put into forging this site and a lot of love is put into maintaining behind-the-scenes monkey business. I appreciate your input and thank you for the insight, but don't stress yourself too much over how the community operates. Please stay, we'd love to have a new member, BUT if Sushichan is truly that stroke-inducing for you, then by all means, feel free to kindly fuck right off.

—X O X O


i think you're reading it wrong. the point isn't to roleplay that we all love each other or anything, it's just a courtesy to enable civil discussion. you don't have to lurk 4chan very long to see that despite the supposed benefits of fewer rules & posting standards, most faster boards devolve into a swamp of endless flame-baiting and shallow, petty arguments between people who are a lot more easily offended than they like to pretend. yes, in theory there is nothing stopping you from holding whatever kind of conversation you like despite this, but if your thread isn't designed to agitate 100 knee-jerk replies within a minute, good luck with anyone noticing it on page 15

if you have a lot of personal angst then i hope you find a way to get it out of your system but ideally it should not involve disrupting other people's mood or the carefully maintained spaces in which they feel able to express themselves. shitposting venues are a dime a dozen.


Relax. The world isn't your enemy, it doesn't even know you exist. Just make the area around you as nice as you can and live your life.


the wholesomeness doesn't seem very fake to me. its just that not everyone here hates each other as you do. this might be more a problem with your dislike of sushi rollymous people rather than the allegedly "fake" wholesomeness of this board


A lot of us have been in the chanosphere for a while and were around for things like Krautchan /int/ circa 2009-2010 that were just soaked to the bone and beyond with hate. It was like a troll shooting gallery, a shooting trollery if you will. That's fun and all but it choked out any earnest discussion and the negativity could actually fuck your state of mind up.

You'll eventually get tired of calling people black dragon rolls while being called a black dragon roll and when you do you'll get the appeal of comfy boards.


File: 1550256136363.png (120.33 KB, 350x342, happy_demon.png)

A while back I made that sunset banner stating "sushichan - the best place for good times" or something and I meant it just like that. No good place for bad times, no big truck where you just dump something on.

Sushichan is a place where I go, when I'm already comfy or where I want to unwind for a bit. It's an island of calmness, to throw my anchor before setting sail into the thunder storm that is the internet nowadays.


>black sushi rolls
i think im in love with this word filter.


I keep coming here but my life sucks so I barely post. I don't have anything positive to share.


The actual dish itself is even better, have you ever had it, sushi?


great thread
all these "alt" obscure imageboards pride themselves on circlejerking with fake friendliness and "wholesomeness"

it's pretty awful actually


i still don't understand this whole idea that everything is "fake". people are just being friendly to eachother. i would almost argue that the hatefulness of 4chan can also be described as "fake" despite it not being that


File: 1551579873466.png (20.16 KB, 576x241, bypass the filter.pmg.png)

I think I got rangebanned for this post
I'm using le dankweb to evade said ban


oh wow it worked
If you want to ban me for being a cunt at least stand by that decision
don't use some pussy underhanded tactics disguised as "bot detection"
If you think I'm a determent to the community at least have the guts to tell it to me straight to my face instead of being all sneaky about it


tbh its the point of the site but that doesnt make the way people act here genuine. chosing to be kind or respectful isnt fake (for me at least) and being encouraged to do so is great imo.

also if u hate yourself get it together fam, get a job u like and play some video games


This site doesn't feel fake at all to me. It's one of the few places where the sushi rollymity of the internet doesn't lead people to breed hate and vitriol just for the sake of it, but of course this is due to the relatively small userbase that is seeking a break from that type of behavior. It's a nice little oasis in a wasteland. If you genuinely feel the way you say you do OP (and this goes for others that feel the same too), you need to talk to someone or something. That kind of view isn't at all something healthy, and I really think you need help to get rid of that toxicity. Misanthropy is not something to be proud of or embrace. Metta.


It is fake in a way. 4chan is full of people posting obviously insincere things that are calculated to make everyone else as mad as possible, because that's the easiest way to get lots of replies fast which keep your thread alive. It's like a reverse Reddit that instead of promoting corny puns and dumb memes promotes transparent trolling and inflammatory reaction images.


