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"Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor." - Alexis Carrel
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File: 1584452044558.jpg (270.36 KB, 1857x963, animeworkdesk.jpg)


My office sent all of my stuff home with me yesterday, and I'm working from home until further notice. So that's actually kind of neat. This is happening all over California right now. Is anyone else working from home or having their social lives or work culture change in notable ways due to coronavirus fears?

I'm going to be doing tech support calls and customer trainings in my underwear; it's kind of surreal.


File: 1584460124823.jpg (2.32 MB, 2894x1919, 1491827297604.jpg)

I too work from home, but I try to wear pants at least. Similar type of job with tech support and training, and it is very stressful now due to all the people that need help setting up their own home offices.

Got a notice today tho. Might get laid off in about 2 weeks time, since currently there is a lot of uncertainty if we'll have enough work for april, or if clients will be able to pay their bills.


Also on remote, think I'm safe for now but we'll need to show results that likely won't happen because it involves begging to other departments so it will go even worse than begging in person

Whole family will be here soon too, and doing nothing (they can't do 100% of their work remotely) so it will be boring for a while I guess.

Awful to hear, hope it doesn't happen as it wouldn't be the correct thing to do. If it happens I hope you can find something fast.


I'm at work now on a boat offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, so technically absolutely nothing has changed about my daily life. In reality, we have no idea if we'll be able to return to port when the job is completed or if we'll be able to go home should the port authorities let us in. We are in a small 200 meter bubble out here, a vestige of the world that was.


File: 1584548908569.jpg (29.49 KB, 480x623, 1573706492398.jpg)

Im still on site but everyone is getting ready for the eventual lockdown in FL. Right now we have no cases but we are a pretty large company for the area so it will be a crap shoot if they let us stay open. Ive spent the month preparing after posting in >>>/hell/2356 so thanks to my time as a /news/man I got lucky enough to see it coming.
Im kinda hopeful that we go down to essential employees only so I can get back to work on >>>/arcade/184 and finally get to a working state in my core game loop.
Everyone here is freaking out though and the stores are starting to empty. I wish I had bought more ammo…


File: 1584551953730.webm (1.39 MB, 720x720, 1584304528654.webm)

I started getting nervous when Chinese cities started going into full lock down in January. Most all my co workers, CEO, friends around me didn't take it seriously, save for one or two. I have 2 good friends, one that lives in Orlando and the other in Denver who I am in constant contact with and we have been helping each other out with ideas on how to prepare while being in despair at those who are apart of our daily lives not taking it seriously.

I live in rural Texas and always wanted a shotgun for home defense and skeet shooting. This gave me a reason to get one, now ammunition is being bought out nationwide. I doubled up my routine grocery store trips throughout Jan-Feb and relied on my good credit to not only get my normal fresh vegetables and meats but extra toiletries, water, canned goods, large bags of rice and grains/carbs, and anything else that looks good that has a long shelf life. This allowed me to stock up without buying out stores as from the get go I was more concerned with the inevitable panic shopping people would do crowding up the supermarkets turning them into pest houses with the infected therein. Sure enough this has been the case and I am watching it through the calm of my house and safety of my computer screen. This whole panic buying of toilet paper in Australia and North America came out of left field though and is quite hilarious.

I work in the event production industry and it was one of the first to come to a crippling halt. It started with one gig being cancelled in the first of the month and then it steamrolled into 2 more by last Wednesday and the CEO shut the entire company down and recommended we fill out unemployment. I did all that and got accepted yesterday, 6 days later. It looks like the application processes are currently being expedited as it said on the website the average time to determine if you are eligible is normally 4 weeks. Now a bunch of other industries are grinding to a halt and they are being swamped with applications.

I feel like I am back to being a hikkikomori NEET like I was when I was a teenager. I have worked so hard the past decade to build myself a life and become self sufficient and now in a matter of 2 months any social and work plans I have had are null and void and I am stuck in a position where I don't want to go outside. Instead of my reason being that I am seriously depressed with severe social anxiety and I get a panic attack just thinking about leaving the house, my reason is that I don't want to get sick and possibly end up in the hospital because I take my health extremely seriously.


No major changes in my life, just even more worried than usual about my grandparents dying.


File: 1584553642500.jpg (1.96 MB, 1500x2000, basecap_girl_in_thoughts.jpg)

>stressful now due to all the people that need help setting up their own home offices
It's a weird mix of excitement about all the uncommon tasks and being bored and incapable to continue with normal work.

You don't simply set up secure remote connections to company servers for half of the staff. On the other hand dozens of laptops have to be updated and equipped with basic programs and settings.

I'm not the one to meet groups or attend public events often, so my private life doesn't really change.


plenty of my friends work help desk jobs so they're doing the same thing. I'm a waiter at a catering venue which is closed until this whole thing passes so I have nothing to do.


Security is a big issue now that a lot of our customers have home offices. We've configured VPN for them, but since a lot of people use their own private computers to remote in, they get access to company resources from an insecure system (outdated software, no functional security applications).

If it was up to me, they'd only have RDP access to their work computer, and nothing else.

I think there will be a lot more cryptolocker cases over the next few months.


Uni is closed and is going online. I still lack the motivation to focus on doing assignments regardless so not much has changed. Oh well.


My university was closed and that flipped my life over. They also shutdown my gym and workplace. I went back to my home city, where all I could do was hang out with boys. Now it is literaly illegal. In my college city I am pretty much different person, fully motivated and wishing to learn - but here it is very hard to do anything productive.


File: 1584811426311.jpg (44.22 KB, 564x564, 569c4756555a7ffb7550e114b2….jpg)

Currently in college. All classes have been cancelled and moved online. Half my classes were online already and most teachers found it easy to transfer work in an online format so I'm OK. The weird part is my toughest professor is pretty chill online.
My main problem is my time management is shit so I always spend to long or to little on my work.
What I can't take is that I'm stuck at home with my mom. I thought living with my parents while taking gen ed courses in community college was a good idea to save money, but no that I'm stuck with her I can't take it. She tells me how to manage my diabetes in ways that aren't possible and pseudo science, she nit picks everything (sushi roll you have your backpack on wrong, sushi roll your jacket isn't right, sushi roll your pajamas are ugly), and she can't cook (vegan cheese, yeast powder, and hot dog sandwich)


File: 1584826977865-0.jpg (1.86 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_0157.JPG)

I've got a paid vacation starting march 17. It was planned earlier and happened to start exactly the first day of quarantine in our country by coincidence. Our cafe was shut down and everybody is home under quarantine, until further notice. I'm drinking tea in the comf of my house; people outside were panicking at the beginning, but it seems they've calmed down a bit.
That's it so far. Here is a picture of a blooming peach tree on my backyard.


Apparently more people are losing their faith in religion because of the pandemic according to this study.


I hope your peach tree will bloom again this year next month!! I look forward to seeing a new photo hopefully!


File: 1644413433785.jpg (2.19 MB, 2592x1728, IMG_1426.jpg)

I am an 'essential worker' so I've pretty much just carried on working as normal since I haven't much social life anyway. I did break my arm on the weekend before lockdown though so I missed the first few months of it. Kinda shitty timing because all the online food delivery slots were booked up but it was really hard for me to go shopping with a cast. I liked how the testing sites felt like a zombie apocalypse at night though, that was cool.

I gotta say, covid really nailed home how little community there is where I live. From what I can tell no one was helping eachother out or organising. We all live in our own box and rely on the 1st world supply chain to sustsain us. If any actual disaster happens we're definetly all doomed.

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