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File: 1541999271669.jpg (90.09 KB, 634x846, 2E3AF20200000578-3309168-T….jpg)


Don't know if this kind of topic belongs here. But does anyone else feel utterly repulsed by social media and the climate of virtual interactions especially on platforms where sushi rollymity is an option. Though whether or not sushi rollymous is turned on doesn't make much of a difference in the poor quality content produced. It's an endless repetition of temporary pointless trends and people bandwagoning another's point of view instead of establishing their own. I'm dead tired of the fanatic obsession focused on sex and politics over and over. I don't fucking care. I feel immobilized and unable to interact with most people my age, I don't see the purpose anymore of trying to be social especially in this unfiltered cesspool of vapid thoughts. I gave up on imageboards, lasted a streak reaching a full year. Came back occasionally to small boards to see what's up but I can see the toxicity slowly leaking in.


I feel you. There's so mych social atomization, identity politics, and narcissism online these days. But even so, social media is that you make of it. I personally use it for networking and career-related stuff, not just socially. If the people on your timeline post dumb shit that bores or upsets you, they don't need to be on your timeline. Surround yourself (online and offline) with people you appreciate or motivate you to do well, not people who drain you.


>It's an endless repetition of temporary pointless trends and people bandwagoning another's point of view instead of establishing their own
sorry to sound like le epic online snowflake, but that's normies for you: People that don't really have anything interesting to say about a particular thing and would rather just be part of a community, so they imitate other people they deem representative of these communities in a very weird and boring/bandwagon-y way.

>I'm dead tired of the fanatic obsession focused on sex and politics over and over

I know what you mean. It's always us vs them in the set political spectrum and I'm so god damn tired of it. Especially when it's Americans being Americentric and thinking anyone gives a chunk of shit about their retarded two party system.
I think that the profound interconnectedness of today is giving people such large platforms that they feel like they have to constantly talk about anything they can to stay relevant, but it'd be better if some people just stopped talking for a bit sometimes if they have nothing sensible to say – and by this I don't mean political stuff that I don't agree with, because I have my views on politics and do not share them with others.

It is better, in my experience, to have a small group of actual friends (this can even be one or two friends) who you know well and who you can relate to well, and to take up irl hobbies to not get that toxic meaningless information overload you so often seem to get when reading or interacting with people on the internet.
Good luck, sushi roll.

i'm so extremely sorry if I sounded pretentious but I'm bad at expressing myself in text and talking in general really (which isn't an excuse, I know)


social media's only good for furthering your career. Anything else is usually a waste of time. Funny enough, the quality of a community online can be gauged by the quality of their memes.

some imageboards > reddit > instagram > facebook > twitter > tumblr

thats how I see it, anyway


Social media is pretty awful because it overloads you with too many sources. Something spoken about with friends can then be spoken about with other friends and not be overdone. But when everyone sees everything the window for discussion is much shorter and the pervasiveness is far greater in that time.

>People that don't really have anything interesting to say about a particular thing and would rather just be part of a community

As I've grown older I've come to give this attitude much more respect. When I was in school I thought I was so much better than the generic people who follow the crowd. I realise now that they actually chose a pretty good system and it's popular for that reason. I think to a certain extent they realised things at a young age that took me far longer to realise, and now knowing those things I look back retrospectively and realise the method to their madness. Also it's quite likely that you don't share common interests as opposed to them having nothing interesting to say.

>to have a small group of actual friends

I've seen this notion a lot on imageboards but normies already do this. Their small groups are just more free floating around the larger group of acquaintances as opposed to 4 people who don't really talk to anyone but each other. I think it's like people are trying to justify their lack of many friends by claiming that those they have are better, but I don't think that's nearly as true as the claim.

Also normies totally have hobbies so I dunno what that's about.

I might just be jaded but it feels like everyone on imageboards is really sour grapes about social things.


twitter is the best

not normie twitter, but weird twitter, and subculture/industry-specific twitter


I've said this before, but twitter can be exactly what you want it to be. My feed is for the most part dorky dad humor and other things that I enjoy. Sometimes someone retweet something something samurai platter, but that is so rare.

Same goes for tumblr, it is just gratis proprietary hosting for your blog. You can find anything you want on there.

