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Seisatsu's Lost Cities Minecraft Server is now on 1.16.3, and running PaperMC with CraftBook, DynMap, and other fun stuff!

File: 1493915535994.jpg (1.96 MB, 1760x2332, creepy_chan_nosebleed_by_c….jpg)



> What is Cyberpunk? It's complicated.
It's dead.


File: 1493927622522.jpg (120.03 KB, 1024x679, ZlL-2cruDgCpMELewaTxk9j1Rf….jpg)


Have you seen the society we live in? Sure the "mohawks and VR decks" of the 80s are dead, but the core idea of cyberpunk (high tech, low life) has predicted our modern world better than any other genre of sci-fi.


File: 1493944773362-0.jpg (234.69 KB, 1100x733, 9060839_orig.jpg)

File: 1493944773362-1.jpg (319.32 KB, 1024x732, 24378515381_4fe1c4dfcd_b.jpg)

File: 1493944773362-2.jpg (2.38 MB, 3181x2386, img_09001.jpg)

File: 1493944773362-3.jpg (82.06 KB, 500x342, cyberpunk Diogenes.jpg)

Generic Asian city post


on the one hand the atmosphere (as in emotionally) is perfect, but I bet living their actually sucks. The real atmosphere is probably terrible.
I never thought I'd congratulate the government on anything, but my city's building and air pollution regulations sure do keep it nice


>It's dead.
Cyberpunk died when people started fetishizing dystopia. People do understand that cyberpunk is supposed to be a resistance movement, right? Now people are basically welcoming economic disparity and invasive surveillance with open arms. It's fucked.


>>555 (checked)
Cyberpunk is one of those settings that looks fantastic but in reality is a terrifying experience of a society in either stagnation or decline regardless of technological advancement coupled with surreal living due to overly controlling hierarchies either from government or corporations and escapism just so individuals don't have to face the reality they live in.


Arguably this is already happening, and in fact has been for some time. All you have to do is look at some of the ridiculous things the government spends tax money on to know that the whole thing is corrupt. It really gets to me. I want nothing more than to leave it all behind and for people to leave me alone. Sadly it doesn't work like that.

Everyone engages is escapism. I know it's quite cliche to complain about social media but it really is bizarre. As someone who doesn't use it at all I just don't understand why people are so obsessed with it; I have a hard time talking to people because I'm an awkward cunt, but even I find it weird to see a group of people sat together staring at their phones.

it's a shame it is still sunny, sadposting tastes so much better at dusk


File: 1494289575238.png (272.78 KB, 456x676, cyberpunk.png)

I went ahead and made a replacement for jinteki.industries which was something of a cyberpunk directory. I had the cybersecurity advice reviewed by several others, but welcome further criticism and feedback. Thanks.



Juno Reactor is schway as fuck.


I agree with you, always thought that cyberpunk was not something to strive forwards, but sadly it looks like we are starting to live in a cyberpunk era.
Perhaps the worst thing, as you said, is that it is being treated as a fetish. Most peeps I know are like "oh yes, so cool! with dem implants we will be allowed to hack into the Gibson" or whatever. But they do not realize that all the available hardware is compromised by corporations/government.
Hell, they don't even use a secure system, and are pretty much in every botnet possible. We can only hope with Shenzhen being the nest for open hardware, but dunno anymore.

Sushi, why don't you go innawoods? or somewhere remote with the chance of having decent internet? It seems like solitude is your kind of thing.




Wait what happened to Jinteki? The owner seemed pretty committed to the site.


>why don't you go innawoods?
The NEET lifestyle is too lucrative. I'd like to think that I'll live in a van when my parents decide to stop bankrolling me, but in all honesty I'm chronically lazy so I know I wont.


is this cyberpunk


oralcumshot is now going to be my password for everything. NSA if you're reading this I'm only joking.


May I ask, why lainchan.jp and not the original site?


