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File: 1636832472958.jpg (83.52 KB, 850x759, 1510722282090.jpg)

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Thread for discussing group watching of anime or movies or anything else!

Right now I'm doing streams every Saturday at 17:00 EST/14:00 PST, on https://cytu.be/r/SushiStream! I'll post here before every stream but feel free to make suggestions or ask questions here as well.


File: 1636832556831.jpg (366.43 KB, 806x1018, 71146310_p8.jpg)

Just backlinking this post because the thread hit bump limit. Stream in 2 hours 15 minutes from this post!


We're live!


This movie looks cute, thinking about streaming it


File: 1637435638327.jpg (5.17 MB, 2928x4074, 74256159_p0.jpg)

Stream in 3 hours from this post! See you there. https://cytu.be/r/SushiStream


we're live!


File: 1637457665489.gif (1.3 MB, 245x245, download.gif)

Reminder not to trust spiders


Stream in ~2 hours!



File: 1638635120384.gif (45.59 KB, 600x600, 3d1ba27e87f4df3b983a415847….gif)

Stream later today!
I'm pretty sleep deprived, gonna nap some more now, but I hope to see you all there!



Let's watch Working!! next!!


File: 1638665557624.webm (53.04 KB, 444x492, ehee.webm)


File: 1638770994267.webm (2.55 MB, 714x538, 1638756956402.webm)

Dragon's Heaven looks cool as fuck, might be fun to stick with the 80's theme


File: 1639237650590.png (392.04 KB, 501x790, 1638648286853.png)

Stream later today! 17:00 EST/14:00 PST, at https://cytu.be/r/SushiStream!

We're watching the Dirty Pair movie, some GTO, and this weeks Senpai ga Uzai episode


Live in 1 hour


File: 1639259973180.jpg (34.42 KB, 632x596, 1602004605057.jpg)

we're live!!!!


File: 1639272012870.jpg (145.39 KB, 466x621, Screenshot_20210615-224938….jpg)

ty for streaming. Dumping list of anime I'd be into watching…
fei ren zai - chinese gag comedy shorts with chinese mythological characters
nichijou - the slice of life comedy and animation quality here is great
kon - tea and cake and guitars and moe!
spice and wolf - there's really a lot more wolf than spice tbh
>>3410 - this looks really fun
… I'd be fine with pretty much anything tho…!


File: 1639272272016.png (443.57 KB, 636x617, 1601516153049.png)

Thanks all for watching with me! The Dirty Pair movie is an awesome time, would recommend.

Also, the stream will be taking a break until after the new years, I hope you all have a great holiday season! I'll keep everyone updated in the thread, and feel free to leave some suggestions about what we should watch when streams resume


>The Dirty Pair movie is an awesome
It was so good


I'm glad that at least one of the two girls finally got a boyfriend lol


I still can't get over that fucking WATTSMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN OST


File: 1639346198003.gif (127.11 KB, 228x250, 1455280854935.gif)

>some suggestions
It's been a long while since last watched Yuyushiki, so I wouldn't mind a little rewatch as a side dish.


It was a masterpiece


I've never watched it. Sounds fun!


Streamer here, I'm always up for an excuse to watch more yuyus


watch Working!!, it's fun and cute!


I wish I could watch it again for the first time, love the show, that humour and cast is one of the best I have ever seen. I also wish yuyusday would be still around.


File: 1640454527373.jpg (94.84 KB, 826x788, DRxJK8jUIAAAPYs.jpeg.jpg)

Merry Christmas everyone!


File: 1641000404561.jpg (2.13 MB, 1280x1920, MV5BM2FkZjM5ODUtMGM0OC00ZT….jpg)

I feel like watching Hotarubi no Mori e.
It's 45 minutes so maybe we could watch it after the main stream.


Hi all, streamer here! I hope you all had a nice Christmas and New Year.
So originally the plan was to stream tomorrow, but I really want to watch the annual Sora no Woto marathon stream with 4/a/, so I will be doing that and getting very drunk on calvados. If you've never seen the show you should come watch, it's a fun time!
So yeah streams will officially restart on the 15th. Sorry for the long wait, I'm excited to hang out with everyone again.


File: 1642115791573.jpg (310.08 KB, 1875x1500, 83024d6378f602253c2f5eae1a….jpg)

Streamer here again, I'm back! I'll be streaming on Saturday, 17:00 EST/14:00 PST as always. We're gonna watch Hotarubi no Mori e cuz I've never seen it, finish off Senpai ga Uzai, and maybe watch some Yuyushiki or check out some seasonals or something.

Hope to see everyone there!


Stream in 12 hours from this post!


live at https://cytu.be/r/SushiStream in 1 hour!

The schedule today is:
Hotarubi no Mori e
Senpai ga Uzai 11
Senpai ga Uzai 12 (end)
GTO 21
Yuyushiki 01


We're live!


