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What's on your mind?
Done anything cool lately?
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Almost a year of being a NEET.

I've become the very sort of person I loathed when I was a young'in and browsing r9k.


File: 1703538648297.jpg (144.17 KB, 1431x2048, _xkannmix_ 168813837553313….jpg)

Updated my webpage with a quick summary of my year and my thoughts on it. I've been saying this is the year things will change for three years now, but next year really is the last year I can give a honest try at completing my primary goals.



I've been unemployed since June so I've also been a NEET for most of this year but I feel very happy. Don't let being a NEET stop you from having a good life. Take advantage of having no responsibilities while u can 😎

As a NEET I've been going out with friends a lot and I've been meeting people with my hobbies and it's all been great. Today I'm hanging out with my roommates family for Christmas and last night my friend visited me and we slept together and I feel a lot happier than I've been in a while. Life is good!


I bought a digital ocean droplet, started an imageboard (im the only user), umm what else. Don't have to pay rent anymore. Life is good lol


I finally got cleaned up and went out for a haircut after not having one for over 3 years.


>friends and money
speak for yourself


Can I join your imageboard, sushi roll? I will be nice



Please do! The url is 13channel.crabdance.com. Come and say hi!


You can do a lot of stuff for free. I don't have that much money lol.



So true. I'm literally in Guatemala with no money and I have a ton of fun.


File: 1704724859997.gif (512.97 KB, 342x292, rain_world_rain_1-14268611….gif)

this thread was on my mind :)
happy new year to yall.

Playing a lot of rain world. I finished the survivor campaign and now i'm playing co-op with bf on that same campaign. what an incredible game for it to make me come back for seconds. Don't think I'll get sick of it.


File: 1705015063432.jpg (Spoiler Image, 287.67 KB, 1000x1332, Bed.jpg)

New bed for my princess~

Need to make some curtains now.


It would look so sick if you painted the walls with a color matching her. And some cute fluffy courtains!! Yes!!


Sushi that is so adorable


I hate youtube "polyglots", they're useless and only make noise.


I hate YouTube "anything". Especially comments.


File: 1705401083771.jpg (73.29 KB, 850x478, 20240114.jpg)

Rain on a sunday should be prohibited..


File: 1705450387262.jpg (102.24 KB, 640x892, IMG_6068.jpg)

Sunday should be free to rain if it wishes!!!

is the rigid Judeo-Christian work week/weekend structure that needs to be dismantled!!


File: 1705479095248-0.jpg (345.79 KB, 1273x2000, 20240115.jpg)

File: 1705479095248-1.jpg (198.98 KB, 1085x1082, 20240121.jpg)

There needs to be a collection of days that is less than a month or I'll go crazy…


Algorithms are hard..


You mean like a week? Or a fortnight?
Speaking of which, it occurred to me recently that weeks are kind of odd in that they're completely arbitrary. Like, obviously days are based on the earth's rotation, months are (loosely) based on moon cycles, and years are based on revolutions, but there's no natural cycle that weeks are based on. There was just some point in human history where everyone started agreeing that seven days should be a unit of time.


I love you SushiChan!


Why must we stick to 12 month irregular julius calendar instead of mathematically glorious 13 month calendar?


File: 1705642230812.jpg (311.84 KB, 2048x2048, __shirasaka_koume_idolmast….jpg)


I have decided that when I come to world power (it is imminent) I am going to remove the concept of months, and just have week numbers. Failure to format correctly will result in hard labor.

Dates will be formatted: yyyy-ww-dd

So today would be: 2024-03-19

I would also be in favor of removing weeks as well and just having day of the year (2024-19), but I accept that a lot of things are on a weekly schedule (like the sushi stream)


File: 1705663182851.jpg (114.92 KB, 850x1028, 20240122.jpg)

13 months with each month being 4 weeks exactly. So 52 weeks a year. But 52 x 7 =364 ?

The 365th day is a leap day; every 4 years there are two leap days. Done.


It was arbitrary but if you're curious, it's from the 7 heavenly bodies you could see in the sky, ordered by how fast they move.
Sun sunday
Moon monday
Mars tuesday
Most of the names don't sound similar anymore, but they come from the planets. That's why the japanese days of the week are what the are, 火曜日 is from 火星 for instance.

Make it 2024.03.19 and keep the lunar calendar as an alternative reference and you have yourself a deal.


Yeah but today is 19 by virtue of the gregorian calendar. If we go by weeks we would have no such numbers, instead it would be 2024-03-5/friday.
But again, why pick a day 10 days after winter solstice for the new year? The new year should come the day of spring equinox.
I would remove weeks instead of months, which would be lunations and not the seemingly arbitrary 30/31 days. I may be just recreating the chinese calendar here.
Fuck it, I say we go back to the chinese calendar, woth it's cycle of celestial stems and earthly branches. Coming year is year of the dragon, begins on 甲辰.


Ah damn it! You're so right lol. It would now be 2024-03-05 under my world order. I was actually thinking day 19 of the year as I typed it.

