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File: 1715586070488.png (1.39 MB, 1200x920, Untitled.png)


Life is good, I even met a snail today.
But there's always room for improvement.
I've realized all of my remaining vices/addictions/distractions are online, so I'm trying something. Using an outlet timer, my router will shut off at 7pm every evening.

This still gives me some time after work to check in on websites I like, download any new anime, and check in on any online friends. But it won't let me spend an entire evening listlessly browsing or socializing just for the sake of socializing.
I'm hoping this will lead to me living more of my ideal life, which is primarily offline and alone. I think it will also encourage me to use my time on the internet with more purpose and motivation, and less guilt.
I'll let you know how it goes.

I'd also like to ask, what does the internet mean to you? What role does it play in your daily life? What would you do if the internet was much more restricted? What do you think this snails name should be?


File: 1715591836672.jpg (613.15 KB, 2333x2423, fbd2580c4edc22ee97ba2ecc49….jpg)

I will share my experience with the internet later, but first I want to say I hope this change goes well for you.


Ive found myself really stuck with the internet, i was alone my entire childhood and adolescence and the internet gave me an outlet once it existed enough to be one. I try to do other things but ultimately my attention span is just too awful for anything else, and my desire to do other things is purely superficial.


File: 1715639123628.png (142.05 KB, 399x378, 1715541787827.png)

The internet is my entire life. Even the way I think and write is influenced by the internet: I'm always framing my train of thought as an imageboard discussion. I don't have proper goals anymore. When I think about the things I want to achieve, the only real motivation is that I want to post about achieving them. But actually using the internet is miserable. There's nothing to do except refresh the same slow alt-chans and check my inbox/messages even though I rarely get messages.
Personal problems aside, I don't like the internet all that much. It makes finding information easier, but this rarely leads to any deeper knowledge, at least for me. It just increases the number of topics you're expected to have an opinion on, and even if you try to avoid them, it's difficult to not form an opinion unconsciously. Anyway, everything I feel like I have a good grasp on I learned through reading actual books.
Posting on sushichan's fun, so it's not all bad, though.
Last year, I had a month where I barely used the computer after reading a book on computer addiction. I spent most of that time studying chess and watching anime. If I had known that I would relapse after a month, I would have skipped the anime and read more.

>What do you think this snails name should be?



File: 1715646041834.jpg (65.13 KB, 850x850, __seiun_sky_and_chase_elli….jpg)

Internet by itself isn't really that much of a vice for me I guess. I don't think I've ever had much of a place in an online community and tend to get bored of surfing after a while.

I did quit using smartphones though because I was spending too much time playing mobage, especially when traveling or doing things with other people.


I've been gradually drifting away from the internet lately. I have a handful of small, niche, comfy, slow, and rather minimal communities (mostly plaintext) not unlike sushigirl which I browse during the day whenever I need a break, but because they are slow, there's nothing keeping me there for long, and I go back to my activities. For the most part I use the internet to look up stuff on wikipedia, wiktionary, etc, and to download books.
Even though I use the internet less and less, I am still very much a netizen and I like to be part of this digital culture of sorts, but I try to keep it healthy and not get dragged into the shitfest of the modern web. My tablet has the factory version of chrome which can't open cloudflare, recaptcha, etc.

The snail's name should be Endymion


File: 1715712214054.png (2.1 MB, 1024x1536, image.png)

i have been banned from 2 imageboards before, i feel like im starting to learn something but im still not sure


File: 1715800851876.jpg (331 KB, 850x1287, sample_83e17ed693fe95ca79a….jpg)

I see the internet as a place to unleash my creativity (coding webpages) or as a place to have comfy discussions (places like sushichan) about the things we like, how our life is, and a place to try and make each other happy even when we're in a dark place in our lives, with fun discussions and memes.


File: 1715828859177.png (1.91 MB, 1920x1080, 92645237_p0.png)

To me, the internet is a medium through which a computer called client can ask a computer called server for something. There are decentralized distributed systems, but they are not all that popular.

To me, the internet is galleries of videos and pictures, repositories of software, music, articles and books. Stocks, tickets, rent, shopping, taxes and other administrative matters. Means to share media and talk. Discussions that would otherwise be hard, if not impossible, to hold. Worries and hopes, joy and pain that would otherwise be impossible to share, and find understanding. Although, impossible is too strong a word, probably.

> What role does it play in your daily life?

Vital. And mortal, if that makes any sense.

> What would you do if the internet was much more restricted?

Move to where it's not as restricted yet, so long as it is easy and not costly. Otherwise, bypass the restrictions, so long as it's technically possible, not too costly and not too risky. Otherwise, do nothing. I probably can't fight it, I barely have enough energy to keep myself up in a stable state. I can only archive what shards of the world that I'm used to remain.

> What do you think this snails name should be?

Fall. When I first looked at the photo, it seemed to me that it was taken during that time of the year, although it's spring outside.


Thanks for all the replies, they are very helpful.

Forcing myself offline a bit this week was great, with the right motivation behind it, it really did lead to me having better days. Before I had felt like I needed to be online all the time, but I really didn't. I don't think I need to adhere to the strict time cut off of the internet in general, but it's a good 'kick in the butt' option and was a great reminder that I'm not truly dependent on it.

I haven't seen Zukertortendymionfall since.

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