File: 1642623247720.jpg (492.18 KB, 1152x820, tsuritama_keyview_120113-O….jpg)

Hey Streamer-san, if you're still open to suggestions we could watch Tsuritama


File: 1642651080137.jpg (107.16 KB, 559x800, 88fa7fe6c1bc688b477f805657….jpg)

I'll add it to the spreadsheet. Tsuritama was one of my favorite shows from that season and I wouldn't mind watching it again to see how I feel about it 10 years (holy shit) later. I think I wanna do Princess Principal once we start another series in earnest though. It's been on my backlog for a long time and it has a movie that I'd quite like to see.

This Saturday we're gonna watch the Starlight Revue recap movie (because despite streaming it I don't remember as much as I would like), and then the sequel movie which we never got around to and is apparently quite good.

We'll also get back into GTO and maybe try out some seasonals. Akebi Seifuku, Bisque Doll, Slow Loop, and Sabikui Bisco are my current choices for that.


File: 1642652000255.png (2.55 MB, 1920x1080, 1472662440057.png)

I just realized I never replied to this post, my apologies.

I've seen all those shows (aside from the Chinese one) at least once if not more, but if there are enough people who haven't I'd be totally down to stream them. Especially K-On so I can gush over Ritsu lol. I just assume a lot of imageboard types will have seen certain popular shows such as those, but this place may not have the same amount of anime-focused people as others. To be honest a part of me still treats all anime/manga boards as 4/a/ where it's basically presupposed that everyone has things like EVA or K-On.

This is very off topic but I wonder how much the conception of what is and isn't a "must watch" or "classic" show has changed as I've gotten older. I'm fairly certain that the 13-16 year olds of today aren't watching Death Note and FMA and Haruhi, for example. There's basically a new "big two" in Boku no Hero Academia and Kimetsu no Yaiba (not sure if you could find a third for a proper big three. I guess One Piece is still going but is it still as popular?) but what about aside from that? idk.


>This is very off topic but I wonder how much the conception of what is and isn't a "must watch" or "classic" show has changed as I've gotten older.
Attack on Titan is probably currently one of the most popular and well liked anime at the current, and I think Jojo might also fit the bill as well


It's weird since Jojo as a franchise is so old, but you have a point with how explosively popular the new anime has been.


Did you remember to encode the sequel movie? Asking just in case


File: 1642832447121.jpg (1.06 MB, 1200x1600, 166c884bcd005c9171c5a9371f….jpg)

yup! I have both movies.


File: 1642883279426.png (528.23 KB, 1064x992, 1559957139810.png)

Stream in 1.5 hours! We're watching some movies today, hope to see you there: https://cytu.be/r/SushiStream


we're live!


File: 1642912722352.jpg (555.13 KB, 2560x2929, 83a64eb9913e98ac0bda72d191….jpg)

Stream over!
Thanks to everyone for hanging out.

The Revue Starlight movie was genuinely really awesome, highly recommended. It's spectacular visually and it gets its themes and messages across very powerfully. The anime series (which I still like quite a bit) feels meandering and awkward in comparison. I was surprised I liked it as much as I did and I see myself watching it again in the future for sure.


I've rewatched the ending scene to that movie like 5 times since the stream, it's way too cool.


File: 1643333334053.png (528.73 KB, 611x551, wwww.png)

ne ne sushistreamer, look at this funny image i found, it reminded me of you so i thought i'd show you!


File: 1643389348688.gif (481.47 KB, 1070x586, 1383100957110.gif)

hah, I've seen it before but it made me smile regardless, thanks!

Maybe I should print some Yukaris for my outlets too


File: 1643421067868.jpg (58.19 KB, 716x1011, 66729523_p45.jpg)

Stream tomorrow! And it's new show time! We're gonna start watching Princess Principal, because they've started a series of movies I'm curious about. I don't know anything about the show but it has cute girls and some cool action scenes, so I'm excited.

As always we'll start at 17:00 EST/14:00 PST, on https://cytu.be/r/SushiStream, Hope to see everyone there! We'll also watch some Akebi Seifuku and maybe some Yuyushiki afterwards as well.


File: 1643486498793.jpg (147.07 KB, 552x671, 4c937f2eb3f5cc814dd10e8dad….jpg)

Stream in 2 hours! See you there!



File: 1643503950445.jpg (562.86 KB, 1000x1400, 55f5bb97caa251898639c8a70f….jpg)

Stream over! Thanks everyone for hanging out. We had a lot of new people today, I hope to see some of you guys next week too.

We watched the first 6 episodes of Princess Principal if you'd like to catch up for next time. It's a super fun show about cute girls doing espionage in a steampunk future!


File: 1644042692067.png (433.57 KB, 1000x1480, 22884e52a91386c1a6c38f2fed….png)

Stream tomorrow!

Starting at 17:00 EST/14:00 PST, we're watching more Princess Principal, from episode 7! Hope to see you there.


