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File: 1465170599341.jpg (188.07 KB, 1920x1080, csgigittygo.jpg)

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honestly I just want the first post in this board so,
what are you playing right now sushirolls?

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Nice, I always love hearing people's first experiences with that game. All 3 Dark Souls games are some of my favorites and I come back to them often even these days, so do keep us updated on your adventure. >>1132 has good advice for Capra Demon, just abuse those stairs and you'll be fine. Playing without using the lock-on takes some getting used to but it might help with certain bosses/areas where the camera (and the strictly 8-directional rolling) is a concern. Also don't be afraid to kindle bonfires for the extra estus, and remember you can often find someone to summon if you're REALLY stuck.


File: 1606808453086.jpg (79.93 KB, 500x500, 66292546919d1fbcdeabee1ad4….jpg)

I hope nobody minds long-winded posts because I tend to try and be very descriptive and detail-oriented when I talk about certain things, especially games. With that said here are some thoughts I got down for Chantelise: A Tale of Two Sisters.
Despite the sale price for the full game being $1.99 at the time I'm making this post I decided to play the demo for Chantelise: A Tale of Two Sisters.
The story, as far as I got, was that a red moon shone and turned Chante, the eldest of the two, into a fairy and the two need to find the witch who did this and revert the spell.
As for character actions, it's pretty basic so far in what Elise and Chante themselves can do. Enemies drop crystals of different colors which can be used in the order you picked them up so Chante can perform spells. Elise herself can move in eight directions, jump, do a basic combo attack, a jump attack, lock-on, and do a sliding dodge in any of the eight directions she can move in. Sometimes she gets what looks like a critical hit as well though I don't know if that's random or if there is a certain trick to doing it on-command. I don't know if there is more they can do later but that is what is available so far.
The game is quite dated in more than just the way it looks but I'll start with the graphics first. To me, it looks kind of like N64 graphics in it's environments. The environments are often rather barren with grass and trees scattered here and there and a grass texture put on a lot of land to travel if you're in a grassy area. It's a nostalgic look and one that I really miss.
The characters have sprites instead of 3d models which is something that I found myself liking. I think the intention by the devs was for it to look like an actual anime that tends to feature detailed backgrounds but the characters having the simple and classic anime art style and I feel that it works well.
The camera is at a set level and can only be moved left or right. No zooming, panning, first-person, or anything like that. This is the first of the conveniences that I miss and have gotten used to because I like being able to look at all of my surroundings, high and low. I can't change around controls so I have to go without inverted camera controls. A minor inconvenience but something I feel is worth stating.
The voice acting is alright. I was never very good at gauging the quality of Japanese voice acting but I think it does it's job well-enough. It doesn't sound any different from the usual Jap voice work I hear in anime, at least.


File: 1606808547504.png (314.46 KB, 700x647, abf16aba6f69d033310d6e178c….png)

Part 2 because I wasn't aware of a word limit which would be nice to see while I'm writing my post.
Unfortunately I did not play this without some gripes or at least nitpicks. The most minor one I have so far is that A is attack and B is jump which is definitely something I'm not used to. The controls aren't exactly the best for combat as the sliding dodge can not be performed in the middle of an attack meaning that combos need to be committed to. I'm not sure how reliable it is since a boss I just lost to can hit you in the middle of it if but their landing attack, which normally has a wide damaging radius, can be avoided entirely with the dodge.
If this were the kind of game that was easy enough to not even need it then I would be fine with that but for me it didn't feel like it was. While my own lack of skill is the most likely cause a problem I feel this difficulty stems from is that healing items aren't always a guarantee and enemies tend to stick around in groups and sometimes merge together in such a way that what looks like one bug is actually several because of the sprites behind them. Sometimes another problem I can run into is attacking one of them only to be attacked by another. It's not always so likely considering that your attack prevents their attack from even beginning but it is an annoyance. It also doesn't help that when you die you get sent right back to the town and have to start the dungeon all over again, puzzles included it looks like, which can get very tedious if you die a lot.
I also don't want to expect too much from a doujin studio especially since the game was made in 2006 so I doubt doujin studios were very far along in the kind of games they could make at the time and match the fluidity and convenience of modern games then but it really does feel a little clunky in it's controls.
Overall I want to like Chantelise and I can definitely see why people enjoy it, but it's something of a deceptively inconvenient and somewhat unforgiving game to play that is certainly fun until you run into it's problems or die for the first time, realizing that you would have to do everything again and letting you see it as less of an adventure game and more of an arcade beat-em-up once you realize you have to run through everything and defeat every bad guy again. While I don't know the series at all since I've never played it and I really hate to make this meme of a comparison, it reminds me a little of Dark Souls in a way since enemies can be threats if you aren't careful and bosses are damage sponges that really do require you to fight with patience and caution. Losses are punished and may leave you to try and make changes to your equipment before you try and run through everything again.
I neglected to talk about money but the bulk of your useful funds will come from selling any treasures if you find any though I didn't pay attention to that feature as much.


