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File: 1472677608329.png (464.02 KB, 750x625, 1458542465088.png)


How much does the average sushi roll's computer cost?
How many of you own fancy GPUs/processors, and how many of you prefer simpler/cheaper hardware?
Does anyone own more than 2 or 3 computers? If so, why?
As always, keep it comfy~
Thanks for your input!


File: 1472682719267.jpg (82.81 KB, 1024x768, 1450844268224-0.jpg)

I have two computers. A semi-beefy desktop that's probably worth at least $1000, and a second hand Lenovo X201 that was purchased for under $200. Ideally, I would like to replace both of them with a Lenovo P70 workstation.

I'm a poorfag, so the desktop has been bought in small increments from 2014-2016. I bought the laptop with student grant money when I was in school.

I can work with anything Core 2 Duo and older. Pentium 4 is okay if you're using XP or some lightweight Linux.
My main desktop before I finished the custom build was a $100 Dell Optiplex 780 that I upgraded with a $30-40 Geforce 610. I gutted it out for parts last year, something I sorely regret now. It was photographed once or twice for the old battlestation thread actually.


*Core 2 Duo and newer


File: 1472697794835.jpg (596.35 KB, 900x1260, de0239af9362e65cd969313e30….jpg)

Usually I keep both a laptop and a desktop, but I left my old desktop behind when I moved recently. The individual parts for said desktop cost around $750 altogether. My current laptop cost $350 or so when I got it.

Ideally, once I have a little more cash, I'll buy a nicer desktop (maybe in the $1000-1500 range or so), or perhaps replace my laptop.

Also, with my old desktop, I'd retrofitted it with a newer GPU after a few years–I'd built it with a simple one, then wanted a better one to pair with it. That GPU cost around $250 or so. Unfortunately, I don't remember any of the names or model numbers of the hardware I bought. ^^;


File: 1472699216295.jpg (32.26 KB, 246x278, 1472331110001.jpg)

My current build was $1100. However, I had an unfortunate static incident where I needed to replace GPU, Mobo (PCI-E slots fried), and an 8 year old 16:10 monitor. I think after frankensteining with a new-ish mobo and a 1070, it's added up to $1650.

While I was in college (and before college as well), I just squirreled away money. Even pocket change found its way in my bank account (still does). I never really spent a whole lot of money on anything else except computer stuff, so computer parts weren't exactly things I ever regretted spending a lot of money on. Having a job actually ends up being nice to buy new things to play with (Snagged one of the affordable NUCs to play around with home server/media center things, for instance) but I now also have money to fall back on if I have any more unfortunate static incidents.

I've got:
>Lenovo X200 ($125)
>ASUS X205TA ($140)
>Zotac NUC (~$180)

The Thinkpad and X205TA are for on-the-go things; the Thinkpad more for travel and the X205TA for work/lounging while watching anime. The NUC is a shared media center right now for my mom and I, but she's mainly using it right now. I'm thinking about switching out the Thinkpad for a Latitude 7240 or one of those custom Sager or Purism laptops, but the former is kind of difficult to come by and the latter choices are both pretty expensive (I still don't like the idea of dropping $1k on a laptop). I honestly wouldn't mind making a micro-ATX or ITX build with affordable parts as a new day-to-day machine.

I honestly really like technology. Nothing gets me going more than putting parts together, putting on an OS, and watching it come to life. No matter how botnet or NSA-y things might become, I still can't wait to see what we're gonna make next on whatever system it might be, and hopefully sooner or later I'll be able to make and contribute something new and exciting myself.


I have a pre-built that I've made some minor changes to. It cost approx AUD$2000. Honestly, I absolutely suck at putting a pc together (I've tried twice and failed, horribly, both times) and am more inclined to get someone who knows what they're doing to make any hardware changes. I can also drop it of before work and pick it up after and things are good to go. 4 hdd's (3 SATA and one SSD) and I had a nvidia gtx 960 thrown in about a year ago. Next on the list is the motherboard and psu. It has an i5 4590 which I'm happy with.

I own 3 laptops; one for work, one that has become a way to play media on my tv, and one I use for recording music.

I also have a NAS (8TB) which has been my most worthwhile investment.


