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Captchas didn't work. Sticking to janitors while we try to think of something else.

File: 1465176497320.gif (473.46 KB, 500x355, 1445041507227.gif)


Welp, everybody's claiming First in all the other boards and I don't want to be left behind. Thankfully the nerd board is still avaiblable.
What are you girls working on?
Me: chip-8 VM in ruby


Getting my neet hellhole of a room cleaned up for my qtgf. In computer-related themes, cleaning up my battlestation and ordering a few parts. Probably keep learning python as well.


File: 1465343157203.gif (1023.07 KB, 500x420, 1439773211632.gif)

I would have never fathomed I found this place again through twitter. I missed my comfychan. Sould I start a 3rd for linux thread again? Im waiting on my LPI-1 book in the mail and working on some Rails projects when not at work.
>I missed you sushiees!


I'm getting hyped up for an interview for an IT internship tomorrow morning. Very excited, and very nervous. Let's hope I get in. This experience gain is highly valuable.


What are you interviewing for, Sushiroll?


As I said above, an IT internship. My mom works at a school, so she knows someone. If they don't require prior experience w/ a physical server, I should be alright.


Man I missed this place too! I am always down for a linux thread, I have a few little infographics on simple cli commands that I could add the the thread if there is any interest.


UPDATE: I got the internship! I'm so excited!


Congrats! Remember, stack overflow is your friend and do the opposite of what /g/ says.

Ill start one up when I get home and have all my CLI images along with some things I have found while the site was down.


>stack overflow is your friend
So much, I'm working on migrating a forum and half the code I added is taken straight from SO. I guess it's OK as I had to make it quick before I could learn so much more in creating a captcha generator from scratch or reverse a password hash function


File: 1465421336892.gif (1.31 MB, 300x169, g_approved.gif)

Sounds good! I look forward to it


File: 1465528134405.png (83.48 KB, 400x400, Kyoko-0053.png)

I started my software engineering job a few weeks back. Rather than doing any sort of systems-level or application-level development, as I'd been more or less led to believe I'd be doing, however, I've been assigned to a (thankfully temporary) project involving full-stack development.

In other words, I've been maintaining a god-awful mess of poorly-written Python and JavaScript. I've tried to neaten it up where I can, but it's so large as to be beyond salvation by any one person's efforts alone.

On a somewhat related note, I'm a little sad that I don't have any energy or motivation to work on programming or sysadmin stuff outside of work now; I'm so tired by the time I leave work–both with the code base and in general–that I scarcely want to bother with any more coding.

Congratulations, anon~ Like >>12 said, you'll soon see that Stack Overflow is quite an invaluable resource for pretty much any kind of problem or question you might encounter.


congratulations! hope you do well

>do the opposite of what /g/ says
you pretty much summed it up.
If there is one rule of thumb for anyone in the technology field, is don't listen to /g/


File: 1466473556429.jpg (13.89 KB, 325x325, the dick makes it better.jpg)

Some advice when on SO.

There are a lot of people giving legitimate answers on SO. There are also a lot of people there to jerk themselves off. Go for the simplest answer, not the most complex.


>Go for the simplest answer, not the most complex.
I'd say go for the BEST answer (though that may be unhelpfully ambiguous). Often the simplest solutions to problems are the worst ones (slow, insecure, cause problems down the line, etc.)


Occam's razor. Also, user should have enough sense from using the internet long enough to know the difference between a useful answer and a pseudointellectual guessing at an answer.


File: 1470053241364.jpg (108.56 KB, 1300x866, log.jpg)

I've been writing a high-performance log-structured database over the weekend. A log-structured database is one where all you can do is add new entries on to the front, and delete entries from either end. You can't delete entries from the middle, and there's no notion of updating an entry. Entries are addressed by insertion order.

It sounds (and is) pretty limited, but for some tasks it's all you need, and by focussing on a specific use-case you can often take advantage of its unique quirks to produce better/faster code.

Pic related, it's a log: it only grows from one end.


Man, tomorrow's my last day already. Imaged alot of Windows PCs & Macs, but the best part was the week I spent setting up & configuring a brand new Linux server! I'll miss this place. Nevertheless, Fall is coming soon which means exciting new courses to take.

>>12 and >>20 were right. SO & other StackExchange sites are a huge help.


File: 1470831452207.jpg (486.21 KB, 2048x1152, 20160804_182530.jpg)

I modded a frontlight into my Gameboy Color. It's a really simple mod but I'm pretty happy with the results. I probably need to add a resistor cause right now it's a little washed out.

Please excuse the dirty lens. The protective glass over the lens on my phone's camera is busted and the dust is too deep in to clean.


File: 1472019359501.png (290.94 KB, 750x366, 1467939802699.png)

Linux thread sushiroll here. I quit my job today and proposed developing a new system for my current employer (the one im quiting from) going from lots of programs that written for the Borland database and machines that are running on 256Mb of ram to the current year. I guess the silicon board may not be the place to ask but I have the tech side covered but should I work in the company or develop the product and sell it as a contractor?
Does anyone have any kind of experience with this sort of thing?
I really like the people I work with but I just cant deal with working with COM port and increasing page file sizes to stop crashes and deal with the question of "Why" day after day. Im not really sure where to ask ;_;


I have never actually worked, but if I were you, I'd surely go for contractor. It gives you more independence.


File: 1496706576535.png (26.31 KB, 350x350, kiki.png)

The past few days I've been working on something.

This message is the key.

Maybe you sushirolls can figure it out :-)


I'm applying for jobs right now. What, in your opinion, is the "easiest" job in the industry? I don't feel very confident in my abilities yet and I want to take some short courses on the side while I'm doing an "easier" job.


IT helpdesk


hell of a job

Prepare to deal with angry idiots all day. The only change of things are people, who have problems you can't fix either.

been there, done it


I've actually applied for a few helpdesk internships!

I think dealing with angry people all day sounds easier than coding all day. What job do you prefer?


>What job do you prefer?
Tbh I have no clue. Maybe something where I can sort and categorize things, like librarian or so.

Back in school I had an internship at a small computer store. We fixed stuff, did some administration, made custom builds and monitored progression bars. This was probably the internship I enjoyed the most, but on the other hand I only got easy tasks like installing OS, changing damaged parts or helping an old office lady to bring back her desktop icons.

Technical support can be great, but via phone / skype / team viewer it's more like working at a call center.


>IT helpdesk
Applied for that once. It was dumb. I was taken for a tour of the office, and everyone had to follow strict scripts. Call center work is not for thinking people, or empathic people.

>internship at a small computer store
Now this sounds comfy. Some public libraries also have programs where you teach people computer stuff. People tend to be more patient and thankful there, because there's no formal business-customer relationship with all the distance and entitlement that implies.


I think you're getting confused, a help desk is not a call center support job.

My university literally has desks where you can walk up and ask a help desk employee for help with tech-related matters.


This sushi roll is correct. With a help desk job you still have to deal with people but it's nowhere near the same level as a call centre job, especially if you work for a small company.


Ok, I was confused. In my language, the English term "help desk" is also used for call center tech support.

University help desks can be pretty comfy.


i'm making a game in bash


Please, share


i will when it's finished.

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