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File: 1588789206561.jpg (387.76 KB, 1000x1000, 1580945333871.jpg)


Skating, parkour, graffiti, urbex etc. There's nothing like the feeling of the wind as you fly towards the pavement.

To someone who recognises this thread: I'm sorry I was rude when you said you couldn't join my dream, it was meant as a joke response to someone else but I forgot how to make a side thread ;_;


Is urbex a sport? or is it more that part of getting to the highest point of buildings with a complete lack of fear?


> There's nothing like the feeling of the wind as you fly towards the pavement.
except the pavement itself

I want to get back into skateboarding, but it feels just weird. It's like wearing an anime shirt in public. I can be as self-sufficient as I want. Those looks still hurt. On top of that I'm not even good at it and a coward and oh, I'm rambling.


I think I know how you feel. I realised a while ago that I was a slave to imaginary strangers, and the only solution was to become absolutely, 100% mercilessly based. If you think you'll be judged for your ryuko shirt, wear a senketsu instead. That's the philosophy that let me start skateboarding. I'm not all the way yet, I still only skate at night, but I don't sheepishly pick up my board whenever I see someone anymore.


File: 1588865515288.jpeg (840.95 KB, 1398x992, dfyussa.jpeg)

I's a fun, semi-criminal way to swing around the urban jungle, that's good enough for me to group it with the rest.


Not skateboarding but semi-related, recently found out about aggressive inline rollerblading, and it's pretty fucking rad.
Although you can't do all those cool board tricks/flips that a skateboarder would do, you substitute that with extreme mobility and speed and an emphasis on grinds.


I wish I had more time to skate. It gives me a sense of freedom and fulfillment that I can't get anywhere else.

Urbex sounds really interesting, where can I learn more about it?


11-year-old Brazilian kid just did the first 1080 on a normal half-pipe!


I used to skate with a penny board down the park when I was really stressed. God it's been so many years since then




Skateboarding maids is an underrated genre of art


File: 1589806606455.jpg (216.88 KB, 1000x1000, 73951795_p0_master1200.jpg)

A sushi roll of taste. It almost makes me want to become the skateboarding maid myself, but really if you're not insanely skilled you would look like the biggest retard on the planet.


File: 1589933028139.jpg (382.38 KB, 1000x1000, 1589932848203.jpg)

I want an anime about skateboarding maids now. Cool and Elegant: Skateboarding Maid Girls!
I've never skateboarded because I don't have the coordination but it's pretty cool


File: 1589933188084.jpg (319.35 KB, 1000x1000, EWSCywmUwAMEvMK.jpg)

Hey, the author of all these "girls in tights" pictures got their series. I can totally see Suzushiro getting his own in the future, too. If he could think of a good story, that is.


File: 1589933294918.jpg (464.96 KB, 1000x1000, 1589932148351.jpg)

>Hey, the author of all these "girls in tights" pictures got their series.
Huh? I do quite like my girls in tights, what is this called?



It's a wholesome short series, I had lots of fun watching it. The full thing's on YouTube, too.

The author's suddenly started making a very sweet web manga, which might be nearing its conclusion soon.


File: 1589934712613.jpg (139.71 KB, 850x1189, __office_lady_original_and….jpg)


Woops. Ignore this post if it exists, I pasted the wrong link. Not sure if it does, so I'll repost what I wrote already.


Miru Tights. It's a wholesome short series, I had lots of fun watching it.

The author's suddenly started making a very sweet web manga, which might be nearing its conclusion soon.


I have never liked the way Yom colors legwear. They feel unwashed rather than worn.

>If he could think of a good story, that is.
Subplot 1. - Maid in a mansion needs to go out run her errands. Due to plot reasons, the chaffer can't get the car to work and/or public transportation is compromised, so the maid takes off her heels, puts on her old sneakers, dusts off her skateboard and glides through the back streets of the city.

Subplot 2. - Attractive mature maid tutors the rebellious botchan of the manor. He fancies himself a pro skateboarder but he sucks at it. The maid gives subtle but sharp input on his skills and he improves his moves. At the end of every segment, when the maid catches herself alone, she executes flawlessly whatever maneuver her botchan was trying to do.

Subplot 3. - An elegant perfect maid who carries herself with dignity and conducts her tasks with rigor stumbles upon a skateboard. She has never rode one in her life but having had years of practice at maid school conditioning her balance and posture with some ballet on the side, she easily maneuvers herself on top of the skateboard. Completely oblivious to the world of extreme sports and skateboarding, the maid figures out various ways to make her new tool useful in her daily life, to the amusement of her elderly mistress.

Uniting thread:
the Xtreme tournament takes place at the end of the season. As time approaches, maid 1 enters the competition.