File: 1472716550994.jpg (91.25 KB, 319x433, e674069993d93c154559b79df8….jpg)

Desktop was worth ~1800€ when built a couple years ago, now running arch Linux and windows 10 in a virtual machine with a gpu passed through. Turns out spending more on CPU was worth it. Later added a few hard drives, an extra gpu for the Linux host and a tv tuner that has since been moved to another machine. Also has two unplugged lto drives just because.
And a laptop my dad grabbed for 20€ off of Facebook out of curiosity. A laptop tablet convertible from 2007 with a wacom touch screen and a hard drive like you'd find in an iPod. Supports kvm on it's hyperthreaded single core Celeron, therefore runs arch and windows inside a virtual machine.

Those two I use the most.

Then there's a collection of other shitboxes, out of which some are even useful and most have been obtained in questionable ways.


I have a Thinkpad T61 from an online vendor of used hardware for 200 EUR iirc.

I stopped using my desktop some years ago. It just consumed too much energy and was too bulky for my unstable lifestyle.


File: 1472744411628.jpg (498.98 KB, 1029x1029, 1461564156835.jpg)

>How much does the average sushi roll's computer cost?
My main workhorse PC is worth about $1000 AUD, although i've been gradually upgrading it over the course of about 5 years. My FreeNAS box was about $800AUD most of that went into a good PSU and good drives. I've got 4 laptops, all thinkpads (701C, 755, X60, T400) gained for a negligible cost through bartering and subterfuge.

>How many of you own fancy GPUs/processors, and how many of you prefer simpler/cheaper hardware?

My main PC has a GTX660, i don't play alot of videogames anymore so i don't see the need for a beefy GPU. I prefer to upgrade my tech ~1 generation behind the current trend, i adopt when the hardware becomes cheaper and the teething issues of bleeding edge tech get ironed out. i'd rather have a system that is more power efficient and reliable. Besides you'd be amazed the cool shit you can find if you're a little frugal ($20 milspec 4U cases for everyone!)
>Does anyone own more than 2 or 3 computers? If so, why?
i used to dumpster dive regularly for fun and profit and hoarded systems for parts. Although i eventually gave that up i couldn't bring myself to ditch my thinkpads.

I'm super tired as well so sorry if im rambly/incoherent, stay comfy friends~



bought the mobo, CPU and case for the 350$
a friend gave my his old 660Ti when he upgraded, and i used old ram, HDD and optical

it can run MGS:V on high, and works for everything i need it to
it just needs fans now


>How much does the average sushi roll's computer cost?
My desktop was assembled a few years ago and cost me around 900 EUR.
I also have a Thinkpad X220, which I paid around 500 EUR for, upgrade to an IPS screen and 9cell included.

>How many of you own fancy GPUs/processors, and how many of you prefer simpler/cheaper hardware?

I have an Ivy Bridge i5 and a GTX 760. I actually kind of regret buying a dedicated GPU, I don't even play games anymore. Instead I wish I got a more powerful CPU. I compile a lot of software on this machine, so the faster the CPU, the better.
But I'd generally be okay even with a toaster. I'm happy as long as it runs GNU/Linux and a shell.

>Does anyone own more than 2 or 3 computers? If so, why?

I also have a Raspberry Pi, but I don't think that counts.


Get a box fan and take the side off your box. Bonus points if you use a furnace air filter to keep dust out.

30 bucks at canadian tire fam.


I have a crappy netbook I got for about 100 dolla on a pawn shop
it's all I need.


File: 1472827467368.webm (3.9 MB, 700x525, yamaku.webm)

>How much?
like £900~ with monitors.
Forgot how much the laptop was.

>fancy GPUs/processors, and how many of you prefer simpler/cheaper hardware?

I just got cheap stuff that was good enough to run well. I don't care about maximising or anything.

>more than 2 or 3 computers?

One Tower with dual monitors and one laptop.
Tower for everything but I got a laptop for uni just in case.
Basically never use it now.


I'm not a very techy person but I have a tower that cost about 900 a couple of years ago, for gaming. My GPU keeps crashing and I get the occasional bluescreen, but it generally runs ok. I also have a cheap think pad e560 which I find myself using more and more since I haven't felt like playing videogames in a while.


