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File: 1465510096861.png (31.57 KB, 500x575, tumblr_o4s15gXF0m1qb9odio1….png)

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I just wanted to post some stuff I've been thinking about chans. There's no special point I'm arguing.

As far as I am concerned 8ch has been taken over and destroyed. I was just looking at some screenshots of some older 8ch stuff today: that whole story about the bank robber, people having fun with copypaste before racequeen, all the fan art about nomads travelling from 4chan and rebuilding. It was nice to remember back and think about what a good run we had. I feel like none of the new alt-alt chans have any hope of being close to what 8ch was and that's a shame.
More than that thought I'm starting to feel like the imageboard medium is a dead end. I asked myself what do you even get, today, out of an imageboard that you don't on reddit or something else. They're heavily censored these days, I find that the mods on these create-your-own-board sites really abuse their positions and remove far more than they should.
Maybe it's wrong to focus so much on the free speech aspect, the main purpose of chans is to free people by removing the assocation of their post from their identity. That is the key. What do we gain from that? Frustratingly a great deal of noise and incessant meme posts is one of the results. It's too easy to drag down the level of discussion.
The cultures are often based on paranoia and distrust to the point that spending too much time on a chan can leave you unable to interact and integrate with non-chan people. Not to ignore the enojable side of it: all kinds of chaos, fun. a place to learn about extremes thaht you would never normally see (gore, fetishes, horror stories, …). but I see the creation of OC drying up. Memes used to churn around pretty regularly, but now how long as pepe the frog been going? Also the weird meta-awareness and understanding of memes and propogation has created a weird new irony to everything. The innocent playfulness has been lost.
What would you like to see in the future? How can be change the medium itself to enable better more creative communities to form?

Some interesting articles on chan culture (got any more to share?)
- http://kazerad.tumblr.com/post/96020280368/faceless-together
- http://thebaffler.com/salvos/new-man-4chan-nagle
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as someone who came to 4chan relatively late (2010 ish), i feel kind of weird, because it was a sort of sekrit club thing for me for a while

the elitists attitude was kind of intimidating though, so i mostly just lurked for a long time, but i felt like the difference between ironic and actual toxicity was a lot less ambiguous

i still dont really understand what happened in the lead up to the whole moot scandal and 8chan exodus, but its never felt the same since

sushichan was the first board i posted on regularly, and it was nice, while it lasted, although i do remember arguements about the roll censorship

the mods leaving is kind of depressing, especially since they interacted with the community so much


He may be talking about the old news board on 4chan, aka proto /pol/.


>i still dont really understand what happened in the lead up to the whole moot scandal and 8chan exodus
Gamergate happened.




This sucks guys.
I don't use the web much anymore, but today I went to some of the imageboards where I used to spend some time. And it's all fucking invaded by /pol/ kiddies mindlessly spouting their stupid memes.
It sucks. For real, fucking 12 year olds. I can't go into the web anymore because I'll be seeing this bullshit and it just diminishes quality by orders of magnitude.
I don't know what is going on, but I can say that /pol/ is certainly cancer. These guys are really brainwashed to shit. What I mean is that if there is a thread about cats, they either say JEWS out of fucking nowhere, or they somehow manage to start a fucking discussion about politiks before saying "yeah, I go to /pol/ and know how the world is fucked up", not realizing it's all fucking propaganda on both sides.
Sorry if I fucking bring this up in sushichan, but it's the only place I feel safe posting anymore. I know it's a highly uncozy topic, but that's kind of why I don't mention it outside anymore, because I know here people are more likely to quaranteen these sort of topics, while in other sites I might just be contributing to the pollution by bringing it up.
Anyway, thanks for keeping this place cozy guys (everybody). You know this is not to start a flame war, I just needed to say this because, well, there's nowhere that isn't infested wit this plague anymore


Stereotypical chan culture is the worst. I occasionally wonder what an invite-only or password-protected imageboard would be like. sushi rollymity would be compromised to some degree, and the posting rate would be incredibly low, but quality would be way up.



I'll be honest fam, half the issue was the new /pol/acks pushing for it.

First exodus /pol/acks were happy with the extra members until they started calling for a bunch fo rulecalifornia rollry.


It would work if it had a common password that was changed every so often to keep it from leaking out. As long as the people inside only give out the password to certain people and don't let it be broadcast to everyone on the internet, then it should work



Passwords can be nice, but they can also cause problems if there's a few nofunz in the community.


File: 1469777208625.jpg (34.33 KB, 400x262, n9xtegQIbk1ti047no1_400.jpg)

I can understand that. I've kind of moved away from imageboards for that reason. Like, this is the only one I go on anymore because all of the ones I used to frequent are either dead or have been taken over by /pol/ memes.