(I realize this might say I posted this on Saturday but I promise I meant to post it while it was still Friday. Stream is Saturday as always)


File: 1644094628371.jpg (974.75 KB, 1030x1454, c950ec443134ead67814a35cc3….jpg)

Stream in 1 hour!


We're starting!


File: 1644700806205.jpg (324.7 KB, 706x1000, 19474791dfce9e2c7870cf4c3f….jpg)

Stream in 40 minutes! We're watching the PriPri movie, more GTO, and catching up to this weeks Akebi!



Next stream will be new show time again, at least until subs come out for the 2nd PriPri movie. Any recommendations? I was thinking about Dennou Coil, if not too many people have already seen it. It's been long enough for me that I'd like to see it again. It would also give us a reason to watch the new Mitsuo Iso anime. The trailer for it looks alright.

Sonny Boy is also something I'd like to watch since I missed out on it and every says it's great.

I'm interested in watching some older mecha anime but I don't really know what a good one would be that isn't too long for the stream.


War in the Pocket is a good and short mecha if you haven't watched it


I really like Working! it's a pretty cool anime and I recommend it!!


Gunbuster? It's only 6 episodes.


We actually already did Gunbuster and Diebuster. They were really great though!

I should put a list of everything we've watched in the next OP


Oh in addition to the shows I mentioned already I have thought about streaming Penguindrum in anticipation of the movie coming out.
This is a good suggestion, I've never seen anything Gundam aside from G-Gundam which is as unrepresentative as you can get.


File: 1645010065422.jpg (172.63 KB, 1920x1080, 1592846136647.jpg)

Heh, I thought about suggesting Penguindrum after the Starlight stream due to Furukawa's involvement in it, but I've heard that the upcoming movies will be a recap of the TV series split into two. It'll be probably be better to just stream the movies, or maybe stream the series and then do the movies after they both come out.


I think I've decided on War in the Pocket for next stream, it's only 6 episodes so we can watch it all in one go or split it up into two streams. Either way it'll be a short one.


I also want to watch the Alien 9 OVA with everyone sometime now that I've read the manga


File: 1645278639154.png (840.69 KB, 1000x1500, 1458415878920.png)

Stream later today! We're starting a new show: Mobile Suit Gundam: 0080 War in the Pocket. It's a six-episode OVA from 1989. We'll also watch the new Akebi episode and other stuff as always! Hope to see you there @ https://cytu.be/r/SushiStream, 17:00 EST/14:00 PST!


Stream in half an hour!


Great stream guys
Thanks for hanging out


File: 1645895396294.jpg (140.23 KB, 1000x1000, 1590862577786.jpg)

Stream today! We're gonna watch Alien 9 today, because it's short and I just read the manga. Also more GTO, Yuyushiki, and Akebi! Hope to see you there.



We're live get in here!


File: 1646081645566.png (2.23 MB, 1920x1080, [ASW] Akebi-chan no Sailor….png)

Kao is the cutest!


Interesting and cute old Alien 9 fansite



Alien9 was so good and dreadful at the same time. It wasn't unskilled I mean, it was very.adept at telling a story that made me feel dread… I feel like it's going to build up in my psyche until I eventually go and binge read the entire manga.


File: 1646363315365.jpg (213.35 KB, 720x576, 67833546854213.jpg)

Yeah I know exactly what you mean. It's such a well made and compelling anime but it really tries and succeeds to make you feel uncomfortable and tense. I appreciate it for that though, and I think there's value in that. They do such a good job making me empathize with Yuri and her friends that I was really invested in them.


File: 1646493104381.jpg (111.95 KB, 1280x720, 1447640940067.jpg)

We're gonna start Dennou Coil, it's about AR glasses and solving mysteries, hope to see you there!
as always, 17:00 EST/14:00 PST @ https://cytu.be/r/SushiStream


live in 1 hour from this post!


we're live get in here!


Thanks everyone for watching!
Hope we all enjoyed Dennou Coil. Next week we're gonna continue it from episode 6, so watch 1-5 if you wanna catch up!


Hey, i have a couple suggestions!

Working!! is a good one and has a cute tomboy in it. i think some of you might like it.
Another is Azumanga, very classic comedy, and i think it even works well in English dub but it's okay whatever way you watch it!


File: 1646738330496.jpg (344.22 KB, 925x1126, 5ad2147bf29b7d0b4623c5783e….jpg)

Roll really really likes Working!!, huh?


I wouldn't mind it taking the spot Yuyushiki has currently once we're done with that. I've never seen it.


File: 1646958928839.png (101.11 KB, 522x406, osaka_is_a_plane.png)

both are awesome


File: 1647058913802.jpg (171.66 KB, 1000x835, 1610144107161.jpg)

For the stream on Saturday I'm gonna play episode 5 of Dennou Coil around half an hour before the stream starts, for my own benefit and anyone elses who might've been distracted by the buffering issues we had. I'll post again tomorrow to remind everyone and I hope to you see you all there! If you'd like to catch up and join us now is the time, we've watched episodes 1-5


File: 1647099548757.gif (89.63 KB, 128x128, 682112150600155158.gif)

Stream today! As always, 17:00 EST/14:00 PST @ https://cytu.be/r/SushiStream

See you there!
Current show is Dennou Coil, starting from episode 6 today


File: 1647107423802.jpg (34.51 KB, 400x400, 1647071119034.jpg)

buffering also distracted me. I might come a little earlier and watch this ep again too


we're live!


