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File: 1682892420529.jpg (128.43 KB, 1280x720, 6c96ef35e60e8e1e81dc736ee7….jpg)


I love alcohol. I am drunk right now, sushi! I love drinking whiskey when alone… whiskey sour is out of this world. White Russian as well. What type of drink is your favorite?


Also.. I love you, sushi. Even more than my booze. I see threads I made years ago still occasionally bumped. Even my ugly mug was once posted here. Eh.. whatever. Best wishes to all the souls here.


I too love alcohol! I usually drink Whisky, but I also enjoy cognac and akevitt. I had some armagnac today.

I also love mead, but the brewery behind my favourite one went out of business. I haven't had any mead since then. It was nice and dry, without added flavours from fruit juice. I love cider too, usually the stronger varieties.

When mixing drinks, I stick to simple ones like gin and tonic and white russian. I always have whisky on hand. I think I will try whisky sour as well.


File: 1682903529766.jpg (484.18 KB, 739x1000, __adelaide_grand_marnier_d….jpg)

Grand Marnier was my liquor of choice, but I developed some health problems a few years ago and started getting an irregular heartbeat when I drink any kind of alcohol so I quit drinking.


File: 1682920880003.jpg (86.3 KB, 800x1061, wonbin-lee-2.jpg)

I looooooove gin. Love it so much (currently also drinking… cheers sushi!!!). Dry gin martinis make me feel so in love. Gin and tonic makes me feel rich and mature, even though I'm neither. Here's my own cocktail for you to try: a dry gin martini, but with a barspoon of peach jam. Shake, double strain, and garnish with a lemon wedge.


I usually drink beer (Belgian and Czech beers are the shit), but I will not say no to a good rum or whisky.


File: 1684022580832.jpg (381.71 KB, 1536x2048, 929fb15e5f8f5d2dd753ff4473….jpg)

I really like wheat beer.
And, in fact, any tasty kind of beer.
And cognac with black tea.
And glühwein and champagne as well.


good taste sushi, wheat beer is oishii indeed


File: 1684034997927.jpg (13.02 KB, 474x426, necker-cube.jpg)

The perspective on that bear is freaking me out


I just got cocktail codex and liquid intelligence. Excited to deep dive into the world of alcoholism!


File: 1684385516697.jpg (383.96 KB, 984x819, 3218ca97560b7437fc7de5af6b….jpg)

Both great books! I will also recommend David Wondrich's "Imbibe!" and Jerry Thomas's "Guide to Bartending". Cheers to high class drinking sushi!


File: 1686117791750.jpg (157 KB, 1031x1409, FxygPnNaUAAUIjr.jpg)

Had a martini… or three… finished off my gin but had some vermouth left over. Decided to down it because it would go bad otherwise. Bad decision! I am dying.


I'd really like to enjoy being tipsy or drunk but when I'm alone I feel like I can't think straight, play drums nor video games :(


File: 1687468217033.gif (1.35 MB, 500x500, 7dea2e5683dedd966885844f0e….gif)

what the heck, I am also drunk right now!


File: 1687547754792.jpg (36.53 KB, 1000x1000, soju.jpg)

I've had so many types of sake yet Gekkeikan still is the best tasting to me

Coincidently I can't get enough of Soju


Comfy internet drunks


Huh, I've always felt that Gekkeikan was a middle of the road brand. Most people I know (self included) consider Hakutsuru to be one of the best sakes in the mid-low price range. Among the cheaper end sake I was always a fan of Kurosawa but it may be something of an acquired taste.


I looooove soju!


Thinking about making a cocktail that is so big it fills my entire 32oz (950ml) mug. Will update if I do.


File: 1687998680206.jpg (1.1 MB, 2369x2250, 20210725_181457.jpg)

fellow whiskey sour enjoyer, do you make yours with egg white?


File: 1688153156663.jpeg (57.27 KB, 620x348, 8243428240_5f26c3a6e3.jpeg)

My preferences on alcohol are "whatever that is nicely sweet, cold and light." But I don't mind a good Pilsner either. That stuff is good™.

I am not sure if I just do not go out drinking enough or if it's some sort of sensitivity but I start feeling and acting very funny even after the lightest of drinks. I have once managed to feel completely out of my mind after 3 non-alcoholic beers. And it kinda bothers me, is it normal or okay? Do you have any tips for consuming alcoholic beverages without becoming dum dum instantly?