File: 1472915673508.jpg (282.75 KB, 1920x1200, paradox.jpg)

One laptop that I bought when I knew nothing about technology. The laptop was £500 but Windows and some stupid warranty shit they managed to sell me bumped it up. It's decent. Core i5, 8GB RAM but with no special graphics capabilities. (it uses the bog-standard Intel Integrated Graphics)

Then, when I had left Plato's Cave of tech ignorance and seen the light, I built a £300 machine, again with no fancy graphics or other cool things to put into the expansion slots. It's general purpose but it was intended to be a home server. Right now it's basically being used for storage and torrenting, though. I promise I will use you for better things one day, server ;_;


The current machine I have I bought for around 70 ish USD. I'm planning to upgrade to a machine that can be librebooted and it cost 200 USD preflashed with libreboot. I think without the cost of it being preflashed it's in the low 100 dollar range. Not too sure. I value freedom over everything else. Just turns out that freedom is cheaper than you think.


File: 1473642592636.jpg (194.27 KB, 1500x1378, thiccc.jpg)

What laptop sushi roll? I have recently gotten really interested in FOSS/libreboot shit. Posting from my ever-comfy T400, I should look into flashing libre some time.


My only PC is an x200 I bought for $100. Such is life as a poor little sushiroll.


comfy laptop sushi roll! I was given my T400 by my qt gf. Ask around, people are more than happy to get rid of some pretty cool shit…


The X200 is a fantastic laptop. I loved everything about mine, save for the CCFL display. Too bad it no longer works.


File: 1473695589644.jpg (30.45 KB, 620x413, externalgpupower.jpg)

that's a real shame sushi roll! I am currently working on a project (once I get more money in the bank) that involves making a external gpu/dock for my t400. I'll post pics once the parts are in…


File: 1473735151667-0.png (1.68 MB, 1920x1080, neofetch-2016-09-12-18:17:….png)

File: 1473735151667-1.jpg (106.27 KB, 1280x800, 2016-09-12-183349.jpg)

>computer costs?
I own 3 computers and a wii.
My main workstation is probably > $4500 and still a WIP I didn't bother to rice it with custom cables or anything though.
I have a gaymen laptop which is around $1600
all my other computer shit I got for free which includes an hp shittop and a wii i found on the street
instead of a car i have a computer i guess..

>fancy GPU/proc?

2 GTX 1080's i7 processors etc.
though im not fussy with slower hardware

>why more than 2 or 3 computers?

laptops are portable (school etc.)
desktops are powerhouses

enjoy a screenfetch and a shitty webcam pic


I got a T60 right now that can't be librebooted. I'm going to purchase a X200 soon that can be librebooted.


I still have my trusty x220 that I bought during highschool with my pocket money. So about 300 bucks I guess. Also, I'm planning on buying an SSD for it someday so that would bump it up a few bucks more.

Although I would like to buy a high-end desktop some day and play games on it. I've always played on minimum graphics settings so cranking it up to ultra would be a dream come true.


I have about 10 or 11 computers at the moment, since I pretty much
take whatever I can get my hands on (major poorfag). My "best" machine
would have to be a dell optiplex 980, refurb. with a core i5 650, 8gb
of ddr3 ram, and (finally came today, still setting up drivers and shit)
an AMD rx 460 2gb. This is the first graphics card I have ever owned and
I cannot wait to try out my new system…


My old machine was an i5/760 build that i built on a budget but the one Im currently using is a bit newer.
Skylake i5, zotac 1070, i love it.
I do own more than one computer but I really only use one at the moment.


File: 1473961621839.png (903.14 KB, 2560x1080, Screenshot from 2016-09-15….png)

>How much does the average sushi roll's computer cost?

Im a collector of extra hardware and worked with a POS system company so I was able to grab some old stuff to play with, I built my desktop for $250 with an A6 barebones form TD when they still sold them. I threw in a few spare TB drives that I had from before I moved and 128 SSD.

>How many of you own fancy GPUs/processors, and how many of you prefer simpler/cheaper hardware?

When FO4 came out I got a R7 360 and it was ok for that but is more than I need for anything else. So I would say a total of $500 including the 21:9. It does everything I need and them some. I really only play Civ and KSP but it works on max for both of those and on the rare whim that I play The Long Dark, I just need to turn the textures down due to the screen resolution. Most of my work is with Ruby on Rails now so I spend a lot of time in a text editor and hardly touch the GPU

>Does anyone own more than 2 or 3 computers? If so, why?

