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so good it hertz
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any kind, just post it
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New Chelmico song! It's good!
They continue to be one of my favorite artists


I know you recommended me this ages ago, but I was scrolling through sushi threads just today to find bands to listen to and was reminded of it and am now listening to more of their music, so thanks!


Been loving this song lately, the singer has such an enchanting voice


Thanks, I'm happy you ended up liking The The, feels so weird since a lot of people I show music I like just seem to be weirded out.


The full EP this song is from is out now, in case anyone cares to check it out. Apparently it's likely to be the last thing we hear from them in a bit since half of the duo is currently pregnant. It's a very good release. The self titled song is the best IMO, but I also liked N.E.S. a lot. I think it's a good example of how well they do different styles, with a slower song (Mustard), a silly/fun song (Cupcake ATM), a more traditional hip hop song (Bored), a song with trap influence (N.E.S.), and very catchy/hooky song that I think is closest to "their" sound (Cozy)


>a lot of people I show music I like just seem to be weirded out.
I know the feeling. I'm sure it's just me being unusually insecure but I fucking hate when people ask what music I'm into or have been listening to. I'm a terrible liar so I usually tell the truth and sound like a weirdo in doing so.


found this through a pretty cool sampler of Ethiopian Jazz and Funk



Just rediscovered this band.
Their music is crazy comfy.


god i wish i could have met ODB





Been listening to My Dead Girlfriend after I found out there was a 2020 release from them I missed out on. Cool band, I like their sound a lot, especially the vocals.


I'm listening to this for the first time as I post, really fun listen so far.



File: 1645059830293.gif (2.14 MB, 247x319, 1483195631959.gif)

sweet song, ty for sharing



I can't help being a gloomy sadboy



This is sick, thanks



I love sonic


luv me sum krewtwerk





I forgot how hard this went


It goes hard!


Alpha-san in YKK has one of these moon guitars from China. They really call it a moon guitar! "月琴" that first character is moon… I think it has a very charming sound.



haven't even watched the movie but hot damn



File: 1653462979528.jpg (219.29 KB, 750x995, 5cba89890decf13b7aafc149de….jpg)

a classic!


Step 1: who wrote girls last tour? It was Tsukumizu! Step 2: also wrote "Flan wants to die". Step 3: Flan is singing this song




comfy chill and definitely minecraft music.









god i love sonic so much


File: 1660072034288.png (507.46 KB, 565x831, 5c601b8955c16213af0de4cf5b….png)

thoughts on Mashimaro-core?


Somebody make a yt playlist plz


been listening to this as of late
i think i am gonna die soon at this rate


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