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File: 1465007278450.png (372.74 KB, 640x640, 1463709501-2.png)


so whats the official story on what happened to sushichan and who runs this new place?


Hi there. I'm the owner/admin over at Uboachan and I'm also running this backup site on the same hardware.

On April 15th, Itamae told IRC he would be going into the mountains to go fishing for the weekend and would be without internet. We never heard from him again. Then on May 14th, the sushichan server went down. We sent a letter to his known address almost two weeks ago but have heard no reply.

So, for the past little while, me and Undoall and a couple other users with backups of site data have been working on throwing this bunker together. It's not quite finished yet but I hope it can bring everyone together again.

There's also a snapshot of the site from just a little while before it went down, at http://archive.sushigirl.us/


Hey Seisatsu, thanks for bringing sushichan back. Without you sushigirl would probably be no more.

When the old domain dies next year will we come back to be sushigirl.tokyo?


Yes, I'll try to backorder the domain so it falls to me when it isn't renewed.


File: 1465111061539.png (275.75 KB, 424x412, 1456186151398.png)

Dank as heck. I wonder what happened to Itamae, he didn't seem like the type to disappear.

Also, have you thought about shifting the archived posts over to the live site or do you intend to keep the old posts seperate?


Shifting the posts to the new site would be a huge chore since I don't have an SQL backup. I'd have to write some custom software to do it. So probably no.


We have received brief word from Itamae that he is okay. No more details yet. Stay tuned.


File: 1465170213545.png (158.49 KB, 558x631, thumbs up tomo.png)

Thanks for bringing it back, Seisatsu!
I was really worried when it went down.
I'd pet you if I could
>he is okay
Did anything happen to him in the mountains or was it personal problems?


That's heartening news! Thanks for bring this back up, I was lost without my comfy sushigirls.
Are we still going to go ahead with the stickers? I would like to throw money at something.


oneof the guys who made stickers,I went ahead and put the stickers on redbubble,at least a couple of them. They should be for sale if anyone wants to purchase. I didn't make any mark ups so I'm not profiting at all from sales of stickers. I have gotten a stickermule account as well.


File: 1465429872132-0.png (404.92 KB, 739x734, Screenshot (10).png)

File: 1465429872132-1.png (214.39 KB, 742x773, Screenshot (9).png)

evil gov tried to take over sushi °^°


File: 1465493063096.jpg (375.77 KB, 1520x1080, lain_substance.jpg)

Thanks for the inputs, and for making the board as well


I think the best way to manage the site is a very hands off approach. deleting peoples posts, banning people, stuff like that should be done only when absolutely necessary.

it's also nice when the admin comes on to interact with the site userbase like this thread. Don't feel you have to but it's a really good thing!

consider removing undoall


So, any news about Itamae-what we are going to do?


No news at all about Itamae except a quick two-sentence apology he emailed to Undoall a while back with no details included.

I can only guess that either he voluntarily left the community or he's in a situation where it's physically impossible or extremely inconvenient for him to return to running or being involved with it.


I'm glad to hear he's alive at the very least. He seems like a pretty decent guy, and it's completely understandable that he'd have something come up or whatever.


File: 1469648131056.png (4.88 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)



for fucks sake, are we gonna have to implement a captcha? fuck my boipuss this is annoying. Oh and bot-sama, at least switch the girl up this time… MODS MODS MODS MOOOODS. you know what to do, love you <3


File: 1473273143703.png (439.21 KB, 2000x2000, Broom_icon.png)

Ha ha time for janitors.


File: 1473279880087.jpg (321.98 KB, 2048x2048, GECFDO.jpg)

FUck why was that so funny to me? had a good kek, thanks admin-sama <3


Spam, in MY sushichan? It's more likely than you think.




can people volunteer to do sysadmin work for sushichan?


Is blatant misogyny and glorifying paedophilia still allowed or is sushi actually going to be cozy this time?





File: 1708638193550.png (149.73 KB, 400x225, 1442788170-a5057a1e508b56d….png)

I had to run a few tests but it's quite simple really: the website runs itself.

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