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so good it hertz
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Happy Holidays!

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any kind, just post it
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I forgot how hard this went


It goes hard!


Alpha-san in YKK has one of these moon guitars from China. They really call it a moon guitar! "月琴" that first character is moon… I think it has a very charming sound.



haven't even watched the movie but hot damn



File: 1653462979528.jpg (219.29 KB, 750x995, 5cba89890decf13b7aafc149de….jpg)

a classic!


Step 1: who wrote girls last tour? It was Tsukumizu! Step 2: also wrote "Flan wants to die". Step 3: Flan is singing this song




comfy chill and definitely minecraft music.









god i love sonic so much


File: 1660072034288.png (507.46 KB, 565x831, 5c601b8955c16213af0de4cf5b….png)

thoughts on Mashimaro-core?


Somebody make a yt playlist plz


been listening to this as of late
i think i am gonna die soon at this rate




been listening to this nonstop, the guitarwork sounds really damn good X_X


I really like this, thanks for sharing!


Does anyone else really enjoy music from PC-98 games?


I'm way more familiar with Mega Drive and Saturn games, but I do know some PC-98 games that got later ports in the aforementioned consoles. Most notable for me, Princess Maker 2.


This game is probably my favorite pc-98 soundtrack I've heard.


>Princess Maker
Nice choice! Excellent tastes, Mega Drive and Saturn has quality game soundtracks as well. There's even some Mega CD and 32X stuff I really enjoy. As far as the 32X goes, mainly Knuckles Chaotix and Kolibri. I'll listen to Doom's 32X ost if I want a good laugh once and a while.
Very nice. I love the art and music to these games but sadly I haven't been able to play very many of them. Also with the potential of never seeing any of them with an english patch leaves me in a depressed state once and a while. I've studied a little Japanese but don't have the time or dedication to become fluent to the point of knowing all of that heavy kanji in those games. For those who have though, what a pay off it probably feels like playing these gems.


File: 1670061465307.mp3 (2.94 MB, pkmnleeg.mp3)

audio from me an my friends practicing a song at the student run orchestra club, 3 years ago today. i'm out of school now but i've been feeling really nostalgic about memories like these

all the chatter echoing around the room brings me straight back to the feeling of hanging out in the club after a long practice. there's a bit like a minute in where someone interrupts the pianist to talk to the and he manages to come in on the next hit like right when he's done!! the night of this recording, there was a big snowstorm, so everyone wanted to stay late to wait till the walkways had been plowed and stuff, it felt like a slumber party.


yayyy <3 so glad i could introduce someone else to this!!





File: 1672253022851.mp3 (2.56 MB, I am woman muzak version.mp3)


Sonic has been with me for so much of my life. I have more trust in him that I would in anyone else on the planet.
So many messages of never giving up, never looking down, being strong. I sincerely love him, but I'm getting close to the point where it gets weird.
Thank you so much Sonic



Watching Alice dressing in her room…🎶
It's so depressing… it is true…🎶




I like how Sonic Frontiers introduced me to this band, it's quite cool


chuck the rocks



Chet Baker is too much of a mood.
Would listen it for hours but it is quite a blue choons.






I didn't sleep the whole night
I hope this shit goes away

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