File: 1647717465967.jpg (188.53 KB, 1080x1201, a16c30ba9373752cf8f353fc18….jpg)

Stream today!
in 2 hours!!!


File: 1648314936276.jpg (117.42 KB, 550x683, 1616056112162.jpg)

Good morning everynyan!
Stream today!
In uhhhh about 4 hours from this post


Wow, I've never seen that Renge before!


It's a mythic-rare


File: 1648324968045.jpg (206.41 KB, 585x550, 1644078840532.jpg)

Wow, I've seen this Renge before!


File: 1648325173224.gif (271.31 KB, 480x270, 1436823646621.gif)

Stream in 1 hour @ https://cytu.be/r/SushiStream
Feel free to come hang out beforehand though!
We're watching episodes 15-20 of Dennou Coil, continuing GTO, and finishing Akebi Seifuku and Yuyushiki


we're live!


Stream over!
thanks for hanging out!


Yui suki!


suki suki~


File: 1648355130893.gif (1.25 MB, 268x300, 1422386013729.gif)

12th episode of Yuyushiki got me a little emotional I can't lie.
Especially when Yuzuko is wishing Yukari to have a good future and when Yui said "it would be a waste not to spend money on you two" or whatever it was. And the OP arrange aaaaaaaaaaa
They're such good friends ;_;


File: 1648680357199.jpg (1015.48 KB, 1280x5040, when's the most fun.jpg)

I'm particularly fond of this moment


File: 1648689160686.jpg (4.47 MB, 3883x2916, 41b1f0886f175e4a01754aa818….jpg)

For a show that is primarily comprised of hyperactive yuri comedy, the friendship stuff in Yuyushiki is surprisingly impactful.


File: 1648823315108.jpg (113.55 KB, 1920x1080, 1449441896494.jpg)

Good morning sushis
Just a reminder post that we're finishing Dennou Coil tomorrow @ https://cytu.be/r/SushiStream! See you all there. As always we'll also continue GTO and watch more.


File: 1648922568313.png (392.56 KB, 722x406, FPUBta_XEAA6_GX.png)

stream today


Live in 1 hour at https://cytu.be/r/SushiStream !!!


File: 1648933038007.jpg (67.04 KB, 461x494, 1449765089316.jpg)

we live get in here!


File: 1648958479789.jpg (38.45 KB, 640x480, 124e359745f289476df6aeeedf….jpg)

Thanks for hanging out everyone
Dennou Coil was a fantastic show, really glad I rewatched it. Such an emotional ending.

Next week I have no plans for what to watch as usual so if anyone wants to see something please do make a recommendation here in the thread!


File: 1649022845291.gif (1.58 MB, 592x517, 1475295599803.gif)


File: 1649024276195.png (373.11 KB, 540x648, 1537717688978.png)

Those are all great choices.
It's very hard to pick just one.
Maybe pick one of the single cour ones first?


I also noticed that you have the TV series of Magic User's Club linked.
Just letting you know that there's a 6 episode OVA that came before that.


>Just letting you know that there's a 6 episode OVA that came before that.
ah, yeah I know about it. Kyousougiga as well has a couple OVAs that come before the TV anime, so of course we'd watch these in order.

For Patlabor, which has a 50-episode series post OVA + movies, we'd probably only watch the OVA and movies. The MC is a really cute tomboy though so I wanna see it

I'm specifically interested in Magic Users Club because it has Ryutaro Nakamura and Chiaki J Konaka on the staff list, AND it has character designs by Ikuko Itoh who did Princess Tutu AND it shares a director with Tutu as well. So many people connected to some of my favorite anime in one show.


File: 1649332200945.jpg (115.83 KB, 900x800, _gift______die_young______….jpg)

All of these sound good! I'm most interested by mahoutsukai tai, show by rock, kuuchuu buranko, and art design class.

I watched paranoia agent a long time ago and remember it was trippy and interesting and reminiscent of lain and paprika, but I dont actually remember it in much detail so it would be cool to try again.

Working has been mentioned a bunch. I never watched it but heard it's fun.
Has everyone seen Joshiraku? I really like the humor, it seems similar to yuyushiki and bakemonogatari. Partially translated language jokes and general silliness. It also made me go learn about rakugo. Jugemu is funny.

I'd also watch monster musume, interviews with monster girls, and seton academy if there was any interest in them idk.


File: 1649412251660.png (293.43 KB, 595x842, 75359edf6271d47dc87b171e4d….png)

Mahoutsukai Tai it is then!
See you all on Saturday!


