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File: 1532036662501.jpg (119.53 KB, 2048x1213, IMG_20180603_211452.jpg)


anyone here like kpop?
even if you don't, enjoy this picture of winwin.


i really enjoy red velvet


I only listen to the classics


im suprised this thread hasnt gotten more replies
anyway im more of a jpop guy but someone i used to talk to and look up to got me into clazziquai project (although they may not be considered pop)


oh god i didnt embed it properly
do i put the whole embed thing in or just the share url. sorry


File: 1542534952403.png (229.78 KB, 1884x643, Screenshot_2018-11-18 anyo….png)

You click on Embed and put the link there.


I only like IU.


I don't listen to very much but I like this one album by Apink specifically.

These two songs are some of my favourites too.


KDA Popstars


File: 1607550692317.webm (3.29 MB, 720x404, Chanmi needs a breath.webm)

when I was studying korean, I used to hate kpop and even did a korean class report on why it sucked
then AOA got kind of popular and while the sex appeal drew me in i began to unironically enjoy their songs
then I discovered IU, and by now i unironically enjoy a ton of girl groups' music
i don't listen to the male stuff though, i guess the sex appeal is a part of the attraction for me


I only like gen 2




J-pop vs K-pop


File: 1636296214245-0.jpg (45.32 KB, 593x593, 1.jpg)

File: 1636296214271-1.jpg (476.91 KB, 1744x2048, 2.jpg)

File: 1636296214271-2.jpg (136.65 KB, 1333x1999, 3.jpg)

File: 1636296214271-3.jpg (117.66 KB, 1280x769, 4.jpg)


File: 1636296321779-0.jpg (165.82 KB, 960x1280, 5.jpg)

File: 1636296321799-1.jpg (151.8 KB, 853x1280, 6.jpg)

File: 1636296321799-2.jpg (107.34 KB, 618x618, 7.jpg)

File: 1636296321799-3.jpg (163.8 KB, 720x719, 8.jpg)

Why does he have to look so perfect for bros


File: 1636304289612-0.jpg (102.8 KB, 1200x800, Ez0GiEvWUAAV55u.jpg)

File: 1636304289613-1.jpg (546.16 KB, 1536x2048, E7yHttFVoAMrO1W.jpg)

File: 1636304289613-2.jpg (288.99 KB, 1534x2048, d788e2cbe8ac82d222da649947….jpg)

File: 1636304289613-3.jpg (39.11 KB, 736x736, 62617757d333f512669fc4ee08….jpg)

I hear the crystal raindrops fall
On the window down the hall
And it becomes the morning dew
And, darling, when the morning comes
And I see the morning sun
I want to be the one with you


File: 1636317351389-0.jpg (143.66 KB, 800x646, original (1).jpg)

File: 1636317351414-1.jpg (143.87 KB, 630x617, original (3).jpg)

File: 1636317351414-2.jpg (659.7 KB, 2048x2292, original (4).jpg)

File: 1636317351414-3.jpg (79.32 KB, 1280x853, original (5).jpg)

My friends wonder what is wrong with me
Well I'm in a daze from your love, you see
I came back to let you know
Got a thing for you and I can't let go
Some people go around the world for love
But they may never find what they dream of
What you won't do, to do for love
You tried everything but you don't give up
In my world only you
Make me do for love what I would not do


File: 1636320820268.jpg (53.88 KB, 736x736, 8e2b178725d5534d7e7d2e8179….jpg)

why do bobby caldwell songs slap so much bros


File: 1636627941819-0.jpg (104.71 KB, 853x1280, original.jpg)

File: 1636627941834-1.jpg (128.61 KB, 935x1280, original (1).jpg)

File: 1636627941834-2.jpg (105.44 KB, 1024x683, original (2).jpg)

File: 1636627941834-3.jpg (81.13 KB, 427x427, original (3).jpg)

My star in the night
Filling my dream was
Far from my sight
You came along and
I saw the light
We'll be friends forever
I can't face the
Thought of you leaving
So take me along
I swear I'll be strong
(If/when) you take me
Wherever you go
I wanna learn the things
That you know
Now that you
Made me believe
I want you to take me
'Cause I long to be able
To see the things
That you see
know that whatever you do


File: 1636660138601-0.jpg (214.69 KB, 1280x960, original (3).jpg)

File: 1636660138611-1.jpg (135.26 KB, 968x1280, original (2).jpg)

File: 1636660138611-2.jpg (74.4 KB, 1280x897, original (1).jpg)

File: 1636660138611-3.jpg (133.2 KB, 960x1280, original.jpg)

I'm finally nearly done with kpop after all these years GOD BLESS

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