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File: 1593456694263.jpg (693.11 KB, 2115x2062, Ichigo.Mashimaro.full.2747….jpg)


Pick the most obscure anime in your top 10. If somebody else in the thread has seen it you lose.

>Ichigo Mashimaro

It's not super obscure, but it's the best I got.


'99 To Heart.


Soul Taker, maybe?


I'm not that into anime so I don't know if this is obscure, I'm going with Galaxy Express 999


File: 1593471319590.jpg (182.69 KB, 1024x768, da352850d290323a720a911520….jpg)

Probably Alien 9 or Princess Tutu. Obscure means different things to different people though so it's tough to say. I dunno if Haibane would count as "obscure". Ichigo Mashimaro is on there for me as well though, so good taste OP.


I loved Alien 9 too. It made me feel dread in a way a lot of psychological horror shows try and fail to do. The way the main girl is always crying somehow makes everything feel hopeless. Also the Yellow Knife made me genuinely uncomfortable in a way tv monsters never normally do.

Nice taste to you as well. I'll have to check out Princess Tutu.


Nekojiro Udon


I saw C3 a long time ago, it was ok. I forgot about it until I went looking through my list for this thread.


File: 1593487550848.png (426.42 KB, 680x582, 7d88116edd00bc0ce040d834ad….png)

kannazuki no miko

Seen haibane. Princess tutu is another one of my top 10s


File: 1593488534630.png (397.1 KB, 460x647, windy tales.png)

windy tales for me


Is that actually one of your favorites? It looks weird as fuck. I'll add it to my watch list.

Always nice to see different art styles, I'll have to check it out.


Lotsa anime I've never heard of here. I'll have to make a list though since I think you all have pretty good taste


File: 1593526843061.jpg (52.31 KB, 500x281, Kizuna kick.jpg)

Kizuna Ichigeki

Good taste by the way.


I absolutely loved Haibane Renmei, it's one of my favorites.

Cat Soup is great. I like showing it to people.


File: 1593568611042.jpg (45.24 KB, 1024x766, laylayuki.jpg)

Not in my top 10 but very close
Kachou Ouji
miserable salary man reminisces about his glory days of being a rock musician suddenly he gets the opportunity to play again when a hot alien uses his guitar skill to destroy the enemy.


File: 1593575728416.png (29.47 KB, 484x488, __amano_misao_battle_progr….png)

Battle Programmer Shirase. I'm confident of victory here since it's objectively pretty bad, I just like it.

IM and Princess Tutu are both among my favourites. I loved the Alien9 manga too, but haven't watched the anime.


I was trying to remember where I had seen this anime before, turns out it was this AMV that I saw way back many years ago
>Battle Programmer Shirase
Definitely never heard of this one, but that girl is a qt


File: 1593618738378.webm (2.7 MB, 1128x480, tekkon.webm)


Alien 9 is great.

I thought it was pretty well known… then again it depends on who you ask. Same goes for Haibane Renmei. I feel like most people on this board have at least heard about it, but it's not well known if you ask a typical person who watches anime.

Anime Mirai/Tamago and Nihon Animator Mihonichi are worth seeing in general.

I was going to post this one.


File: 1593641347791.jpg (120.42 KB, 708x1000, __ajimu_najimi_medaka_box_….jpg)

Amer Béton, as localized here! Lost.

When it comes to my 5-star-rated shows, the ironic choice would be Hametsu no Mars, and the most obscure actual show would probably be Medaka Box: Abnormal.



Gakuen Alice
It`s like Hero Academia mixed up with To Aru but it`s a shoujo (the anime has no romance though). The MC studies in a school where everyone has a superpower and her power is to nullify other people`s powers.


File: 1593672426656-0.jpeg (137.16 KB, 405x302, kinkreet.jpeg)

File: 1593672426656-1.jpg (133.41 KB, 941x400, 0000175186.jpg)

I actually saw Tekkon Kinkreet about a month ago at a friend's recommendation. I enjoyed it quite a bit. The world-building is beautiful.


