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What are you watching in the HOTTEST season of the year?


What seems interesting?
Tensei Slime

What will I actually watch? (maybe if i feel like it)
Oshi no Ko S2
Isekai Suicide Squad

I've watched no seasonals since Oshi no Ko S1.


I'm depending on the sushistream to see what's airing and then I'll make a decision but the ossan boukensha anime seems like it's gonna be a real inspiring tale of overcoming the odds which might be hard to identify with when you're not old like me but maybe as we get older it'll ring all the truer.


Roshidere just crashed after last episode, sad.


Summer 2024 Official anime ranking (excludes sequels)

Gimai Seikatsu
Make Heroine ga Oosugiru!

Everything else


>Gimai Seikatsu
Well it's got an interesting premise and I'm curious to check it mysel-

>Make Heroine ga Oosugiru!

The darkness is neverending


It's gotta be shinmai ossan, russiadere, giji garem, shikanoko, parry man, dungeon no naka no hito, sengoku youko S2 and katsute mahou shoujo.

Hazure waku, Mayonaka punch, Tansaku and Fukanzen sugiru get 3 eps to impress me.


that deer show got so popular i hate it


File: 1721894556299.jpg (250.79 KB, 1280x720, 1721648011112.jpg)

I'm currently watching the deerest anime of the season but I might also watch Sakuna I haven't played her game yet so I feel like checking her anime.
Do you know if they are using the game OST for the show? Last time I saw a vidya adaptation they butchered the OST and games like NieR rely a lot on their music.

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