Someone that complains about only ever finding alt-right or samurai platter bullshit on such platforms, were probably looking for that kind of content. Tumblr is full of dorky rpg, knitting, cooking, porn, gamedev blogs.


Social media is painful. Facebook is just people arguing with each other over stupid shit, some inspirational quotes and countless advertisements. Twitter is full of people who genuinely think every thought their brain farts out is clever or funny and are desperate to suck up to celebrities. The only things popular on Instagram are photos of people showing off their wealth, women in bikinis and gross food pictures. Reddit just breeds shitty communities of misogynistic men and m2f trans people who encourage each other to be horrible people. I enjoy YouTube for the most part but become immediately depressed if I scroll down to the comments. Lesser-known imageboards are great but are extremely slow. LinkedIn is only used by people looking for jobs so it's a community of people pretending to be really, really into business and tech for a few months and then they never use it again.

Honestly, everything about social media exists to make you feel like shit.


File: 1542127065360.png (37.75 KB, 500x485, arguments.png)

I only participate in social media via sushirollymous image boards, few online games and whatsapp, because my family pressed me to use it.

Occasionally one discovers hidden gems of art on image boards.

Admittedly my main reason to frequent them is the random giggle, the easy access to empathy inducing thought exchange and social interaction without the pressure of getting judged, being unable to escape in case of clumsy mistakes (have an anxiety problem going with that).

If a discussion heats up, things usually escalate quickly, because nobody wants to admit being wrong or simply thinks they aren't, so the argument continues, as if they would get a price for stubbornness, while post quality diminishes to spam of catchphrases, memes and name calling. Best advice is probably to stay away from such threads. It's >>4486
>usually a waste of time
and defiles the atmosphere of the community.


I disagree about tumblr, because twitter has a larger and more mainstream audience, whereas tumblr is smaller and more niche, with a more female and feminist demographic

the average person does not use tumblr, so you are only going to find tumblr-type people using it


Tumblr is smaller, but I don't think it is niche. When I browse it, I rarely find the overly political blogs.

Looking at my own feed, I mostly just see dad jokes, cartoons, and gamedev. If I branch out I start to see pen and paper RPG og fashion blogs too. Because the site has samurai platter and alt-right shitheads in their userbase, does not mean the site is nothing but that kind of stuff. The site has blogs that covers a wide variety of interests.


Do imageboards really count as social media? I think that notion is pretty whack.

>Reddit just breeds shitty communities of misogynistic men and m2f trans people
Actually reddit is full of easily upset normies for the more popular places with a few obscure subs that have communities which match the topic. I don't know where you're getting this misogynistic transgender stuff from.

But I do agree, social media is like filtering social life down to the worst aspects.


I stopped using social media for the same reason really. I sometimes use Pawoo for posting/finding art, but that's really it.


Social media is cool. You meet old buddies from high school, sometimes you find out of great things in your area, and sometimes you have people who really do post interesting things. I have little to say so I just thank people for the birthday wishes, in fact I have a Facebook but I rarely use it, I don't care for the random rants or some people have but I don't have to see that if I don't want to.

Overall, social media is fine, I just wished I could post interesting things other than, "Goblin Slayer is really cool!!" or look at my dinner or any variant of such. Most people I know understand I'm not that active on social media, but I'm open to being texted too.


File: 1542152236520.jpg (26.82 KB, 500x375, packingpeanutcat.jpg)

I can't make up my mind if that is a poor cat, or a silly cat. I hope it is the latter.


I'm also pretty exhausted. The constant aggression and hostility is tiring to deal with on a daily basis. It feels like a contest to be as abrasive as possible and turn everything into a contest where one person wins and another loses.I don't want to debate, I just want to have a conversation.

I guess it really depends on where you go though. I've recently been migrating away from imageboards and chan-adjacent communities towards more "normie" ones like FB and tumblr. Then I make a point of picking not-chan-adjacent communities to become a part of. That's made it a bit better. Maybe it's ironic, but even though FB is the biggest social site and the center of a lot of these problems it's also the only one that lets you deal with it well and has the better selection of niche groups. There's a lot of tightly-knit groups with real moderation and just the right amount of activity and community. They're just hard to find, which I guess may actually be a positive for some people.