At one point this year I had 6 machines running. I have my desktop, I got a HP Dv4 while working at staples that some one was recycling for $5. Threw a 64GB SSD in it and have wanted nothing more as far as a laptop goes, I have had to replace the fan and extended battery but that cost me all of $12 to replace.
I have an Aspire One that I travel with when I dont think ill need a pc and have a 32GB SSD in it. Its slow but once the OS loads its not bad. battery only last about 2 hours through :(.
I had a Dell Powerserver(x2 pentium 4 setup) I got from work for free and played with it for a while but the power consumption was awful. I gave it away to a friend who broke his laptop.
I have an Rpi2 I was using as a webserver and Im now using it to build my own POS system with daisy chained 2200mA batteries so it stays on for 6+ hours on $10 worth of batteries.
I also Have a few old phones that I tried to play with the boot loaders and turn into a laptop to have in my car for fun an profit.

With all that, Ive still spent less than $1k on everything and Im not adding in the half dozen monitors or so laying around.

Its all about what you want to do. Hack the planet!


I have an X220 as well that I use as a DD. I upgraded to a 500GB Samsung SSD, and an IPS screen, and I love it. I think it has cost me about $300 out of pocket and does all the development and media work that I need it to do.

If you haven't already, I would suggest getting a dock if you use yours at the desk a lot. I have mine plugged in a lot when I am home, and I found a cheap dock on ebay, and it makes cable management super easy, and I can unplug it and move it around without worrying about having to plug everything back in.

I also have a pretty beefy home server, a HP Proliant DL380 G6, with two 6 core Xeons, 64GB RAM, and a 16TB DAS device. I use this for most of my intensive tasks, so I guess I can't claim my laptop does everything, but the laptop+server setup works really well for me.


I have a gaming PC that cost over $2000 including the 4k monitor I bought for it at the time. I run Windows 8 and Debian on it. I also have a thinkpad t410s with just Debian. I wouldn't recommend having all this stuff. Games these days are not worth playing that much for me and the constant switch between 3 different OS installation is mental clutter I don't need.

I would feel much comfier with an emptier desk and one laptop with a hi-res 16:10 screen. I'm waiting on this new Macbook pro retina. I hope it's not terrible.


I have two PCs in use;
* a home built system I tossed together some years ago for about $600 or so, more speed than I need really except for when I play chivalry.
* an HP Compaq 6200 SFF I got for $50 some months ago. Got it cause my home built is a friendly lady to run linux on, so I just gave up altogether and let that be my winblows game station. Have a comfy slackware install that runs smoother than windows on the home built.

Then I keep some old spare ones, two netbooks with slack for emergencies and travel, as well as my first PC (think 633MHz CPU etc) with Win2k, use it for old games (mostly just Lost Souls of Tong Nou).

>How many of you own fancy GPUs/processors, and how many of you prefer simpler/cheaper hardware?

I guess I tend towards the cheaper/simpler spectrum. I especially like getting second hand hardware, since it tends to live what seems like forever, as well as being within my limited means. I've only ever gotten a new HDD once, and that is the only one that has failed me. The 20GB one from my first PC still lives, and that one was bought second hand too, so who knows how old it was already.

So, frugality & stability > speed & bleeding edge tech

> average sushi roll computer cost

Bought 3 second hand for around $50 each, home built for around $600.


>How much does the average sushi roll's computer cost?
Depends where you are in life I guess (what your income is). My motto generally is "Get an older Business machine for cheap on eBay" (won't have shitty build quality, will be cheap though, although not as fast by today's standards).

>Does anyone own more than 2 or 3 computers? If so, why?

HP Elitebook 8470p: Portability. It is to me what the smartphone is to other people. Also, I can play some light vidya on the road, and run macOS for University stuff.
HP Z600: When you need dat performance. I installed a Radeopn HD 7850, as well as an older AMD card (something "Caicos" I think?), which I use to solve the 'Linux as the main OS, but need Windows for games' issue using virtualization.
Shitty chinkbox pc: It was cheap (it cost me 10 GBP), and is small. Will probably be turned into a Kodi or Android set top box.
ThinkPad X201T, ThinkPad T23, Dell T5500 and Dell Precision 690: All of of those are my old machines I am getting rid off…


File: 1500986368106.jpg (762.9 KB, 1800x1200, server.jpg)

I could probably be happy with a 200-300 dollar Z420 workstation for a very long time, and I think I would've bought that if I was short on cash. If it wasn't for my tendency to use "compile it yourself" distributions, I would be more than happy with one of the more recent C2D or C2Q processors. I could probably make do with much older systems as well.

