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does anyone know any particularly comfy youtubers or podcasts?

i'm always looking for something comfy or interesting to listen to in my spare time, and listening to people talk helps me relax a lot.

one podcast i'm a fan of is the wisenheimers podcast which was two animators from newgrounds talking about stupid shit. it ended a while a go, but managed to be pretty funny and chill while it lasted.

i also some lets players like vinesauce, jontron era game grumps and another guy called manlybadasshero who mostly does horror game lp's, but i havent found anything as comfy as i would prefer.


File: 1510520940043.jpg (30.67 KB, 640x360, thereportoftheweek.jpg)

TheReportOfTheWeek is probably the comfiest channel I know. His voice is calm and soothing and there are no jolts or jumpcuts or loud chiptune outros. His podcasts are good too; just one man talking slowly on random topics as the cicadas make their sounds in the background. It's good if you want something on while you do something else.


Ishitani Furniture is really nice. Watching him build furniture is very relaxing, and it is nice to see someone calmly build something rather than yelling at the camera while complaining about Intels Kaby Lake X or whatever.

Bisqwit is also nice. His programming stuff goes way over my head, but I find him so relaxing, that I end up watching anyways.


his voice of the report of the week podcast (VORW) helped me remain calm on my travels to Finland in january.
the calmth of his voice makes chaotic scenarios like picking up your bag from the dropoff or a plane taking off feel way more relaxed. it's like having an understanding friend with you that just rambles about things he likes to distract you from the busyness of everyday life.


That's AlfieAesthetics for me. You should watch his other CampAesthetics vids or the ones with Survival Tips. Hell, you should watch everything on that channel.


I like Jaiden Animations, Erik's Comment Etiquette, Academy of Ideas, Historia Civilis, Every Frame a Painting, Now You See It, Hello Future Me, Sen Zen.
It's quite


I recently found this channel by chance. Even though the videos are meant to advertise their online store, it's surprisingly relaxing watching someone mix cocktails. https://www.youtube.com/user/kitazawakikaku/videos


File: 1510885345271.png (2.69 MB, 1920x1200, 44545174_p0.png)

Its not a podcast but primitive technology is max comfy.
Nothing but the sound of nature and toil.


File: 1510895446860.jpg (129 KB, 1143x720, 1492717343214.jpg)

Oh man, this is great.
Really relaxing. Also his furniture looks good.
This kind of thing makes me want to make some furniture myself, and actually I do want a bigger table.
Maybe I'll try creating something from a simple design.

>it's surprisingly relaxing watching someone mix cocktails
I know what you are talking about.
I especially like this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxRzzm-mjCE


I really like Robin Seplut's channel. He's a Russian guy who goes and feeds and takes care of stray kittens and finds them homes. It's very comfy.



this guy was doing a vlog while cycling across japan and it was super comfy but he hasn't put out a new one in a while. It's worth watching
peterdraws is pretty darn comfy too, he draws lines that sometimes look like things
cuckoo is a good channel where this guy messes around with synthesizers and stuff, maybe it's only interesting to me because I like nerding out over music gear but I think he's pretty comfy


Rachel and Jun's channel is really comfy, especially their travel videos. They regularly travel to different parts of Japan, do some sightseeing and upload the best parts on Youtube. Rachel can get a bit too excited at times, but she and Jun are both very likable people!

They have two channels, both are worth following, but if you only care about their travel videos, checking out their second channel should be enough.

Jun also has his own channel in which he does some impressive cooking from time to time.

This is really cool! I love how they focus completely on the furniture, with no one talking to the camera or otherwise interrupting what's going on.


If you're into Street Fighter or fighting games in general, The Excellent Adventures of Gootecks and Mike Ross is pretty comfy imo


水たまりボンド is comfy if you know/are learning Japanese.


Older episodes for sure, but as time goes on they got more and more depressed. It's probably good that they've replaced them now :(


Hey, I'd like to share some of my favourite YouTubers. I have a fascination with miniature things and crafts and I think to be able to make anything scaled down is a huge testament to someone's skill as an artist. I love watching people who are just really good at what they do, it's incredibly relaxing and satisfying.


