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File: 1479257269243.webm (2.06 MB, 480x480, tekkaman - aquqtic.webm)

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Post in this thread music, you found recently and enjoyed.


File: 1479257976124-0.webm (3.18 MB, 350x350, Coastal Breathing.webm)

File: 1479257976125-1.webm (2.34 MB, 350x350, Tiny Grass Is Dreaming.webm)

Some upbeat and some more relaxing stuff.


File: 1479556637542.jpg (110.11 KB, 700x700, a2261400756_16.jpg)


A good aussie rap album I've been listening to recently.


Comfy Russian Fall Music.


Kindan No Tasuketsu is god tier underground JPop.


More Kindan.
Really became my favorite band/artist.


Polta is so relaxing and comfy.



I already knew this label a while ago, but I never listened this album. It's great

Woah, that was good, thanks





These are really good sushirolls
Contributing with some Especia


Red Velvet - Lucky Girl
from Russian Roulette


File: 1481061574464.webm (3.24 MB, 320x320, 徐菲 - 花星球穿越.webm)

I stumbled upon a chinese singer named 徐菲 today and I've been listening to this song on repeat all day


Posting thisn recent song by Negicco because cute girls are always related


File: 1483876005786.jpg (122.76 KB, 445x225, 20110620News_sam.jpg)


File: 1483907971200.jpg (2.24 MB, 1920x1080, 55265017_p0.jpg)


The pieces played in the video are really pretty and sound like they could be the in the soundtrack of some JRPG or something.


My daily soundtrack for almost a week now.


File: 1483997844834.webm (5.61 MB, 960x960, tekkaman - giomane.webm)

Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the webm OP posted. The EP is equally good.


File: 1485095963404.jpg (297.83 KB, 1200x1199, basement.jpg)

hoping for something else - burned out basement
well produced experimental idm / trip hop / lo-fi


Those VBR music videos are damn good. I also like the odd combinations of elements and styles.



This YT channel is 10/10. Uploads cool stuff from the 70's.


Heard this guy being interviewed on the radio the other day. This is a very comfy piece with a very comfy video. The piano really is the greatest instrument ever created.



File: 1490906072842.jpg (128.13 KB, 1280x720, raphi-1.jpg)

This made me happy.


File: 1491945401142.jpg (496.33 KB, 1200x1200, serveimage.jpg)


File: 1492568249765.webm (9.07 MB, 300x300, pura_saudade.webm)

Pura Saudade - Fantastic Plastic Machine

(I don't know how to make the image in the webm not look like shit)


Ive been studying to this music all week and I think its amazing, especially at 22:30


I've been listening to a lot of touhou eurobeat songs that I've accidentaly found out on Youtube. If you enjoy Eurobeat and Touhou you need to check this out.


File: 1492951720607.webm (1.77 MB, 500x500, The Wrong Kind of Love is….webm)

Found this album Nekophiliac released way back in 2012 at Chipdipdrops (label seems to be down atm). Just an overall great lolicore album, I luv it.


this song has been making me cry recently
i'm not exactly sure why, but it feels right


Nice song.
It didn't make me cry, but it was nice to hear.


I just found this a few days ago, I don't know quite what it is but I absolutely love it.
Indie always needs more trumpets in my opinion.

That reminds me, I rediscovered this a while ago.
I'd heard it years ago but forgot what it was called until about a week back.


I clicked 'Random Article' on Wikipedia and was sent to the page for the album from which this number came. The pure vocal bits, without any words being spoken, are powerful.


File: 1494947472597.webm (7.01 MB, 1000x554, monomatik-the-one-with-th….webm)

I like monomatik because they make honest, good techno without sounding studio-polished and remote. It's also free, so…

Hint: their music is on yt but it's here as well.


I doubt any one here will be that interested in this type of music but I grew up in the UK so it's comfy to me.

I haven't listened to grime in a good few years but to hear where a few artists have gone is interesting.


I listened to some garage a while back and got a bit of a comfy feel.
Never really listened to it when I was young but you heard it everywhere anyway.


If you want a nice rounded garage mix to get a good listen of all sects (?) I always listen to this. I think its got a a good mix of all types of garage



Found this lovely little number yesterday, been listening to his other stuff since

I also came across this album for the first time last week, and I just can't get enough of it


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/KCWZfRR6YRI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Pretty good stuff here.


bassline needs more love
sorry if the embed messes up I've never tried it here.



There's an embed button next to file select, sushiroll. Just stick the link in there


File: 1495630149840.jpg (57.94 KB, 360x273, optimus prime loves you.jpg)

Derp. I can't believe I missed that.



This music is meant for plants but it invariably makes me happier. I listen to it sometimes when I'm not feeling the feels to avoid turning into a depressed zombie.


File: 1497680605152.jpg (213.22 KB, 1024x1024, ZiggyStardust-1024x1024.jpg)


Some next level gangsta rap



Another find from typing random, on-the-spot thoughts into the youtube search bar. It's like electronic jazz!


Don't know why I hadn't listened to Fleet Foxes already. They make the exact kind of folk I love.


