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File: 1497790354141.png (11.68 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


Could the /kaitensushi/ description "the fresh shit" be changed to "the fresh stuff" or "straight from the conveyor belt" or something. I feel it clashes with the atmosphere of the site. Maybe I'm just being picky and overly sensitive though.


But that's what makes it funny.


Agree, it should be something cozier and comfier.


that's how itamae put it. But arguably communities evolve and what was then isn't today (the oldfags can testify for this I guess)


I'll see where this thread goes before deciding whether to change it.


File: 1497820079083.gif (7.2 MB, 480x270, Tanukana_a_qt.gif)

As >>562 said, I don't really think it's bad.
But "straight from the conveyor belt" is really qt.
I really would love some seasoned sushi to chime in on this.


The comfy left this site long ago. /hell/ is the most active board now because sushi rolls can shitpost as uncomfy as they want. /lounge/ has slowed to even more of a crawl than usual.



If you look through kaitensushi the vast majority of recently active threads are not in /hell/. In fact, of the 20 most recent threads, only one of those is a /hell/ thread.


I've been here since .tokyo and thought it was strange, but it's cool. I don't really feel like the suggestions are better, so I'd prefer to stick with tradition.


i agree with the op. it clashes with the atmosphere of the site imo


My vote is for "straight from the conveyor belt."

I don't really mind it either way, but if it's going to be changed that's what I'd recommend.


the top two boards in /kaitensushi/ are from /yakuza/, we're getting too meta


If you really think so, the best thing for you to do would be posting more.


That's oddly specific, but I too always thought it should be changed. But at the same time, I'm used to it now.


I like it, I think it's funny


Whatever I'll just change it once in a while like the wildcard board.


Works for me, if you're willing to go the extra length. Thanks.


I habe a suggestion for the future: Raw Fish

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