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File: 1465212181708-0.jpg (1005 KB, 1920x1280, SG-octane-workstation.jpg)

File: 1465212181708-1.jpg (273.38 KB, 1000x608, SG-indy.jpg)

File: 1465212181708-2.jpg (767.9 KB, 1598x1034, Sun-ultra20.jpg)

File: 1465212181708-3.jpg (137.21 KB, 1000x1000, Sun-Ultra45.jpg)


Official comfy computing thread, post comfy computer pictures. I'll start with what I have. Retro and non-retro alike are welcome!


File: 1465357733022-0.jpg (540.31 KB, 3178x2652, 1465178326960.jpg)

File: 1465357733022-1.jpg (307.86 KB, 2123x1356, 1465178434707.jpg)

File: 1465357733022-2.jpg (486.48 KB, 2207x2496, 1465178153716.jpg)

File: 1465357733022-3.jpg (420.05 KB, 2207x2496, 1465178226103.jpg)


File: 1465357835411-0.jpg (103.73 KB, 768x1024, 1457218806212.jpg)

File: 1465357835411-1.jpg (286.98 KB, 1280x1448, 1465152390006.jpg)

File: 1465357835411-2.jpg (387.82 KB, 1270x1600, orangeLCD-lappy.JPG)

File: 1465357835411-3.jpg (64.86 KB, 640x561, libretto-50ct.jpg)


I really like that Libretto. Reminds me of the Viao P.


File: 1465421262455.jpg (246.88 KB, 1273x720, libretto-100ct.jpg)

They are so comfy, I want one for myself…


too bad they are so expensive. Can they even run system shock 2?


File: 1465525335305-0.jpg (662.21 KB, 1920x1230, librettos.jpg)

File: 1465525335305-1.jpg (622.18 KB, 1731x1298, libretto-70ct.jpg)

honestly I have no idea. From what I heard (according to the owner of these comfy little machines) the best place to look for them is auctions. Often government or state funded, sometimes education. Generally any large entity trying to get rid of their old tech. You can find some amazing gems for dirt cheap. I will look into such auctions further when I have that kind of spending money, for now enjoy the last images I have…


Ooh, that one with the orange screen is really nice~
What sort of computer is it?


Is it able to run GNU+Linux?
Puppy is the idea distro for one of them.


sadly I have no idea, as I couldn't identify the computer in that image. I narrowed it down to a portable from the late eighties (???) but other than that I can't figure it out.
I don't know, though I assume that it could. The only issue would probably be driver support, but who knows, it might even work out of the box. I've used puppylinux, it's pretty comfy, and any small distro or custom kernel should have an easy time running on it.


Toshiba T3100 from the look of it


Yeah I have one of those - it won't load anything though.. it's memory is so fried! I also have one of these >>18 they are pretty cool seems like you need more than one to get anything done.


File: 1467167036988.jpg (182.31 KB, 1280x878, 1466116516340.jpg)

Man that's a shame. I love the Librettos, they are comfy little fuckers. I would kill for one to write on.


>I would kill for one to write on.
Why not just kill someone who owns one? :^)


File: 1467779940722-0.jpg (379.18 KB, 1600x1200, jnug-booth3.jpg)

File: 1467779940723-1.jpg (664.35 KB, 2592x1552, IMAG0119-2.jpg)

File: 1467779940723-2.jpg (1.7 MB, 1936x2592, 1413453504685_zpsev9zk7vq.JPG)



I really want to get a hold of one of these so I can play some old Macintosh games. I've been wanting to play Odyssey: The Legend of Nemesis again for some time, but I can't get parts of it to work in an emulator.

Old mac had some of the best games.


File: 1468502440149-0.jpeg (23.69 KB, 700x390, greyg3-2000ed.jpeg)

File: 1468502440149-1.jpeg (403.65 KB, 1476x1025, blueg3.jpeg)

This post made me want to get my two g3 imacs down from storage and use them again. I currently have these two beauties, but both have HDD issues. I would like to get around to fixing them soon.
Bonus: I still have the keyboard and mouse in that image, and used them regularly.


File: 1468502660678-0.jpg (41.96 KB, 800x448, 1466282332102.jpg)

File: 1468502660678-1.jpg (137.42 KB, 1200x798, 1466333981049.jpg)

File: 1468502660678-2.jpg (83.76 KB, 1406x1072, 1466366019673.jpg)

File: 1468502660678-3.png (212.21 KB, 650x419, 1466328429612.png)

dumping more, here are some beige treasures!


File: 1468502854808-0.jpg (720.71 KB, 3000x2000, 1466368335899.jpg)

File: 1468502854808-1.jpg (45.22 KB, 506x415, canon-object-station41.jpg)

File: 1468502854808-2.jpg (55.26 KB, 541x713, Symbolics-Lisp-2.jpg)

File: 1468502854808-3.png (2.05 MB, 1227x919, zx6k.png)


File: 1468505889441-0.jpg (200.24 KB, 1341x1013, hrIRF.jpg)

File: 1468505889441-1.jpg (1.09 MB, 3264x1840, 1384810263440_zpsith9rdtf.JPG)

File: 1468505889441-2.jpg (4.85 MB, 4320x3240, 1441628034587-0.jpg)

File: 1468505889441-3.jpg (288.75 KB, 1280x960, 1462294858569.jpg)

Nice! Although I can't imagine how the heck you get to the hard disks on those things lol.

