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File: 1553430660026.jpg (1.2 MB, 2268x1158, 1552968687904.jpg)


I'm currently in the process of trying to merge my active directories into my backup folders, but it's not going that well. Active folders have grown differently than the backup tree, without neither being more "correct".
E.g. sorting images based on why they were saved (aesthetically pleasing, lewd, funny, etc) or the contents.

How do you manage your folders of saved things? Any tips?
How do you deal with things that could belong in multiple places at once and no particular one is more correct?


File: 1553432084396-0.jpg (39.72 KB, 564x672, 0b628d451a20a1f222df6b5964….jpg)

File: 1553432084396-1.png (292.23 KB, 836x1200, ch99 2.png)

Subdivide, subdivide, subdivide!
I can find any file on my computer within about a minute or two by following a path of folders.
If something belongs in two places (for example,if I have an imaage that I want as a wallpaper but is also by a particular artist I follow) then I just make a duplicate. Unless you're dealing in files >10Mb making duplicates isn't much of a problem. If it is too big to duplicate you either pick whichever is most sensible/functional or you re-organise folders to accommodate a merged or new category.

The only problem I've ever encountered is that eventually the folder paths become too long and you are forbidden from making any more subdivisions.

Some examples:
Access to a few panels of the komi san manga that I saved because they're cute.
>C:\Users\x\all\sub folders\media\images\misc images\orz\mango\Komi

Access to the neo-tokyo concept artwork.

Access pdf and videos of an animation course.
>C:\Users\x\all\sub folders\books\Academic\art books\animators survival kit

I don't know why but I find organising things very satisfying.
Oh, and be careful of moving things with active requests. If you move an AfterEffects files source media the entire project will turn into missing footage and you will have to re-directory them all. Same with music and stuff most of the time.


File: 1553438703651.jpg (79.16 KB, 480x720, 1527270517065.jpg)

I guess duplicates is the most sane solution. Just feels weird.
Organizing all these files makes my brain hurt, but it's nice when it's all sorted. If anything deleting things is what satisfies me. Making stuff as compact as possible, distilling to only the best of the best.
Maybe I should treat backup as input too and just make a whole new system from the ground up and take the opportunity to make a fine-pass on everything.

Man it'd be easier if you could just replace folders with tags instead.


Why don't you just create links?
On linux you have link command, in windows you have shortcuts (right click -> create shortcut), then you just link a subfolder with 2d yuri into both lewd folder and 2d folder.


After half-studying relational databases I spent a while once trying to plan out how to both "objectively" *and* subjectively sort my 100+ GB music collection. Would've had a basic hierarchy like label/publication->artist->release title, accompanied by a bunch of "genre" and "mood" folders filled with shortcuts/links to individual tracks, based on my own whims.
Then I dropped the hard drive they were all on before implementing any of it so lol nvm


File: 1553503821280.jpg (52.69 KB, 500x587, Thread_of_prophecy_severed.jpg)

I've given that some thought before, but figured it'd be kinda messy since I need to be able to access it from both windows and linux. Gave it a search now though, and apparently linux symlinks should work OOTB on windows too as long as it's on NTFS.
It'd still be a lot of effort though, as it's not as simple as just a folder fitting somewhere else, but more on a file by file basis. Seems like it'd be hell to keep it from being dangle city if you wanted to delete some stuff you no longer wanted.

I got curious about tag stuff though and searched a bit, seems like quite a bunch have been thinking the same thing. TMSU seems promising.
Damn, data loss is a friendly lady. I had all my saved stuff on a 1TB external drive in my teens, was so bummed out when it crapped out with no warning. Felt like my whole life had been reset, so much unreplacable stuff on there. Back up your data kids.


I don't like using links because then if I copy a directory branch somewhere that doesn't include the link address it fails.


File: 1553545280384.jpg (222.98 KB, 2500x1666, the atlas of beauty - face….jpg)

I'm unsure about the quality of this post but i'll try my best.

I share the same opinions and tastes as you.

The way i organize my files depend on the type of media.

For education i divide everything by subject with the classes i'm currently in on the "front page" of the folder, while old classes in a old classes folder.
One folder for books that don't fit exactly a class, one for "others" which can be temporary things or whatever doesn't fit well.

For images the division is by purpose, for example one folder is for (fashion) inspiration while another is for wall papers, those don't have subfolders but "random" and "images" do, those are orgainzed by either source or topic.

Books are organized by author, music by band.

Movies and series by language, if they are multilingual the language will be the one from the coutry it is set, if set on various countries by what i feel is more memorable.

On the Download folder there are recent downloads and things that require my daily attention.

The main point is to organize depending on the way you consume what is inside the folders because the folders are not used in the same way.


over the years iv'e amassed 5-6 TB of storage space. I usually take time to sort out my main drive first, and then start moving things to corresponding folders on other drives. I generally try to avoid duplicates of files, especially when I go on a info hoarding spree, and categorized when needed. That's it really.


Sometimes I just choose the directory that's visually more similar to the rest. So if I had, say, a drawing of a datacenter in a traditional japanese art style, I go for the traditional japanese directory.
I also keep an directory named "unsorted" where I put everything I can't yet categorize as well as everything new and every now and then I go through it and sometimes I do find that a bunch of them seem to have a common theme I can use for a new directory


Just learn bash coding and make an automatic backup program desu,,,,




I'm on GNU/Linux, so I just name everything by such and such a name that describes it to me, save it in one directory and use the commandline to find it later. Of course, some things do warrant being in two places at once, which is where I use ln to hardlink it and effectively give the one file two filenames. This comes in handy for torrents so I can keep seeding them and have the files in my main directory for easy access.


Write a program that extracts features from files, classifies them, and prompts for your approval to perform an action. It can start simple, but it allows for more complexity later. In a sense, this type of system allows files to "describe themselves."


I just ordered a 8TB ext-HDD, so I'm preparing myself to start doing the same in order to back everything up.

This seems like some solid advice. I need to start doing this as well.


Once in a year I delete everything i have and start over
People don't need to hoard so many things


I have a serious hoarding problem myself personally. Any advice on how to let things go?


File: 1567694244165-0.jpg (127.5 KB, 1280x720, Does it spark joy.jpg)

File: 1567694244165-1.png (167.53 KB, 600x322, whiz tree.png)

Oddly enough Mari Kondo. Her "does it spark joy" thing helped me out. Wiztree is also good because it helps you visualize all your files. Instead of seeing a thousand of 50 mb folders you see 1 giant 50gb file. What do you horde exactly?


there's this thing called Hydrus, it's basically a booru but as a desktop application
alternatively, if you don't want to sort just videos and images there's fenrirfs but I haven't used that much (it is available in english too)


File: 1624644143959.jpg (1.68 MB, 3096x3096, Uhhh.jpg)

Sorry about the spam in here some week ago fellow sushis and sushimod. Had a bit of a manic episode, usually catch them early and unplug any devices, just write the bullshit into paper journals instead. Kinda got caught off guard by being right on the cusp of one and then pic related happens (got dropped into a screen with the 3 top lines, then the Question Signs are just anything I tried to input at all) after I fuck a bit too deep with a lisp REPL and yeah.

Sorry. Combining programming and ritual work is scary, I went off the deep end. Sorry for OT, but I feel a need to apologize.

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