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File: 1507829538854-0.png (57.7 KB, 1233x425, bitbay.png)

File: 1507829538854-1.png (42.15 KB, 1797x188, bitbay2.png)

File: 1507829538854-2.png (168.46 KB, 640x480, PepeCurrency.png)


Crypto thread? Personally I think crypto is the future. No more centralization, no more states fucking you in the ass.
I also don't want to become a wage slave so I hope to make it thanks to crypto. Life is too short to not do what you like.
What cryptocurrencies have you invested in sushinons? What are you bullish on?
It would be cool that we all make it.

Personally I am extremely bullish on Bitbay. I missed the Ethereum train but I think Bitbay will be the next moon mission in 2018. It is the sole working decentralized marketplace and trustless contracting platform while fixing many BTC flaws and planning to have a decentralized peg that brings price stability by preventing volatility, especially from whales shady manipulation. The price is still fucking low (23m market cap) so there is a lot of growth potential. For instance, to have a x2 ROIs with ETH, it would need 30 fucking billions of dollars, while with bitbay it would only need 23m. It is far more likely in the latter for this very reason.
Pics related why I am bullish on it. It has both mainstream and darknet potential.


OP, I don't know which pump-and-dump discord/telegram/slack you're from, but please keep your shilling outside of sushichan. You'll ruin the mood.

Plus I saw the exact goddamn same post you made on Arisuchan. You fucks already ruined /biz/, don't ruin my indie chans too.


Yes 4chan pics, 4chan frongz, ethereum. Pls don't


There is nothing wrong in making a crypto thread on /tech related board/ as it related. Also sushi is slow af slow af since Itamae is gone. You should thank me for posting.
Bitbay is not a pump and dump at all. You can verify it. I just explained what coin I love but you don't need to like nor to talk about it. It is not a thread dedicated to this coin but a thread on /crypto/. Also the post on Arisuchan is legitimate too as it is the /biz/ finance and economics board and no one whined except you. We even had a discussion until you came.
You should stop whining like that. I am on sushichan since a long time when it was under's Itamae and all. I am not ruining the moon. The chans are not your personal safe space.


Also accusing me of being part of a pump and dump is name calling. That is ruining the mood. If we can't discuss tech related stuff without getting insulted then that's no good.

>4chan frogs
You are a new here right?. Sushichan loves the frog. I will tell you a secret: https://sushigirl.us/pepe/
I guess you did not even know that the frog had a dedicated board on sushichan.
A /crypto/ thread on /tech related board/ is normal.

If you dislike crypto you can get out of the thread.


>You should thank me for posting.
Please go away.


If you don't want to talk about crypto in a tech related board, you can just close this thread and go to another thread. Why are you making such a mess? Sushichan is comfy and you don't own the place. Neither do you own Arisuchan.


Let's try it again. Only comfy posts below this post.


Oops, I forgot to unlock it.


I wish I'd had bitcoins before the recent forks – I could have doubled my money, twice. Extra money for investing is hard to keep on hand.

The other currencies that interest me currently are Ethereum and Monero. Monero seems like it is starting to pick up use within the Darknet, and if this illicit popularity takes off then I think its value could balloon suddenly like Bitcoin did years ago.


Let me warm you too that Ethereum is a ticking bomb. It uses PoW like Bitcoin so it has the same problems than it (extremely slow tx processing, centralized by mining mafias and enormous waste of energy/ressources = is not viable). The worst of the worst is that it is fucking bloated to death.
Look: https://etherscan.io/chart/chaindatasizefull
Right now a full node is fucking 350gb and its growth rate keeps getting faster.
This will lead to two options: either it will crash at some point, or either it will get centralized. Also most of its token is vaporware that is not used.

Also Monero is PoW so it has the same problems of it too. Most importantly, privacy tech only interest a few. Normies do not care about it.


>PoW is a waste of electricity
I disagree. The amount of energy used by traditional banking infrastructure is far greater. If PoW-based currencies become more popular, its energy use will probably be the same as the traditional banking system. Lower for Monero's PoW because it is memory/cache bound.


File: 1539247206453.png (58.34 KB, 499x500, 1513803405444.png)

Monero is based ok?
No, seriously, I think it's the comfiest cryptocurrency.


I sometimes think about doing it but the tutorials I find never really go into depth about it and then I forget about it afterwards. i should probably do something about it soon.

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