Vid related. She mostly does little arts and crafts projects and tutorials. Her voice is really soft. She's very talented and it's so calming to watch her paint with watercolours or write beautiful cursive. I just find her content so inspirational. I feel like a lot of you guys would like her.


>Marimo Marshmallow
All play with cute little Japanese miniature toys, collectibles, children's cooking sets etc. decocookie also makes a lot of their own cute dishes.


>Maive Ferrando
>이브미니어쳐 - miniature
Make tiny polymer clay miniatures with insane detail. Sometimes for jewellery and sometimes as dollhouse toys.

>MosoGourmet 妄想グルメ

Does a mixture of cute food and toys.


Cooks cute, simple Japanese foods and sometimes shows videos of her cute baby!


>Nicolle's Dreams
Do doll repaints or "faceups" where they completely remove all the dolls original paint, remove all their hair and start from the beginning, even making little clothes and props.

>Mary's Test Kitchen

Makes yummy and creative vegan foods. I think she deserves so many more views because she puts so much effort into her recipes and unlike a lot of YouTubers, her recipes are completely original and she's not just following a recipe a blogger came up with. She's so creative.

>Angela Clayton

Spends a long time making big, elaborate period dresses that are historically accurate.


TA Outdoors is a very comfy bushcraft and outdoors channel. Plenty of good cinematography and nice tips and building things.

Jennies garage can be pretty comfy if you're into motorcycles and small engines.

More Skids is comfy if you're into drifting and carstuff. They're just so laid back and chill. It makes me very happy, although I may be the only one feeling like that here. They also have a very nice audience that can be comfy.


I didn't even realize when I posted it because I haven't played SFV or watched in ages. Can't believe Mike Ross is gone.


Arkfeller is a channel that hosts all of the episodes of the Whitest Kids U'Know sketch comedy show, including the commentaries for the first 3 seasons. Funnier than the show at times, and has a great cozy feeling, like a group of old friends just hanging out and cracking jokes for a living.


Just found 'this old tony'
High comfy value here.


I can't watch westerners traveling in japan coz I'm getting too jelly.
But i can still recommend https://www.youtube.com/user/adric22 . His videos restoring old computers and stuff is rly comfy



Ah, you just reminded me
2 the comfiest jap channels
the comfiest of the comf


Jeb Gardener makes these cool gardening videos over awe-inspiring classical opera. He crafts neat set-ups, does some experiments and has plenty of how-tos.
I like his sense of humor. The music makes him sound villainous.


3blue1brown is a good channel about maths that explain things in an intuitive way that does not however diverge from actual math through dumb analogies or stupid divulgation condescendence.

reminds me of primitive technology


NickTheSmoker is one of my favorite comfy youtubers, feel free to check him out.


Peaceful Cuisine! comfiest cooking channel ever: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCQBG3PzyQKY8ieMG2gDAyOQ


wow this guy is like reviewbrah for cigarettes. Sadly I quit so it's kind of hard to watch because of cravings.


I love Bisqwit.



This dude Ross (blonde) is definition of carelessness. His channel is all vlogs and the theme is him goofing off in public.

Just watch first minutes of this episode starring his mate's kids.


If you like comfy cocktail crafting I recommend this one : https://www.youtube.com/user/BetterCocktails/videos

On another topic, Train Driver's View videos are quite relaxing to watch : https://www.youtube.com/user/Pepeibra/videos


Townsends is good if you like history.
Grand Illusions is very wholesome and pure. It's about toys and other weird, interesting objects that the owner of the channel collects.
My boyfriend likes to watch ZNAProductions. It's a channel about crafting weapons made by a very chill and funny Christian dude, so no swearing and very nice.


I posted this in the DIY wildcard youtube thread, but I figure it would be worth sharing here as well.

I've been binging on guitar repair videos lately, seeing the different little hacks they use to fix things is neat.

This channel is run by a pretty high-end luthier, some of these videos are really impressive!

This other channel is more of a one man deal, his work isn't as intense and exciting, but the way he grumpily rambles on about stuff as he does the repairs is fun to listen to.


