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File: 1502316332330.png (75.5 KB, 800x800, __chen_touhou_drawn_by_tor….png)


Hello guys i need help im trying to make my own imageboard. but i am very new to this. i once installed vichan through gui years back but i get this issue when i try to install the program through putty.
[code]:~/vichan# php install.php
The program 'php' can be found in the following packages:
* php7.0-cli
* hhvm
Try: apt install <selected package>


never mind. i didn't have php supposedly.
but now that i run the program i get:
PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mb_internal_encoding() in /root/vichan/inc/functions.php:35


Good luck, keep us posted (:



>Call to undefined function mb_internal_encoding()

You need to enable the mbstring PHP module in php.ini


Lynxchan is written in node and thus will turn into an unwieldy mess sooner or later. I'd recommend waiting for an imageboard package written in something less painful to come out first


It's going strong for over 3 years now. Node is not like PHP where stuff turn into shit because of a bad foundation.


Not that sushi roll, but I'm pretty skeptical of anything done with stuff like node, mostly due to how stuff like npm and pip took off. It's become harder to find certain projects and their dependencies for download due to them only ever being distributed with their language specific package manager. I feel a lot more comfortable with php since I don't get the impression php devs demand the use of language specific package managers as much. Those package managers can be pretty dangerous to use if you don't pay attention and install software as root (npm recently had an issue where it messed up the file permissions on the entire system). It's not the languages fault these package managers are shit, but as a user, I don't want to deal with these package managers at all.


>Node is not like PHP where stuff turn into shit because of a bad foundation.
but Node is like that.


But you are not forced to use npm, you can use yarn or just copy libraries wherever you want. And you can always check the whole dependency tree, not to mention that is not hard to go by without pulling a million dependencies. What you are confusing here is a community issue with a technology issue. The technology is fine, the community is just bad. Which is not at all surprising, ANY popular technology manages to turn like that. Java and PHP are two other examples that no matter what the technology would offer, you would still have masses of inept developers using it.


I'm not confusing it at all. They're both related. As a user, I don't want to use good technology that end up ruined by the community. Another package manager isn't going to fix the lameness of language specific package managers. If they do use a package manager, it should not ever install to /usr or /usr/local (the former belongs to the package manager, the latter belongs the the make install guy). a subdirectory under /opt is fine. I would prefer if they made it very clear to never run their package managers as root as well.

I think it is overall much easier to deal with software in perl than most of these newer languages, mostly due to the culture around them. perl software is rarely an issue to deal with. Clearly defined dependencies, easy to work with without their specified package manager. Many other languages like python, ruby, node end up very annoying to deal with in my opinion. They might be fine languages, but software by other people is a chore to deal with.


If you're a beginner, use Vichan. Lynxchan has some nice features and it's fast and it's still actively developed, but you have to be an expert to install and use it. I tried experimenting with it a while back and it was pretty awful to get working and to modify, though I cobbled it together eventually. You also probably aren't going to be able to run it without shell access to your server, which means you need a VPS instead of a shared host, and you have to be good at using Linux on top of knowing node.js. Beginners should stay away from Lynxchan. It will be an incredibly frustrating experience.



avoid vichan and any other pre-made ones, and make one from scratch.
I made a pretty mature one in Elixir + Phoenix + Postgres awhile ago, it was lots of fun for the most part.


I wish lynxchan wasn't so bad I literally can't use some imageboards over it. /late/ is one.


> Elixir + Phoenix + Postgres
that sounds extremely nice if true
share it

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