File: 1593702907292.png (437.06 KB, 650x925, Ajimu bedtime abilities.png)

Medaka box isn't niche surely


File: 1593727158682.gif (1.73 MB, 500x296, lipstick.gif)


I were expecting to lose, but not this fast. Nice!

Your friend has good taste then. Same goes for you, since you liked it.
I agree on the world-building part; while the plot's basically a ying-yang struggle of sorts, it takes place in such an amazing world.

The French market sure is amazing… You have other Taiyo Matsumoto manga as well, while the US has finally released Ping Pong after so many years.
Can't read French, so I gotta piggyback on what the USA releases anyway.

Medaka Box isn't very obscure… I think? It gets popularity points for 1) being a shounen, 2) being made by GAINAX, 3) Nisio Isin's story.


File: 1593981694485-0.jpg (185.6 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0017.jpg)

Also the Last Exile.


File: 1593985661452.png (1.07 MB, 1280x720, TurningGirls.png)

In other company I would be confident that nobody would know these two. Posting these two favorites in the august Sushi presence invites mockery - of course you already know both of these.

But just in case:

1) Bikini Warriors - 4 minute episodes.
Fun with the cliches of D&D.

2) Turning Girls - 4 minute episodes.
I really can't express how good this is. People on Kiss Anime comments have boasted about dropping it after 30 seconds. It's extraordinarily marvelous. Also, if you look up the background to the production, there is a good anecdote of how it came to be made.


File: 1593997843368.jpg (3.82 MB, 3000x3643, yande.re 30548 galaxy_expr….jpg)

…I guess it is obscure then. It's a really nice show based (sort of) on night on the galactic railroad. Most of the episodes are the adventures that happen when the 999 stops off at a planet. The film about cats called night on the galactic railroad is good too.


File: 1594003138899.jpg (3.81 MB, 3000x4088, 291df10d26784f118dfe53a618….jpg)

Range Murata should do more character/art design for anime


File: 1594030443409.jpg (1.53 MB, 3492x4593, 6885d13be089d21e1fcc8d7a59….jpg)

It's not really obscure. It's more like a lot of people who have heard about it never got to watching it. Same goes for LoGH, it's a decently popular show not many people have seen.

Agreed. Shame he worked for one of the most mediocre studios there were and only got to do artwork and character designs for 4-5 anime noone really talks about.


File: 1594033484011-0.png (1 MB, 817x1600, B9D.png)

So should Yoshitoshi Abe.


File: 1594034271107.jpg (1.8 MB, 4238x2919, f89a8b59f757bea99c4a18d56d….jpg)

It takes one image to make an ABe fan cry. ;_;


File: 1594036512641.jpg (519.55 KB, 1120x1600, 28ba865152f4ae6156c39e46db….jpg)

I've actually seen some of this when I was much younger, but not the whole thing. It's a very interesting show that I'd probably have gone back to by now if it weren't so long.
>he worked for one of the most mediocre studios there were and only got to do artwork and character designs for 4-5 anime noone really talks about.
At least Last Exile was pretty good! I haven't seen that semi-recent mecha show he did art for but I understand it was pretty mediocre if not straight up bad. You'd think the better anime would seek out the better artists to do their art but I guess not. Or is it perhaps a case of him just not being popular? Wish I knew more about the industry honestly, maybe it's time to watch Shirbako lol.
Yeah he's another of my favorite artists for sure. I have a lot of his and Murata's artbooks. At least most of what ABe's worked on is pretty great, and so is his manga!


File: 1594037615013.jpg (104.29 KB, 853x480, 627abe4e7a01fb1a5afd10c6be….jpg)

I'm actually amazed someone other than me posts Murata Renji artworks. Are you a copy of me, or am I a copy of you?

Anyone who likes Murata has a high probability of liking ABe as well, since these two have collaborated in the past.

