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File: 1569838448105.gif (480.9 KB, 540x810, 1506457971809.gif)

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Do you have any plans for today sushis?
Or if you're reading this later: Did you have a good day?

I'm pretty excited for today. Going to finish work on a project and add some new plants to my greenhouse while I still can.
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File: 1684338594601.png (513.76 KB, 506x768, 6895669e47f29bad043e4be090….png)

I'm very bored currently. Have had to take care of my parents for the past week, so I can't really go outside. I've finally come back here after a few years since I can't be bothered by rude places, they get on my nerves a bit too much now.
ah I've experienced this feeling, usually it ends up with me crying too. hopefully you can convey how you feel to them sushisushi roll.


>i don't belong
According to them you do.
I hope you can learn to trust them.


I sorry I can't empathize because I'm not a person who does friends. I wish i could have a nice word for you.


Didn't get much done today besides fixing my homelab. I'm going to make tea now and then read.


I went for a walk/hike in a nature reserve called Tidbinbilla. I haven't been there since 2021 and got slightly lost, but it was beautiful and I saw a lot of animals.


I'm doing fine today, did some physical and virtual chores. Gonna visit a museum with some friends later, pretty excited about that.


Went to explore a road out of town. First a dog chased me and managed to bite my leg only slightly. Later, I was trying to drive between a pickup and the road and my motorcycle hit a stone which threw me out of balance and I fell. Nothing serious. But now I'm bit and bruised.
It was a fine day, all things considered.


what if dog was rabid???
you should go to doctor just in case.


Got back from work and I'm tired and thinking about my friend's Discord server that recently died over stupid drama and I feel lonely, I just keep opening Discord and checking but there's nothing… it's so empty. I want to stay in contact with my friends although it will be hard. I need to move on and find other online places to hang out.


File: 1685451028341.png (1.78 MB, 960x1287, rue7r4fcq2ra1_jpg.png)

Hi sushis. =w=
Planning on doing alot of documentation for our new system at work. It's nice to work on something you enjoy alot so far.

I'm glad i got a tight knit and mature friend circle. I've been away from discord for years to focus on studies. got back a year ago and everyone is still around.
I can only hope you find your tight knit community if you move on, sushiroll.


Meh, I'm okay. I feel pretty manipulated by someone at work. I also feel like I'm surrounded by assholes socially. I feel like I don't fit in with a new friend group I'm trying to get to know. But at least I'm home resting.


File: 1685549319538.jpg (53.59 KB, 720x663, bird ball.jpg)

Checking on some monitors in case I might change the one I currently have.
It still works, but after upgrading my PC I feel like I wanna go beyond. What to do with this monitor is also a thing I can't really envision (no I can't sell it, I am bad at selling things).
On another note, I am extremely pissed off at how brutal is getting a job as a developer.
>Pass psychometric test
>Pass programming concepts test
>Pass English test
>Pass HR interview
It is being quite annoying how I have been doing this for a year and a half and I still didn't get anything done. I got to the point I decided to do freelancing on Fiverr but the only person that talked to me there wanted me to get into something shady.
Need money.


File: 1685564134713.png (534.99 KB, 640x614, raccoon.png)

Gonna clean my apartment today!!!! I found a centipede in my rice and that was the last straw. DEEP CLEAN TIME!


Leave no stone unturned.


Got most of it done today. Trash, vacuuming, bedsheets, and bathroom cleaned. Tomorrow is dishes, recycling, cleaning sink, and dusting. Then it will all be SUPER CLEAN!!!


File: 1685604413762.gif (171.61 KB, 446x684, 19630281830.gif)

My body feels like giving up, between the food intolerances, the hemorrhoids, and catching a cold, I am not having a good time.
I wish I could just die instantly instead of having to deal with this, it's not like I mean anything to anyone anyway.


I want to write online about stuff I'm learning but I don't know where. My lvl is too low to be worth anything to anybody but I still want to share with potential readers.




You could make your own blog website on neocities


That's for fiction
Maybe, I don't think I'd get any visits that way, though. But that's probably the best option.


>That's for fiction
Not necessarily, I used it to vent a little bit a while ago


I wanna make a post but I'm not sure why.


I've been trying to make better art, but I keep falling asleep.


I feel lonely and weird because I always run away from social situations when I get the hint of a vibe that I'm starting to receive any sort of negative attention. I can't ever maintain friendships because of it. Um besides that I've lost a couple pounds?


Social situations are scary! And people are kinda hard to read.