I remember playing it in 2015, I was surprised how much fun it is. The OST was also something that caught me off guard, it was quite good. Looking at it again I see that you can play it with a controller, I guess this explains why I struggled so much with the keyboard. The last boss fight disappointed me though, was kinda anticlimactic. All in all I think it is quite good, regarding being a game from 2006 and a doujin studio.


I got Groove Coaster on the Switch, it's fun! I like the song picks, they hit pretty much all the expected otaku notes with Vocaloid stuff, Touhou doujin music, Anime OPs, video game music, and rhythm gamey techno. Lots of very recognizable things. Only complaint really is than on the higher difficulties I sometimes feel like I'm failing because of playing on a controller instead of because of my skill. But maybe I just need to get good.


I'm in the process of getting three stars on all the time trials in Mirror's Edge again. I love it. It turns into such a neat little puzzle game once you're doing the time trials. And it's gorgeous, and the music kicks ass.


I'm replaying Terranigma after a long time and somehow it's been really emotional to see it through an adult's eyes. I last played it while my mother was dying and all I could recall other than the music was how incredibly lonely an experience it was, but now I'm remembering how much the themes of creation and resurrection spoke to me as a child who'd lost the will to live.

But holy shit, that music.


File: 1608543719573-0.gif (13.45 KB, 100x105, Zc8888.gif)

File: 1608543719573-1.jpg (67.93 KB, 900x750, 20200229.jpg)

File: 1608543719573-2.jpg (234.81 KB, 1000x1200, HeirrodVanDyke.jpg)

Street Fighter Zero


>Bot Vice
It's a really nice game. Arcade gameplay all the way.


I need to pick it up, it looks fun.


I'm a big danmakufag but I still have a lot of danmakus on my backlog before picking up Ikaruga.

>Lovely Planet

It's strange but fun.


Enjoyed it a couple of years ago. Loved the aesthetics.


Played the shit out of it but I burned out. They finally released it with a lot of new content and stuff, might pick it up again.

>Slap City

Wanted to try it but never got around it.

>Sanic Mania

What a nice game. A must play.

>Umihara Kawase

Need to pick them up. They look really fun.

I don't know the rest but a really nice list.


File: 1608667355212.png (59.57 KB, 259x505, 1.PNG)

I have the bad habit of binge play a game for a while (10+ hours) and then never play it again.
I'm mostly into VNs/Danmakus/Indies.


File: 1611142814601.jpg (390.96 KB, 1366x768, machi.jpg)

Going for the 100% completion?


File: 1611328171540.png (62.09 KB, 494x227, 13311-b.png)

Yeah, I like the process of getting all achievements (and well, a 100% overall).

Also, to answer again OP question, I'm about to finish Palette, a kinda obscure and old RpgMaker game. You might wanna check it out fellow sushis.


