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File: 1584426430783-0.jpg (228.82 KB, 1575x2048, shii595 ES42H8cVAAA57RC.jpg)

File: 1584426430783-1.jpg (326.92 KB, 1536x2048, nowoka_ ER4EXkbU0AAZgRJ.jpg)


Corona-chan seems to have affected us all at this point. For the first time in a century or more, life is just grinding to a halt; but of course, the modern era is unlike any other, and the shift that occurred in our usually hyperactive (sub)urban lives is quite possibly unique in the history of humanity.
Confinement is a very peculiar experience. Some dread the loss of social contact, while others might even go as far and call the situation comfy. We should not forget those that are currently in a very stressful situation due to this crisis, but it may be worthwhile to think about it for a bit.

How has this affected your daily life? How are you adapting (or coping, depending on how you feel about it)?
Are you picking up any new hobbies, or doubling down on existing ones?
What are you thinking about?


A bit of an uncomfy blogpost.

I got laid off work at the end of January, and had trouble finding a job since.
I had a lot of free time to do some soul-searching, went through one of the best euphorias of my life, crashed down to the usual, and then the quarantine hit. As a lonely asocial NEET, I feel nothing much. I just wish I could go for a walk without the fear of contact, so nothing really changed.

I just woke up, and my muscles and throat feel sore and my nose was a little stuffed. My immune system is bad, so this is so usual for me that I don't know if I should panic.
I have constant nervous ticks where I bite my hand or rub my nose and eyes. I'm just flashing to all the times I forgot to wash my hands before making food. I'm sure I'd get my family infected, and the self-loathing for that is rough.
In bed I got a text from a job I tried for ("other candidates more qualified"). Yesterday it was a text from the government, an update on the quarantine. This feels like a bad movie. I'll try to enjoy it.

I hope you all doing well. Stay safe everyone.


I don't do well with long periods of isolation,
I think I might lose my mind if I don't get out of the house sometime soon


Nothing has changed for me. I'm still a shut-in neet alone in my apartment payed for by the government. I just keep playing video games and chatting with fren online. Can't wait for this shit virus to die down though. I like springs so wanna enjoy the warm and comfy weather.


This could be the end of globalism as we know it.
It's like a gift from God.


I still have to go to work while all my friends get to work from home, must be nice.


File: 1584451279837.png (706.98 KB, 1100x514, Last Meeting.png)

I had planned to spend a week with my long distance girlfriend for the first time in ages next month.
Right now I'm trying really hard to find a way to see her at all.


File: 1584522198185.png (1.44 MB, 4576x2316, The great 2020 flu panic.png)


Here is something I wrote out as part of considering the validity of the panic. If you work through my reasoning I think you can see I'm not irrationally dispelling anything, but feel free to critique. Image isn't meat to be entirely serious but does describe the general 'cycle' of panic. Ultimately what's happening is that governments are taking drastic measures to respond to public fear generated by the MSM, and also to respond to the health industry AND the actions of other governments. In other words, for the most part the shutdowns are a result of the contagion of fear, rather than a reasoned approach. I could be wrong, but I remember how things were after 911 - all of a sudden the most hysterical claims were treated seriously, you had government officials talking about suitcase nukes and a 100 year war, etc.

>Australia has a population of about 25 million people.

>Every year in Australia (based on figures from 2017), there were 160,909 deaths registered.
>That's about 404 deaths per day.

>Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province, has a population of about 11 million people.

>Hubei province has a population of about 58.5 million people.

>For the sake of simplicity, let's just say that Wuhan has a population "roughly" half of that of the entire country of Australia. We are off by 1.5 million, but just for the sake of illustration, let's just say that it's about half.

