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File: 1619107574246.png (1.04 MB, 728x1276, ClipboardImage.png)


Would anyone be particularly upset if I stopped allowing loli content in /lewd/? I have started becoming paranoid about hosting such content since a while ago, and I am afraid to link the site to people I know. Please give your thoughts in the comments.


File: 1619109814483.jpg (770.31 KB, 1450x1500, 1619028723564.jpg)

I see nothing wrong with your decision. There are plenty of places for such content, and you don't have to bear the responsibility for hosting it either. I don't think it's illegal in most parts of the world though.


Main goal of site is being cozy, not to provide lewd content.
Perfectly fine decision champ.


I wonder if any /lewd/ posters would give their opinion. I hide /lewd/ when browsing /kaitensushi/ honestly so I don't mind removing loli


Does this mean you're deleting the dfc thread? Not really a bother I guess, just leave us some time to archive stuff. Another option is making /lewd/ a secret board. Do you really know people irl who you'd be fine with seeing you host normal porn but not loli porn? Seems more like an internet person gripe than one for real people. Sushigirl is hosted in the freedom zone right? Is there a precedent for loli lawyers beating you up for posting their lewds over there?


File: 1619120647712.jpg (1.21 MB, 2276x2201, 65162928_p5.jpg)

I'd be disappointed if such a rule was implemented. Not like I'd stop using the site or anything but I'd rather see /lewd/ removed altogether or made hidden or something than have it policed in that way.
> I have started becoming paranoid about hosting such content since a while ago, and I am afraid to link the site to people I know.
Well if it's a hosting issue then it can't be helped (but such content is common enough on the internet that I personally wouldn't be concerned). As for other people, surely they can understand that you personally aren't tacitly endorsing everything posted onto the site? I guess I feel somewhat strongly on the issue but at the end of the day it's your website to do with what you choose. I personally would be disappointed by it though.


File: 1619121962922.png (350.6 KB, 1024x1084, 1edb3fd7c969225aa7b8c2e3d5….png)

I don't contribute much to this site so my opinion is less important, but Lolicons are my friends. I would be very sad.
Pic related: me


Well to be fair it's your site, if it bothers you that much just remove it and get rid of the burden. No need to pay for stuff only to end up feeling paranoid and well no one could blame you for considering it.
That said loli seems to be the canary in the coalmine and its banning has historically been an omen of bad things to come so I already packed my stuff or rather the microblogging got too much for me and I barely post nowadays so might as well ignore this post.


I wish hiding things in kaitensushi would stop my browser from loading the data, I'm a little paranoid about that myself.

people only really blog in the blog threads, you just hide them!


I'm not fond of the idea for multiple reasons:

1 - By falling for this fear, you are legitimizing the fake-concerns and criticisms of people who have a war to wage with everything 2D
2 - As more and more websites harbor fears over loli/shora content, a sort of peer pressure begins to materialize. Established sites will feel safer forbidding the content, while newer sites will look at it from a new point of view, paint the content as verbotten and won't allow it from the start.
3 - Consequently, as it becomes the "new normal", strength in numbers disappears, leaving the few bastions left standing more vulnerable to actual irl persecution as well as less irl defense.


1 - It's not among my fetishes so you wouldn't lose my patronage if it was made a bannable offense.
2 - Not everything needs to turn into activism and sushigirl is far from being a branch of the comic book legal defense fund.
3 - I don't think we've reached point 2 in my fears for what the future entails.
4 - This is your site and you're free to do as you damn well please.


Would hosting the site in japan/china/taiwan erase the issue, or would the webmaster still be a viable target of his local authorities?


File: 1619132642946.jpg (390.81 KB, 1024x682, AshcroftVsFreeSpeechCoalit….jpg)

I understand the hesitancy about linking the site to people, but what exactly are you paranoid about? There's literally no legal issues with loli hentai in the US (despite what a lot of misinformed people might tell you). I've even seen loli drawings hosted on Twitter without issue, so I don't see why it would be any more of a problem here (assuming the site is hoted in the US, at least).

To answer your question, I'd be against banning that type of content, but like >>915 I probably wouldn't stop using the site altogether, I'd just be kinda disappointed. Honestly I don't even like loli stuff, I just don't think it should be banned.


I like small chests but not loli.
Still I think it is harmless, but you run the show here.
Maybe make lewd a secret board?


Thank you everyone for your feedback. My presence spans many kinds of online and offline communities and interpersonal relationships, and not all of them would view such content favorably / without seriously freaking out. I had already considered making /lewd/ a hidden board, and it seems like this will be the best compromise for everyone. I will implement it soon.


How will people who come here only occasionally or who are new find the board then? Not opposing it, just asking because how are you supposed to actually, you know
Find the board?


File: 1619189062580.webp (63.64 KB, 640x800, vs6kiuz3hdo31.jpg.webp)

I think word of mouth is fine. I don't come here for the /lewd/ board personally. I usually hang around /lounge/, /silicon/ and /kitchen/.
It'll be like one of those secret boards I guess.


Fair enough…I guess? I just dislike the concept of secret boards tbh.


How do we make secret boards less secret, but secret enough?


In this particular case as multiple people have pointed out, it ain't illegal. The law's really clear on that point.


I'm not worried about getting arrested, I'm worried about getting canceled or losing my job. It happened to a friend for being a guro artist, so it could happen to me for hosting loli. I know it's legal, but it's not a topic that people treat logically.

Anyhow, maybe I will just continue to keep it hush from my other communities and outside friends, and that will be fine. I guess I won't do anything for now while I keep thinking about it.


I'm not opposing your decision, you have the right to protect yourself from spergs after all


You still incur that risk if you keep /lewd/ hidden. Do not underestimate a brain-dead's ability to stumble upon things.

… All due respect to your friends, of course.


It's not an integral part of the site for me, but the sushis on lewd have great taste and I'll be sad to see the board go.


I don't think there was ever a plan to remove it, just take it off the board list so only sushis who know of it can get there.


anyone against this is a goddamned pedophile and ive reported each and every one of you ITT complaining the the fbi


Hi Yuno, long time no see. Wanna make out?




I support a ceasing of loli content in /lewd/. I don't care for loli stuff most places, but lewding them just feels a bit too much.

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