File: 1499082834768.webm (6.73 MB, 900x900, mykonos.webm)

Pi post checked.

I love the Fleet Foxes too, thanks to my dad getting me into them. They just released something new but I haven't listened to it yet.


File: 1499160491927.jpg (680.41 KB, 1445x1372, m9is9fj87D33333333E.jpg)


made a channel with underground russian rap.

idea was to rip stuff from soundcloud and vk that wasnt even availabe on youtube

vor means thief

subsribe if you wish


This is so ambient, it's like background music for your background music.


I'm probably quite late to the party but I just discovered Miami Nights '84. It's really good for background music, especially for driving.


Caution: You may get spooked


Thank you for this sushi, just what I needed right now.
Dulaman by Chanticleer:


Eurobeat was the electronic driving music of choice long before neo-80s was cool. At least if you were engaged in a high speed illegal drift race through a mountain pass.





bounced on my boy's sashimi to this for four minutes and seven seconds


File: 1504303034174.webm (5.6 MB, 300x300, roxanne.webm)

I found my Police album recently and remembered why I liked them.



I can't believe it's not Fishmans!


This is just fun to listen to.


>COCAINEJESUS - s u i c i d e h o u r
Music starts after the voice lines


I like the relaxed pace and the melancholic vocals of this song. Good stuff.

I knew and loved the Nordland albums of Bathory, but never gave Blood on Ice a chance. It turns out, that this is a real gem.


…What an unfortunate name for her album.


I really like this band.


Axian's remixes are fantastic for studying and blocking out noise. I try not to rely on them if it's already quiet enough though, find it still distracts a bit regardless of how ambient it is.

Synthwave is rad, a lot of the chiller stuff really does make for some pretty good driving music. check out -
it tends to be one of my go to driving songs along with Ocean Drive.


and another chill ambient song


comfy breaks


20 years on and still sounding good.

cheers for this.



Have some Serbian Celtic rock: They've also got all their albums available for free download: www.irishstew.net/download



Chill 80s punk/new wave from Chile.


I hate it when I find a song I really like only to find I feel ambivalent about the rest of the songs on the album. I feel like the digital age has harmed musical discovery in some ways. While we're able to experience so much more music and artists get more exposure, the ability to instantly switch to a new song any time I'm feeling bored has harmed my ability to give every song a fair chance. I'm tempted to switch to listening primarily to music on physical medium for discovering music but that gets expensive fast.

Do any rolls here exclusively listen to music via physical mediums?
it only took me 4 posts to figure out how to embed this time!



Just found out about サイケアウツ and I'm loving every second of it. Anyone know any other kind of music like this?



reminds me of machine girl


it seems the embed got eaten let me try again



what is that a female rich evans?


"how embarrassing" :-)


I went to check up on that Fallout 76 trailer song, and it was officially released last month. It's a cover of Take Me Home, Country Roads. It's really good.


These are solid jams my dudes.

My pick is this new Mom Jeans album. I somehow avoided the music they’ve released before, but I fell in love with this album instantly



Recently got back into listening to Tally Hall related stuff, and ran across Joe Hawley's Hawaii: Part II from way back in 2012.


Some very experimental stuff in there. I quite like Mind Electric for its mind melting structure and symbolic lyrics.





Lmao, this thread's been around since I first discovered sushi, and now I realize a lot of genres I listen today kinda came from here. Thanks, sushi rolls.


Found this last week, the vocal textures they use are really interesting!


Here’s something I found recently. It’s Johnny Costa, the music director for Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, performing his own interpretations of the most popular songs from the show. I wish I had looked into him earlier, because he is quickly becoming one of my favourite jazz pianists.



This is really nice

Here's my pick, hype williams / babyfather / dean blunt is one of my favourite artists


I was just thinking the same. I haven't been around much lately, but the other day I was making a playlist of comfy fall/autumn music and a whole load of the first tracks were from this thread.

Scrolling through there are some things I absolutely love that I didn't think I'd found here, so either you rolls have had a bigger influence on me than I thought or we have the same great taste.


i'm getting into yukihiro takahashi's stuff. it's pretty great


Let's get uncomfy for a moment

I've known about pallbearer for years now, but I didn't know they'd released new stuff tho. Wasn't as stoked about Heartless as most people where. Didn't make me want to die enough.

If you want to do some next level brooding, Pallbearer is what you want- especially Sorrow and Extinction, and Foundations of Burden. I always imagine, 80's Anime aesthetic, 4:3, VHS static and everything, with 2 giant monsters (most always a skele in there), fighting to the death in a desert wasteland while nomads look on from a cliff.


Best performance of this piece for me. It's my sanctuary.



Been enjoying I Hate Models a lot. I feel like it is simple background music that doesn't work my brain too much. It is relaxing. :3


File: 1541751712728.png (393.48 KB, 2347x2108, v madoka headphones.png)


Please enjoy this music fellow rolls. There's something about faintly melancholy that appeals to me. I hope it brings you happiness too.

