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File: 1544285300357.gif (368.98 KB, 400x225, konata-sleepy-gif.gif)


Let's tell each other about strangers doing things that made you feel comfy.

Recently I went to the laundry room to clean some clothes. I like to hang around in the laundry room and play video games and keep an eye on my clothes because I don't trust people not to take them out of the machine.
Sitting at the table was a man wearing a US Marines (or some other military) cap, I guess he was a veteran but I didn't ask. He had a creaky old laptop on the table and was playing a Christmas themed hidden objects game.

Pic unrelated.


File: 1544308758318.png (184.97 KB, 281x400, af5.png)

That reminds me I gotta download Jazz Jackrabbit Holiday Hare for my yearly playthrough.


I'm sorting out my drives right now actually, I always find that comfy. Finding old files you've forgotten about, rechecking everything you found worthwile enough to save. Goal is to only have the bare essentials left and everything important made sure it's backed up before the new years.
Looking forwards to that feel of a cleaned out system without duplicate folders and all that.
Maybe he was a LGR fan, his last vid was one something like that.


>strangers doing things that made you feel comfy


Seeing that video is actually what reminded me of it happening and prompted me to post this thread ha, but no it was a couple of weeks ago.


File: 1546050551278.jpg (14.49 KB, 606x470, 54865165165.jpg)

I don't really know if comfy is the correct word, but like a year ago i was in the bus with my earphones on, and also the guy sitting next to mine.
I play piano since I'm a kid, and Ihave the habit of start playing an imaginary piano every time I'm listening a song that I already know how to play it. I think at the time I was listening to Bach, so I was trying to resist the temptation of doing that autistic shit, when suddenly the guy next to mine started doing that exact thing. That was odd af, so I decided to do it too, thereby we spend the whole trip (about 30 minutes) playing our imaginaries pianos, and sometimes laughing, but we didn't talk to each other. I kinda regret it cause he seemed pretty based.


File: 1546158150735.png (175.47 KB, 434x442, 893g.png)


this is so cute ^w^


Once when I was in college, I was depressed and sitting on the curb with my head in my lap and arms wrapped around. A passerby said something like, "kid, you got your whole life ahead of you" in a reassuring tone.


This song


I've been enjoying waiting for the train with a (very overpriced) train coffee and listening to an audiobook early in the morning. much better than being annoyed at being up early


File: 1680147578717.jpeg (141.08 KB, 858x1199, ee5f7a05b9f807cf4e94aa14a….jpeg)

Had a similar experience at a laundromat a few years ago. Similar setup, when I was at college I would use the laundromat, and I would bring my laptop and practice Skullgirls combos. I play with a custom arcade stick, massive thing that I've put some decent money into. As I'm playing, an elderly woman walked up to me and said "wow, that thing you've got there is just the neatest thing I've ever seen! It's like the old Pac-Man machines!" and I laughed and showed her how I play the game with it. She thanked me and left, and I just kept practicing my combos, but with a bit more appreciation for the game.


File: 1691110900729.jpg (205.2 KB, 600x854, Gasdsen girl 1579334300131.jpg)


File: 1691522850738.jpg (113 KB, 1052x744, __astolfo_fate_and_1_more_….jpg)

There was a nice stranger dude who was really energetic about going to the convenience store and he opened the door for me, I guess maybe I felt good about that because I was feeling down after a uni exam that went horribly wrong, he cheered me up a little


A few years ago I was walking around campus caught in up a lot of thoughts and frustrations that didn't really matter. I saw some kids skateboarding in the parking lot and walked past them, thinking that they were a pain and that they were probably judging me as much as I was judging them. One of them stopped what he was doing, called out to me, and when I didn't respond called out to me again. He told me that he "Hoped I had a really good day". It was such a sweet, unnecessary kindness that reminded me that I didn't want to be the jerk judging kids and overthinking misery. Wherever that kid is now I hope he's having a good day, too.


When I go out with friends and family, it's usual places that are considered cheap eats. When to a new one and the services was so good yet homey. Wait staff treated us like a long-lost family rather than customers. It was a nice comfy feeling.

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