File: 1522904299593.png (459.87 KB, 979x735, 1451674104205.png)

I found a blind minecraft playthrough, run by a japanese youtuber known as "PiroPito", who seems to be more well known for creepy/horror content.

He's playing 100% blind, no wiki. It's really interesting seeing someone completely new to the game exploring it in their own way. It also seems like he's one of those players who takes the game to an extreme, doing absurdly time consuming tasks just for the sake of it? Just as an example, in the most recent video (#76) he decides to demolish a ~14000 block sky bridge just because he wanted the beginning of it to be centered at 0,0 in the world coordinates. It seems that he's trying to build this bridge to reach x coordinate 1 million?

The videos are pretty quiet, it's comfy watching him naively bumble through the world.

Here's the playlist for the entire thing if anyone is interested.


Daisy Brown couldn't be called a comfy channel (though this video is), but it's definetly interesting. If you're interested, it's best to watch the old videos first and work your way forward.


I found this channel a while ago. It's pretty relaxing to see her making various meals and sometimes other stuff.


They recomend this channel (embedded) which has basically the same premise. Both remind me of Primitive Technology but have more production to it.
Is this a trend? I think the internet becoming so huge is allowing unexpected things to find their public.
Those channels are like short, silent and relaxing reality shows, execpt informative in nature.


I;ve been watching this for a few hours now and it's great, thanks sushi


Videorelated is a channel from a classical pianist who is exploring different genres of music to broaden her horizons, as well as creating some nice conceptual compositions.
This feels like some strange propaganda/tourist advert. What young girl in rural china has a camera that good, professional understanding of cinematography, editing skills and software, and importantly access to youtube which is blocked in china I believe. On top of that they're both above average in terms of looks, I don't know maybe I'm just paranoid but it seems suspicious to me. Either way it's very comfy thank you for sharing.


I just take them for what they are. Nicely made and cozy videos about cooking and food in rural Asia. I don't believe for a second that rural China and Vietnam are full of cute waifus that will toil for hours to make food for me, but it is a nice dream to have.


I'm >>3650 and in my original text i mentioned how the chinese channel felt like it a hidden purpose mainly because of the directing but i didn't word it properly and erased it.
Editing is not so hard to learn, the software you can pirate and there are many chinese on youtube but the direction of her videos are way too good. Of course since she is chinese the first thing we assume is 'government' but it may be something else.
The vietnamese girl, on the other hand, uses only simple camera angles and her transitions are only focused on what is important for the cooking in that moment, besides the little mini-stories at the end. Plus her whole channel is in vietnamese.
It looks like she has some financial aid, probably from a company, but nothing major or maybe she or someone in her family studies or studied visual media.

Honestly, thinking about those things is cool but at face-value both channels are cool too.


I think people don't really understand what Bossa Nova is (was, to be fair) and misled her. Caetano and Jorge Ben are definitely not Bossa, neither are some of the artists recommended on the comments.
I want to listen the finished tune now but i think she is too influenced by samba.


Yeah maybe I am just paranoid after all. Too much time on lainchan and now I think everyone's a secret government agent trying to hax my IBM Thinkpad™ and steal my animes.
>at face-value both channels are cool too.
very true, I found myself watching more of their videos it makes my want to become a farmer.
>I want to listen the finished tune now but i think she is too influenced by samba.
I don't know much about bossa nova (any recommendations would be appreciated!) but she also did one on funk before where the final piece didn't sound funk at all. I think her goal is more to compose something inspired by these genres rather than trying to replicate them. I still like the end result even if it doesn't sound much like the genre it's based on
just finished catching up at around 4:30am last night, really loved the whole series thank you for recomending it! I looked through his other videos and found "user 666" which I remember seeing when I was younger. His other horror videos were really nice too.


>any recommendations would be appreciated!
What people say is the inception of BN is the album Chega de Saudade by João Gilberto, check that out as it is pretty fabulous.
Elis & Tom is a great album; this is the only album of Elis that is BN.
Check João Gilberto, Tom Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes, Stan Getz, Baden Powell and Toquinho.
There are many others, but to be honest i find Bossa quite repetitive.



this guy makes videos about world of warcraft, unbelieveable comfy
check his series where he talks about vanilla wow
you dont have to be familiar with the game


thanks for sharing this! i'm not into world of warcraft at all, yet it was still really comfy!


