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File: 1590468380302.webm (5.74 MB, 1280x720, Itsudemo irovyu.webm)


Do you like Hololive personalities, sushi?


I like the one that sang scatman


File: 1602305565037.gif (2.09 MB, 600x480, 1601997654010.gif)

Not Hololive but I like Pikamee a lot
I can't understand Japanese and I prefer watching whole streams, so I appreciate that she self translates or just talks in English a lot. Also she's cute.


File: 1602344554185.jpg (10.34 KB, 269x338, OG vtuber.jpg)

He was a real treasure.


I ended up checking them out because of this thread, I found a couple that I like (like Pikamee) but the whole idol aspect is really off putting to me. Like I saw someone mention how a vtuber was forced to apologise and take a break after her microphone picked up a male voice in the background, I just find that kind of stuff really disgusting and it makes watching them not fun.


Only one matters.


File: 1602376187931.png (712.22 KB, 1740x2217, 1602310789193.png)

I said it in another thread but I'll say it here as well: I was sure that HoloEN was gonna be a big mistake, but I actually like it. The shark is my favorite.
>how a vtuber was forced to apologise and take a break after her microphone picked up a male voice in the background
It's a good thing Pika only has eyes for Sonic and comic LO
But yeah jokes aside, the obsessive idolfag stuff is off putting to me as well, and a lot of people say Cover is a shitty company. But as with anything I suppose it's best to try and enjoy it and ignore the fan base if it gets bad.


File: 1602378428160.jpg (4.92 MB, 3500x1968, 71835761_p0.jpg)

Yeah, I agree the whole idol culture is pretty gross, but if it helps I'm pretty sure that's specific to hololive - other vtuber groups like VOMS (the one Pikamee is part of) and indie vtubers don't tend to project the whole "idol" image. In fact, I've seen a clip of a popular Japanese indie vtuber (one who's done a lot of hololive collabs, in fact) talking about her ex-boyfriend, which would be a big no-no for an "idol" vtuber, and it didn't cause any controversy at all.

I also think it's pretty safe to say that even within hololive EN that kind of thing wouldn't cause much controversy since most of the English-speaking audience doesn't really care about idol culture. This is kind of evidenced by the fact that Towa (the vtuber you were talking about with the controversy) specifically said that most English-speaking fans were giving her a lot of support when that happened, and she also started actively trying to learn English around that time, which I'm pretty sure isn't a coincidence - I think she probably wants to be able to fall back on streaming for English-speaking fans in case her Japanese fans ever ostracize her completely (that's just speculation on my part though)


File: 1602385250238.jpg (163.99 KB, 960x1280, 45087cdd815a0eb8acd7c943b5….jpg)

Lol incredible taste. You got a sauce about comic LO?

Thanks, I'm glad it's not as bad as I thought.


File: 1602388222461-0.jpg (694.1 KB, 667x1080, 1602036332084.jpg)

File: 1602388222461-1.png (181.57 KB, 606x1390, 1601937380387.png)

File: 1602388222461-2.png (78.69 KB, 1408x520, 1601938514269.png)

She's made reference to her, uh, tastes a couple of times lol. She talks a bit about having an alt account on twitter to follow "that kind of art" in this stream too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcwWZgNuVJk


File: 1602390202138.jpg (954.93 KB, 1480x2071, __shimotsuki_potofu_origin….jpg)

I think this was the first stream where she hinted at her lolicon tendencies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfXtrruYems

Also, here's her talking about how she's a huge fan of Kani Biimu, an artist who draws a lot of lewd loli art and loli yuri doujins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-qC8rMkROY&t=1h54m


File: 1602396347442.jpg (22.14 KB, 615x343, 1601311700981.jpg)

POV: You are 9-12 years old


File: 1602575801901.jpg (372.59 KB, 2104x2208, 1601777502644.jpg)

Pikamee has a Karaoke stream on the 17th. I don't think I've ever heard her sing so I'm pretty curious.