File: 1649532470978.jpg (105.76 KB, 539x600, Mahou.Tsukai.Tai.full.1786….jpg)

Stream today, in about an hour and a half! We're watching the 6-episode Mahoutsukai Tai OVA, hope to see you there!

17:00 EST/14:00 PST, on https://cytu.be/r/SushiStream as always.


(we'll also check out some more airing shows and pick one to follow along with weekly)


File: 1649537739932.gif (1.04 MB, 380x480, download.gif)

We're live!


File: 1649557037343-0.png (681.82 KB, 720x480, Mahoutsukai Tai! - 05 (DVD….png)

File: 1649557037343-1.png (568.76 KB, 720x480, Mahoutsukai Tai! - 05 (DVD….png)

File: 1649557037343-2.png (676.29 KB, 720x480, Mahoutsukai Tai! - 04 (DVD….png)

File: 1649557037343-3.png (399.48 KB, 720x480, Mahoutsukai Tai! - 04 (DVD….png)

Very fun OVA, I was really impressed with the animation and humor, and the romance was handled surprisingly excellently. Great fanservice too, all the girls were super cute. Nanako ESPECIALLY like holy crap just look at her.

The plot was very silly and surface level but it fit with the tone of the overall show very well so I can't really fault it for that. The mech designs were really cool and the alien stuff had a satisfying resolution and at least somewhat interesting motivations. Can't wait to watch the sequel next week.


File: 1649590607608-0.png (352.82 KB, 640x480, [Exiled-Destiny]_Magic_Use….png)

File: 1649590607608-1.png (359.33 KB, 640x480, [Exiled-Destiny]_Magic_Use….png)

File: 1649590607608-2.png (349.33 KB, 640x480, [Exiled-Destiny]_Magic_Use….png)

File: 1649590607608-3.png (284.95 KB, 640x480, [Exiled-Destiny]_Magic_Use….png)

>Nanako ESPECIALLY like holy crap just look at her
I think you mispelled "Akane" there


File: 1649604689972-0.gif (1.68 MB, 320x234, YSt9Mp.gif)

File: 1649604689974-1.jpg (155.21 KB, 628x765, 20220410_112933.jpg)

File: 1649604689974-2.jpg (254.62 KB, 938x716, 20220410_113032.jpg)

File: 1649604689974-3.jpg (169.89 KB, 938x716, 20220410_113000.jpg)

How did you manage to misspell "Sawanoguchi" while trying correct someone else?


File: 1649604786691.jpg (169.89 KB, 514x781, 20220410_113000.jpg)


File: 1649605355282-0.jpg (1.54 MB, 2000x4092, 1ab71bb193dff5d598e6049f2f….jpg)

File: 1649605355282-1.jpg (179.62 KB, 800x1111, 614c6f6be6b51e56c45e1b4383….jpg)

File: 1649605355282-2.jpg (574.33 KB, 800x1600, 84986fb69d5fa412e9abb72d55….jpg)

It's Nanaka tho, for real


File: 1649626236768.gif (2.14 MB, 500x500, 071931f4f63028a3913ae6f638….gif)

Those horizontal bar scenes were dangerous
This whole show is dangerous


File: 1649740921240-0.jpg (1.43 MB, 2000x4102, 1b0676de323717420d37b574f5….jpg)

File: 1649740921240-1.jpg (787.91 KB, 848x1200, 2a46c6bfdbb29ad1dd87b9d141….jpg)

File: 1649740921240-2.png (1.17 MB, 742x1040, a6120c94b657a3e0581f93623f….png)

File: 1649740921240-3.png (306.78 KB, 429x837, 806e5e6527edd1f09557c79ad0….png)

Seems like Mahoutsukai Tai was a hit so we'll be starting the TV series sequel to the OVA this weekend!


Yay! We'll get to see more of best girl being best!
I'm not going to Sae who it is


File: 1650041978813.jpg (178.06 KB, 1600x900, E9h7mubVIAUbWTQ.jpg)

Stream tomorrow! Be there or be square!


File: 1650125191393.png (484.49 KB, 780x780, eb09da19-c32f-4924-8821-77….png)

Tomorrow has become today! Join us for episodes 01-04 of the Mahoutsukai Tai TV series on https://cytu.be/r/SushiStream, 17:00 EST/14:00 PST!


File: 1650139181651.jpg (287.6 KB, 800x2000, FQZBryAWQAQg0a6.jpg)

Live in 1 hour!


We're live! Get in!


File: 1650295187056.jpg (1002.86 KB, 1191x1190, 5d0b767d1b41aa80d275a6cdcb….jpg)

Mahoutsukai Tai TV is a bit of a disappointing step down in terms of animation, but the characters are still just as fun as ever, and the episode premises have been incredibly fun so far. The one where they turned all doors into portals to other doors was amazing.


File: 1650670470815.jpg (486.33 KB, 677x981, 3109add2fcc73f121e058ec1e9….jpg)

Stream tomorrow!
17:00 EST/14:00 PST, on https://cytu.be/r/SushiStream!