>Or is it perhaps a case of him just not being popular?

Well, he was popular enough to be able to release a few artbooks and be invited for a couple of shows. Unfortunately there's a lot of wasted talent here and there, e.g. the latest anime ABe worked on was REALLY bad. Everyone wants to forget about its existence - a shame, because ABe did some real good art for it.


File: 1594041274854-0.jpg (608.92 KB, 1695x2429, a1a46f0e3c5a76ae4f1c9474f5….jpg)

File: 1594041274854-1.jpg (2.75 MB, 3000x4096, a36ec94da2a370320069c3e9ec….jpg)

File: 1594041274854-2.jpg (6.12 MB, 2981x3897, ecf1bcc7764b4b1772c32536c5….jpg)

>I'm actually amazed someone other than me posts Murata Renji artworks. Are you a copy of me, or am I a copy of you?
Who knows but I'm glad there's other fans of his on Sushi. He draws very cute girls and I love his weird scifi clothing designs
>these two have collaborated in the past.
Ehhh? You mean on that Robot magazine? Or something I'm unaware of?


What have you done, maniac
I wanted to forget about it


File: 1594588435800.webm (9.18 MB, 640x480, [RG]_Spirit_of_Wonder_-_C….webm)

I don't really have a top ten, but the Spirit of Wonder OVAs are pretty good adaptations of one of my favorite mangaka's work.
Key the Metal Idol is another OVA I really like, but it's not really obscure, just kind of old, like most of the shows people are posting in this thread.

OG ToHeart is great. I've always preferred the characters to the ToHeart 2 cast and its anime is much better, at least the first season.


File: 1594656648213.jpg (332.42 KB, 579x824, 0c925e05a2a7ecea4c1d143c7e….jpg)

>Ehhh? You mean on that Robot magazine? Or something I'm unaware of?
Yup. I actually wanted to get that one for myself some time ago, but I'm torn between paying a lot on Western sites and buying it in Japan when/if I finally go there.

Sorry ;_; We're all in this together…

>Key the Metal Idol
I heard about that one exactly once, on Lainchan. I'd say it is pretty obscure.


File: 1595934858012.jpg (127.57 KB, 1024x576, mpv-shot0001.jpg)

I suspect nobody here has seen Yurumates 3D.

I've watched (and enjoyed) Spirit of Wonder.
Also really like Kenji Tsuruta works.

>Battle Programmer Shirase. I'm confident of victory here since it's objectively pretty bad

No its good. I like it.


File: 1596440016539.jpg (111.31 KB, 969x720, Ahiru.jpg)

I watched the first season of Princess Tutu thanks to this thread. I need some help to understand what I'm looking at.

I'll just be honest and say I liked the first two episodes the best, which is probably blasphemous since they're the most comedy focused and least representative of the rest of the series, but that ant-eater was hilarious and Cat-Sensei's "I'll have you marry me" joke was kinda funny before it was repeated 60 times. I love Ahiru. Her character design and voice are so cute; I wish her VA was in more stuff. I read that the show's been used to teach dance appreciation classes, so that aspect's obviously amazing.

Once I got further into the story, however, it really lost me. One of the big themes of the show is the idea of self. Ahiru wonders whether it's really her or Princess Tutu performing the actions, and moreover whether or not it matters since she's "really just a duck." I just don't find this conflict interesting at all. Ahiru is Ahiru, doesn't matter whether she's a duck or not. Is there a metaphor that I'm missing, because I don't see how it applies to real life.