I currently have 4 systems in active use. A new computer that I intend to make my main system for everything. CRUX for general desktop use, and Windows with PCI passthrough for games. My main system currently has a Ryzen 7 1700x, RX 450 (got it so I could use the amdgpu drivers), and an R9 Fury for games. Hoping this system will last for a long time. I probably spent about 1200 euro (or 1360 USD) on this system, not counting the power supply and r9 fury that I already owned.

The system that I've used mostly for browsing and IRC is a 2011 Mac mini I got back in 2013. It still works, but it is kinda glitchy at times. I intend to retire this once I have a comfortable desktop setup with CRUX. I like using OS X, but I don't feel like getting a new Mac, and used 2011 and 2012 era minis are still priced at the same level as they were at back in 2013.

I also have an X220. I just wanted a cheap laptop for when I leave the house. It has served me well so far, and I'm very happy with it.

I also have a server. This is probably the machine I love the most. It currently has about 900 euros in drives. Everything connected up to one of the lga1150 boards by asrock rack. I think I will get a used E3 1220l v3 for it, since those are very cheap right now. Curious to see how the power consumption would be like. The picture is a little old, but it is still more or less the same. except I now have 4x 6TB drives (12TB available storage).

I have absolutely no reason to own more than one computer. I just like computers I guess. If I had to get rid of everything but two systems, I would probably keep the x220 and the server.


Just wanted to say that you have a very aesthetically pleasing server there.


I have a gaming PC I built myself for about $500. And then I have a laptop I got for free, touch screen and all.

I want to build another one and maybe use it for general use or maybe as a server.


I'd have to agree, your server not only follows the rule of thirds, but it also invokes an even, neat and clean feeling.


I've got a 5k iMac; $2.2k. I don't game much, and I've been using macOS for the past 5 years, so an iMac was on my radar for a while. I made the jump and have been happy since, and after 3 years it hasn't slowed down one bit. I can boot into Windows for the occasionally Overwatch play, but I really enjoy the fusion drive (just an SSD + HDD controlled my the OS) so far!

macOS is also super comfy.


computer alone something like 750$, for displays also around 750$
also 100$ thinkpad
Im a neet so it wasn't fast to collect money like this


I feel a computer quickly becomes disposable when you're rolling in cash and don't really have to save up to be able to afford a nice computer. The computers that I've built since I got a job are just computers that I use, but I love the computer that followed me through my NEET years. That computer wasn't fast or anything special, but I did everything on that computer.


A bit late to the party, but I recently upgraded from a Lenovo U41-70 to a Thinkpad T470s, since it's the PC my school is requiring us to use for our class. Had to pay €990 for it, but since the model we were given sells for about €2000, I'd say it's a pretty good deal. Came with Fedora, threw KDE on it and it's pretty comfy, if a bit hard to use for someone who's been on Windows for years.


My main machine cost about £600 back in 2011
It's had a couple of new drives and a new GPU since then, I put most of the cash into the motherboard and processor so it's aged fairly well.
The processor's an i5 2500k, easily one of the best investments I've made, 6 years on and still quicker than the average mid range processor. 3.7GHz stock, but does 4.5GHz just fine with a fanless air cooler.
It's single core performance is still up there with the best of them, which is useful for me as I use a lot of CAD and simulation software that doesn't really scale to multiple cores efficiently.
It's nice for the occasional big compilation too.
I don't play much vidya anymore, so the GPU isn't that useful to me, originally a GTX560, now a GTX970 bought from a housemate with more moARMney than sense when he upgraded to a GTX1080).

When I'm not at home I share the eternal comfiness of >>202 with a T400, though lately I've been tempted by the lightness and everlasting battery of a chromebook (Running Linux of course).
When I scrape some cash together later this year I'm going to have a go transplanting some modern low power silicon into an old T60 chassis.


desktop is about 400 USD rn, if i earn enough to upgrade it'll jump to abt 600. I also have a laptop that was like 300, for school. I really wish i could justify buying a newer hard drive or ssd, but theres no real benefit other than convenience and they cost too much for me :(


File: 1507942780388.png (523.54 KB, 720x480, (G_P) Votoms (Remastered) ….png)

My current desktop cost me ~$1000 when i purchased it, but that was in 2011. Now my motherboard is showing signs of death and I'll probably get a new CPU to go along with the replacement. I don't really play games anymore at all but for some reason I still feel the need to get top of the line stuff. Trying to keep myself from going overboard when the most I do is TF2 jump maps on weekends.