Tumblr is also pretty good at that, but it's also broken in a lot of ways and I get the impression that Yahoo/oath/verizon/whoever don't care about it and are just letting it float until a leak springs and it sinks.


File: 1542200350163.jpg (228.05 KB, 768x1024, all of the lights.jpg)

one thing can be known for sure: it is a good cat.


Agree completely on the whole aggression front. It's sad that more and more discussions on social media end up being shouting matches where people willfully misinterpret what each other say and argue back and forth trying to make the other look like an idiot. The saddest part is that it wasn't always like this- you'd have asshats back in the day but now it's just a common thing wherever you go.



Never used social media actively. (Well, the traditional kind anyway.)
I was too much of a hipster to get into it, and now it doesn't matter.


I do. It disgusts me. All the vanity and poison wears me out.


File: 1543259653980.png (572.88 KB, 850x687, sad.png)



File: 1543307814742.webm (1.82 MB, 852x480, Akane-chan.webm)

A pattern I've seen on many sites now is that the more reasonably you try to behave, the more likely it is that you will be attacked, censored and banned. Unreasonable behavior has the opposite effect. This is even true in real life, e.g. you can bully someone in school and nothing will happen to you, but the second your target defends himself he'll be punished. Where I live, self-defense means years in prison and heavy monetary losses while rape gets you just a slap on the wrist.

And almost everyone thinks this is all perfectly normal.


t. enlightened centrist



You can save that kind of divisive crap for another site. Doesn't really belong here.


Uncomfy threads get uncomfy posts.


Nothing more uncomfy than some asshat thinking he can put words into someones mouth, or assume some sushi roll had an idea or thought that was never expressed.

This is not the only thread that kind of crap has shown up in. The topic isn't the comfiest, but you don't need shitty posts like "t. bullshit i assume about you".


File: 1543438386109.png (268.41 KB, 1330x2398, publicdomainq-smartphone-2….png)

I've personally been using two social media sites regularly now: Pjuu and Diaspora. While being set up in a similar way to FB, I've found them infinitely more pleasant and enjoyable than I ever expected considering the rightful criticism the usual suspects get. Pjuu is so tiny and tucked away that the only people who have found it are Free Software fans, and some nice folks who occasionally post about a charming piece of their life. Diaspora is my go to for looking at some nice photographs, comics/illustrations/paintings, and the Free Software news. Even without going out of your way to set up your feed, I've rarely been giving anything that is really annoying or is made specifically to tick you off, which Facebook and Twitter is packed to the brim with. It's, in a word, a comfy experience.

This isn't to say that "Not all Social Media is bad". Frankly, the fact that I have to dig for obscure, presumed dead sites to have a pleasant SocMed experience says a lot about how cancerous it usually is.

As for imageboards, their problem is that so many of them are entrapped in the shadow of 4chan. Sushi is one of the least 4chan-like imageboards I've seen yet, and you can still taste its influence here. Other sites are either spin-offs of specific boards, trying to be 4chan but moreso, or are desperately trying to set their own identity, but being drowned out by 4chan-isms. I may not be 100% right, as I have not traveled to every imageboard around to know their behaviors (I still haven't even experienced the Churches of Lain, newbie that I am), but in the few I have, I can still sense the invisible hand of Yotsuba.


File: 1543439000136.jpg (51.01 KB, 536x546, 1492757730681.jpg)

Being completely honest, I think 4chan has shaped a lot of us into the people we are both online and off. It's not as though it's influence is actively imposed but rather it's just become a natural part of who we are and how we are.
In fact, thinking about it like this is almost making me sentimental. I really do love how we all have these shared attributes, be they mannerisms, humour, views or interests. It's somehow homely, like a family or a group of friends.


yeah, how dare people have strong convictions and care about issues that directly affect their lives

we should all be saccharine and apathetic instead because that seems nicer on a surface level, just as long as you're sheltered and don't have anything to lose from modern day political issues

if you're not sheltered, this stuff really does affect your life, so you can't afford to be some "well let's all just get along and be neutral" fence-sitters


File: 1543446598017.png (1.34 MB, 1262x1270, papelão.png)

>Churches of Lain
>I can still sense the invisible hand of Yotsuba
Ha, nice.


