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File: 1492302151088.jpg (1.09 MB, 3264x2448, 1491996917509.jpg)


Anyone still using a basic keypad phone? Pic related but not mine(some guy on /g/).

I've been thinking about picking up Cat B100 or one of those Chinese Lenovo flip phones.


Yeah. I'm using some Samsung dumb phone that I got for free. I need to figure out how to unlock the SIM card so I can upgrade to a nicer dumb phone like that one pictured. Dumb phones are really great cause they can take a lot of abuse and their batteries last for a long time.


Still using same Nokia I got 13 years ago. Although cosmetic condition of it is not too impressive, phone itself works fine.
I like that Cat phone you mentioned, looks sturdy and simple.


Using Nokia 1101 (the one with white backlight) for couple years now. Bought it after realizing I don't use my smartphone for anything but calls.


File: 1492903024840.gif (117.76 KB, 200x200, thanjscell2.gif~c200.gif)

Ordered the SDeals SD100, $17 dumb phone. Should be here Tuesday, so I'll have some pics and small write up. The casing looks cheap as hell(although it's described as being a durable phone), but it had a fairly tactile numerical pad and MP3 player. You would think an MP3 player would be a basic feature nowadays, but I found a couple of phones that lacked it, two of which were Nokia and LG phones, to my surprise. I almost got the Nokia 105, but cancelled the order after reading bad reviews on it.


File: 1493171078653.jpg (271.28 KB, 900x1200, phone.jpg)

For $17, it's not bad, but I can't recommend it if you're looking for something that will last. As predicted, the build quality is poor, and it would surely be damaged if it were to take a fall onto a hard surfaced area. But everything else seems okay. Battery is still full after a day's use, MP3 player works well enough, although the included headphones are going in the garbage. I was happy when I set my custom 128 x 160 anime background from some ancient cell phone wallpapers site.

*sorry for hand in pic, it was the only way I could get decent lighting >.<


File: 1522805984907-0.jpg (627.55 KB, 2240x1344, 20180403_172157.jpg)

File: 1522805984907-1.jpg (803.44 KB, 1344x2240, 20180403_172201.jpg)

>>512 Hey, that's a nice phone.
Mine is similar, it's the BLU Tank Plus 2 T530. I like it, setting it up was easy enough, and it does what I want it to do. I even got my cute Tomoko wallpaper on this little 128x160 screen. Not the best out there, but it gets the job done.


File: 1522806126437.jpg (803.44 KB, 1344x2240, 20180403_172201.jpg)

Oops, here's the outer pic.


I do, but i don't know what type of phone is it exactly, too lazy to take it apart. can't take a photo of the current one because its my only phone too. its nokia tho. i used to have n70 but it broke


File: 1522903241964.jpg (266.53 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20180405_003128_1.jpg)

I managed to get opengapps and google play store working on a blackberry q10. The android version is 4.4 but it hasn't caused me any issue for my needs. It's nice because it's so small & light yet it has a full keyboard.


File: 1579342355276.jpg (2.04 MB, 3024x4032, 3310.JPG)

picked up a 3310 yesterday

it's a little expensive for a dumbphone($60), and still runs a really basic OS. Most new dumbphones out there are running KaiOS now, which I'm curious about since they sit in a nice middle ground of functionality.


Went looking for one of these sites and the first one immediately started trying to download a 10gb .bin file called "10GB.BIN" lole


The best phone I've ever had.
f-droid works like a charm too.


I've been meaning to pick up a Nokia KaiOS flip-phone, but I've seen some hearsay about how it's kinda buggy, but it also kinda seems to vary from device to device, which seems weird.

But the app-system seems really cool, like something I could write apps for myself since it isn't locked in to the most bloated corp-lang in existance (looking at you android). Instead just web-type stuff.


File: 1637321790163.png (114.71 KB, 680x521, hmmm.png)

Does anyone here use a KaiOS phone? I'm tempted to cop one for tinkering's sake but I've heard it's buggy as shit.

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