You weren't shadowbanned, the bot detection here is just a bit temperamental.

If you hate this place so much, why are you still here? It sounds like you have some deep-seated problems, perhaps you should get some help instead of drunkenly spewing hate at people who are trying to be positive in these dark times.

inb4 "you're just being fake", your intense self-hatred and the fact that you think that it's impossible for people to care about the well-being of a random stranger even just a little indicates that you've become divorced from reality and need to seek some sort of psychological help.


nah I get what you mean OP
smoke a bowl, chill the fuck out. post in the music thread or something


you know, I don't like it when others accuse people of being "reddit" and shit like that

but holy fuck you are so reddit, making so many assumptions and ad hominems about the guy just because he doesn't like fakeness


>This fake facade is what I go to IBs to escape from yet there are people who actually enjoy pretending not to hate how everyone acts like to get along with each other
>I hate both myself and other sushis (fuck that filter by the way)
>I project said self hatred onto others
>maybe i just think everyone is as much of a shithead as me
He's clearly got problems and admits to that. What point is there in rambling about /r9k/ stuff in here if he hates this place so much?
It might have sounded harsh, but it's legitimate advice.


I wholeheartedly agree with you which I why I rarely come here as an IB observer. I don't begrudge this place its existence though because it and others like it still make up a net positive in today's web. Altchans just tend to have a faux pastiche; the only UwU atmosphere I've found tolerable to really post on without getting sanctioned is the female crystal.cafe board. The simple fact that your thread has to be quarantined here proves that this place is cloyingly cliquey to outside perspectives. I would never have opened an entire thread just to complain but since it's here anyway I want to back your grievance. You're not alone in feeling stifled by the genuine overcompensation places such as this have to be "wholesome" aka passive aggressive. I don't know what you were expecting from modern imageboards though. The reason they're safe spaces is because many of them are constituted by old-timers who've seen it all and are tired in a very specific way.


Why do people like that site? It's just R9K for women.


Good, that means you are honest with your feelings and yourself. Pretending to be someone else is always an awful drain on your mind. Whether it's worth normalfags or hiding your powerlevel around family members, it's always a bunch of bullshit to have to tuck away how you actually feel about things. So go ahead sushi roll, tell me how much you hate me.


File: 1553916436020.png (33.77 KB, 581x416, post.png)

refreshing and disablein plugins might work


If you hate this site and any site like it then why bother visiting at all? It's like those people that think every website needs to be like 4chan and if another site just so happens to allow sushi rollymous posting then it must absolutely adopt the same culture. It's easy to read more into this when you take into account where those types reside politically.


File: 1576621794156.png (725.22 KB, 1378x2039, 1544799739418.png)

Then why do you come here?
If you want blunt, indiscriminate hatred of all, why not go to 4chan or drama filled dicksword channel?
I come here because I enjoy being comfy, speaking my thoughts without fear of repercussion, and being able to do so without having to identify myself on a botnet.
Some people just want to be be comfy.


I know this thread is old, but I don't think people are being nice in some sort of disingenuous or self-righteous way. And in any case, people should be judged by their actions, regardless of their subjective thoughts or motivations. And so I don't personally see any reason to doubt the genuinely helpful and supportive advice I've received on this website. In other words, even if it is fake or affected in some sense, why does that matter?


I think the OP is just weirded out because he feels that sushi rolls have no reason to be nice to each other + use of social media has probably normalized the behaviour of attacking anyone different.


It actually would be sort of cool to have a "/fake/" board. The term "sushi rollymous" would be filtered to "mannequin".


Can you elaborate? what would be in this fake board? if it's acting like OP wants, he can get that on.. pretty much most other imageboards


File: 1578861634481.jpg (46 KB, 900x597, 1human-barbie-with-doll.jpg)

It would be a parodic mixture of "mundane"[1] culture like Reddit's /r/CertainlyNotAliens, /r/totallynotrobots, and /r/FellowKids and Frankfurt's essay "On Bullshit" [2]. It would straddle the line between rote "sheeple"/"N.P.C." responses and posts strategically rephrased to put oneself in the best light. It wouldn't necessarily be a roleplaying board, but rather a way to express oneself as inauthentically as possible.