File: 1543449246764.jpg (174.54 KB, 1020x1200, DlERFTeWwAA6zLA.jpg)

I don't think that Sushi was criticizing you having strong opinions. Rather, he wants to avoid this place becoming another center for social action. This site's staff and users collectively want to get away from the modern day tendency to make every thing one can imagine into a warzone for netwarriors to do battle on. The theme, the language, the reaction to labeling as a tactic for arguement, all point to an attempt to create a calmer, more relaxed place where people can talk without the conversation immediately degrading to 'ur a faget'.

While strong emotions are useful and at times necessary in life, there are strong emotions flying everywhere on any large site you can think of. 4chan is full of activist keyboard warriors. Tumblr is full of activist keyboard warriors. Youtube is full of activist keyboard warriors. Etc etc.

Centrists are a rare breed now, though I would not label the Sushi that started this chain as such (Honestly I am confused as to why he is marked that way to begin with). You're expected to be part of factional warfare even on hobby boards now, and I can see how tiring that is.

Pic Unrelated.


File: 1543469850092.jpg (62.23 KB, 540x491, 1510276564140_151028806997….jpg)

>somehow homely, like a family or a group of friends.
It's anything but that.


I've only just found sushigirl but I'm liking what I see here. I think places like here always have the potential to be a better place because everyone has a reason why they look for somewhere other than 4chan. Here seems to be for people that had the same frustrations as me about how 4chan is full of the worst people on the internet endlessly repeating the same racist memes because "that's what 4chan is".

I think loads of people got to 4chan because of the more fun and lighthearted memes back in the late 2000s and it was a place to discuss topics you wouldn't want to necessarily want to have your name attatched to (mainly anime and manga because of the weeb stigma)and while I never liked it, I got people were posting awful things just because it was liberating to do so.

Sadly that "free speech" advocacy has been hijacked by hate speech advocats and if you post anything that isn't just railing on jews/normies/women/people of different ethnicities or anything the /pol/ cult wants people to post about then you end up derailing the whole thread.

I think sushigirl will be safe because I don't think it will have the same problem of people acting like horrible people for a laugh actually attracting the worst that basements around the world have to offer.


I find it insulting that you blame people with my views for the ruination of places I like. It's an issue of manners and politeness far more than the views held and I find your "side" as insufferable as you find mine.


But you're already presuming that i'm on a "side" you don't like, so you've just done exactly what I feel is making 4chan not an enjoyable place to be.

To not particularly like the alt-right does not necessarily make me completely opposite does it? I might not even have a political horse in this race at all and just think the language and ideas are distasteful and repetitive.


I put "side" in quotations because I was referring to people who are whiny about the topic rather than to refer to any political position.


Oh I see so your intention was to just not show any manners or politeness but instead resort to an attack.


File: 1543529279201.png (337.23 KB, 497x544, kaguya_2.png)

I'm criticising your view. If you want to call that an attack for whatever reason then go ahead but it doesn't change my sentiments. It seems to me that you left somewhere because you didn't like something then instantly brought up the same topic elsewhere in a divisive manner only causing any such conflict to come to the surface, and it has. For years every thread this drivel has touched degrades and has to be booted to /hell/ or /superhell/. It's exhausting.


I get the impression that the sushi roll you're responding to was acting in good faith. If you don't want conflict to come to the surface, it's more helpful to remind people of the "no politics" rule than to respond defensively.


It’s the other guy, I just read the rules and realise I completely missed the mark with my posting. My mistake sushi rolls.


There are many people who stand to lose things in their life because of elections. Those who are well off and sheltered have the privilege of saying "no politics" because they are privileged enough to not be affected by current political events, which is not the case for everyone. You can only afford to be neutral if you are relatively wealthy.

When legislation affects someone's day to day life, they can't sit by and do nothing.


Nobody here claimed that politics don't matter, or that they are "neutral" in real life. It's just that people use this place as a reprieve from the stress of daily life, and politics is one factor that adds to that stress, so we try to leave it at the door for a few minutes while we're here.


