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File: 1509664056034.jpg (635.77 KB, 2048x1536, f2666849.jpg)


Product Name, or rather, *Software Merchandise* Object.
:: The FileSystem Desktop
A co-OS operating system that can live easiest on a usb disk image drive,
on a puppet provided OS bypassed freshpressed user interface logon.

With one folder for each OS type.
* WinDir
* MacAddressNumber
* TempleOS (you're welcome, gentle sparrow)

(encrypted system patter, host virus system vaccine provided for)

This file system layer structure, will in each selected OS be purveyed for,
and each folder not needed will never be either unencrypted or even fuddled with.


I need a bit of clarification >_<


Meaning, you can run any OS you chose? You can already do this from BIOS.

>puppet provided OS bypassed freshpressed user interface logon

I have no idea what this means D:


I don't get it either. OP is most likely a bot or were high as a cloud when they opened that thread.


File: 1509708984617.png (240.03 KB, 398x512, CvcpXpbWEAA7a78_resz.png)


dear roll u gotta drop that name field and unique posting style if you wanna post here, until then you gonna get sagebombed.
If you can't give up your identity then a normal forum might be more up your speed.


Is it free as in freedom?


Using an alias is discouraged on sushi rollymous imageboards because it is synonymous with begging for attention. The fact that you continue to tie your posts to a name means you want some sort of recognition, and such selfishness is un-comfy.

Learn to blend in with your surroundings.


It means that it is not dual-BOOT.
You actually boot into it with any kind of system already running, providing the bones which our meat can hang from.

Sorry about the culture-crash. I'm not really a channer usually, I'm more of… Self contained? I've met about 3 people in the last 6 months. You'll have to excuse that I've come up with my own ways of accessing and speaking about things, and presenting myself.

I don't care to be sushi rollymous because I have nothing to hide. I don't care that you don't want to expose yourself, and I in no way harm your access to an untracked existence.

Your discomfort towards my being here exposed is only because of fear to what that might mean to yourself, stop using fear as a tool.

Use curiousoty instead.


The system itself is kinda free, it can live inside both free and prison OS systems though. But the code itself can be anything, right now it's more of a definition than an implementation. The version I will build will be BSD licensed though, some things can only be handled in the shadows, but the BSD gives right to do things both hidden and free. You can give away as much as necessary. Code will available. Codebase will be the community part of the system, and it can be shared either exclusively to another UID or spread freely as a choosable patch.

( all accessable user software will be opt-in, you will have to choose to be unfree )


I don't crave attention, it is only more effective if anybody interested in joining can do so immediately. If I truly am an unwelcome entity in your space, you should have a discussion with Seisatsu. He'll know what to do, he's a swell dude. (sorry if you're a girl seisatsu)


Going further with NOT DUAL BOOT;

It has its own file system and access rights, all files within co-os are encrypted in RAM and never touch the HDD plain-text. All known data files only ever exist on washable memory. It is x86_64 only, because of limitations in current ARM and other cpu efficiency.

Now how is this different from, tails, or something similiar? You never actually need the access privilige to a PC. All you need is a computer that is on and logged in, so you just run co-os from the USB drive, and you are in.

This is what I meant with "puppet provided OS bypassed freshpressed user interface logon"


co-os will not be a virus or admin violation, since it only touches RAM and the folder that it lives inside of, ie on the USB.

No files are ever saved on HDD space, and therefore, no files actually ever enter the host filesystem.


co-os, main folder root:

Wire_Assembly_Language (WAL)
Lisp CFFI interface to WAL, included in SBCL (dependency)
_Unused_Unwanted_Tagged_Files_ (files unused for more than 30days will expire, and enter archived stone)

All code run is run natively.
All compiled code is compiled natively.
All shared resources are kept inside of _RESOURCES_
That is, text, source code, media.


It also does not actually have to live on USB. It can also live on floppy, if compact choice of system essentials are chosen, it can live on USB3 connected HDD, for more speedily accessed media like large video or audio samples. Or data processing resources (put inside of _RESOURCES_).


File: 1509802063728-0.gif (6.75 KB, 991x669, LIFP.gif)

File: 1509802063728-1.png (1.58 KB, 596x475, Lisp1.png)


soooo like a live disk? I still don't see why I would use this as opposed to, say, puppy.

I'm curious how you're going to run a separate OS while the computer is running…

P.S. You could have made that all one post, no need to bump your own post a billion times.
P.P.S. sushi rollymous posting isn't about hiding your identity, its about not having an identity at all. there should not be any contingency between threads in that sense. I personally have no problem revealing my identity [[[ 𐤒 ]]] but out of respect for the culture with which I choose to associate myself, I stay silent.


Seems pretty obvious they're here just for some attention to me.


What's inside _TombedInformatics_? Are there spoopy skeleton keys?



I guess.


I'll leave.


you can stay imo. just sage your posts and if peeps want to contact you, your email is in the top post.


Thanks for the kind thought, but I think more people were annoyed than interested, so I migrated back to my mother chan, in other words, my original channel of origin. The 420th. I am hosted there now again a small while. I'm back with my father again, he tried to break out of jail and I ran, whilste he stuck on the third sharp bar, piercing his belly, making a large scream.