He isn't the most active uploader, but he has a few nice restoration videos. Relaxing and interesting to watch.



Reminds me of the kind of videos that I like to search for. Winter bicycling videos. Finding good ones is so hard I think, since so many chat too much, or blare music, completely missing out on how quiet and calm winter can be.

I think this is one of the nicer videos with winter riding.


I don't know why, but I love listening to people rant about absolutely stupid things. Here is LittleKuriboh ranting about Yugioh GX. And holy shit… that show was so pants on head stupid. And he also sometimes talk his depression in other videos. I love his videos, no matter how silly they get.



File: 1540326529915.jpg (366.97 KB, 2000x1308, m45-pleiades.jpg)

Isaac Arthur discusses futurism, technology and space travel. He uploads one 30min video each week with a broad spectrum of subjects. Occasionally he also recommends literature or points out where science fiction does mistakes and explains very comprehensibly why that is the case and what one will face instead.



File: 1540856352160.png (643.81 KB, 1432x698, 37a0ce34-95c2-4b1f-8340-6c….png)

here's a neat little oblivion roleplay LP. the guy gets real in-depth with his character (there are entire episodes dedicated to journal entries from said character). there's a lot of surprisingly comfy moments too, like when he's watching the sun set over the countryside or weaving through the city's alleys late at night.


it's super nerdy, but it's kinda revived my love for nerdy things in general (fantasy books, writing, roleplaying, dnd, all that stuff)


Jason Dornstar's channel on shoe shining is pretty relaxed.


I quite like Dr. Jackson Crawford's channel. He's a specialist in Old Norse who makes videos, often filmed in scenic locations in Wyoming (I think), where he talks about Norse language and mythology. Also he's a cowboy with a nice baritone voice and a very relaxed presentation style.

Basically, he's everything I want out of a Youtuber.


you would need to be serious cuckold to enjoy this


Stop being jealous, and learn to see happy people as role models.



This guy uploads moments from his VRChat streams that usually involve heartfelt conversations with strangers and it's really comfy and at times poignant.


GamersTavern makes Let's Plays in which he spouts endless amounts of deadpan puns and other jokes over footage of old platformers. His delivery style makes it in equal measures comfy and hilarious.


This guy films himself walking through dead malls, commenting on their history and current state. It's quite soothing.


Ross's game dungeon is pretty comfy IMO, but it can depend on the game he's covering. He goes for uncommon old PC games most of the time.


Kyle Landry does piano compositions to help you sleep: https://www.youtube.com/user/kylelandry

Writing on Games does video essays on games: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPlWv88ZRMxCcK3BGjrX7ew

Leonardo Da Sidci also does that: https://youtu.be/pIvcys_IPcQ


A comfy rearrange of U.N. Owen Was Her, along with very impressive visuals.


File: 1546086873349.png (821.07 KB, 1279x713, 1.png)

The Sailing Frenchman
Not gonna say anything else, just watch and enjoy



Strolls across Japan filmed from a first view perspective.
Absolutely immersive.


If you like Primitive Technology then you'll probably like Rune Malte Bertram-Nielsen. He also does not talk, and just shows himself doing innawoods stuff.


File: 1548837178802.jpg (61.51 KB, 972x972, boi.jpg)

>be me
>get told to 'go die in a hole'
> lie in a hole for a bit


donoteat01 is an interesting channel, he uses cities skylines to explain the politics of urban (and sometimes suburban) planning and sometimes covers other stuff like this video on the oft praised killdozer.



this is actually really cool, thanks for recommending this!


File: 1549036484852.gif (2.67 MB, 292x191, shovel.gif)

no problem, glad you like it!


what happened to him? i've seen him in pol memes and stuff

is he ok?


