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Post some solid gold oldies.
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Why? Tubes!


Most of the things I watched and consumed online in the 2000's were from Newgrounds. It's strange how much internet humor has changed, it seems back then everything was very focused on being either extremely random, extremely violent, or both.


It doesn't make a bit of difference guys


holy shit, i used to sing this every time at karaoke when i lived in japan


ok, who remembers the yt video of this with all the annotations?


Good times, man. Was there ever any way to archive the annotations on videos before youtube killed them or are all those moments lost in time like tears in rain?


Why DID youtube kill those? Even generic botnet explanations don't really cut it, you still have captions in theory.


How could I ever have forgotten this classic?


File: 1609704466693.png (53.63 KB, 1363x295, youtube.png)

I think they were a giant liability with little reward. The "add *unmoderated* commentary on video" feature was at high risk of creating a new ad-pocalypse scenario, annotations create something offensive, media blows it up and hurts YT stocks, and companies threaten to pull adds unless something is done. It had no reward because youtubes main demographic, zoomer kids, had no idea the feature existed and would not mind if it was gone. Moderating the annotations isn't worth the effort, high chance of a slip up and user base wont reword the extra effort.

You can't even really have captions anymore. It was another "500 hours of content are uploaded on youtube daily. We can't moderate all the subtitles", so they killed community captions. The 500 content/minute stat isn't even pulled out of my ass it's the actual amount of content.



I mean it's actually a significant issue though.
A lot of pretty good videos aren't in English, or else are in English but you don't speak English/would prefer different languages for the subtitles. I know it helped me a lot to learn the English names for historical events and people by watching youtube videos with subtitles in my language instead of English. Plus obviously it's a serious problem for deaf users, especially since Youtube just replaces swear words with [ ], making it utterly impossible to know what was there, and also since the AI still can't actually recognize words. This is even a problem for videos with shit audio quality or when there's a ton of background noise, the subtitles are a lifesaver.


Another in the same vein. It was even uploaded by the same guy as the original video.


Audio from Sciario
Video from Moonshine Animations


FYI there's a big archive of annotations at https://archive.org/details/youtubeannotations and invidious instances use it to restore them.


>Aug 14, 2020
Wrong thread, friend. good video though


I still laugh a ton watching this one.


Bonus: Agamemnon and tasty Legolambnon https://youtu.be/Kxp8qPEwSXM


Unlike most old videos I decide to go back and rewatch out of nostalgia, this one is still just as funny as I remember it being back in the day.


4 STR 4 STAM leather belt? AHH UHHH


What a strange time to grow up where stuff like what's in this thread is what I'm most nostalgic about





God damn I love this video


File: 1620812452926.webm (3.85 MB, 200x150, BonApetite.webm)





Man this brings me back I use to blast that song and a bunch of others back in the day, namely stuff from the corruption of lulz album.
Also I feel like shit has gone full circle because now I gotta ask what was the name of that song? My old brain is drawing a total blank…I use to rip on people for asking for song names..


Wow, throwback. I still randomly quote the "Those have not been in asses" all the time.



same, my friends and I still refer to people as having a "huge cock of a voice"






fuck it's dead
I assume this was Fukkireta with all the annotations?




I wonder what people who are as young now as I was when I saw videos like these think of "old" internet humor/culture


It's still alive here
I suspect it will get taken down eventually as well because of all the annotations that just say black dragon rollblack dragon rollblack dragon rollblack dragon roll


>black dragon roll
wordfilter lol
you know what I mean


Anyone else used to watch this series?




This is the AMV that got me into anime



A splendid find! Even if spanish is superior…







The first youtube video I ever watched, from a link on /b/ in 2006.

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