With all this hubub going on now, I went back and re-read this post, and I'm still lost as to how this is 'centrist'? In relation to what spectrum are we talking here? Is it some kind of platitude? Is it diminishing something? This comment isn't political in the least, rather it's about the personal behavior of some people, and how they easily evade consequences of their actions. Like how a troll that actively works to destroy the board their apart of will not be banned on a traditional forum until the cross the line the fifth time. This sort of thing actually happened on an forum I went to: it was dedicated to the works of a Japanese artist and one of the users decided it was funny to send the artist a gore edit of the Artist's characters. Even after that people were still arguing for the troll to not be banned.

But I'm getting off my point: Why was this post offensive? It's like people were so eager to drop buzzwords and belittle people who don't want to be part of the great Internet Crusades that they forgot exactly what offended them and why.


centrists think being mild is right and any sort of intensity is wrong

if you got angry and upset about the holocaust in WWII, a centrist at that time would say "whoa, you're being unreasonable! just chill out and be calm like me!"

the idea that being passive is somehow the best course of action to take it a completely wrong centrist idea

they love to talk about how "reasonable" and "rational" they are but what they really mean is they can afford to not care about issues because they themselves aren't affected by them

but whatever, none of you seem to get what I am saying, so forget it


You seem filled with prejudices and misconceptions. Your posts are honestly tiresome to read. I think you do this intentionally to shit up nice communities. Go back to your containment site.

There is only one thing to get. You have done nothing but derail this thread with your bullshit. If you choose to stay, I doubt this will be the last time you shit up a perfectly fine thread.


This thread was born terrible. It's designed to dwell on negatives.


/hell/ time?


Poor thread, it was destined for /hell/ from its op.



I have always had too much social anxiety to sign up on social media websites. At this point, it feels too weird to start with it.


File: 1543877759340.jpg (289.4 KB, 709x709, __gokou_ruri_ore_no_imouto….jpg)

I didn't mean for this thread to get political, that's exactly what I hate about opening a discussion with any literal mentioning of the word 'politics'. I don't understand the necessity of having every thread born out of positivity either. Negativity is fine as long as there's balance.
I just wanted to know if anyone else felt the same as me and my question was answered. Thank you for your input.


File: 1543930724693.png (29.2 KB, 674x226, Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at ….png)

Luckily for you now, social media is starting to fizzle out and there are a lot of people who dislike it, so it's cool to dislike social media now.

I recently made a Facebook account and it got pretty much instantly disabled even though I didn't do anything bad on it, and in fact I didn't even really use it at all. I added one person and didn't do much else on it yet. I was going to add more info and post some stuff, but my account got disabled before I could do anything.

First it said I had to submit a captcha and upload a picture of myself for "security" and I'd have to wait for Facebook to review my photo. Then, days later, it said my account was disabled so I had to upload a photo of my ID if I wanted to appeal the decision to disable my account, and then nothing happened after that even though I uploaded a picture of my actual ID, which matched the name I used on my account.

There seems to be a strange hysteria on social media right now, where people think everyone is a Russian bot. Maybe Facebook thinks I'm not a real person. Sometimes I have low self-esteem and this made me feel worse. Maybe Facebook assumes I'm not a real person, because normal people have tons of friends, and they don't have any data on me because I'm a loner. So that must mean I'm not a real person, right?

But then again, wasting time on Facebook would also probably make me feel bad, so maybe this is a blessing in disguise.


>I had to upload a photo of my ID
Who do they think they are that they can demand ID from users without any legal requirement. What a sick dystopian joke.


And they still didn't re-enable my account after I uploaded it. Oh, and it said something about privacy for the ID, and they might use it for something, and they'll store it for up to a year, or maybe more, I forgot what it said exactly. But now my account is still disabled, but they have my ID.


Digital Ocean tried to do that with me a logn time ago. Disabled my account and asked me to upload a picture of my passport. I never did, but rather contacted their support. They re-enabled my account again without me ever having to give them sensitive information.


File: 1543967970335.jpg (34.98 KB, 604x453, 54aa09029c6d327005420ef02b….jpg)

This is funny and sad how some people willfully share their ids and pictures and whatever private information someone on the web asked for. Whai. I ditched twitter when it asked me for my phone number, the hell I'd upload my id somewhere.


I've lost track of all the accounts that I can't recover because they demand a phone number.


Things like this will generally let you access your account again if you bother the support email about it and reply back to automated responses.


