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File: 1470179837631.jpg (32.02 KB, 183x200, large white question.jpg)


Sushi rolls, do any of you have any IRC channels you still enjoy lurking/participating in? I ask for I have none left; I used to idle in Quake and other video game scrim IRC channels but those have such moved to Discord for the most part. I am curious enough that I might venture forth and ask other not-as-comfy places, as well.


File: 1470329102688.jpg (267.99 KB, 777x578, animetiddies.jpg)

Only sushigirl and lainchan for me friendo.


#emacs p gud. But you have to use Emacs (not really, but what's the point of hanging there if you don't?)
And #sushigirl on freenode but you know about that one already.
tbh that's all I know where there is interesting off-topic talk (as opposed to, say, #perl, which keeps on topic)


#/g/punk on rizon is pretty chill.


coon runes are cancer


What are 'coon runes' and why are you calling them cancer?


Sushigirl seemed to be an obvious answer. Lainchan wasn't as obvious an answer. I guess I'll finally pay the comfiest channel a visit, Lainchan too. My programming skills are super novice so Lainchan might be a bit much, similarly with programming channels.

Anything -punk automatically puts me off. 4chan is pretty much the opposite of comfy these days, as well.

Thanks for sharing.


>My programming skills are super novice so Lainchan might be a bit much
it won't be. but do have a good lurk and search before you post.


#lainchan and #sushigirl on freenode are both real, i hang out in #lainchan but i just found out about #sushigirl today

lainchan is much much bigger (200-some people) though


Once I join a channel usually I lurk there forever. So, I don't very actively look at some of these. I've redacted a bunch of private/secret or sensitive channels from my client's list. (About half of them.)






DatNode (I admin this network):





I doubt there's any programming discussion in #lainchan. I don't go there anymore because every time I get in it's just videagaem talk.



I didn't expect to see this many of us on sushichan of all places.
I suppose that's just the hand at work.


read again, I said #lainchan
I used to visit #lainchan a year ago and there was little programming discussion, and as I said, I bet there is even less these days


File: 1475880027355.jpg (625.92 KB, 1600x1100, large white avalanche.jpg)

OP here. Been in #sushigirl and lurking #lainchan, and #lainchan is sort of programming? People are talking about C as I type this, but it fluctuates between unbearable garbage that I wanted to get away from and conversation I wish I was programming-savvy to be a part of. It's definitely an odd channel that doesn't really have a solid cultural place but is definitely between 4chan and 8gag, but it's not terrible.

The sushis in #sushigirl kind of make me feel old even though I believe there isn't too much of an age difference (only a few years), some school talk mostly, but it's usually pleasant when it isn't dead.

Jeez. I can see why you don't actively look; I don't think I've been in that many chatrooms at once ever in my life.

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