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so good it hertz
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Post in this thread music, you found recently and enjoyed.
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glad you like it!
i'm-i'm-i'm-i'm not a not a crook crook


I recently discovered this japanese shoegaze idol group called ・・・・・・・・・ (they don't have an official name but usually fans refers to them as "dots tokyo")

the music isn't that good, but the concept is cool


magical pounding synth feels


intelligent dance music
Flood detected; Post discarded.


neat prog rock, somehow reminds me of the beatles


deftones is kinda shitty and overrated, but at the same time, they're my musical guilty pleasure when I'm feeling sad or angsty (which is more often than I'd like)

sad music helps accentuate sad feelings and really makes you face your emotions rather than ignoring them or drowning them in alcohol or whatever

I'm sad but I want to feel alive


This whole EP is great. I've not listened to other tracks by Om Unit but Kid Drama's Trife EP is pretty solid if you find your self wanting to explore this style a little further.



I've never seen Zegapain (apparently this song is from the slot game), but I fell in love with this shit.





i found this russian synthpop band



Here's some good denpa. I can't find the full version anywhere but spotify and in torrents. Youtube link is the short version.

Good stuff.


i have found more


it seems synthpop sounds good no matter what language



Do you have a torrent link? I can't seem to find it on the usual trackers.



I finally found an equal mix of hardcore and denpa!


I had the lucky accident of wearing headphones, when I stumbled upon this.


Super chill, and the video that goes along with it is so fitting and I've never seen something like it before. So soothing.


the singer is also very cute :3


All of this guy's music sounds super weird and dissonant, but it works really really well. The first song on this album is awesome.


This is definitely catchy.


I miss Jon Lajoie


Randomly catch myself coming back to this one.



shit fuckin SLAPS fam











Kazakh rapper Skriptonite formed a live band. Laid back beats and great vocals.
Lots of shakers.





I've been going back and finding some old J-Rock/Visual Kei bands that I've enjoyed.


Almost two years ago I started studying Japanese. My Japanese teacher is the best, so one morning we were studying a lesson and he taught me the word "tatoeba" (it means "for example") with a song called "tatoeba boku ga shindara" written by a singer-songwriter named Doji Morita . From that day on I started to listen to her music a lot and I love her music.





Funky musical about an evil AI


based gizzard postered






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