File: 1686477132227.png (1.53 MB, 1920x1080, EdKnsQaXoAE_146.png)

I want to be the best at my work, but it is so easy to be mediocre…
I want to be the best at my hobby, but it is so hard to be even mediocre…


File: 1686504259193.jpg (742.77 KB, 2000x1125, 1643241610010.jpg)

I want to get back into gaming since i have lots of free time before finishing collage and I just can't get back into it.. I install a game and play it for a few hours and than just can't get into it again, endlessly watching anime and youtube is just so draining. The only thing that makes me feel is gym.


Slept in but setting up a cool device and harvesting spices that I grew in the garden.
There’s too much spice actually >_>
Like, can’t use it all in a year too much.

Maybe I should send some to sushi’s?


Walks outside can help! They aren't as strenuous as the gym but they keep you moving in your free time.


ooh what kind of spices?


Classics: Oregano, Thyme, Rosmary, Peppermint, Sage.


there is nothing like being able to grab some fresh herbs while cooking


Ah, reminds me of growing up. My mom grew fresh basil in the garden, so I have memories of plucking a single leaf, placing on top of a single slice of fresh tomato and mozzarella, and putting the whole bite on a cracker. Best snack of all time.


Awesome. I've long wanted to grow herbs but the sun here is too harsh for them and they usually don't make it.


So do you sushis want me to send the spices?


Message from The Emperor of the known universe: The spice must flow.



File: 1698450041736.jpg (89.2 KB, 763x510, 20231027.jpg)

Got a chicken nanban sandwich with extra sauce
Feeling good!


File: 1699881689784-0.jpg (212.36 KB, 850x914, 20231112.jpg)

File: 1699881689784-1.jpg (151.5 KB, 850x1650, 20231113.jpg)

I feel tired
Holiday time?


File: 1699884332685.jpg (176.84 KB, 1009x1280, 1699041638947268.jpg)

My stomach hurts. I slept for 6 hours total with a 4 hours pause. I am sick. Have to work. Pretty bad.


File: 1699885162112.png (275.53 KB, 416x643, 0d667c640be76671ac3eb57d2f….png)

I have made a mistake and now I have several project deadlines that are all tonight. I'm not sure I can make all of them, so I must choose who gets the axe.


I am once again feeling deeply anxious about interpersonal relationships. Why do we even want these things again?


my plan for today is to do no work whatsoever and relax. actually stop being a workaholic for 24 hours and just take it easy. im going to grab some ice cream, watch some anime and haul the ps1 out of the closet. im already struggling not to open my textbook.


File: 1700561386555-0.jpg (199.74 KB, 1864x1243, 20231123.jpg)

File: 1700561386555-1.jpg (245.16 KB, 1920x1080, 20231124.jpg)

Was cloudy all day. I feel icky due to not having any natural sunlight at all …


File: 1700819141706.jpg (48.14 KB, 1034x273, 20231122.jpg)

Soul vs soulless


File: 1700964949720.gif (1008.65 KB, 600x600, 1622931753127.gif)

I planned, and executed spending the day doing little but resting.
This isn't something impressive, but it's something I've needed to do for a long time now. I've been feeling ill but kept pushing myself to be productive because I was afraid of being lazy.


File: 1701567149435-0.gif (318.8 KB, 468x250, 2023.gif)

File: 1701567149435-1.jpg (332.38 KB, 2048x1536, 20231130.jpg)

Going out.. Sunday is living up to its name today.


Struggling with loneliness, a sister that wants nothing to do with me despite saying otherwise and the constant fear of abandonment.


File: 1702166876134-0.jpg (130.44 KB, 850x1226, 20231204.jpg)

File: 1702166876134-1.jpg (32.18 KB, 250x250, 20231210.jpg)

Learn to be yourself alone. I'm an introvert so that helps. Best time was a week home alone with only small interactions with the local shops.


I'm doing okay. Like the sushi roll above I'm feeling a bit lonely, but it's nothing too terrible. I don't relate to my old friends anymore and I'm really struggling to make new ones. Plus I'm not so good at friendship. I frequently forget to talk to friends for months at a time, which is probably why I have so few.

In the last year I did accept myself for who I am, and got rid of a lot of self hatred, which is nice. Now I can examine some feelings that have been bubbling below the surface for ages and it's been cathartic to examine them. I don't need that external validation anymore. The freedom is nice.

Beyond the emotional garbage I've been making some minor repairs to my house. I'm pretty bad about getting projects done in a reasonable timeframe though…

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