File: 1602637070564.jpg (248.34 KB, 850x605, sample_604e79c8a62b6082e01….jpg)

Why does kiara's model look so much better than everyone else's?


Yes and no. It depends on how much fake do I feel they are.
If some vtuber is 80% gimmicks, I usually won't have attention to watch them anyway. Not gonna lie, what they play usually doesn't interest me (I also never liked let's plays, as I strongly believe some games have to be experienced from the first person POV).

Pikamee's great. She just does what she wants to.
Great model and aesthetics as well.

Depends on the audience. Similar thing happened to one of the Nijisanji Vtubers and the chat just went with "omedetou".
When it comes to Hololive, they're more on the idol side, although for example Coco's identity and the fact she has a boyfriend are both known.

I thought Hololive EN would suck, that they'd just keep quoting some shitty JoJo memes from Reddit. I'm glad I was wrong.
I also like shark the most. Partial to Amelia being everyone's girlfriend. Takamori feels forced in my opinion, but I see why they're doing this.

The people who recall the Aloe drama while "stopping" people from discovering HoloEN's former personas are idiots, though.
Was Aloe even that popular? I sometimes think a lot of that kind of people jumped on the "aww, poor her" train without being fans prior. I mean, she barely debuted.

I didn't know Pikamee was into that, makes her even better in my eyes.
On the other hand the more vtubers realize their fans are 24/7 horny simps who read tons of doujins, the harder will they keep hitting at this. You already have Marine, Matsuri, Amelia and several others…
Or maybe all the vtuber companies just keep recruiting that kind of girls? It's no surprise girls read porn, you can go on 4chan's /h/ and ask around. What's odder is that there are high-functioning girls (well enough to get into a vtuber company) who do that… or maybe I'm overthinking this.
I like Matsuri, though. She just must be that crazy, no way it's an act.


>Was Aloe even that popular? … I mean, she barely debuted.
It doesn't take long for hololive members to get popular. Hell, most of the holoENs got over 200,000 subs within two days.

>I sometimes think a lot of that kind of people jumped on the "aww, poor her" train without being fans prior.

She got doxxed and people were calling her home phone to harass her. You don't really have to be a fan of someone to think that's a shitty thing to have to go through.

>Or maybe all the vtuber companies just keep recruiting that kind of girls?

I think it's less the recruiters and more the girls themselves. Like, I think the otaku type is just much more likely to want to become a vtuber in the first place.

>What's odder is that there are high-functioning girls who [read porn]

Not really, trashy pornographic romance novels sell like hotcakes among a female audience. 50 Shades of Gray even became a bestseller.


>What's odder is that there are high-functioning girls who [read porn]
I think he meant lolicon


>It doesn't take long for hololive members to get popular.
That's true, they pretty much get autosubs from some people, but:

>Hell, most of the holoENs got over 200,000 subs within two days.

Don't you think HoloEN is kind of special? They were very, very much awaited overseas. They speak English, so their content can be enjoyed by people from so many countries. I know people who finally jumped into the vtuber hole just because they could understand what they say. Moreover, there's only 5 of them as of now - it's much easier to start when you don't have to check hundreds out.

Artia from HoloCN had many extra subs from non-Asian people just because she streamed in English as well. HoloEN also shows people they don't even have to be from Asia in order to become hololivers.

Besides, two HoloENs were vtubers before (let's say), one of them had 800k subs without having any kind of agency behind them.

>She got doxxed and people were calling her home phone to harass her. You don't really have to be a fan of someone to think that's a shitty thing to have to go through.

