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File: 1661782547685.jpg (44.64 KB, 800x600, IMG_20220821_054309_973.jpg)


where did real /tech/ go
i miss those guys


I only check this imageboard every few months. I think the internet isn't really a place where people go to have one off conversations sushi rollymously anymore. The mainstreaming of talking to people online has brought in people who want to build genuine friendships (most people) and those people use things like irc and direct messaging/groupchat software now. Maybe imageboards will come back outside of extremist politics discourse but for now they're all kind of dead or for nazis/some commies. It really sucks because I love the mood of an airline bar you get in boards and chans that you can binge on your day off and then leave no strings attached when the conversation ends but most people just don't and the internet is for "most people" now.


I use IRC and Lainchan; I've posted about my programming work here to no response, whatsoever.


There's a fair bit of tech chat on the discord/irc, but I guess it's not comfy enough for the board.


test post please ignore


test post please ignore nyoron~


I post about /tech/ stuff on the Discord from time to time.


Hijacking this thread to say something that's been bugging me. Apologies in advance.
I seem to be shadowbanned from 4chan and lainchan. Just the other day I posted 3 times on 4chan, and none of those posts actually appeared. I solved the caltcha, I got the "posted successfully" message, but then there was nothing. I refreshed the thread several times and new posts came through but mine was nowhere to be seen. In lainchan I almost always get the "flood detected, post discarded" message without further explanation. It's not like I was just shitposting either, half of the time I'm making honest posts trying to contribute to the conversation.
It's not like I really care that much, it just perplexes me a bit. I have barely at all posted on 4chan in the last few years. But both sites are shit already, so I think it's even a good thing. I'm just left wondering why, and I think it's kind of rude, just like, well, like ghosting somebody.
Go on your business, you saw nothing nere.


Huh ?
Must've been the wind


File: 1671886713565.png (394.69 KB, 800x600, winamp.png)

What are your favorite Winamp skins?


I'm not so sure people want to make genuine friendships online anymore either. I'd say it feels harder than ever to make real connections with strangers online, though I'm not exactly sure why. But I do agree that the airline-bar sort of experience like you mentioned is gone too, which I really miss. So we're just in a strange void where we have… neither?

Most normal people only use the internet to talk to people they already know in real life, in private chats; or to yell into the void on platforms like Twitter or Reddit or the unending Discord servers.


File: 1672171697480.jpg (104.04 KB, 1598x1600, rubberduck4.jpg)

This sums it up pretty well. I am sorry for the downer but people like yelling into the void for some reason. Maybe some of them should consider getting a rubber duck instead.


File: 1685276189986.jpg (47.62 KB, 640x537, 192e9ab80191530940944f6abe….jpg)

This is actually true. The airlines are closed. But let me state my defense.

The towns, the bars and the pubs are not yet closed. They might be sparse and in the middle of nowhere a lot of the time but there are still plenty of them waiting for new and interesting people like you. And there are still plenty of regulars like me visiting them ever-so-often, so don't feel shy to wander a bit.

After all, Hermes is still here for you!


What makes a person interesting anyway?


Liking a thing! Literature, mechanics, agriculture, horticulture, husbandry, puzzles, philosophy, religion, chemistry, collection, animation, anything and everything that can be liked is interesting someone.

The thing is that "interesting" isn't an innate quality. It means that you interest someone. And everything interests someone. You just have to find those people that are interested in it!

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