I also agree, about the spring equinox. That is when you can actually start doing things in the evening again (at least where I live)

(you all put way more thought into that than I did hehe)


I am also now proposing my removal of time zones (the punishment is the same). All countries will run on UTC time. People still wake/sleep with their sun cycles, but their sun might rise at 19:00 where they are, and set at 06:00.


The entire point of time zones is to align with the day/night cycle where you are. The main benefit when talking across time zones is you know when someone else is. Imagine trying to communicate across several hours of time difference.
What time is it where you are? Oh its 11. Okay well its 11 here, is it day or night there. Uh it seems its about a quarter into the day?
This is nonsense and only creates a problem we solved hundreds and hundreds of years ago for no reason.

Additionally many many people would die as a result of any of these ideas being implemented. The only benefit is they seem slightly more organized, appeasing people who keep their bookshevles alphabetized. This is a bad idea.


To the labor camp with you!


Your world order won't even know when to wake up, let alone what day of the week it is.


I've been thinking about how odd it is that we don't have a 13 month calendar yet, and how cool an entire day + whatever amount to offset leapyears and seconds would be.


>many many people would die as a result of any of these ideas being implemented
this is just plain trolling.
At forst this seemed like a good idea, otoh the main benefit of timezones imo is that midday/midnight fall at tangible moments of the day: when the sun is right at the zenith, and halfway through the night.
I think this is the only real use of timezones.
How long has the standard measure of time been around? Some 300 years at best? In our industrial society, however, it's something of a necessity. How did the romans or the chinese measure the day? I remember at the beginning of Journey to the West it says something about dividing the day according to the heavenly stems. But I don't think that was standard practice.
It is amusing to see people being so stringent about some arbitrary abtraction.


File: 1705717928706.jpg (15.85 MB, 8372x4709, 01.jpg)

13 is prime.
And thus, is not conviniently divisible into semesters and trimesters.


File: 1705719768724.jpg (356.92 KB, 1600x900, 546e3c8b6673f6e313cd8ad2fd….jpg)

No state will measure time in a way that is only sensible to the Brits and some Africans. Expect fierce resistance.


It's a joke conversation, but I'm actually pretty serious about the dying part. It's happened in real life with changing things you'd expect to have far less impact. Canada had several deadly accidents after changing to the metric system. It's not to say they made the wrong call, but they did kill people by making that change.

You'd absolutely, 100% kill lots of people changing something as universal as time zones. It's not a simple change at all, there are many, many second order effects to things like that you can't anticipate even if they seem clean.


That said, this sort of thing seems pretty par for the course for communism :^).


I can't imagine how a person could possibly die from not knowing the hour. As for the metric system, I giess you could misinterpret life-critical bits of information, like temperature or speed. Okay maybe there is a trapdoor that opens up at exactly 11:00 that opens down to a pit of venomous snakes and lava, and it could turn out to be 11:00 GTC near dusk in your timezone as you walk on that trapdoor thinking "surely it couldn't be 11:00 right now!", I guess that's a scenario.


Ok maybe in alaska during a 6-month night, the only bus might pass at a certain time, local time, or was it Universal time?



| \:::| |::://|
|\ \::| |::// |
|\\ \:| |:// /|
|:\\ \| |// /:|
|::\\_| |/_/::|
| |
|_____. ._____|
|::/ /| | \\::|
|:/ //| |\ \\:|
|/ //:| |:\ \\|
| //::| |::\ \|


File: 1705753710892-0.jpg (347.68 KB, 1049x750, __star_sapphire_luna_child….jpg)

File: 1705753710892-1.jpg (136.19 KB, 550x640, __original_drawn_by_yamamo….jpg)

Been wondering if there is ever parachuting at night. It sounds like it would be really comfy to do even though incredibly dangerous. Just imagine seeing the night sky and the city skyline while descending downward across the sky.


File: 1705992209950.jpg (102.94 KB, 1000x750, 20240122.jpg)

You just been brexited…


I was about to correct you, since I know that Tuesday through Friday are named after Norse gods (Specifically Tyr, Odin, Thor, and Freya), but then I did some fact checking and apparently they got those names because those gods are considered the Norse equivalent of the Roman Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus. I learned something new today. That being said, I'm still as confused as I've ever been as to why Saturday is the only day of the week named after a Roman god instead of a Norse one.


Guess I need an Internet withdrawal for a while. Everything just annoys me.


Everyone is cringe. Looking back at historic figures paints a distorted picture of people, an idealized vision of what could be and never will be. The only constant is creation.


good morning sushis
please have a wonderful day


Shouldn't it be "kaitzenzushi"?


It's still hot, despite that, I'm having some tea. I know it's not the best idea but I'm letting it cool off. I want to stay awake longer, the night is so comfy, especially after days as hot as these last few weeks. Hence the tea.
I've been feeling in a strange mood, I guess 'detached' is a good word for it. It's a strange feeling, on one hand I'm feeling jaded with, well, everything, but on the other hand I feel like I'm more me than usual, if that makes any sense, and also feel more or less liberated from the burden of living in this world.
It is a very odd thing, but it is what it is.

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