File: 1611487530126.gif (3.78 MB, 637x270, V.gif)

Will do…


File: 1613469552381.png (10.67 KB, 939x76, DS3complete.PNG)

I just recently got all the achievements for Dark Souls 3 on PC, since Elden Ring is basically vaporware at this point. I'm gonna go backwards and work on Dark Souls 2 now, since I played 1 fairly recently. As much as I (unlike some people) love DS2, I expect this to be the most painful one to complete.


I'm playing resident evil 7 and surprisingly I'm having a lor of fun with it. Considering that my last experiences with RE were 5 and 6, I'm kinda surprised.
I did play REmake and RE0 but those don't stay much in my head since I used a guide to complete them many years ago


File: 1614029124483-0.png (13.98 KB, 917x278, HypnOS_Hk847l8HZs.png)

File: 1614029124483-1.png (44.87 KB, 1303x188, BXrlw9uxUo.png)

I'm playing Hypnospace Outlaw and having an unreasonable amount of fun. It isn't a particularly deep game, but the experience of exploring Hypnospace and getting to know online randoms and their personal quirks condenses the things I love most about the internet (particularly the early net) into an enticing gameplay loop. I haven't gotten very far in yet but the way the game drip-feeds you knowledge about the world makes it super exciting. I can't wait to keep playing!


Giving Pathologic 2 another go cause it's fitting for the times. Played it the first time sometime before Corona, only played past the intro and dropped it for the time being because I dunno, didn't feel like it was the right time even though I enjoyed the weird disorientation of it.


DS3 is great, I really liked the ending
And sod off for all those kaathefags who thinks he's anything but a lying piece of shit


I hope you didn't go and link the fire AGAIN sushi roll


I did the first time because I couldn't figure out where the hell I was supposed to go otherwise
True chad ending is to be alone with the firekeeper with the lights out forever so nobody sees all the disgusting things you're doing together in the dark
Also real talk why the ungodly fuck are people like Elfriede so much bigger than you, isn't she just a normal human?


File: 1614380382751-0.jpg (130.35 KB, 1280x720, FriedeSize.jpg)

File: 1614380382751-1.jpg (191.49 KB, 1920x1080, SekiroBigFucker.jpg)

Oh ok I was just curious what ending you meant when you said you really liked it. End of Fire is my favorite too.
> why the ungodly fuck are people like Elfriede so much bigger than you, isn't she just a normal human?
She's Unkindled like the player, and from Londor too so yeah she's presumably human. Sister Friede isn't that much taller than you though, pic related. As for the rest of the humanoid enemies you fight who are way bigger than you, it's either because Fromsoft games run off of anime rules where it's normal for humans to be anywhere from 3 to 12 feet tall (like the big fuckers in Sekiro or the little hooded thieves in DS3) Or because, in the case of DS3, they're descendants of Gwyn and the other "lords" as opposed to descendants of the pygmies, like humans.


>only one estus flask remaining
Oh no there goes a frozen sushi


I just like the atmosphere of the ending in general even if it's horribly depressing. Link the Flame, even, is depressing this time around.


File: 1614412268491.png (2.09 MB, 1275x1650, 796e07d573bf2b5fe69382334e….png)

I don't think End of Fire is that depressing, the fire keeper says that "Darkness will shortly settle, but one day, tiny flames will dance across the darkness" which implies to me that by allowing the world to die properly, a new one will someday be born. In Ariandel there's even a Corvian who tells you that allowing the painted world to die and be recreated by the next painter is "the one thing we do right, unlike those fools on the outside". It's melancholy I guess but it's the only real optimistic ending in my opinion, which is why I like it as a sendoff for the series and consider it the csushi roll end.


>csushi roll
I've fallen victim to the word filter yet again…


Well I mean, a new world will be created, but that's got nothing to do with all the things that have to end for it to happen. Hell if you look at Ringed City the game ACTUALLY ends, as in the last content Fromsoft gives you ends, with two nobodies fighting at the (literal?) end of the world for something they wouldn't even know what to do with even if they get it. It's super nihilistic.