I also have a X200T, but never use the tablet function. It needs a new battery and I've been thinking about putting an SSD in it.


Some computers you just really mesh with. I still have my first PC around, had no social life then so it was my life kinda. Have fun memories with it too, when I first reinstalled the OS I didn't have the proper drivers for the integrated graphics, so when I played video all the colours were wrong. Watched through several seasons of House MD, with all the flesh tones being blue. Not a light blue either, really intense blue. Smurf MD. Was real weird having to get used to ordinary flesh tones again after I got the drivers installed.

It was already oldish when I got it second hand, but it worked just fine for me. So many hours of morrowind and UT99 on there, years of MSN.

Had to use it a while not so long ago since my new main PC broke and I had no budget to get replacement parts, were stuck with links and lynx for web browsing since modern internet took forever to load on a "real" browser even with scripts disabled. Then some time later I realised the RPi I had laying around actually had better specs than the full size PC without sounding like an airplane taking off. Think it had a Coppermine processor at 533Mhz, only computer I actually remember the CPU name of. Never cared about any other enough to commit in memory longer than needed to copy paste it.

I'm so disappointed that I threw out the CRT I used it with back in the day. I really miss that charming KA-CHUNK when you turned it on. Pavlovian response of getting comfortable in your chair, exploring the internet while it was still exciting. Greeting your long distance friends in the chat.

All those memories you got with that special piece of machinery, your wings that let you fly.


File: 1513413700868-0.jpg (107.28 KB, 640x480, 768d6c129c394742f13c49dea5….jpg)

$100 Thinkpad X200s, 1.86ghz. I don't like 16:9 screens. And after experiencing how handy and comfortable the nub is, I mourn on newer laptops. The only comfy (with nub and 8:5 screen) laptop newer than mine that I could find is X201.


File: 1513556713217.jpg (79.88 KB, 530x398, IMG_20171212_075538R.jpg)

$1500 custom desktop and $80 Lenovo T400. I gave the desktop to my mom because she needed a computer and I only play hearthstone and the occasional old jrpg.

16:10 really should be the standard. It's good for both media and reading. There's actually some companies trying to get out of 16:9 like Samsung's new chromebook and the Surface laptops. I think Macs still use 16:10 too. The only thing that sucks about "square screen" notebooks is putting them in a bag.


File: 1513627454085.jpg (70.15 KB, 604x483, Awj-KNZena9.jpg)

Yes, 8:5 screens are used in macboocs, and I didn't know about the surface. But I have some problems with both apple and microsoft products, so no new 8:5 laptops for me.
When Lenovo announced the anniversary Thinkpad, I was baffled. They've almost nailed it. The only missing crucial part was the 8:5 screen.
And the lid hooks.

> square screen

The difference in the case size is so little it doesn't matter. I had a X200 and X220 put together lid to lid, and the difference is minuscule. It does matter, however, when it comes to actually using a laptop after carrying it wherever.


I like my T400 a lot but when I bought it CompuTrace was enabled and the serial number sticker was scratched off… I hope it isn't stolen merchandise.

I really want to put LibreBoot on it but don't have a Beaglebone or RasPi. Maybe I'll snag one soon, but that process would be way more advanced than any tinkering I've done before.

I also have an Inspiron 7559. It's nice, runs games well and I like the M.2 slot. The screen came a little weird (there are some spots that are brighter and there are a couple stuck pixels) but I didn't care enough to send it back and you only really notice if you look for it anyway.


Totally forgot to mention that the T400 was around $100 and the 7559 was probably around $900


Kind of relevant question, I'm heading to university in a few months and am wondering about bringing my desktop PC with me. Should I do it? It's not a good PC or anything, but is it going to get in the way, be a general burden? Have any of you brought a desktop to uni?


I have mine with me. If it weren't a good PC, I don't know if I would have bothered, but it's nice to have. I'm renting a room off campus, so I probably have a bit more space than I would in a dorm. If you're planning to move around every year it would probably be a pain since you would have to pack a monitor, peripherals etc.


Kind of what I figured… Perhaps I ought to just leave it at home the first year and bring it up once I get off campus housing.


My main PC is a little over three years old. It has an i5 4690k, R9 480x, and 8GB RAM. The PC itself cost around 1000USD to build. Peripherals were another 500USD or so, but I upgraded those over time. At this point things are pretty nice and I don't expect to replace anything for at least two more years. I don't need cutting-edge.

