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Torpedo tits and creative tail use. I like her veil too, very sexy.




nice thread, sushi


good thread


File: 1595985236139.jpg (194.45 KB, 1920x1080, stitchgasm.jpg)

You know, I've never heard of anyone having a "girls orgasming from medical work" fetish, but apparently it's common enough that they decided to make and anime around it. Or maybe this anime is for girls with a doctor fetish and they're supposed to find the patients relatable?
This show seems alright aside from that though.


*an anime


Well, 'girls orgasming from food' is also a pretty niche fetish but apparently it's big enough that Shokugeki no Souma decided to make it their 'thing'. The more obvious answer is just that you can add sex to pretty much anything by making it orgasmic.


Wait a minute this is the 'wrong' thread


Even then, good-tasting food is something that it's normal to derive pleasure from - in the case of Shokugeki no Souma, I've always thought of the weird orgasm stuff as just an over-the-top exaggeration of that pleasure, rather than just a purely fanservice thing. In the case of this show though, the orgasms just don't make any sense whatsoever outside of a fanservice perspective.



I could think of it as being over-the-top exaggeration if not for the fact that the artist is TOSH who did porn. Plus if you look at what happened when the series got popular, the 'orgasms' became weirder and weirder with less and less fanservice, while near the end when it was tanking hard the fanservice came back. While it pulls double duty it's pretty clear to me that the original intention was for it to be that spicy something that'll draw in the SJ readers to even open up the first chapter.


Have you seen Koufuku Graffiti? It's kinda neat.


This has been on my "to possibly watch" list for a while, since I like Shaft and the "taberu" song ( >>230 ) is cute and comfy, but I really hate eating noises (the video you linked was basically torture for me), which I'm assuming there's a lot of in KG.
Is it still worth watching anyway, or should I just avoid it altogether?


I've watched it but that show basically advertised itself as food porn. It also had better looking food than SnS.


File: 1596595895920.jpg (244.64 KB, 1920x1080, sexy.jpg)


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