Another major theme is destiny and free will. There's an interesting concept about fate (I don't know what it's called) but it goes something along the lines of "if you had infinite computing power, and you knew the position and vector of every particle in the universe, you could accurately predict all future for all time." That's an interesting angle – that everything that will ever happen was determined at the beginning of the universe – but the show's exploration of free-will is that there's a cringy author named Drosselmeyer (with an godawful voice and character design) and now the characters have to play out his story even though they know better. Rue/Princess Kraehe is like "oh man, I don't want to be like this but I just can't help it" through like half of the show. How is that a struggle? It's like the characters (other than Ahiru) don't even have their own motivations, they just behave in the oversimplified way Drosselmeyer wrote them, which doesn't make for very intriguing characters. I feel literally nothing towards Rue, Mytho, or Fakir. Fakir gets better when he befriends Ahiru, but still it's like the tiniest character arc ever.

Anyway, sorry for the wall of text. And please don't take offense. I'm mostly just playing devil's advocate. I want to like the show, so you could probably change my mind pretty easily. I just don't know what I'm looking for here.


File: 1596512568847.jpg (13.19 KB, 474x266, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

I think it's really underrated tbh. You can find all the episodes on youtube, though the quality is pretty bad so I would recommend watching it somewhere else


One of my favourites. It's one of the most underrated anime series out there, and probably one of the most cyberpunk ones even though it doesn't look so.


I'll just say that if you liked those themes you'll like the second half of the show much better, where the characters actually start going against the script and Drosselmeyer himself.


> Her character design and voice are so cute; I wish her VA was in more stuff.
Me too! The first thing I did when I finished that show was look up her seiyuu and get disappointed that she's has almost no roles. And yeah like >>712 said I'd be really curious to see how you feel about the second half of the show, which is kind of where everything falls into place thematically, at least in my opinion.

I do wish I could say more specifically on the themes and elements you disliked but to be honest it's been so long since I've seen it that I don't remember enough to speak with authority about it.


This is one of my bf's faves. He made me watch it a few months ago.


He has good taste, then. And so do you!
tfw no gf to rec Kaiba to


It's probably kokoro toshoukan
according to mal at least.
I'm surprised no one knows it because it's actually the first slice of life anime IMO, came out the year before azumanga daioh.


Thanks! You too. I would recommend it to anyone here also, it's very cosy. Sorry for making you lose the challenge though!


File: 1596863889022.png (1.03 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot from 2020-08-07….png)

God dang. I just got done watching Kaiba thanks to you.

Chroniko's story in episode 3 was heart-wrenching. How can I feel so sad for a character I only knew for six minutes? The way the show portrays death is unique. I can see hundreds of gruesome deaths in Devilman Crybaby and it's not very affecting, but in Kaiba it's not even obvious they died. Their memories just float off into space and they're lost forever. It's haunting.


File: 1596864829174.jpg (30.4 KB, 253x393, Kemonozume_promotional_art.jpg)

While we're on the topic of Masaaki Yuasa, anyone seen Kemonozume? I wouldn't call it a favorite but it's a good one to mention in the spirit of continuing the game. I watched it ages ago and remember little other than it being extremely bizarre.


File: 1596896316085.png (8.38 MB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0637.png)

Isn't it you who lost the challenge since I've seen Kaiba? At least that's how I understand the rules went.
I've already lost in >>475 before.

I consider this episode to be the best one in the series, couldn't stop thinking about how Kaiba still used Chronico's body that Vanilla's lusted after for like half the series, while Chronico herself's been cheated and killed, her sacrifice ending up being worth nothing for days…

I have, just like most Yuasa's works.
It's just as crazy as Kaiba, but way less metaphorical - I'd say it's a Yuasa-style rendition of the forbidden love trope.
The last few episodes were a crazy ride. Plot-wise, not as good as his other works, but still enjoyable.


File: 1599065992008.png (508.15 KB, 640x480, Miracle Girls 11.avi_snaps….png)

Miracle Girls.