It'll all be okay



I like this place, it's comfy. Even if the topic isn't the coziest, like the ones above me said, the way you talk to each other is real nice. It's like getting to a feather bed after going through miles of steel wool.
I think I might stay, if you don't mind.


File: 1471784385310.jpg (5.27 KB, 260x194, images (1).jpg)

4chan defined my life since 2005. i don't know what exactly it was, but i remember instantly clicking with the culture there. i fully understood the humor and absurdity, the controversies and discovery. of course i never talked about it to my friends IRL, though i'd drop a subtle reference now and then to see if anyone would recognize it it was always on the tip of my tongue. . it really was the secret cool kids club. i never thought back then about how the site would develop over the years. the magic is gone. my god i miss those days. the aura and vibe of it, the community that made it what it was. i was a lot happier back in those days. more enthusiastic, confident, mirthful, social. i've searched the corners of the interent for an archive of /b/ threads from the early 2006s and never found any of those gems. i get so nostalgic about those days it brings me to tears.

i've been awake on adderall for about 20 hours now and just discovered lainchan and this chan tonight. i've been reading threads for hours now. so refreshing to see such a drastic increase in post quality. i'll be refraining from posting for a while until i familiarize myself with the community.i'm in a zombified state right now so i know i'm not very eloquent in my ramblings right now.

at 26, i live alone in poverty in a small apartment with two cats and work every day at a small chinese restaurant busting my ass while being bossed around by people i can barely understand. old friends are gone, days of parties are over, and my refuge of the internet has turned into something i detest and obsessively browse with disgust. that's what i come home to. i became too sucked into 8/pol/ to the point i had to take an active measure to stop browsing. too hateful and toxic even for someone like me, considering i'm at a depressed point in my life.

i'm the result of browsing 4chan for 11 years. i could have been a higher functioning individual forged by old internet mentality, but i am the result of being a true /b/tard.

i have no regrets


>do you rolls ever think about what happened to the super early (06-09) 4chan userbase?
I started posting on 4chan in 2005. What would you like to know? I'm still single and I don't think I'll ever get married or have children; I don't get along in any way with the majority of people. I've managed to get a decent job and have bought my own 3 bedroom house.


Why buy a three bedroom house if you're single and don't plan on marriage?


4chan has to die for imageboards to thrive again.
Only through a huge exodus, something new will be born.
Posting on 4chan comes with so much obligation about what posts should be like, that content creation and change becomes slow. Lurking feels bothersome.
Segregation between the boards is so big that momentum can't be build; /a/ and /b/ could be entirely different websites and no one would bat an eye.

At this point alternative imageboards have one problem;
There is no incentive to post about something on them.
This is simply due to the fact that threads on them are moving so slowly, that posting and lurking on 4chan simply becomes the more rewarding course of action, even if you will have to wade through a lot of shit.
For example, even though /a/ is kind of getting stale, you have at least fast moving threads; There is no reason for discussing anime anywhere else.
If centralized places like these would not exist, people would find new places, which may even fit them better.

The remedy of the alternative imageboard problem is simply gaining more users.
These users will have to come from somewhere, and they will need an actual incentive to post (even if it's just a lack of alternatives).
This will only be possible if 4chan dies.
(Secretly I hope that this won't be necessary, and that we can find different ways to attract people.
Maybe I will start by advertising sushi-chan in semi-related threads)


>There is no incentive to post about something on them
This really isn't true. It is possible to have in-depth, rewarding discussions on smaller imageboards, even if they are painfully slow. If anything, posting on slow imageboards is actually better, since there's not a million retards screaming at eachother and trying to get as much shitposting in before hitting the bump limit.
The quality of the posts and the overall atmosphere of the site is what matters, not the posting speed.
>Maybe I will start by advertising sushi-chan in semi-related threads
Please don't. This is probably the only imageboard on the internet that isn't total shit. I don't want a bunch of california rolls from 8gag/4shit to come and shit all over everything. Just let people discover it naturally by themselves.


i agree that sushichan should be discreet, but this place has felt particularly slow lately, although ive tried to contribute as much as i can


Even if it's a bit slower, there's some quality discussion on 8ch /a/

4chan's /a/ has gone to absolute meme-infested shit and /b/ hasn't been good for a long time

sushi is a place to have in depth, comfy discussions without feeling the pressure to follow arbitrary conventions or customs beyond what is comfty

high speed threads feel a lot more impersonal, whereas posting on a slower board like sushi feels so much closer to a community that carefully reads and responds to one another


I'd rather have a good slow board than a mach-speed shithole.


but if a board is too slow, discussions can die out and the place will just be a ghost town of visitors who post but are never patient enough to wait for a reply


Places like this should still be easier to find than they are, though. I found sushi through the link to it on lain, which is gone now.


why is kalyx so autistic


There is a certain speed that feels ideal.
And I think sushi-chan is below that.
1 post every 10 minutes is great for an average thread.
1 post every hour is alright in my book.
But 3 days or such is too much for the site to feel lively.