File: 1572130990679.png (200.87 KB, 640x360, thereportoftheweek-4.png)

Reviewbrah's still going strong. He uploaded a review of deep-fried Oreos yesterday. Besides the fast food videos, he has a podcast, which he also broadcasts on short-wave radio. My impression is that he spends the rest of his life reading the news and staying up late browsing the web or going on nightwalks.

/pol/ made him a meme, yeah. They were also responsible for sending out tweets saying that he died in the Manchester terror attack in 2017.


donoteat01 is great youtuber


I stumbled upon this channel recently. Another one of those channels about old computers. He has a nice and relaxing way of talking.



File: 1585020267685.gif (2.56 MB, 300x424, 1571011042910.gif)

try coward hour. its my favorite.


Graveyard tales is 2 old guys shit talking paranormal and conspiracy stuff.

Jim Harold's camp fire is call in ghost stories which is comfy too.



Charliebo313 just drives around cities, especially rough areas. Weirdly soothing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfzPtMWhcTU


I have a few car related channels that I find particularly comfy. I really enjoy watching people put so much love into their cars, just working on em and driving about.

M359 restorations: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLLpxcworT8275nBXODXyqw
This guy will get on plane to inspect and buy a car, take some footage of his mini-holiday, then go back home to Germany and fix the car to sell on. I'm not super into BMWs, but the format is way more comfy and personal than the high production stuff that lots of channels already put out, and his love for the cars and attention to detail in the repairs is really nice to watch.

runningfree86: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeT4OKP6HEXFzb-YrMi4Mrw
An OG Japanese drifter, and probably one of the best AE86 drivers around today. He has lots of videos of working on the car with his young daughter, who's probably gonna grow up to be the greatest AE86 mechanic in the world. He's recently started uploading vids with english subs which is nice, but even watching his driving is incredible, he has such a graceful old school style comapared to the loud, big power, big slides style that's popular nowadays.

Noriyaro and heymanrobbie: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZGkMJEmCR1IqUduqt1uFUw, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4SuAwedzsMx57p7yfceokQ
These two are more driving/drifting focused, but watching them go about about Japan and get footage of all the different car stuff people do is great.


Another one of those japanese youtubers.

They're just quietly making and fixing motorcycles and parts.



File: 1599246416387.png (5.2 MB, 1920x1080, Untitled.png)

the fish locker
dude has plenty of coastal foraging videos where he catches lobsters, crabs, fish, clams and usually shows how to cook them easily at the end


Femboy Fishing - it's about a femboy who fishes.
Pretty chill videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqq5t2vi_G753e19j6U-Ypg


Adam Ragusea is a mainly a food youtuber who does cooking and food science/history, and i really like his videos. They tend to be pretty comfy but i think the q&a videos are the most.


>historia civilis

I'm still amazed at the lack of self-awareness of his Cicero video. He calls him the greatest roman statesman and praises his name to high heaven, but all he ever talks about Cicero doing is him being a carny who had no real influence in the course of roman politics.


A pervasive hagiography has grown around Cicero and his writings, which I think is largely because of the outsize influence they had on the Renaissance and Enlightenment, but he really was pretty important in his day. He can rightfully be called the father of Latin rhetoric, and by extension of the western rhetorical tradition as a whole, and was recognized as such during his life even by Caesar himself. It was his misfortune to have been born a Roman in the twilight of the republic.

I think because he mostly focuses on warfare and specific political events the video guy ended up glossing over a lot of that without realizing that because most of his viewers aren't classicists the name Cicero doesn't have the weight he thinks it does.


how do you guys feel about livestreamers? specifically video game streamers? cause I know a few, one being One Doomed Game Critic on youtube. he only streams on sundays mostly tho
I'd post my channel cause I think my streams are pretty comfy but I don't know if that'd be against there rules for like advertising or something


I like watching Virtual Youtubers


I never really got into streamers but I tried watching let's plays when they were popular.
They just made me want to play the game myself though.


I don't really play games much anymore, and letsPlays (or just recorded streams) are a nice way to still get to see new ones and be in the know without spending as much time and effort on it. Mostly it's about the personality and banter of the person playing anyway.
But something I've noticed, games that are fun to play are generally boring to watch, and the other way around, games that can be boring to play are often pretty chill to watch.
I like Joel and Vinny (though I never catch them live, just keep up with the uploads) cause they feel chill and old school. Most others I've seen feel too tryhard and put on.