Also I'm not entirely sure how this tiny flames thing works. To me that almost implies that by letting the darkness settle we'll be eventually returning to the World of Grey and we'll just make a new world with new pygmies and new retard Lords who can't just let the fire die.


>Or because, in the case of DS3, they're descendants of Gwyn and the other "lords" as opposed to descendants of the pygmies, like humans.
Almost entirely sure that while this is legit if they're actually descended from the Lords like the Silver Knights and all the Anor Londo bosses, it's also bullshit because you have shit like Evangelists from DS3 who're like 15 feet tall so it's basically just to scare you. Hell even the Cathedral Knights are like twice your size and there's no way all of them are descended from gods.


> if you look at Ringed City the game ACTUALLY ends, as in the last content Fromsoft gives you ends, with two nobodies fighting at the (literal?) end of the world for something they wouldn't even know what to do with even if they get it. It's super nihilistic.
It definitely is, which is also a fitting end for the series. It's pretty much par for the course that everyone in Dark Souls gets a bad end, universe included. But you could argue that the REAL last piece of content in the game is when you bring the blood to the painter girl. While it's tragic that she's still expecting Gael to show up, she, like the firekeeper in End of Fire, has a small bit of hopeful dialogue where she says "I will assuredly finish the painting. Of a cold, dark, and very gentle place. One day, it will make someone a goodly home."
>we'll just make a new world with new pygmies and new retard Lords who can't just let the fire die.
Well, it's intentionally left super vague. Maybe the same thing happens all over again, or maybe the new world is something completely different, who knows.
Yeah I think Fromsoft is just lenient with the size of people in their games for dramatic effect. Like I said a lot of the people in Sekiro are fucking massive too.


Holy heck Elden Ring actually exists, who knew


File: 1615941552564-0.png (809.87 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1615941552564-1.gif (974.62 KB, 640x400, zineth.gif)

spent all the day playing zineth. I didn't really finished when I played it some years ago so I was kind of astonished at how the game really ends.
There's this ramp at the very end of the game that looks like needs a good amount of speed to use, and that ramp is also the highest point in all of the game. But the real way to finish the game is not by using this ramp, it's by doing something completely different that could easily be missed.
In the end, I found the level design to be a bit of a mess, but the movement and feel of speed is still stellar.
Makes me want to play Jet Set Radio


> Makes me want to play Jet Set Radio
Do you think you'll play Bomb Rush Cyberfunk? It looks pretty promising, I'm excited about it!


you should check out Perfect Stride, its by the same guys
its even more of a demo however, and its been in alpha for like 5 years


THAT GAME HAS AN ENDING?!? I have to play it right away


File: 1616010751285.gif (1.6 MB, 640x480, rollan.gif)

I'd have to play JSR first before getting excited about it. But it does look very faithful to the original.
>you should check out Perfect Stride, its by the same guys
I did check it out in the Arcane Kids website but it seems nothing has come out of it, not even a beta. Sucks because I liked most of their games


Not really an "ending" per se, just that it seems that getting to the moon is designed as the last quest of the game. All the world seems to build up to it, but when you realize how to do it it's kind of dumb how to get there.


File: 1616047369441.png (4.04 KB, 160x144, 4388screenshot2.png)

I recently acquired a used game boy color. I am playing Metroid II with the EJRTQ color patch at the moment.


i just remembered they took down the download on their site.
try this


File: 1617059699830.jpg (348.62 KB, 672x413, 1614582023038.jpg)

Finished Jet Set Radio yesterday.
I really didn't like it. The movement felt unresponsive and janky, something that should've already been perfected for this since Tony Hawk Pro Skater was released a year before. Overshooting where I wanted to go was always a thing. Enemies can't be attacked and the game places a bunch of them in locations that need to be graffiti'd, leading to a bunch of frustration when the worst part of the game comes in, spraying walls.
I think this may be because I was emulating and there may be some inacuraccy, but it was incredibly frustrating moving the stick up or down and not having the game recognize it. I would be fingering and rubbing the controller as if my life depended on it, and it wouldn't recognize anything. This, along with the enemies that have unavoidable attacks and interrupt you while spraying walls, would send me to scream in the later levels.
I REALLY want to know why this game is so acclaimed, because the game itself is not good. Maybe average at best for the time it came out, but nowadays there's no reason. It tries to be a performance game and a "collectathon" and it fails miserably on both cases. Music can also get grating from time to time, and visually it's ok, but that alone cannot carry a game.
I really wanted to like it but sadly that couldn't be the case. Who designs a game in which one of the main features is staying in front of a wall without moving, while a bunch of unkillable enemies attack you from all sides?


