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File: 1603390609438.png (11.63 KB, 452x452, discord-new-logo.png)


I've noticed that IRC has been pretty dead as of late, while the activity on the boards has remained fairly constant. I feel like this is due to IRC quickly becoming a niche thing. My other imageboard Uboachan switched to Discord some years back and the chat has been explosively active ever since. So, I am wondering if anyone still prefers IRC, or if we ought to try moving to Discord and see how that works out. Thoughts?


I've checked the IRC before but it's very dead even when I try to start conversations. Discord has its issues but it being much more accessible is definitely a reason to switch. Worth trying out I'd say.


Having never used the IRC I don't see why you wouldn't. I gave up using IRC ages ago, before I found this site, which is a sad thing to hear myself saying but it is what it is. Discord seems to be the new form of IM online for better or worse, and kneejerk reactions to the name aside it does what it's supposed to just fine.


File: 1603466981524.png (1.8 KB, 320x120, stats-freenode-history-uc.png)

Not sure if I agree that IRC has become a niche thing. Some servers like Freenode has stopped their growth. There is a mild decline, but nothing too serious. Rizon has lost some, but the user statistics on that network has always been a bit of a rollercoaster, others like EFNet definitely had a decline, but that network attracts a more particular type of chatter anyways.

I tend to prefer IRC for most kinds of friendly chats, I think it is easier to get in, and people are a bit more easy going. You do have to stick around for a while to get replies.

To me, discord is more of an alternative to skype, steam, and other messenger type, proprietary, chat systems.

I will be sticking with IRC for as long as possible.


When you did that for uboachan did activity on the main site decrease? I'd think that messages stored on a server for everyone would encourage people to just post there instead.


I think the demographics that still regularly use IRC and the ones that use Discord don't overlap all that much. I agree with >>859 that they fit different niches and IRC is more accessible but ours is clearly the minority opinion, and I never ordered the IRC miso anyways since I haven't been here too long and I'm not that into IM anymore.
I'm sure some users would appreciate Discord with their sushi.

Samachan had a Meguca liveboard for a while and it kind of devalued posting on the real boards. Not sure if Discord is dissimilar enough to not do that though. Being a separate service with its own userbase, a Discord channel might even bring more users here.


File: 1603668907217.png (9.66 MB, 1064x5492, objective fact.png)


I got booted from the IRC some years ago and when I tried joining back it required a registered nick so I haven't been back since. The whole point of an out-of-band communications channel is contacting staff and when I could no longer use the IRC channel the only way for me to poke either you or Itamae is through the details listed on the moderation dashboard.

IRC is preferable for imageboards simply because it doesn't allow posting images.


I would like a discord server. Any updates on this?


Discord tends to create unnecessary drama imho.


I've never understood the point of having either. Having a communications platform to go along with another communications platform feels redundant to me.


I used to go exclusively on IRC, now it's not very convenient for me. I have discord but I seldom use it. I guess I don't really use all that much social media (of any kind) anymore.
I just posted to say I'd join the discord server. Best way to know is to start one.
I believe I am not the only one who's jumping to discord for the convenience.

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