I've never owned any G3's myself, but the art room in my school days had one, and I always thought they were cool. I don't like to admit it, but I still secretly want a Mac. There's something appealing to me about their simplicity.


File: 1468506192194-0.jpg (1.06 MB, 2048x1536, 1427353043201_zpsmu4t01zj.JPG)

File: 1468506192194-1.jpg (266.01 KB, 1280x720, 1459240497085.jpg)

File: 1468506192194-2.jpg (415.68 KB, 2592x1936, Battlestation.jpg)

File: 1468506192194-3.jpg (460.32 KB, 1711x1200, 1465156847709.jpg)


it's not too impossible, they just need an old ATA drive. Also you gotta make sure that the CRT doesn't blow you to bits by accident, but other than that its doable.




File: 1469375697921-0.jpg (46.06 KB, 780x606, 51344143.jpg)

File: 1469375697921-1.jpg (399.63 KB, 1500x1000, 1463473372849.jpg)

File: 1469375697921-2.jpg (296.26 KB, 1920x1440, 1427270749819_zpss7l4zgjs.JPG)

File: 1469375697921-3.jpg (959.4 KB, 2048x1536, 1465152737678.jpg)


File: 1469375923130-0.jpg (482.92 KB, 1920x1440, 1462833127216.jpg)

File: 1469375923130-1.jpg (2.43 MB, 2000x1624, 1459171186552.jpg)

File: 1469375923130-2.jpg (898.21 KB, 2592x1456, 1463178916955.jpg)

File: 1469375923130-3.jpg (178.72 KB, 800x800, 1426632587922_zpsgk2tutpj.JPG)


I enjoy these. Born in 89, my family weren't that well off but we had computers. I remember in maybe 05-06 I went from recording music off the radio onto tape and storing mp3s on a SCSI drive to using an ipod and my new (secondhand) powerbook and downloading things off limewire with adsl internet.

It was such a change. We would push those old computers as far as they would go.


File: 1472925768351-0.jpg (38.63 KB, 500x333, macbookpro2007.jpg)

File: 1472925768351-1.jpg (69.93 KB, 800x600, literalfuckingperfection.jpg)

same here sushi roll, my parents were both artists so they used apple products, but being poor we never had the newest stuff. An old imac G3 was my first computer, I still have it (currently setting it up to run some old Macintosh games). Pic related are my two projects at the moment. My first laptop was my dad's used macbook pro, which I just found in storage. It needs a new HDD and front cover, but should work great with a bit of TLC. I remember playing CODMW on it late into the night. The second computer, a Powermac G5, was given to me by my qtgf, as it was her mom's a long time ago. Currently setting it up to use as a computer for school work.
The G5 in the picture was the high-end one, sadly I don't have that one, but it's design is pure fucking sex. Look at that custom chrome heatsink on the graphics card, the black mainboard. I love shit like that…


File: 1472926070031-0.jpg (122.82 KB, 960x720, asetuptokillfor.jpg)

File: 1472926070031-1.jpg (1006.13 KB, 3264x2448, comfyretroc64.jpg)

File: 1472926070031-2.jpg (417.72 KB, 3264x1629, 1472275104451.jpg)

File: 1472926070031-3.jpg (225.69 KB, 1256x819, IMG_0908.JPG)

feel free to post your setups and stories fellow sushies!
I have a special place for comfy thinkpad setups ever since I spilled water all over my T400 ;( RIP


File: 1472936661765.jpg (1.15 MB, 2592x1456, IMG_20160904_085615984_HDR.jpg)


I had one of those macbooks. The cooling fans eventually failed. it kept going as the entire case acted as a heatsink, it would get very very hot.

as for the g5, a technical school near me not too long ago got rid of all their old ones and were selling them for i think 80$ NZ each. they were dual processor ones i think, with the blue board. they worked fine.

my father got a couple just because he liked the case, ripped all the internals out and installed new PC components.

it was actually very difficult as the case is very custom, he needed to install a new back to fit an atx board. even made a custom 20 pin power loom as the one that came with the power supply was far too long.

he never used it and gave it to me. has really good airflow.


Looks great, I have the dual-core as well, it's nice and comfy. Maybe in the future I will make it into a custom atx case, but I couldn't hurt my poor baby like that at the moment lol. Mad props to your dad sushi roll!


File: 1475377806497-0.jpg (460.32 KB, 1711x1200, k4-145341849348.jpg)

File: 1475377806497-1.jpg (475.43 KB, 1759x1189, k4-143169319730.jpg)


Is that your yeelong?