For this board to not be supremely off-putting, it itself would, appropriately, need to be inauthentically understated as not to cause offense. It needs to be a "people pleaser".

Here is a small selection of songs that should give inspiration:

[1] This is an old term for what we might now call "normies", "squares", or mainstream society.
[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/On_Bullshit



agree 10/10. "wholesome" bullshit is for plebbit and facebook and every other internet playpen


File: 1579777197128.jpg (350.96 KB, 2048x1536, Smile25_doll EOKyYJ3U4AAQv….jpg)

Indeed, us internet tough guys thrive on edginess and saying things LIKE THEY ARE. Positivity is a scam. There is nothing worth enjoying in this dark, ruthless world, not even interactions with others. Conflict keeps us focused: being amiable is for literal babies.


None of the edgy lot nowadays seems genuine at all in their rants.

Maybe becuse it's just the same "real" stuff repeated ad nauseam, meaning there is no real insight behind it. In fact it sounds like it could be automated, and there's nothing interesting about things that can be automated.


File: 1580554817616.jpg (113.6 KB, 605x605, 1566697564869.jpg)

good to see you're still around itamae


The problem is that everything can be automated.


File: 1582249729962.jpg (672.06 KB, 1080x2087, BelleBroodal.jpg)

I think it's important to remember that no matter his bluster, sushi rollymous is a coward, and sticks not to his own principles. Indeed, even the edgiest keyboard warrior will reveal himself to be every bit as fake as the carefully polished vlogger on YouTube.


File: 1634384808579.jpg (26.28 KB, 400x300, pwjitefaczs71.jpg)

Internet ostracization/cringe culture and irony poisoning is doing this to you. It is incredibly corrupting and harmful. It started with cringing at normies and things they do that seemed disingenuous and fake. But now showing any kind of genuine emotion/caring about something/having an unironic opinion or just plain being nice once in a while is seen as forced and disingenuous too. Participating in normie customs, however fake they might feel can actually feel pretty nice. Being a cringe dummy and expressing feelings to people around you by words or gestures no matter how cliché or dumb they seem can actually be quite pleasurable. Maybe we can have a place where we just drop it and try ignore our fucked gut reaction to what you call ""wholesomeness"" we can finally have normal human interaction and genuinely enjoy ourselves.


I just hate that supposed "comfy" imageboards are always filled with degenerate porn. What's "comfy" about that?


You're not exactly the model of comfyness yourself


> What's "comfy" about that?
Whenever I watch this stuff, I'm in a warm, private and safe place. What would not be comfy about that?


File: 1634412575097.jpg (348.91 KB, 1600x1200, 5ac73c407dd1fa5f246fb74c1a….jpg)

The twist is that I'm polite even on 4chan.
While I disagree with you about Sushigirl, I think you've hit on a real issue in a more general sense; namely, the rise of a kind of 'new sincerity' on the internet that does feel forced and insincere on a fundamental level that goes beyond just us being too irony poisoned. It feels fake because it's often performative, politicised, and selective in nature.
I wouldn't consider Sushigirl an example of this, however. If anything it's typical for smaller imageboards to be polite, in my experience, and Sushichan never struck me as particularly excessive. I think the more valid complaint against Sushichan is that some people take the 'keep it comfy' thing too literally and try to ban things they don't like, but it doesn't really matter as long as the staff continue to ignore them.

You raise a good point, but in OP's case I really think it just boils down to him misinterpreting the hostility on 4chan. It is or was supposed to be just good-natured ribbing. All of my friends are from 4chan and they are sweet, sensitive souls who just like to shitpost sometimes, but people like OP take everything literally and think they're in good company, when I think the average sushi roll would at least consider OP's deep, visceral hatred unusual. If anything, posters like that are a drag who bring the discussion down with them because of their unresolved personal issues.
I think 'cringe' humor in general has been terrible in the long-run because spontaneous interactions are inevitably embarrassing at times and shouldn't be so over-analysed.

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