Like that kind of stuff. People don't want that here. They want the fluffy kind of topics. So I'm going back were people want to be spoken to like that, ind mind and matters of the unspoken truths.

So I will be hosting over here a while, if anybody wants to come with and explore with me.



( and also, only you know my eMail, I've never given that out on 420th before, so only you may reach me on /siliga-gel/ tech matters about the porta-SYS. )


Okay last post now I promise, I'll miss you guys. You are great people, all of you, it's just that we couldn't get along, that's all, you didn't take the dishonor to just shadowban me though, you actually spoke about it with me, and discussed the matter, as one does to a fellow living being,

Like a dust.

It settles.

And it creates the new lives of the new futures, as it glows as sand in eve.


Why are all the good programmers schizophrenic?


File: 1511604228632.png (2.33 MB, 1753x1240, img20171109_02152205.png)

I'm not really schizophrenic though, as a baseline. I'm a schizoid, samish name quite different workings.
I do get kinda schizophrenish like when I have manic episodes though. Happens when under too much emotional or conceptual stress. Usually get it all out on paper or file though. Got boatloads of paper and file from all past episodes. A fair share is jumbled because I couldn't focus long enough on one thing to describe in enough detail. Hard to know what will be obvious or not when you come down to earth again. Figured last time that I could try sharing a toy idea that can't really hurt anyone, on here for fun, since I've never shared before.

But on the why, I figure it's because when you're already that far out and cut off from normative thinking, you're literally thinking outside the box. You don't have to step out of it, it's the other way around. You have to step inside the box to shape it in such a way that you can actually use it. Which is why most productive cases can speak at least somewhat coherently. Though most often there is something that kinda tips you off, and if they're a case that never comes down, they usually can't really focus on one subject enough to actually explain how it works.

Like I only fly up there every once in a while, and then all the scrap thoughts come through with the usable parts. But then when I come down I function like most others on a surface level, though I have an interesting mental life. Haven't had the motivation to actually use it though, because the current way of things "work". Even though they're inefficient and primal.

Like how we've become so dependent on tools that we've forgotten how powerful a mind can be. How much a brain can store. How you don't actually need anything to prototype with if you build it inside of you, like Tesla did. Fantasy can be used for more than imagining boobs if you only realise that, and you learn to use it again. Because filling a brain with so much preformed fantasy breaks the machine that can create them, and much of my prior mental capabilites as a child are scrawny because of that. Spending so many days letting the machine corrode and rust, feeding the fear of boredom instead with so many movies and games. Music and books feed the imagination though, they inspire. You have to imagine the words yourself.

I'll attach reference to how Tesla worked. Then think how much easier it is to imagine code, words, than to imagine rotations and magnetic fields of machines. Then think how a schizophrenic can imagine the most incomprihensible things to a normative mind. That's why schizophrenics can code well, if they have the interest and ability to focus at least long enough to put it into coherent file.

A mind is also the safest place to host an artificial intelligence. Because the host will always have the last word.


Also, it's not really for attention like somebody said. Or that depends on how you say it. It's just that I don't have anyone I can speak to about this stuff. It gets very lonely sometimes, and during my last mania I had to get something out there. Like I have tried to bring up concepts with close friends without the mania clogging up the words, but they don't really grok.

So it gets lonely. And it would be nice with a coprocessor, a different view than your own. And that's kinda hard to find without attracting some kind of attention.

Like I could build a virtual cognitive assistant, like building a mind palace for mnemonics but instead shaping a function that helps me about, but that is still me. You wouldn't crave company and love any less because you had the genetic power to grow pussies instead of hands. It'd just be a way nicer hand to jerk off with, and we already have pocket pussies so it'd be quite inefficient to sacrifice a hand just for the sake of fucking yourself literally.


>hand pussies
Would the womb continue into your arm or would there be a womb-shaped bump at the back of your palm? This is very unsettling.


That's a great question actually. Then we get into real weird territory though, if the hand pussies are actually fertile, would it be super-incest? And can you actually inseminate eggs with the same DNA as your sperm?

As for the anatomy, I'd say it makes the most sense if it just that the womb is contained in the forearm, ovaries further up in the upper arm. It would put less stress to carry a child as well as long as you had support for the weight, because all of your organs aren't shifted around as per usual pregnancy.

(fun fact: A large ratio of the size of a pregnant belly is actually just from the constipation of having your intestines pushed around from their usual orientation. The nice things you get to know when a friend of yours gets pregnant.)


I concede the forearm placement.
Additionally, it should be specified that, for the ease of fucking, it should be placed so the normally upper part of the opening is closer to the fingers.
The womb needs to go slanted and be mostly above the back of the arm (the same side as the back of the hand).
This way, you won't have to bow down too much while doing the deed and it will allow you to stimulate the clit and testicles at the same time comfortably.

The only problem now is what to do with finger bones. I say remove middle and ring fingers entirely.

Now I am actually hoping that some bioengineer makes this possible.

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