Slice of life is a pretty broad genre. A lot of WMT and other kids' anime from the 80s and 90s is slice of life and there was slice of life romance stuff in the 90s like Maison Ikkoku and His and Her Circumstances. Slice of life as a narrative style has always been common in shoujo too and it was pretty popular in general for stuff aimed at older audiences in the 90s.
If you mean 00s-style CGDCT moeshit specifically then I agree (the first YKK OVA came out earlier but if you ask me pure iyashikei is a different genre even if some stuff can fit into both), though moeshit in general was already pretty popular by then.


yeah i should have said cgdct not sol
there were sol things before for sure, you could even say it comes from the kishōtenketsu story structure.


File: 1599215500989.jpg (37.54 KB, 640x480, [Frostii] Yurumates [12604….jpg)

Yurumates 3D is good, but have you seen the original?


File: 1599215605356.jpg (42.51 KB, 640x480, [FroZen]_Miyuki_-_29_[DVD]….jpg)

I get pretty depressed reading through this thread and seeing what you guys think are "obscure".


What do you think is obscure?


Well, episode 29 of Miyuki, apparently.


Yeah, watched it before 3D.
Enjoyed it too, but I enjoy watching 3D slightly more because of its short episode format.


Dantalian no Shoka

no one remembers it and not many watched it but it was one i enjoyed very much when it aired. feeble girl is a literal magic library and she helps a young aristocrat solve weird mysteries and fight strange forces. 1920s europe, short series, ends weirdly, should have gone on longer. lovely music.


I watched this while it aired as well. It was well liked at the time and it's one of those things I'll be waiting to get a second season until the end of time. Hard to believe it's been almost 10 years.


File: 1609360889062.jpg (77.99 KB, 728x410, anime-the-rolling-girls-wa….jpg)

It may not be really the best out there, but it really has a special place in my heart.
I just really love The Rolling Girls.


I loved this show! It wasn't perfect but when it was good it was really good. Episode 08 will always stick with me as being really amazing. The Blue Hearts covers were great to hear, and I really liked the aesthetics of it, especially the watercolor backgrounds.


Penguin Highway
Was probably missed because it's a movie despite ANIPLEX USA localizing it.


>no one remembers it and not many watched it
I remember it being fairly popular back when it came out, at least in the beginning when it was episodic. At some point a plot got tacked on though and it became just another half-assed LN advertisement, albeit a very pretty one.
The OVA was great though.

The LNs ended in a couple volumes anyways. I don't know why they always try to shoehorn all this random crap into 12 episodes instead of just distill the essence of the source material or adapt the first volume or two really well to draw in readers. It's always disappointing.


This is a fun movie. I didn't realize it was overlooked.


File: 1610342625893.png (212.79 KB, 500x375, tumblr_p5rjoktt061qzqnxxo3….png)

So many interisteng Anime in these thread :)

The most obscure Anime I know is "Eguchi Hisashi no Nantoka Narudesho!". Not sure if i would call it one of my top 10 favorites but i enjoyed the weird sense of humor a lot.


ugh, Onee-san


I know this one. Still laughing at the Vulgar Family gag.


Let me tell you a story about the "toki-udon" -
A scampy little tale of a time long gone.
"Wait for the cashier, money a-countin' -
Get on with the timin' for a little less payin'!"
Tried the same little trick, right down to the bait,
"one, two, three, four, five, six, seven'eight!"
"What's the time? Niner or a ten?"
"Sorry my dearie, cashless is the trend."

This rakugo is about a girl who went to an udon restaurant, she finished eating and before paying the check she remembers an old Edo rakugo of some guy who tricked the owner by asking the hour while counting his money (counting something like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6… What time is it? Ah 8 o clock? Ok, 9, 10, here you go). She tries to do the same thing but the momemt she asks the time, the owner elegantly tells her they just recieve electronic payment.

This is a promotional anime for a manga called "Uchi No Shishou Wa Shippo Ga Nai." Basically its about a tanuki girl who wants to be a human.


File: 1611957701220.png (1.02 MB, 1125x1600, favoritefoods.png)

I read a couple chapters of the manga. I'm not japanese enough to understand the references but it is cute nonetheless.


Another rakugo.

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