Nope, some guy on /g/.

I'm convinced you need to hike some ancient Chinese mountain in order to find one anymore.


That pc is SEXY AF
I've never seen it before though, is it a gaming platform like the C64 & friends or is it more general purpose?


File: 1478130563597.jpg (243.42 KB, 1600x1310, s-l1600.jpg)

This is on ebay right now for $4000.


local pc shop was throwing away like 5 of these a few months back - all I had to transport them home was a shopping trolley though so I couldn't really be bothered…


I don't know about that desktop, Raiden is a schway game anyhow! Just hanging out for Raiden V to be released outside US and Japan.


File: 1478466926564.jpg (131.8 KB, 1023x682, 1477904048760.jpg)


File: 1480484745979.jpg (33.69 KB, 525x503, 1478498929055.jpg)

Makes you wonder why they took so long to create a 1:1 monitor for the desktop.


fuck, do want


File: 1482417154952.jpg (223.58 KB, 1112x720, 1482405536820.jpg)

its a conspiracy, it must have be related to pricing, most likely the jews wanted to spend less resources making larger monitors to sell to normie filth for higher prices(UNCOMFY (WARN))




it's just not practical really. Our field of focus is naturally more widescreen, its why text goes all the way to the edge of the page


Text going to the edge of the screen is pretty horrible though. Field of Vision may be more widescreen, which is why widescreen is better for media, but when it comes to text, focusing and not skipping lines is much easier, when the text doesn't reach too far out.


File: 1493992126357.png (11.29 KB, 558x347, OUTPUT.png)

Hmm. I personally find it the opposite; I normally extend the posting box out if I'm writing a long post because I find it easier.


Have you ever seen a book where the text starts and extends to the edge of the page?
If yes, it must be a horrible book.


it was a book in a art gallery that had ascii art
and the art wasn't horrible at all


 Books aren't quite the same though, as you have to allow for the bindings; you never get a smooth 180° angle between the pages unless it's like a done with ring-bindings. Another practical reason that books are portrait and not landscape is that stacking them on a shelf would cause them to jut out into the room. We have usually have a lack of floor space not wall space.
 Of course right to the edge of the page is a bit unrealistic, I shouldn't have said it. What I meant really was a comparatively small margin, about the size of one or two characters.
 Compact text is much easier to speed read though, so I can admit that it has some uses, even if it isn't my personal preference.


Toshiba Librettos are just so cute. There is one on ebay right now with no charger and a bad battery for $125. If it's still there in the morning I might buy it.


It seems like the batteries are expensive, but if the circuit is ok, you can just replace the cells. They're 17670s, which seem available, though if I just buy random ones on ebay they will probably be shitty counterfeits.


File: 1533914651686-0.jpg (33.18 KB, 416x577, fedf971a65c617a6407ab39bb3….jpg)

File: 1533914651686-1.png (672.44 KB, 500x705, 1491934903520.png)


File: 1534017349655-0.jpg (306.88 KB, 1024x684, 1501857103531.jpg)

File: 1534017349655-1.jpg (57.66 KB, 640x480, 1505623175452.jpg)

File: 1534017349655-2.jpg (765.2 KB, 2400x1800, bb3e9ef5e4e4c45d36d3a3f792….jpg)

welp i do have some


File: 1534017694413-0.jpg (185.17 KB, 676x934, tumblr_mxrq8plDDf1qb6cjvo1….jpg)

File: 1534017694413-1.jpg (392.65 KB, 1287x1123, PSG-GT1.jpg)

File: 1534017694413-2.jpg (228.17 KB, 1215x1734, 3daa5cf76848eea1471d3b6302….jpg)


File: 1534018032622-0.jpg (806.23 KB, 1000x1545, tumblr_o934xln9Pm1uu4f9zo1….jpg)

File: 1534018032622-1.jpg (978.25 KB, 1946x3456, 1492989391315-0.jpg)

File: 1534018032622-2.jpg (37.46 KB, 600x450, 03d286c3ce73126a15ee92e607….jpg)


File: 1534018212038-0.jpg (996.83 KB, 1600x2435, 46fba64fa56aac4c9db8f922a5….jpg)

File: 1534018212038-1.jpg (1.16 MB, 1936x2592, 2791072.jpg)

File: 1534018212038-2.jpg (1.21 MB, 1936x2592, 2791073.jpg)


File: 1534018973439-0.jpg (929.26 KB, 3264x1836, 1450541517541.jpg)

File: 1534018973440-1.jpg (364.04 KB, 2048x1530, 1532909638068.jpg)

File: 1534018973440-2.png (143.93 KB, 512x355, Screenshot from 2018-01-18….png)


pic1 very expensive pricing unless that's 2012 something


it's obviously super old, those laptops have Windows XP on them


Probably not too long after Ika Musume came out. So maybe 2011?


File: 1602901412193.jpg (227.42 KB, 1599x1200, 1602695725765.jpg)

Looking at this image kinda makes me sad I'm not there.

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