I found it as a result of watching a movie called "he died with a felafel in his hand" i'd recommend checking it out, especially if you've lived in a lot of sharehouses like i have.



Found this while browsing for stuff to listen to at work. The whole album is amazing, but Barbola Work is definitely my favorite track.


any jungle in guy


Whenever I listen to this song, I'm reminded of sushichan. The atmosphere fits perfectly with this board. It's slow-paced, like a stroll in spring, with bitter-sweet singing and a playful yet modest instrumentation.

Thanks again for sharing this gem!


File: 1543931425912-0.jpg (65.35 KB, 498x575, 1511952178269.jpg)


Oh fuck lads.


Found this recently, very very good electronic album.


hardstyle from the Netherlands





Orbital - In Sides
Lots of very long songs on this one, but definitely listen to all of The Box without skipping, it's worth it.


reminds me of >>220



This little jewel right here, very relaxing.


Been listening to a lot of Madchester stuff lately. Happy Mondays are an underrated band.


Miles Bandit - Amethyst Garden



This album sounds like how it feels browsing sushi


The way the instruments are blended together in this is so nice. Could anyone recommend something similar to this?





Melt banana is wildly under rated


The Caretaker - An Empty Bliss Beyond This World
"[An empty bliss beyond this World] was inspired by a 2010 study suggesting that Alzheimer's patients have an easier time remembering information when it's placed in the context of music. What makes it unique isn't that Kirby resuscitates old but vaguely familiar source material; it's how he edits it. Several of the tracks here take pretty, anodyne phrases and loop them mindlessly; several stop in what feels like mid-thought; several reach back and then jump forward. They never feel filled-in from start to finish, and they tend to linger on moments that feel especially comforting or conclusive: the last flourishes of a song, maybe, the pat on the shoulder, the part when we're assured everything is drawing to a close. Kirby isn't just making nostalgic music, he's making music that mimics the fragmented and inconclusive ways our memories work."

Speaking from experience, this album portrays exactly what it feels like to lose a family member to Alzheimer's.


File: 1549062989465.gif (1.58 MB, 900x553, qa happy clouds.gif)

Because you introduced me to 5'nizza I've been a fan of theirs for the past two years. Thanks sushi! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiCL0-U9WxI



for sure


i don't really know if she knows or not

but I left some things in her jewelry box and she's wearing out my rings, taking the complements meant for me.

and although i think i'll miss them

at least there's proof of my existence

captive little soldiers on her fingers

deep behind enemy lines


This beat is infectious! Thanks sushi.


glad you like it!
i'm-i'm-i'm-i'm not a not a crook crook


I recently discovered this japanese shoegaze idol group called ・・・・・・・・・ (they don't have an official name but usually fans refers to them as "dots tokyo")

the music isn't that good, but the concept is cool


magical pounding synth feels


intelligent dance music
Flood detected; Post discarded.


neat prog rock, somehow reminds me of the beatles


deftones is kinda shitty and overrated, but at the same time, they're my musical guilty pleasure when I'm feeling sad or angsty (which is more often than I'd like)

sad music helps accentuate sad feelings and really makes you face your emotions rather than ignoring them or drowning them in alcohol or whatever

I'm sad but I want to feel alive


This whole EP is great. I've not listened to other tracks by Om Unit but Kid Drama's Trife EP is pretty solid if you find your self wanting to explore this style a little further.



I've never seen Zegapain (apparently this song is from the slot game), but I fell in love with this shit.





i found this russian synthpop band



Here's some good denpa. I can't find the full version anywhere but spotify and in torrents. Youtube link is the short version.

Good stuff.


i have found more


it seems synthpop sounds good no matter what language



Do you have a torrent link? I can't seem to find it on the usual trackers.



I finally found an equal mix of hardcore and denpa!


I had the lucky accident of wearing headphones, when I stumbled upon this.


Super chill, and the video that goes along with it is so fitting and I've never seen something like it before. So soothing.


the singer is also very cute :3


All of this guy's music sounds super weird and dissonant, but it works really really well. The first song on this album is awesome.


This is definitely catchy.


I miss Jon Lajoie


Randomly catch myself coming back to this one.



shit fuckin SLAPS fam











Kazakh rapper Skriptonite formed a live band. Laid back beats and great vocals.
Lots of shakers.





I've been going back and finding some old J-Rock/Visual Kei bands that I've enjoyed.


Almost two years ago I started studying Japanese. My Japanese teacher is the best, so one morning we were studying a lesson and he taught me the word "tatoeba" (it means "for example") with a song called "tatoeba boku ga shindara" written by a singer-songwriter named Doji Morita . From that day on I started to listen to her music a lot and I love her music.





Funky musical about an evil AI


based gizzard postered







I forgot how much I liked this track. Posting original just in case any sushi here never played Einhander.








Hey, old post I know, but I just wanted to say that this is how I found TV Girl, which has become a beloved band for me. I just went to their French Exit tour a few days ago, the first concert I've been to since lockdown. It was a great experience, and I bonded with one of my friends over it. So thank you!

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