In case anyone wants to catch up we'll be watching:
Mahoutsukai Tai TV 05-08
GTO 33
Spy x Family 03
Kunoichi Tsubaki 03


File: 1650672050075.jpg (36.93 KB, 700x525, n_7.jpg)

I'm glad these are still around. Life has been weird for way too long now but one day I want to join the streams again.


Niea_7 stream feels like it was so long ago now…
>I'm glad these are still around.
Thank you for saying so! I'm really glad I've been able to keep streaming regularly. It's been a lot of fun, I look forwards to it every week


arrrgh i've missed so many now it seems impossible to catch up
there's always next week i guess…


Mahoutsukai Tai is pretty episodic I don't think you'd miss much


File: 1650733903180.jpg (5.49 MB, 2480x3508, 10732f6a5de5870fd1c6ba06d5….jpg)

Stream today!
17:00 EST/14:00 PST, on https://cytu.be/r/SushiStream!
See you there


live in one hour!


We're live!


File: 1651274910511.png (250.08 KB, 720x720, 32ad9c2c84f7aa5aedc33ba87c….png)

Stream tomorrow! Hope to see you all there.

17:00 EST/14:00 PST, on https://cytu.be/r/SushiStream!


File: 1651347530252.jpg (54.83 KB, 796x997, 97fcaeb5bfcd3712e90d24d6f9….jpg)

Stream today! We're going to finish off Mahoutsukai Tai and continue with GTO and seasonals as usual!


File: 1651351577262.jpg (227.56 KB, 520x700, 990c8b75f1efcfb1abadeaddef….jpg)

we're live! get in here! https://cytu.be/r/SushiStream


File: 1651425712267.jpg (582.24 KB, 1388x694, 94945601_p0.jpg)

Happy birthday Yui!


File: 1651436927834.jpg (109.82 KB, 1280x720, 1367960336821.jpg)

Happy birthday Yui!


File: 1651880745057.jpg (8.66 KB, 210x206, bca5d3816ceea051fc9e5e5f1b….jpg)

Stream tomorrow!
We're gonna watch The Orbital Children, it's a newer anime by the same guy who created Dennou Coil. Just 6 episodes so it'll be a self-contained stream. Hope to see you all there!

Saturday at 17:00 EST/14:00 PST, on https://cytu.be/r/SushiStream!


File: 1651940350230.jpg (52.1 KB, 661x779, 68963552_p126.jpg)

Stream today!


Live in 1 hour from now!


File: 1651956853699.gif (164.89 KB, 434x353, 91a96a7b216892e5ecd9aa7475….gif)

we're live! get in here!


Pettan pettan tsurupettan. Now this brings back memories… Thanks for posting that, sushi.


File: 1652424007761.jpg (84.09 KB, 1600x900, ErXZsBEUYAENd2B.jpg)

Anyone have any recommendations for this weekends stream? I put a list of potential things here >>3827, if any of these stand out to you let me know! Or if you have an idea you think would be good!



I think Kino no Tabi would be fun with its philosophical aspects


File: 1652460931368.jpg (1.45 MB, 1877x3497, 9027afd92ef7a2e4e4bc659159….jpg)

Streamer here

I think I've seen Kino no Tabi a few too many times to want to do a rewatch, sorry! I had it on bootleg DVD from an anime con when I was a kid www

Bartender looks really interesting! I got into mixing drinks last year so it appeals to me, also looks quite comfy. That and Super Cub though might make better "one episode per stream" kinda shows once we're done with Mashimaro and Magipoka.

Everyone seemed to enjoy War in the Pocket, so how about 08th MS Team?


File: 1652470921519.jpg (291.48 KB, 1378x2039, a0d421181869c9ecc86d6afea5….jpg)

I'm partial towards GA because my favourite seiyuu is voicing a character in it. Other than that I'd say 08th MS Team, however Xenoglossia looks like it could be a fun stream.

I feel the same way about Kino.


File: 1652483374801.jpg (181.29 KB, 1280x738, FPesQcjWQAUbo1q.jpg)

I'd like to watch those as 1 a week, but I dunno if Bartender or Supercub would have that same yuyu/mashi/magi energy..!


File: 1652529695815.png (2.99 MB, 2000x1583, 45dc494c51b12fe49bba1931c4….png)

Good morning all!
Stream today, 17:00 EST/14:00 PST, on https://cytu.be/r/SushiStream!

We're gonna watch another Gundam series, 08th MS team! probably will do the first 4 episodes so we finish it in 3 streams. Hope to see you there!


File: 1652545915252.jpg (140.07 KB, 2400x1350, rGSNnhAZYW820xlieLbuyRNfsR….jpg)

Hey streamer and everyone, what do you think about watching
on stream sometime? It looks different to the usual, but I think it could be fun.