>If we halve the number of deaths registered in Australia every year, we get about 80,454 deaths per year - the number of deaths we could expect in Australia annually if Australia had a population about the size of Wuhan. Now, we are comparing quite disparate things here - deaths over a large country vs deaths in a single city, both places are quite different in terms of location, climate, society, culture, government, demographics, etc. but it's not an unreasonable comparison. If anything, based on your knowledge of Australia vs China, isn't it reasonable to assume that if anything this is likely UNDER-estimating the number of deaths in Wuhan per year? Anyway…

>80,454 deaths per year is about 220 deaths per day.

>As of March 17, it's been 76\77 days since the start of the year (the outbreak may have started earlier, but this is when deaths started to be recorded in China [there weren't any\many deaths before this]), so during that time, WITHOUT the COVID-19 virus, we could expect 16,940‬ deaths over a 77 day period!

>Apparently as of March 17, 3,226 have died in China as a whole from COVID-19.

>3,226 deaths from COVID-19 out of the EXPECTED deaths of 16,940 is 19%.
>So COVID-19 deaths IN ALL OF CHINA don't even make up a QUARTER of the deaths that would have occurred anyway during that period in Wuhan!

>Now you might say "sure but aren't the COVID-19 deaths ON TOP of the number of deaths we'd expect anyway?" No. The primary age-groups being killed by COVID-19 are the very age groups most represented in the number of expected deaths in general. COVID-19 may kill a portion of people under 70, but the vast majority of those its killing were set to die from SOMETHING pretty much over the next 5 years or so. The average life expectancy in China is 76.25 years. Over 50% of COVID-19 deaths are in people over 70! The deaths by age for COVID-19 are approximately the same as deaths by age for all causes!

>Now you might also say "but China took drastic action to prevent COVID-19 spreading, if it didn't take that drastic action, the number of deaths would have been much higher! So your argument would have no basis!" Based on the continuing spread of the virus, we see pretty much a similar deaths by age spread everywhere else.


File: 1584522448583.png (74.64 KB, 815x758, Age of Coronavirus Deaths.png)


>So governments around the world are now taking drastic action, disrupting the lives of practically everyone on Earth. Ask yourself how many hours, since the outbreak began, have you spent thinking about\reading about\hearing about the virus? Now consider that on a wide scale, how many hours of productive human activity are being lost to this, and in exchange for what?? Also consider that governments are actively limiting free movement and shutting down many people's ability to make a basic living, the hysteria has made shopping for basic goods difficult for most people. With increasing shut downs and quarantines, many people will lose their income. All for what? Maybe every life is precious, but consider the statistics above - does extending the lives of a relatively small number of people who are going to die in 5 years or so anyway really justify disrupting everyone else's ability to live freely?

>At the start of this outbreak in China, there was much hysteria and conversely attempts to dispel or contain the fear and hysteria. The public reaction of fear and hysteria DRIVES most of these policies. There are some claims that at one point when rumours spread that pets could spread the disease that some people abandoned pets or even tossed them out of windows of high-rise apartments - I don't know how true these PARTICULAR claims are, but you have to consider the possibility that government action is driven by public fear. That overzealous agencies, lobbyists, WHO officials, pandemic "experts", the mainstream media, the medical industry, etc are all 'invested' to some degree in stoking public fear and irrationality. There is also a class element to this - many people exist in occupations where they can AFFORD to take breaks or work from home; in my experience here in Australia many people are seeing this as a good thing for them, they get time off from having to go into 'the office' - so huge numbers of people have an incentive to go along with shutdowns because it's like a little holiday, while other people like my 80 year old barber who has been charging the same rate of $10 for a haircut for the past decade, will possibly face weeks or months without an income, as people may be afraid of either GIVING it to him or CATCHING it.

End. All I know is that here in Australia so far all the deaths have been of people about 75+. Not great for them but as my stats show, huge numbers of people die every year from other causes, including flu. I'm not trying to be callous or dismissive of peoples suffering - but the actions taken by governments and the MSM stuff has led to a complete shutdown of society in much of the world. Supermarkets are bare here, people are going to lose jobs, the whole situation is crazy. I've also noticed a huge number of people seem to be very invested in the fear, as if many people WANT to feel and be afraid, and share that fear with others, rather than step back and look at context. Part of this is based on a belief that people in authority must know what they're doing and must be acting rationally, which then acts to 'confirm' that authority.