File: 1621279031915.jpg (211.47 KB, 820x1000, 1620790490995-a.jpg)

Played through Gunvolt for a while up until I got to that part the translation noticeably fucks up, then dropped it.
Sucks because the game is good, but the translation screws everything up. Why can't vidya translations be like anime subs, where you have at least some variety to choose from?


strings and const chars, static memory address spaces and other things i don't really understand, but i know are at least tangentially related.


super cub! :)


?? Fan translations have always been a thing for video games.


Only for games that haven't been officially translated.
Games with official translations never get any of that.


File: 1623724567518.jpg (250.82 KB, 1920x1080, turnip_boy.jpg)

"Turnip boy commits tax evasion"; fun game, but is really dragged down by the writing. It's basically a zelda clone, so if your into that you can have a good bang for your buck that lats 3-4 hours.

As I mentioned the writing is a mess. Its main weak point is that it will reference memes, just to reference memes. For no reason out of the blue a character will recite the "You talking to me kid?" copypasta. One of the characters is a twitch streamer for no other reason to reference it. A side character cherry is only a reference to that once JJBA scene and adds nothing to the game. A lot of internet lingo only teenagers find funny is also thrown around. This might sound amusing now, but when the game is interrupted by these jarring tone shifts you start to get irritated.

It's doesn't give off out of touch corporate vibes, as the creators obviously understand the jokes, but more as "kid who replaced his personality with internet because he spends to much time on it". I knew a guy like that and this game just reminds me to much of him. I think that's my main problem with the writing


Been playing Megami Tensei 1, it's kind of rough, but still fun.
Probably shouldn't have been my first game to get into SMT, but oh well.


File: 1624696460009.jpg (55.18 KB, 500x382, tumblr_oigyvithMr1qlj42ao1….jpg)

I've been playing the Sonic games for the first time. 1 was kind of rough but 2 was fantastic. Going to CD now.


File: 1627593867648.webm (4.26 MB, 854x480, surge-2021-07-29_15.50.11.webm)

I'm playing around with Open Surge; an open source Sonic-clone/game engine.
I really dig how the physics feel, and the game is very easy to modify, so I've been trying my hand at doing some game design. Right now I'm still just testing out how to make and apply assets, but it seems writing new mechanics and interactions will be pretty easy when I get to it.


File: 1630703757182.jpg (1.88 MB, 2436x3404, yande.re 395781 atelier at….jpg)

I'm playing Atelier Ayesha and I think it's very cute but also atmospheric.


File: 1631649137231.png (112.64 KB, 202x245, ClipboardImage.png)

Playing Pathfinder: WotR from Owlcat, a CRPG (so like BG, DOS, and NWN)
Very well-written, some of the better companions I've seen in ages. Also mandatory buffstack picture.


File: 1682061376952.png (2.6 MB, 1920x1080, siverhand.png)

I've been playing a lot of Cyberpunk 2077. While it's definitely a flawed game, it's nowhere near as bad as I heard it was before I got it (I like to pick up "bad" games when they go on sale and check them out for myself) If you're interested in the game I would say get it, but keep in mind that it's not perfect and the "100% redeemed!" people are kinda lying imo.
something that I thought was really neat about the game but is something of a spoiler is that the main plot sort of psychs you up into thinking the game is about making it big in night city before they drop the real themes of the game on you, which is about accepting death as a part of life, what defines identity, and what it means to live and die within an uncaring society where life is cheap.

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