File: 1652546878398.jpg (93.24 KB, 548x372, a0212807_1353310.jpg)

Sure, I'd love some Kurosawa.
This board is called /otaku/ after all, so we shouldn't really be limited to anime.


In the immoral words of the bare naked ladies;
Like Kurosawa, I make mad films, 'kay, I don't make films
But if I did they'd have a Samurai
Gotta get in tune with Sailor Moon
'Cause that cartoon has got the boom anime babes
That make me think the wrong thing


Stream in 1 hour!
I'd be down for doing some Japanese film occasionally! In another era of the stream I actually did do Rashomon, as well as Love and Pop and Tetsuo the Iron Man. This was long enough ago though that I don't mind rewatching any of them, or others!


File: 1652561699800.jpg (4.36 MB, 3242x4573, 411390.jpg)

We're live with 08th MS Team! https://cytu.be/r/SushiStream


Just wanted to say that there are a lot of good shows being watched, fills me with joy to see them getting some recognition.


File: 1653153879715.png (520.37 KB, 1288x1080, kiki.png)

Stream today! We'll be watching episodes 05-08 of 08th MS Team! Hope to see you there, 17:00 EST/14:00 PST, on https://cytu.be/r/SushiStream!


live in 30 minutes!


we're live!


File: 1653463382531.png (527.74 KB, 783x598, 1472996125818.png)

So we've been watching Magipoka on stream post-show when there's nothing else to watch, and I stumbled on a manga the other day called スーパードクターK (Super Doctor K)

I have to wonder if the dumb titty doctor who shows up in some episodes, スーパードクターK子 (Super Doctor K-Ko), isn't a reference to this


Traveling around being mean to cute monsters is a lot less cool then traveling around curing people with your deft surgery skills… the name is similar enough that I'm curious but I think it's a coincidence. Or maybe they are both making an allusion to something else.


Lol, I'm way overthinking this… It looks like "sugoi dokuta" shows up a lot on it's own, but our boy "sugoi dokuta K" is definitely the top suggested search for sugoi docters. There's also a bunch of other "doctor K", a 1999 korean movie, and an irl person calling themselves dr K in the west.
Seems like at least the latter is unlikely to be referencing the 1988 manga, but the former may be.
There's also other examples of name shortening to K, but being specifically "スーパードクターK" feels too close to just be coincidence. The suffix "Ko" it seems, mean "child" and is used on female names to make them seem cutesy. So K-Ko is like, trying to be a cutesy version of this epic doctor, which kinda fits her.
I haven't read the manga though. It could be there are other things that make this joke make more sense, or given the amount of time Dr K had been out for when magipoka was made, it could be a direct reference, but only to the most surface knowledge of "cool doctor name".


File: 1653760989283.jpg (1.43 MB, 1992x2808, f0ae6e75ff280e949a17980b3e….jpg)

Stream today! In 3 hours!
We'll be finishing 08th MS Team today, hope to see you there!


File: 1653768328425.png (1.1 MB, 1920x1080, Brock_Key_Stone.png)

Woaha look at the size of that jelly donut!


File: 1653768717799.jpg (3.36 KB, 97x121, cb581bb78dfabb3c067fe50763….jpg)



File: 1653791299487.jpg (538.7 KB, 1600x1256, 08thMsTeam.jpg)

Thanks for watching with me everyone! 08th MS Team was really really fun, loved all the 2D mech action and the general vibe of the show was great. Hope to see everyone next week! I think we're gonna watch an old Gainax show again, Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi!


Kiki a best, she's so cute


oh yeah and since it's come up a couple times and the stream has been going for a while now, I made a quick list of everything we've watched so far. I'll make a pastebin and link it in the next thread OP so people can refer to it. For now though I'll just put it here:

Koe de Oshigoto
Princess Tutu
Revue Starlight + Movie
Asobi Asobase
Cencoroll 1 + 2
Kare Kano
Dirty Pair + Movie
Senpai ga Uzai
Hotarubi no Mori e
Princess Principal + Crown Handler 1
War in the Pocket
Alien 9
Dennou Coil
Akebi Seifuku
Mahoutsukai Tai
Mahoutsukai Tai TV
The Orbital Children
08th MS Team
Ichigo Mashimaro
Spy x Family
Kunoichi Tsubaki


File: 1654312734142.jpg (547.73 KB, 1680x1050, abenobashi.jpg)

We're gonna start Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi!
Join us for some oldschool Gainax fun!


File: 1654371025951.png (87.22 KB, 282x281, 1880ae0c99077a0ae50e55c0c7….png)

Good morning everyone!
Stream today, 17:00 EST/14:00 PST, on https://cytu.be/r/SushiStream as always (that's in about 1.5 hours from this post!)


Live in 30 minutes!



File: 1655166387404.png (617.78 KB, 566x1079, 98b01866032f5459af517c139f….png)

Benisumomo :DDDD


File: 1655171329729.jpg (18.4 KB, 600x600, st,small,507x507-pad,600x6….jpg)

Nice numbers


File: 1655172233713.gif (3.11 MB, 980x654, ninjaroulette.gif)

Ninja roulette!


