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Let's have a thread to discuss visual novels, light novels, and other non anime/manga related otaku media! I would preffer if we avoid v-tuber discussion in this thread, I personally consider it more youtube/streamer culture than otaku culture. However if you feel differently that is okay.

Recently I have been getting into visual novels and eroge. My favorite so far is subarashiki hibi.
Right now I am playing chaos;head and Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo. Chaos;head is pretty good, but it's a little frustrating, because it feels like characters often speak in a cryptic way to the main character for no reason other than to stretch out the plot. I find myself frustrated with the characters sometimes although in general i would say the vn does a good job with regards to making the reader unsure of what's real and what's delusion, putting them in the emotions of the main character.
I am not really far enough into sharin no kuni to make a judgement on it yet, but I thought it was interesting the the mc is a stoner. Not something you see often in japanese media.
What is your favourite vn? what have you been reading lately?


Chaos;Head is probably the least friendly SciAdv VN. Whether you can can enjoy or not it depends solely on your ability to empathize with Takumi and his brain problems. The plot itself is kind of circumstantial was kind of circumstantial (and not that good) if I remember correctly.


I'm playing Robotics;Notes DaSH right now. It's fun so far. I haven't played many VNs, though, so I'm not sure how it stacks up in quality.


I saw that for Switch at an electronics store the other day. I'm used to localized anime DVDs and games but it somehow always feels weird to see VNs in stores in the US.


It does feel a little weird, doesn't it? I felt the same way when I saw a Touhou spinoff in a game store last year.


Why is Tsukihime's remake made for console


nasu is still embarrassed about how bad the h-scenes are and doesn't want anyone to ask about them


Isn't the new version non-H anyway?


I've recently played Chaos;head, House in Fata Morgana and started Robotics;Notes. I strongly recommend Fata Morgana, it was one of the best stories I've read


yes this way he has an excuse instead of pissing everyone off with blue dragon shit like in realta nua
sad too because shiki is kind of a very sexual character and tsukihime as a whole has more underlying sexual tension than fsn


Any sound novel fans here? I thought this game called Terrors for the Wonderswan sounded quite neat:

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