This is kinda reverse, but there's this cooking channel (I think?) I remember from years ago that I can't find anymore. Not sure if it was just one vid or every vid, but the one I remember he made some recipe from medieval times (IIRC) that was fried battered fish, and he had this shtick that he chopped everything with a big ass sword.
If anybody knows what I'm talking about I'd be super stoked, haven't seen the vid in 10+ years and it'd be such a nostalgia trip, was one of the first things I cooked that wasn't just noodles or pasta.


Seeing people make stuff is comfy to me.

Not your channel but here's one about comfy channel about cooking Singaporean cuisine:


File: 1613825170595-0.jpg (410.04 KB, 1173x1770, SH01.jpg)

File: 1613825170595-1.gif (841.79 KB, 900x800, 2096930.gif)

Gawr Gura


*gar goyla


Picrel is Driving Nippon, comfy silent driving on various roads and highways in Japan. If you like Rambalac, it's pretty much the same thing, but inside a car.

I've also been watching James Blackwood: https://www.youtube.com/user/vjamb
Old man who feeds local raccoons, sometimes deer. He's been doing a lot more livestreams lately where he sits and talks with the audience, but they're comfy too. It almost feels like chatting with my granddad.


File: 1614488032536.jpg (17.47 KB, 480x360, 1493907377669.jpg)

I watch Vinesauce Joel, my favourite stuff is the bootleg streams since stuff gets pretty crazy there, seeing how bootleggers grabbed a very popular IP and twisted it and jammed it somewhere it does not belong. Or in case of the russian roms it gets pretty scary.
I mainly watch the streams of weird stuff, his normal streams don't interest me much because there's nothing amazingly strange to discover there; unless the game being streamed is weird like Harvester.
Many complain about him being obnoxious and prefer Vinny instead, but his vocal deliveries seem a bit too deadpan for my likening. Though I did like some of his streams, I wouldn't sit down and watch a bunch of streams of his.


I like Joel too, I really relate to his stupid sense of humor


I find Joel kind of frustrating when he spends ages making silly jokes and ends up forgetting what he's supposed to be doing in the game he's playing or whatever. But he's a likeable guy and I do enjoy his streams from time to time.


I'll admit I'm extremely easily entertained so someone spending 20 minutes real-time-photoshopping random shit and funny mustaches on things is usually hilarious to me, I love things like the Soul Calibur 3 stream too. But I get what you mean, it's bothered me in the past even. It wouldn't really be Joel if he didn't though.


Kiwami Japan's sharpest chocolate kitchen knife in the world


File: 1619403886664.jpg (215.5 KB, 1167x1200, 1618673884839-v.jpg)

I want to get into VTubers not that way but they all seem to stream normie trash (minecraft, apex legends, etc.)
Is there anyone that streams really weird stuff and is not some weird guy with a virtual persona? I like Vinesauce (Joel and Vinny) for this reason.


File: 1619406543414.jpeg (24.87 KB, 268x268, 5382669969721.jpeg)

I don't know what she's up to nowadays but Artemis was off the beaten path when she was just starting up. iirc one of her early streams was just minesweeper.

FYI the market for EN tubers is geared more towards social/chatting than gaming these days.


I'm not aware of anyone who streams a lot of bootleg or unknown indie games like they do sadly (also it sucks that Vinesauce is on hiatus, I usually put on their twitch streams to fall asleep).
Personally I like Lily Hopkins, Pikamee, and Kumagai Chisato but, while cute, none of them really fit the bill.


VTubers exist to appeal to lonely nerds like e-thots from my understanding. There would be no market for engaging or bizzare content because that would distract the viewer from the virtual anime girl on screen, which seems to be the main attraction in these things.


>binny on hiatus
what happened?


