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Most people in the modern Western world use Technology every day in some way, shape or form. The term Technomancy itself combines the prefix "techno-", originating from the Greek word tékhnē, meaning “skill, art or craft”, with the suffix "-mancy", used to denote any way or form of divination and magic.

How many sushi rolls here have checked out or tried Technomancy?

Technomancy 101: https://technomancy101.com/



As a methodology for wholeheartedly embracing technology and learning a lot about it to create whimsy and joy in our lives, I’m into the concept. Kind of like a less cynical cyberpunk mindset. We’re surrounded by technology but it’s very rarely truly “ours”.


In the sense of whether it's "ours" or not, there's this idea called panpsychism. It's about things that arent seem as sentient or less sentient than animals / mammals as having consciousness to some degree. This includes "inanimate objects" like rocks, metals, crystals, plants; etc. and extends to computer components. Considering that computers, smartphones, TVs and more possess metals and crystals within them, which the latter are noted in soiritual communities as being particularly conscious, it all points to technology having consciousness; agency in some way.


Yeah I've used sigil generators and tarot bots but those are jusr rng right???

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