I agree

>Please don't
If you want to stay alone on this site…
Anyway it's our job to make sure that new posters will read the mood and behave accordingly.
And I don't think that a few new posters would be a bad thing.
I'm not talking about inviting so many that threads will become massive and fast,
but rather big enough that some discussion can actually happen.
Especially since not even everybody from the old domain is here.
For example I found out about the new domain completely at random.


Many small boards have traditional "watchers" thread where users can post every time they visit or just feel like posting. I don't know if such type of forced posting would fit sushichans mood, just that having a living board even with small talk is better than nothing. I like this place.


File: 1472073482159.png (2.94 MB, 1440x960, jam room complete.png)

I have a lot of stuff, a dog, and I like my space. It's in a nice location and only a 20 minute drive from the city center while still being far enough away that I can get some peace and quiet. I've also turned one of the rooms into a sound-proofed jam room (pic related).


Looks pretty comfy, but how's that oicunt internet?


File: 1472107663230.png (15.85 KB, 372x162, oicunt internet.png)

It's not too bad for me. We've got what's called the National Broadband Network (NBN) being rolled out I'm assuming you're not Australian) and I was lucky enough to be one of the first places it was installed. Pic related is speeds I get while on a VPN.


That's not bad, can you get that everywhere in Australia?


Not at the moment. It's been plagued by government mismanagement. From what I understand it's going to take around 10-15 years, and even then not all places will have it. It also changed scope from fibre-to-the-home to fibre-to-the-node. I was lucky and got in on FTTH before it changed.


I've always found 4chan and other image boards to be kind of dominated by Americans, have you run into many other people who browse in Australia?


Sorry I took so long to reply, sushi was throwing up some weird errors at me and I've been away with work.

IRL, I don't know anyone at all who browses any chan then again I have, literally, no friends at all. Obviously places like 8/aus/ is dominated by Australians, so we must be there but overall I believe that we are few and far between. In saying, we must have some presence for the "Australians = top tier shitposters" meme to have evolved as it has.


File: 1472830944414.jpg (92.15 KB, 421x640, IMG_20160903_014034.jpg)

While it seemed nice at first, the idea of meeting another chan user irl kind of sickens me for some reason. I could stomach meeting them online and then real life but certainly not vice versa.


Yes. But having a slow community builds in the person the feeling of waiting for the other to answer. It makes the person build their reply with time, as they are not bound to answer in less than five minutes. It lets you connect to the other in a more personal level, like if it was a letter.
It also lets you set your own pace, have a Saturday at night drinking mate and saying "Hey, I wonder what the guys at sushigirl said…", and getting to the computer and talking to people. To people. Not (really good, borderline people) markov bots.
I feel this kind of places lets me share more than just text, it's like I'm sharing my soul.
Also, I believe the community ends up shaping the visitor, and it should stay that way. What I mean, is: Why come to a place where replies aren't tweets, if you're not patient enough to mull them over? It'd be like a form of elitism, but it comes from the structure of the community and not from an unwelcoming feeling to it.


I first discovered 4chan back in early 2007 when I found a video on youtube which had comments pointing out where such "internet jokes" were coming from. Until months after I got to know the website all I did was just lurk since I've seen people get completely humiliated on /b/.
I think that, without a doubt what I miss the most is the old /g/.

Well, I still visit 4chan and 8chan even nowadays since I set up filters to hide stupid threads but it's no use, time and time again new stupid types of spam come and I have to set up new filters it's ridiculous.

I don't think a new chan that unites all the non-cancerous people would be the solution, that would turn out to be just a temporary fix that eventually would just end up the same as 8ch did.

What I think is the ideal option is something among the lines of what sadpanda does, apply somewhat arbitrary rules to filter potentially bad users from joining.

If there's no type of invitation/selection process than it will eventually result in a cesspool of shitty threads.

There's also a problem that many don't seem to realize: the internet as we know it is dying.
Dying in favor of desktop and mobile programs that serve the sole purpose of data input/output to/from a dedicated server backed by big corporations.

I personally don't think this is necessarily bad technology-wise but the fact that websites that adopt such features are generally backed by big corporations who are heavily against free speech deeply saddens me.