It's really stupid
>Fan consents to having sex with Vinny
>Tries cancelling him even though she is 19
>Vinny stops streaming because he hired up a lawyer and thus didn't want to ruin his image by saying something that could frame him.
>Lot of other people also tried cancelling him (Mandalore, GeePM, a mod) at the same time this happened as if it was orchestrated
It's just something that shouldn't have happened but it did. All around stupid, Vinny should've just ignored it but he's emotionally fragile so I guess that got to him.


> cancelled
Why are so many people obsessed with cancelling each other? Is this some kind of internet loser power trip thing I'm not getting? Modern salem?


Beats me. My best guess is mob mentality and being drunk on a feeling of moral superiority.

I personally don't follow any social media personalities. I have friends that do though. In my heart, I wish they didn't because of how unhealthy parasocial relationships are, but I'll never tell them that.


There's that silly word again. Just call them entertainers, it's what they're meant to do.


You're right. I just realized I have a really controversial opinion on this subject, maybe I'll just pipe down for a second. Here I'll happily admit I watch some entertainers too, but not with the religious zeal I've seen come out of my friends.


Atomic Shrimp is one of the only large channels I follow. They make a wide variety of videos usually having to do with food but they're most known for their scam baiting videos.


I'm not the guy you're responding to but parasocial relationships has become a recent target of study in sociology and psychology because of the unique way that internet celebrities and their fans relate to one another. Because these relationships more closely resemble personal friendships and experiences, certain individuals develop a feeling as though the person they are watching IS their friend and someone they know, even though the person they're watching doesn't know them as n individual. This kind of relationship is deemed "parasocial" because it artificially conjures social related feelings in the watcher despite no real social relationship existing. It's an interesting phenomenon but it's not a "silly word" and to some of the viewers these people are more than "entertainers" - they really do feel a social bond with these strangers. There is no social distance between viewers and streamers like there was with stars and fans - this means less obsessive worship, but greater feelings of social bond despite none existing.

Please, share your thoughts.


I'm this sushi >>11112 >>11114. I'll try to keep it short. Spoiler for uncomfy.
I mentioned parasocial relations because I've met people who are emotionally attached to entertainers as if they were real friends with them (e.g. keeping track of who they're dating, keeping track of who's in their friend group, and, as in this case, who they've slept with.) This isn't really a new idea since gossip magazines have been around for about a century, but I feel alienated by how we can spend our lives thinking about people who don't even know we exist.

But I know people are free to do what they want, which is why I usually keep it to myself (not in these few posts, though. I kind of let loose and barfed all over this nice thread, sorry.) There's nothing wrong with "parasocial relationships." I don't want to stop my friends from doing the things they enjoy because I have made some funny observation about it. Heck, I didn't want to get all "up in your' face" with all the sushis here, which is why I cut myself short.

I like watching Akihito Yoshitomi. His sketches are very comfy to watch.


File: 1619580934701.jpg (754.35 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210427-233311.jpg)

No mention of LindyBeige, how sad. Great youtuber who covers various topics about history, fantasy, and mechanics. Linked video is probably my favorite of his, or his one on gladiators maybe. Hes been on youtube since like 2007 I think.


Here is the mentioned link


So it seems like Vinny's gonna start posting pre-recorded stuff on fullsauce once in a while now, but is still on indefinite hiatus from streaming.


>Makarios Doukid has been caught in bed with the wrong person
>brief pause
lmao what a random event


Retro Game Mechanics Explained picks apart how old video game consoles worked. He has a very calming voice.


I have just enough technical know how to get the gist of these videos until they bring up something I've never heard of and I'm totally lost


Photoinduction for relaxed destruction of home appliances through the power of JUICE. Educational if you ever wondered what happens to electronics if you run 300kv through them while in the living room.


Has anyone watched Mega64? I'm just realizing a lot of stuff that became memes come from them. Where would be the best place to start?


Maybe their “games in real life” skits? They’ve been around so long, even pre-youtube, the catalogue is almost endless.


I <3 cars




After watching so many moto-vlogers harass people on phones and hit wing mirrors I was delighted to discover FortNines content for a better side of bikers.

Genuinely fun and informative while being well balanced and produced. Truly, have these guys to thank for me riding today I'd reckon.

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