I agree. What I meant, though, was that a lot of non-Japanese people who weren't even her fans (there weren't even many clips translated) jumped on the "poor Aloe" train like they were their biggest fans from the very beginning.
This is the kind of people who go to the comment sections of Kiara's past persona's videos (just an example, doesn't have to be Kiara) and attempts to silence anyone who says anything about KFC by saying "DON'T YOU REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED TO ALOE??????? DO YOU WANT THAT AGAIN?????".
Aloe essentially doxxed herself by leaking her unprotected IRL handle, while HoloENs deliberately made nods to their past personas. It's a completely different situation, which these people can't understand.
Surely it isn't in good taste to just say "hey, isn't that Kiara?", but these attempts to police people are just stupid and counterproductive (they draw more attention).

>Like, I think the otaku type is just much more likely to want to become a vtuber in the first place.

Maybe so, can't tell. Then again, it's kinda true - the girl artists who put on amazing, inspiring work sometimes have stashes full of smut, which you wouldn't guess they do.

>Not really, trashy pornographic romance novels sell like hotcakes among a female audience. 50 Shades of Gray even became a bestseller.

50SoG was kind of a fad. I don't know how screwed up it was, I haven't read nor seen it.
I'd argue that reading multiple weird doujins (NTR, loli, egg laying, futa, Euphoria-tier stuff) is much more degenerate than reading a sob story about some guy who has "unconventional desires".

Yeah. 50SoG is softcore compared to loli stuff.





File: 1602938554485.jpg (590.44 KB, 2681x2821, 1602745157675.jpg)

All the EN Minecraft streams have been very nice. It's fun watching Ame get addicted to it, I was laughing watching her repeatedly fuck up making a waterfall yesterday.
Moona (who is really good at minecraft builds) was in her chat too, I hope they collab with the ID girls, maybe on the EN MC server even.
Gura has a really really good voice


File: 1602939725255.jpg (180.43 KB, 817x1080, 1601778807815.jpg)

Pikamee is starting her karaoke stream right now!


It's nice that the VOD stayed up. I've already gotten used to trying to run youtube-dl on hololive karaoke streams the moment the stream ends, before they take it down.


File: 1603026699552.jpg (15.22 KB, 184x184, 1601778208771.jpg)

I really enjoyed it. She was clearly really nervous at the start but once she got into it you could tell she was having a lot of fun. The English songs were super cute. Her singing wasn't perfect by any means but I really like her voice and she hit some impressive notes


File: 1603105702864.jpg (805.04 KB, 1280x720, 1603104530378.jpg)


You can do it while it's live as long as you don't close youtube-dl


File: 1603553752171.jpg (376.31 KB, 2000x1414, 1603552605311.jpg)

Surprised at how smoothly the Among Us collab went given the language barrier. Despite never playing the game it was really fun to watch. I'm unfamiliar with 5th gen but Polka was really funny (as she should be I guess?)


File: 1603853716246.png (520.21 KB, 543x720, 1601784056983.png)

Been watching some older Pikamee streams, DOOM 2016 in particular
It's really funny to me how she yells "THIS GUY AGAIN?!" every time a hell knight shows up, despite being well past the point where they're introduced as a threatening enemy.
Also here's a clip of her talking about her wooden spoon collecting obsession https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTyfRdAIPAQ


muhahahaha I got your donut


File: 1603935743193-0.png (204.01 KB, 1728x540, Screenshot_20201028_211905.png)

File: 1603935743193-1.webm (264.46 KB, 1280x720, amestar.webm)

Well I'll be danged. Every time I've tried that before I ended up aborting it early since the output looked like it was stuck in an endless loop. It seems like the video output starts at the point in the stream when I ran the command though, so I guess I still need to either run it before the stream starts or after it ends in order to get the whole thing. Luckily I also ran it in another directory after the stream ended just in case.


