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so good it hertz
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any kind, just post it


File: 1592208386251.png (911 B, 66x39, ClipboardImage.png)

I really like this song
There's a Japanese version too here
Click the thing in the picture to turn off the stupid side-scrolling comments over the video, this one is way too popular for that to work.


I recently remembered this piece and have listened to it daily for a couple of weeks now.



Is there any instrument as soulful and nostalgic as the mellotron? I don't think so











This song is about wanting to be a shark. Very relatable
good shit


I love J.G. Thirlwell and all his work


Endtroducing is too unique for this world. And that is a bad thing.









moe rap
I really like this song actually, it's cute





File: 1593719369622.mp3 (6.56 MB, 02 - toccatina.mp3)





One of the prettiest songs ever to me.



For me from that album is this one





Good pick as well, glad someone else knows that album.


It's Eno's most appreciated work after Music for Airports, it shouldn't be that hard to find people who like it as well.


Oh I see
I don't really know anything about music or what is well known, I just save things I discover from clicking around youtube/imageboards



Give me some good sad songs Sushi


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