Botchan is too young to participate so he watches with maid 2 by his side, who entered the competition on a whim. Hi-jinks ensue as she tries to keep her skateboarder persona and her professional maid life separate but tit grows difficult as her performances catch the admiration of her botchan. In the climax, with no time to change, she reveals her identity and takes to the skate park in her maid outfit.

Maid 3 doesn't even know the Xtreme tournament is a thing and has no interest in participating. However, the guiding hand of her mistress leads her to the tournament.

All maids win the tournament. There's a shot of all of them in their respective podium. In the end, it is revealed that all the maids participated in distinct time periods, vastly apart from each other. Maid 1 was the first in the 20s, maid 3 was the second in the 60s and maid 2 was the third in the 90s. All along they all dress maid outfits representative of their respective eras. In the final cut, in 203X, skateboarding in a maid outfit becomes its own niche, inspired by the achievements of these three maids. Credits are animations of all the drawings that have been posted.


File: 1590012727649.jpg (338.12 KB, 750x1000, EWmvhXHVcAEDAXb.jpg)

I have never thought about it being unwashed. Are there any other good artists who draw tights?

Wow, that plot was nice. Loved the plot twist!
Picture not related, I just wanted to post it.


File: 1593486298240.jpg (755.85 KB, 1944x2592, oldcrow.jpg)

This is a topic I have never really seen talked about on *chan sites, which seems odd to me.
I personally enjoy the art of graffiti as well as the act, small time at least. It's a good combination of urbex and (sometimes) skating. Nothing beats rolling through the city catching tags and exploring places you wouldn't otherwise explore. Just like skating, you will never look at seemingly mundane parts of your city the same ever again.


Someone fund this anime at once.
No jokes, I really enjoyed that, it would make a great story!


I figured out how to heelflip today, that was pretty cool.

Have you taken any photos of your stuff? My village has a little bit of graffiti but it's stuff that went up years ago. There's one character who shows up faded (he's been there for years) in a couple of hidden spots, one time I saw him fresh on a train and it felt really good.


File: 1601983303862.webm (1.16 MB, 640x360, NYC.webm)

Does bicycling count?


Definitely, bikes are fun. I wish I had someone to race against.


File: 1602579365104.jpg (144.76 KB, 849x970, FX.jpg)


Any sushis here into breakdance?


Last time I tried to dance I certainly broke something, does that count?


I used to take classes when I was younger. Wish I could get back into but I'm too poor now :(


File: 1607646213599.jpg (35.78 KB, 1024x575, combat butler.jpg)

simpler plot: A recent unpopular law was passed that bans maids/butlers globally. With no other marketable skills these maids/butlers have to take to the street and participate in underground/street sports to earn a living. They wear their old work uniforms as a badge of honor (getting hilarous situations like mma butlers, skateboarding maids, and so forth) and eventually other street people start wearing these uniforms too because of how popular maid/butlers have gotten. Eventually the government officials that passed these laws decides to reverse them, and life goes back to (kind of) normal. The end :)



File: 1607656539768.jpg (4.8 MB, 2480x3508, a4ce3ad47df51fff5e07004a3e….jpg)

Speaking of mma any sushis into fighting or had a period of fighting a lot?

Wasn't breakdancing literally invented by and mostly practised by very poor people? If you've had lessons you'd probably be at a big advantage if you started practising again, just find some ground and copy stuff off the internet.


Yeah. Practice makes perfect as they say, I don't really have an excuse to not pick it up again, you're right.

> any sushis into fighting

I love it. I'm confined to practicing techniques for topical reasons, but I hope to join a gym someday or find some willing victims sparring buddies and test my mettle.


My friends and I used to beat each other with sticks when we were kids. Good, clean fun.


File: 1608329638915.jpg (86.55 KB, 823x984, 20201227.jpg)

Sounds like a complicated setting just to have maids do bicycle-archery.


File: 1629185421700-0.jpg (831.5 KB, 3840x2039, 20210912.jpg)

File: 1629185421700-1.jpg (109.06 KB, 800x1190, 20210829.jpg)

Street Fighting?


I skateboarded from childhood to around age 18. Sometimes over the past years, if the opportunity presents itself, I'll step on a board for a few minutes. Usually just until I can land a kickflip again and go "yep still got it."

I've been considering getting back into it for the cardio, but I'm currently not allowed to engage in activities that run the risk of breaking my bones due to some medicine I had to be on.

When I was a teenager, sometimes my friends and I would "skater joust" except instead of riding toward each other with a jousting rod, we'd just skate next to each other and punch or throw things at one another. Very stupid, very violent, very much influenced by watching too much Jackass. Fortunately, none of us were ever seriously injured.


Recently taken up skateboarding a bit since I have some friends who used to be into it at various times and it's sort of what we do when we hang out now.

I'm still shit and I don't think I'll ever get much better since I'm generally uncoordinated at the best of times, but it's really fun. At least I can do down ramps and turn without destroying myself!

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