File: 1603935807799.png (105.01 KB, 445x458, 1601900031832.png)

>Get laid
What did Ame mean by this


File: 1603938572381.png (1.54 MB, 1218x1333, __watson_amelia_hololive_a….png)

She's letting you know that she believes you can do it, and you should do your best


File: 1604009382771.gif (222.09 KB, 484x560, 1603947997712.gif)

Pikamee got so tilted by Sans she canceled lunch with her mother to try and finally beat him
I don't think I've ever seen her so un-family friendly lol


File: 1604091960657.jpg (2.29 MB, 3149x4409, 1603949293138.jpg)

Anyone else watching Ame's double watchalong? I got pizza and beer and a cozy blanket, pretty excited.


Yeah, I ended up watching it. It was the first watchalong stream (from anyone) that I've watched live so far. Both of the movies were better than I expected imo.


File: 1604118280903.jpg (106.64 KB, 619x770, 1603558652272.jpg)

I liked the movies too, thought they were both very solid. They probably weren't the best choice for a watch-along since they were so dark tonally but I still enjoyed them and I think Ame got more into them as the time passed and she stopped panicking about potential yabai.
I'm really enjoying the watch-along streams as an excuse to watch a lot of these classic movies I've never seen before. Gura's The Thing has been my favorite so far of the one's I saw, both the experience and the movie itself.


Oh the movies were Hereditary and The Witch, in case anyone who doesn't know is curious


File: 1604183032965.png (416.95 KB, 507x470, 1604182840913.png)

Dr. Watson I don't think that was medicine…


Watson on Oct 30: "Drugs are bad"
Watson on Oct 31: "Drugs"



From what I've seen, and I've had a lot of secondhand exposure, they seem alright but I'm never really sure if I'm genuinely entertained or if it's some biological imperative to search for companionship of the opposite sex, so I stay clear, generally.

That aside, watching people stream games I feel is inferior to simply playing the damn thing myself.

They're fine, just not for me.


Gawr Gura is best


File: 1604479786860.png (442.06 KB, 680x453, 1604459826073.png)


This video is extremely stupid, but their laughter is extremely contagious.


File: 1604608731155.jpg (685.86 KB, 2893x4092, 1601709874288.jpg)

Very wholesome Pika tweet
I love this video lol


File: 1604756244716.jpg (1.29 MB, 2893x4092, 1603899323981.jpg)

Reminder to watch your god damn tone when you're talking to Ame




File: 1605394130218.png (45.92 KB, 886x890, EmloxSuU4AANU53.png)

There's something satisfying about how minecraft is drawn like this


Sorry Mori we don't need you anymore


Gura mentioned doing a Christmas cookie contest in a stream the other day. Assuming she actually does I think I'm gonna try my best and make an entry. My family has a bakery that I can use and I can get fancy cookie making tips from them.


File: 1607810089295-0.png (61.32 KB, 219x248, pikaraoke.png)

File: 1607810089295-1.png (166.42 KB, 382x358, Kiaraoke.png)

File: 1607810089295-2.jpg (73.43 KB, 1192x260, callioke.jpg)

Apparently there's a lot of karaoke happening tonight


I watched Pika, she sang some good stuff. Hearing Hello/HowAreYou was kinda nostalgic


Gura karaoke two nights in a row! Extremely comfy.


What's boomer karaoke? Do they sing Led Zeppelin and The Who songs?


Haachama is trying to cause COVID-20


me and hachaamers will live together in a coffin apartment cooking insects off of a lightbulb.




Gura's cookie making stream was pure unadulterated chaos. She mixed all the ingredients in her room over her desk, got flour and sugar everywhere, banged pots and pans around, eyeballed half the ingredients, baked a batch with no butter at all, made "frosting" so liquid she had to dip her cookies in it like a sauce, then proceeded to dump said frosting into her second batch of cookies because they were too dry. After watching it I'm questioning if it was a fever dream of some sort.



I've never really used /jp/ or the spinoffs much
Is this that Trevor person they're obsessed with?


its t at his best yes


I'm very much enjoying Pikamee playing through Darks Souls 3.


It's pretty funny how she swears more and more as she dies and becomes more agitated


The fact that she turns "piece of esto" into an insult is really cute

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