File: 1655172990345.png (169.97 KB, 986x660, Azami.PNG)

Not one of my top choices, but I can't deny that the sassy trendy ninja duo were really cute


File: 1655179070992.jpg (421.92 KB, 1080x880, Screenshot_20220613-235551….jpg)

Huh… I got azami too…?


File: 1655182596422.png (372.03 KB, 970x658, RouletteResults.png)

got a big girl


sorry sushi roll but we have to battle for her now
lucky! Asagao a cute


Alright, but I warn you, my shuriken are fast and true


File: 1655204140634.png (235.79 KB, 980x654, 1655172233713.png)

Badass boar


File: 1655242213399.png (531.99 KB, 929x833, 20220614_172717.png)

I went to cheat only to discover Dokudami wasn't even in there! The game was rigged from the start!
I rolled smartest bestest girl! Lucky!


now this is dedication to your favorite girl lol
I'm disappointed that image doesn't have all the ninjas!


File: 1655562031579.jpg (114.18 KB, 1224x1080, 71ae01fb37376db826612522f7….jpg)

Stream today!
We're gonna finish Abenobashi and pick something new for next time! Hope to see you there!


File: 1655582394606.png (1007.46 KB, 1254x1771, 77442138e5c2ce4b90129a385b….png)


we're live!


File: 1655607463125.webm (2.7 MB, 480x360, CursedWide.webm)

bon appetit


Impressive curse. I wonder how it's accomplished.


Thanks everyone for watching with me yesterday. Abenobashi was an interesting show, I don't quite understand the ending and it still felt like a cop-out to me, especially in lieu of the themes it was building towards. But overall I quite enjoyed the slapstick humor and over the top Gainax animation. And Arumi is super adorable. I think I understand why it's one of the less talked about older Gainax shows, but I'm glad we saw it.

Next stream we're gonna watch this movie, and finish GTO! Hope to see you guys there :>


File: 1655645983135.png (335.82 KB, 569x387, 1630892649396.png)

Merci beaucoup


File: 1655647176625.jpg (1.57 MB, 1920x2221, d7a839dae692f072a5a8cc96b1….jpg)

I can't believe that episode of Kunoichi Tsubaki was ALMOST as lewd as the hot springs one

Remember to practice your attractiveness jutsu everyone


File: 1655647934329.jpg (570.4 KB, 1280x720, XDDDDDD.jpg)

>was ALMOST as lewd
It would've crossed the barrier if Benis had shown up


File: 1655650237590.webm (1.66 MB, 1920x1080, 1645624748567.webm)

I haven't looked into it much myself but I have found this tool that helps you make them and provides some explanation.


File: 1655650720666.webm (2.44 MB, 1280x720, ff312df3d1fc63b60d4204b09….webm)

Benisumomo is dangerously sexycute


File: 1655986417047.png (141.93 KB, 577x866, 1655843238070.png)

However, what if we were to take the two and put them together?


Has science gone too far?!


File: 1656164596173.jpg (445.63 KB, 2019x1757, ae4e5861a97a1cd08ce1ff2873….jpg)

Stream today! Hope everyone had a lovely friday.

We'll be watching the movie discussed here >>4018 and finishing GTO and Kunoichi Tsubaki! If we need more stuff to watch I also have >>3410 encoded! Hope to see you all there, 17:00 EST/14:00 PST, on https://cytu.be/r/SushiStream.


Yay stream today (^__^)


File: 1656177737542.jpg (1.3 MB, 1200x1600, 5eff48dd44898bdeea5dbd52c3….jpg)

Streamer-san, since it's summer I think it would be a good idea to stream a horror themed anime for next time, something like Tesogare Otome x Amnesia would be my suggestion. What do you think?


Spooky girls make me feel warm and fuzzy


File: 1656185315371.jpg (95.95 KB, 500x375, 1473051517719.jpg)

I'm not against it, I'll do some research on that and other potential horror stuff!


File: 1656187204590.jpg (74.94 KB, 900x661, totsukuni_no_shoujo_by_zen….jpg)


We're live!


File: 1656204540606.jpg (249 KB, 1350x1920, 3c02327c569af6e911024ab3df….jpg)

Great stream guys! Thanks for hanging out with me. Totsukuni no Shoujo was excellent. Really beautiful and unique style and a touching, heartwarming story with an interesting ending. Definitely recommended if you've an hour and ten minutes to spare.

Also it's surreal to be finally done with GTO, I had a great time with it and am gonna miss it a lot.


File: 1656530623336.jpg (106.76 KB, 1280x720, taishoumusume.jpg)

I think we're gonna start Taishou Yakkyuu Musume this weekend if everyone is OK with that pick


File: 1656536601623.jpg (134.49 KB, 1280x720, haikara-san-ga-tooru.jpg)

I'm always up for some Taishou era goodness. Great pick OP!

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