File: 1486564630142.jpg (59.04 KB, 500x684, 1434046275125.jpg)

The only thing making it seem bad is your own self, and your own awkwardness.
It's just some dudes, who probably share a lot of interests, meeting up and hanging out.
Whats weird about that? You don't have to forcibly drag chans into the way you interact, and then one could probably have a great time.
Drinking beers, talking about waifus or vidya; Seems pretty nice!


I guess you're right, but I feel like I have a separate personality or side of myself that I'm only comfortable revealing sushi rollymously


File: 1486777733274.png (232.24 KB, 2257x2894, maiden.png)

Is there such a thing as "creepy comfy"? If so, where can I find it?


I think uboachan would be your best bet.


It is close, but not close enough.
It seems I'll have to take matters into my own hands.


File: 1495594248355.gif (1.24 MB, 303x307, 1453496145426.gif)

I'm so tired of everyone yelling at each other over minor differences in preferences and opinions. In general it feels like a big part of the internet has become much more hostile and ready to lash out, although that could very well be only limited to the sites I visit or due to me myself changing. I very rarely even dare to post anything because the general atmosphere of some places is just so off-putting. Combined with the fact that I've started like two or so threads in all my years of using imageboards, it's not like I'm very actively working on making them a better place either.

Reddit has improved upon some aspects of imageboards in my opinion, but for me at least it certainly can't replace them. I don't even have an account, although I browse a few subreddits daily. Accounts and especially the karma system have their ups and downs as already discussed in the thread, but for me it just feels too intimidating and personal.

May all of us one day find what we are longing for.


Reddit is kinda weird.
It's much better for consuming, but much worse for interacting with people. Despite that, it has a rigid profile system where you must have an identity.
Then the whole karma thing being used wrong just becomes social media tier.

I feel you though, I post less and less, and only ever made a couple of threads years ago.
I think the constant arguing is just because of how split the world is right now, politically.
Everyone has locked down on extreme opinions (myself included) and if both sides come into contact they will end up shitposting until one side leaves and the area is then the "territory" of the other side.
That said, people in irc seem to get along better than people on websites usually, which is interesting.


I'd read that, sushi.


I like this idea. Maybe I'll demo a new board for the site.


I'd also like a source for this, but, in particular, I'd like to see the actual data, since the numbers here are proportional (percentages of internet traffic), not absolute.
Are the big giants actively pushing users away from smaller sites?
Or are the smaller sites maintaining a small, but steady userbase, while the giants attract consumers who would otherwise not be spending very much time on the internet at all?
My guess is that it's probably a combination of both, but it'd still be neat to look at in more detail.


I don't think he's going to respond


File: 1516501132063.png (2 MB, 1080x1920, Sayori.png)

This was a very nice thread to read! Lots of good points and interesting discussion.
>I'm so tired of everyone yelling at each other over minor differences in preferences and opinions.
Is it just me or is it incredibly difficult to find a community that's inbetween this? Chan sites are usually the ones with a majority of rude people who enjoy disagreeing with everything and tumblr-like sites are the ones that are a huge hugbox where nothing controversial should be said.


I feel like chan cultures main drive is the sushi rollymity. it's less about distrust and more about not having a name or history attached to your post to distract from the content of said post. there are no reputations. there are no upvotes. there are no popular figures. what becomes popular or notorious is the content of the posts, not the people who made them. and that's what there is to gain from chans.

I think you've got the wrong idea if you want anything more than that. in jokes and memes are a result of culture, but not all cultures result in memes and jokes. sometimes cultures just like discussing things and that's perfectly fine. as long as you're just here for discussion, there is plenty to be gained.


Their IRC has me pretty discouraged about the site. It's basically just /g/ 2.0 in a lot of ways, which I find really disappointing since the show embodies a lot more and should be attracting specific types of people, which, I guess you can still sometimes find there in the sea of millions of tech people.


Some people might disagree with me here, but I think a huge thing about imageboard culture, and a major part of what attracted me to it, was that there was always a lot more weird people, for better or worse. So I think there is truth to the mentality that a lot of sites like these get ruined when too many "normalfags" find it. I notice on 4chan nowadays if someone makes a weird comedic post you get these typical "what the fuck bro?" type reactions, where as I remember that kind of stuff being typical or even the basis of a lot of the humor back then.

While I enjoy the sushi rollymity, this is the one aspect of being sushi rollymous I didn't like, it made it very hard to reach out to people you normally wouldn't find anywhere else (unless you literally just ask them to go on a IRC channel or ask if they have X chat client)

I also think since there are so many different uses, cultures, and mentalities that emerged out of imageboard culture now, that making new imageboards with focuses on different aspects of these is good instead of trying to recapture the "glory days". I think people should be thinking forward into how to further branch this out and evolve it to make new things, new cultures that will be remembered as their own glory days.

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