Meanwhile I give google 2 numbers and instead of using them to send me a confirmation code, they ask for them both and still want to know when I created the account. Hell if I know. I've been waiting a week for someone to personally review my request for recovery.


Odd question: would it be possible to make an sushi rollymous version of VRChat? I am already aware of the in-browser 3-D chan and Janus sites.


File: 1608330410862-0.jpg (125.68 KB, 1600x714, 20201227.jpg)

File: 1608330410862-1.jpg (52.14 KB, 474x711, 20201223.jpg)

Instagram & Twitter want my phone number? Why?


They're gonna use your area code and prefix to find out where you live so they can make sure you are who you claim to be.


Once again, like with many things in life, it's humans fault once again. Humans can build, but everything built must be destroyed one day. Social media is good in paper, but once you look inside, you see that the core gets rotten one day inevitably. Sorry, this might have come out incredibly pseudo-armchair-philosophy, but I don't mind.
>>4646 post got me thinking. What if 4chan was never this influential or didn't exist at all. I think if that was the case, then there would be no sushi today. Imageboards would stay such a niche thing that they wouldn't be able to set a foot outside of Asia or if they did, they'd be so obscure to find that no-one besides the few hardcore enthusiasts would bother.


There were a few textboards and English-language futaba-style imageboards before 4chan actually. The oldfag culture was older than that though, and was inherited from usenet and forums like SA, which was pretty influential on the web back then.
I don't know if it would've become such a big deal without the same specific sequence of events but I think there'd still be a significant community of English-language Japanese-style boards, since Japan is still a major exporter of culture in general.


Cos you can't spoof a tel phone number…


most of these sites have a database of those numbers and don't allow them,
which renders their site impossible to use if you don't have a cellphone


File: 1638049598330-0.jpg (20.53 KB, 680x453, 202112XXX.jpg)

File: 1638049598348-1.jpg (21.17 KB, 680x453, 20211212.jpg)

This is the best way to go about it.


Any idea what those boards were called? I’ve always been interested in the history of this culture but it’s so hard to find information from the early days that isn’t directly related to 4chan.


not them, but i know world2ch was a pretty significant one


File: 1638610802816-0.jpg (153.71 KB, 1200x628, 20211205.jpg)

File: 1638610802816-1.jpg (32.5 KB, 800x575, 20211212.jpg)



Some thoughts… people do have worldviews, and those worldviews can be categorized, can be more or less correct than other worldviews. This categorization might be called politics. Or identity politics, though that may include things that are even harder to change then worldview.
Having a correct worldview is important, but telling people their worldview is wrong and yours is correct, or otherwise worldview rallying for worldview combat is uncomfy.
I feel like at this sushi stand the focus should be on understanding other worldviews, more than pushing ones own. Or better then that, talking about mundane everyday life.
And sorry to contradict my own advice so promptly, but I gotta defend centrism. "Active dude" comes to me and says 'Hey "some guy" has been doing [unforgivable act] you gotta help us punish them! We can't have people doing [unforgivable act]!' And I am filled with uncertainty about whether [unforgivable act] is really unforgivable, which I cannot voice due to fear of being attacked. I am filled with anger at "some guy" in so far as I think [unforgivable act] really is unforgivable. I am filled with fear of being used as a pawn, maybe "some guy" hasn't done anything unforgivable at all, I only have "active dude"s word, after all, and its it's probably second or even third hand… it's definitely an unpleasant position to be in. Wanting to take action but not sure what action to take. Both sides shout "obviously just do the right thing: what we say to do."
Centrism is admitting you don't know and are too enslaved by your job to be able to spend enough time to find out. Its defeatist, but if you're defeated it's better not to live in a fiction where you are not, I don't see a better path to victory doing that.
Now to try and follow my advice a little. I like these eggs rolls have been posting. I tried making boiled eggs for my lunch last week and the shells stuck to the egg, does anyone have good tips to prevent that? I think I'll try ice bath after boiling this week.


File: 1638782795343-0.jpg (30.49 KB, 723x591, 20211212.jpg)

File: 1638782795376-1.jpg (89.26 KB, 1057x1042, 20211219.jpg)

You want some cawfee?



File: 1638790151152.jpg (64.6 KB, 770x702, 1483485853245.jpg)

The fact that their mouths are so well animated when they say it cracks me up

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