I also salvaged/resurrected my previous PC. I keep it around for playing with BSD or other experiments, but I don't really use it that much. If I don't turn it into a server I'll probably give it away.

Then there's a laptop which I mostly have for when I visit home or need to do on-call work. It's nothing special.

I had my desktop in uni. It was two years old when I started and was limping along by the time I graduated, but I loved the thing. I did have a single dorm so space wasn't as much an issue, but I also knew some people who managed to fit their multi-monitor setups in their double dorms and still be reasonably comfortable. Typical dorms will have a desk for each resident, so unless you plan on filling yours with other stuff you should have some amount of space.

The portability was an issue mostly because I didn't have much reason to go out. The computer labs proved to be a great resource for socializing and collaboration but I missed out the first year. By senior year I think I was doing more work in the lab than my room, even when working alone. Of course a laptop also helps for versatility when doing groupwork because sometimes the lab is inconvenient (crowded, noisy, hard to find adjacent PCs, etc). And while I can fondly remember lugging the desktop across campus for LANs it was not pleasant at the time.

Overall I would recommend bringing it unless you also happen to have a laptop that is powerful enough for any work and entertainment needs, or if you know that your room will be tiny and not provide a regular-size desk. Have you seen a sample dorm room yet?


I've seen one or two, but there's a few options involved. I want to get a double so I can get to know someone better, but I should still have room. The thing is, do I bring my TV and games, or my PC? Decisions. I have a Thinkpad x220 so honestly that will probably work better for my computing needs. I don't really play PC games so.


Since you have a decent laptop and seem to prefer console games I'd say you should be safe leaving the desktop.

If possible I still suggest you bring a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and/or whatever other peripherals make you comfy while working. The semester can get stressful.


>X230 thinkpad


File: 1627233758518.png (1.36 MB, 3360x2100, Screenshot 2020-10-15 at 2….png)

2015 Macbook, cost around $2k when I got it new, the GBP to USD exchange rate helped. I also keep a couple of little low power embedded linux boards around for home-server-y stuff.

I wouldn't buy a new laptop now, since I now know I can happily use an older lower powered system for my usualy Emacs and browsing. But as long as its a perfectly repairable laptop, there's no reason to replace my macbook. I really wish I could switch to Linux full time on it, but Apple Music and Ableton keep my tied down…

>macOS is comfy


File: 1627583344097.png (619.95 KB, 700x700, 4353682c37f3bbc350740eb5ec….png)

2021, still with my trusty x200s. The system haven't been updated since early 2019 at least. It's getting harder and harder to get by in the modern internet with my little turtle.
A couple years ago I've fallen for the apple trap. Now my iphone 8 is stupidly faster than my laptop.
I'm thinking about getiing an a1466 macbook. It's cute.


File: 1638732561133.jpg (424.83 KB, 2048x1365, 1633413272456.jpg)

I own a CyberpowerPC that I bought from Amazon, claimed it was stolen, and got my $1,100 back.

In addition, I have an X60, an X220, a t420, and an Asus Chromebook.


File: 1638732828100.png (36.36 KB, 641x422, asdf.PNG)


I have a little acer netbook I got at a pawn shop. I barely use it, but it's comfy. When I first got it I liked to think of it as my little hacker box. I did some programming in it, a lot of distro hopping, and so on. Sometimes I hold on to that old feeling, but I don't really have much to do with a computer, y main device is a tablet as some 80% of my screentime is reading books and I do it in bed, on a comfy chair, or sometimes at a table with a notebook, which could be anywhere.
I also get very anxious about what I am running and what my workflow should be like. It's very stupid, but I can't seem to help it. I like a minimal linux box but I constantly feel I should be using this or that environment or programming language. Ultimately, though, I have nothing really worth doing on a computer. So I spare myself the trouble.


File: 1638763378239.jpg (616.62 KB, 1468x2308, came-prince-rawscan.jpg)

I built a PC for myself in 2019…
Athlon x4 845
Radeon Pro WX4100
32gb RAM

Adding up the parts, it comes up to about $640, but I spent more due to it being my first box, and making a few missteps during the process. It's a low end box, but it does most of the tasks I ask of it, so I'm happy with it. I'm happy I built mine just before the prices of GPUs ballooned in to insanity.
I mainly run Linux on it, though I have a Windows partition available just in case I need it.

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