File: 1584526921797.jpg (295.76 KB, 1535x2048, nowoka_ ERYJKdHUwAIZJDQ.jpg)

The contagion rate is exponential. Medical capabilities are linear. That's all you need to know.
Younger people aren't dying in massive quantities because they're on mechanical ventilators. Half of the people in critical conditions in Western Europe are under 50. They're only alive because they're hooked up to a machine; and the instant medical capabilities are overloaded by the number of patients, like in Lombardy, Italy or Alsace, France, medical staff will have to choose who gets the mechanical ventilation and who doesn't. The ones who don't will die.


Even with severe measures things are going to get a lot worse than they are now. I am not against spreading fear because it makes people take this pandemic seriously.



>Younger people aren't dying in massive quantities because they're on mechanical ventilators

>Half of the people in critical conditions in Western Europe are under 50.

I haven't seen this evidence, can you provide me a source?

I'll bow out for a while after asking this question, to avoid derailing the thread completely and making it very uncozy.




The world is ruled by older people. Makes sense that they go in panic mode and increase all the measures and restrictions. The problem is, people up to age 30 with good immune system that have no symptomps but they spread the virus.


File: 1584732317539.png (178.62 KB, 1236x820, n95-mask-97.png)

>China, the manufacturer of half the world's masks, bought up most of the global supply of n95 masks back in January and has seized control of its mask factory output

>The melt-brown fabric needed to construct n95 masks and other protection gear are made by a machine that costs millions of dollars and requires 7 months to build and assemble


As of now, we literally have hospital workers making diy masks out of office supplies and passing around used n95 masks. This is only the beginning - we're not even 6 months into this pandemic


File: 1584743660946.png (395.08 KB, 600x517, 1496289504214.png)

>>China, the manufacturer of half the world's masks, bought up most of the global supply of n95 masks back in January and has seized control of its mask factory output

>Germany and the Czech Republic last week banned the export of face masks and other protective equipment. In Italy, where the government has placed nearly all of the population on lockdown since Monday, masks and other protective medical supplies may not leave the country without authorization.

I feel like this is a very dishonest article. Yes China aren't exporting masks, but neither are Italy, Germany, or the Czech republic.

>The Chinese government has begun some shipments to other countries as part of aid packages. It donated 250,000 masks last month to Iran, one of the countries hardest hit by the epidemic, and 200,000 to the Philippines. This week it said it would send five million masks to South Korea and export 100,000 respirators and two million surgical masks to Italy.

The article later says that China is sending 2 million masks to Italy. So leading with a headline that they've bought them all up and are hoarding them is blatantly unfair.
Be wary of news like this guys, it's easy to forget even big news outlets can and do misrepresent facts.

But you are right that we'll medical supplies struggle. A study here in UK said that even in the best case for infection rates, we would be at 8 times the health service capacity.

My immediate concern rn is the supermarket shelves emptying, which is frustrating because there's no real need for it, we aren't increasing consumption rates much by being at home all the time, and assuming the logistics chains can cope the food supply rate should hold steady enough. So buying up tons of food has little benefit, but when food starts dissapearing from shelves other people start doing it too. My only hope is that eventually stockpiles fill and the people buying in bulk end up just buying food at their consumption rate again.
Seems stupid for people to be going hungry for no material reason, especially medical staff getting off shifts. We gotta work together at times like this. Look after each other sushis.


File: 1584747879131.jpeg (7.17 KB, 237x213, #.jpeg)

Funny thing is that almost every first world country has the ability to get through this, along with a vast majority of its denizens but it seems like everyone just wants an apocalypse to happen.

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