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File: 1542590846162.png (11.28 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


Air quality is up since the 19th century. Humans have a strong sense of smell.

What’s the thoughts on using candles, incense, etc.

What natural smells are nicest when replicated


I would embrace the format. Candles and fireplaces have a nice smell on their own, creating a very cozy atmosphere when you do light something. I don't know if incense replicate certain natural smells, since I don't know how the natural smell is like, but incense is also nice on their own.

I do avoid scented candles for the most part. One that claims to smell like strawberries, often does not smell that nice. I rather just get some nice plain "rustic" candles. I think they smell nice enough on their own.


I've planned to get some essential oils and a burner actually, just haven't gotten around to it yet. Got thinking about it because of a perfume. Usually put it on when I'm meeting friends, but put it on when just going for a walk, and because of my association for the smell it really felt like I was going out for something social.
Would be neat to have different oil mixtures to associate with different things / modes.

I used to like incense alot, but it's been a long while since I had any.
No love for scented candles though, they smell nice when unlit but when you burn them they just tend to make the air feel kind of cloying and heavy to breathe, and you can only really tell a difference of aroma when you've been out of the room a while and return because of contrast.


I don't really go by the component smells so much as the blend. If the end product doesn't smell good it doesn't matter how many good-smelling things are in it. That said, artificial pumpkin and lilac never smell good in anything.

I prefer candles because I enjoy fire and I feel that an open flame consumes some of the malodorous particles in the air which usually prompt the lighting of the candle in the first place. I dislike scented oils, especially the ones from big brands like Glade, as they are too pervasive and usually have weird, synthetic base notes that bother me.


I've grown to like incense since I started taking yoga classes, but I don't use it at home because the smell sticks around for too long in smaller rooms.

Regular candles have such a nice smell of their own that I don't see why anyone would want to mask it with perfumes.

I like pure essential oils, but I'm not a fan of most mixed products. Every smell reminds me of something very specific. I associate eucalyptus with the relief I felt after a steam bath when I had a sinus infection, pine with cleaning the house, and lavender with the relaxed feeling of cleaning my yoga mat after a long class.


File: 1543001351079.jpg (1.81 MB, 2048x1463, lavende.jpg)

I think cedar and lavender are the best easily-replicated natural scents. I don't like candles, but the smell of kerosene lanterns is pretty good.

I never thought I'd like them, but I've found myself more and more fascinated with perfumes and scents. I love having a variety of smells for different situations. It's almost a personal thing, just taking off your coat and getting the faintest scent of what you have on is one of those private moments of enjoyment.
Have you looked through Fragrantica? It's one of those brilliant obsessively-categorising websites: https://www.fragrantica.com/notes/


Do any of you have one of these air humidifiers? I always wondered if these things changed anything.


dont know if it's just me but moist dirt smells fucking amazing. I just wannna fucking smash my head into some and get a big fucking whiff


File: 1543370955272.jpg (86.17 KB, 900x719, homegrown-tomatoes-rona-bl….jpg)

Fresh beetroots smells very much of moist soil.

On that note (huehue), one of my favourite smells are the green star thing of a good tomato right after it's been torn off. Almost intoxicating to sit and sniff one.


File: 1543420956655.jpeg (51.2 KB, 476x694, cool froggy.jpeg)

are there candles out there that smell like fresh laundry?


>the green star thing of a good tomato right after it's been torn off
Ooh, I have to try that!

I just remembered another favorite: the smell of freshly sliced lemon can literally give me goosebumps.


Baked bread is best smell


Mint in toothpaste annoy me


File: 1625992663058.jpg (923.36 KB, 1318x1838, atlz.jpg)

I like the smell of chinese wok-stirred fried rice


I love the smell of bonfires. I feel most cozy if I'm up in the morning in a rural area and smell a bonfire somewhere in the distance. Or if I am the one making it, that's fine too.


File: 1626322865537.png (712.51 KB, 2560x1600, 993443.png)

I think there's two kinds of good smells. First are just legitimately good smells, like fresh coffee or a forest after rain. Second are smells that on their own are average but are associated with memories of a good or happy time in your life. I have some cheap cologne I no longer wear but still keep in the restroom and whiff every once in a while to bring back memories of younger days staying out late with friends.


I love different smells. My favorite incense would probably have to be sandalwood. Sage smells pretty nice too and has a cleaning effect…

When I first bought my bed it had a very earthy smell that I want to replicate to this day. Its a fully organic 50/50 wool cotton futon.


I think since I had covid my sense of smell somewhat canged. But it is hard to compare. I have one cologne which I believe smells different than before.


perfumes and stuff change their smell over time coz of the volatile ingredients that eventually dissipate. so if that cologne is like 2 years old or something since you opened it, it's probably changed a bit.

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