He is of the .jp clan. For the next 100 years the opposing sides will wage a most terrible war, and only then will the true victor will emerge.


File: 1494488773923.gif (623.75 KB, 500x750, 4f009b0c90da303bf4cb8dec8b….gif)

a) there is no /cyb/erpunk board on lainchan.org

b) there is no "What is Cyberpunk?" thread on lainchan.org

It makes sense that lainchan.jp would be listed. It's not complicated.


I don't know, but if they come back, I'd be more than happy to link to their site on mine.



Please end Kalyx's life.


>Cyberpunk died when people started fetishizing dystopia. People do understand that cyberpunk is supposed to be a resistance movement, right?
There are at least a few holdout cyberpunk boards that still realize this. https://lainchan.jp/cyb/


File: 1495743385880.jpg (1010.42 KB, 2708x1805, rats-humans-orig.jpg)

"Anything that can be done to a rat can be done to a human being."
As technology progresses that quote only becomes more and more horrifying. I am not looking forward to the future.


people on lainchan.org (ante-schisma) have literally argued with me in the past that "it's totally valid to interpret cyberpunk as actually validating my ideal totalitarian society" Always nice to be reminded that not everyone is an idiot like this.


File: 1498330434770.jpg (2.11 MB, 3000x2000, dont be evil.jpg)

It would be nice if you were to elaborate more on your post and not just post random links that some people might not want to click on. It might come of as spammy :^)


Nice site.
Why haven't you linked lainchan.org?
inter-chan drama aside it's a very good resource and i would certainty classify it as a 'Cyberpunk Community'.


Disregard this post.
My bad, didn't read the posts above


bruh he really jailbroke his pet rat


File: 1588106404313.png (121.96 KB, 675x477, 1493400172859-0.png)

I lurk there often and it appears that .org is falling to the same forces that destroyed 4chan. Political locust who are hell bent on controlling or destroying every means of communication they can access.
As always, it will only get worse as November gets closer and they begin to froth at the thought of more power.

truly sad state we find ourselves in.


Their general IRC channel is especially lame. Just teenagers (if they’re older than that, I don’t know what to say) throwing down political one liners trying to sound controversial.


It's a shame because the /lambda/ board actually has some decent programming resources and interesting folks about, although aside from a bit of security stuff not very 'cyberpunk' discussion topics.


Nah just a bunch of lame trolls that unlike the bunch of pedos that attempted to make "discussion" weren't dealt with as quickly

I trust the moderation will act when things go out of control, they're still there but judgement failed them a couple of times with the pol posts.


I perceived it the same way about 3 years ago. I think it was worse than it is now, because I haven't really felt much politization right now, no more than is usual on imageboards. Far less, actually.
Maybe I'm not looking at it. Sure, there's a containment thread on national socialism, but other than that, not too much.


File: 1588261469510.png (2.71 MB, 1600x1300, 1485990467114.png)



They will migrate here. It wolnt be long. The same thing over and over. Spam the catalog with propaganda and "discussion on marxism and equality" that slowly devolves into "give me social hierarchy points or I will report all your post"

In 6 months every thread on /lounge/ will be

>post your comfy commie block

>What are you getting form the bread lines today, sushiroll?

And another nice thing will be destroyed. c'est la vie


I look forward for some comfy gulag


File: 1588286327302.jpg (207.16 KB, 1070x722, city.jpg)

This makes me sad. I miss the times when online communities weren't infested with politics and normalized aggression. On the older forums I surfed shitposting was a way to get a nice laugh and not a way to drown out others. Sushichan has always been one of favorite imageboards and I hope it doesn't get ruined in the coming months


There is moderation here too, and more importantly users value what this site offers, I don't see this site declining any time soon and lack of activity is a greater danger anyway.

It's a side effect of the supposed advantages of being sushi rollymous and freedom, if you think it means you can forget about quality control you end up getting a worthless site, which is what most imageboards are.

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