Love you~


Couple of tips:

1) Eat before and during drinking. Food makes you less drunk, and water makes you less hungover. Stay hydrated!

2) Keep an eye out for how your friends are acting. If your friends are drunk, you might start feeling drunk, even if you aren't. Just being conscious of it will help reduce the effect.

3) Get tested for ethanol allergy, if you feel sick after a small amount of alcohol, it could be an allergy.

4) Don't mix different spirits. Pick one type of alcohol, and stick with that all night, keeping careful track of your number of drinks.

Have fun and stay safe!


drank a lot on tuesday, thursday and yesterday and tbh i can't do it anymore lol
i feel kinda sick

guinness supremacy btw


File: 1688826406729.jpg (53.56 KB, 500x407, tumblr_b7325c475e2da4ea511….jpg)

I am after two glasses of fifty-fifty Jagermeister and Monster Energy drink. I freakin' love it!!


i love alcohol so much i had to stop drinking it :(


Had wine for the first time and hated it. I’m sorry alcohol drinkers but I don’t think this is for me.


What kind?
I like red wine and especially dessert red wine like port
But white whine is not my thing


holy shit that guy is DEAD


File: 1689164533267.gif (369.99 KB, 128x96, 2023.gif)

I'm shocked


White wine. The *flavor*, like, when it initially hit my tongue, was fine. But it was the alcohol-y aftertaste I hated.


Don't drink anymore but when I did it was a lot of bourbon sours, Dark and Stormy (mixed drink), gin & tonic and Belgian or stout beers. Red wine was fine but I wasn't heavy into it. I had a wild turkey phase at one point in college.


File: 1691068654800.jpg (404.06 KB, 1540x2048, a14e10dde5a009496566e9f153….jpg)

Just finished setting up my home bar. Can't wait to see what I'll mix up…


I found out that Mtn Dew was a mixer for whiskey, so I found some bourbon and decided to mix it with a partial can of Mtn Dew. It's good. In fact, it's great! The Mtn Dew makes it sweet enough, but the bourbon adds its own flavor. It's not too sweet, not to alcohol-y. I'm sad that the Mtn Dew has like, 40g of sugar, but I guess if you're drinking alcohol, you're not really doing anything healthy. Now, I'm wondering if I can do this with some other kind of drink.


Blegh, no. I've tried it, and it's the crummiest highball ever. I'll take my jack and coke.


I got gifted a 3 litre jack daniel's bottle. I usually drink it without anything or with ice. Do you have some ideas what can i mix it with?


File: 1691339898757.png (1000.06 KB, 996x926, love_this_drink_so_much.png)

you got yourself a week of whiskey sours, i am jelly


Could also make whiskey highballs, old fashioneds, or manhattans. Depends on what else you have on hand.




File: 1691721443972-0.gif (335.53 KB, 128x69, 2022.gif)

File: 1691721443972-1.gif (178.68 KB, 128x69, 2025.gif)

whisky + milk = eww


Eh, that's just a splash of coffee liquor away from being a white kentuckyan. Alternatively, actual coffee makes it just a regular old irish coffee.


File: 1691816353857.jpg (1.43 MB, 1441x2048, ad4486727cc8cbf056830cffff….jpg)

Is it any more strange than whiskey + egg (whiskey sour)?

(yes it is)


I just tried mixing bourbon with Monster, and it was absolutely the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted. It was as if someone tried to sterilize a cup of vomit by chlorinating it like a swimming pool. Whiskey and energy drinks are two things that I hate wasting, but I absolutely had to pour that out as soon as I took a sip. Would not recommend.
Anyway, I'm having an old fashioned now and it's good.


File: 1691892504994.jpg (304.63 KB, 1534x2254, 0f0e2b6c76cf9485b0812d8b55….jpg)

Wh-why sushi? Why would you do this to yourself???


Well, I didn't know how bad it was going to be until I tried it. I know now, though, and I've spread that knowledge with some strangers on the internet so that hopefully I can prevent others from making the same mistake.


File: 1692155704620.png (73.44 KB, 755x467, HoneyBadger.png)

I finally got around to buying a cocktail shaker, and I decided to make a few whiskey sours as my first cocktail using it. I tried it both with and without egg whites, and I think I prefer it without - I didn't notice much of a difference in the texture, and the version with egg white made my mouth feel dry for some reason.
Pic related is a cocktail I've been wanting to try, but I couldn't find ginger syrup at either the liquor store or the grocery store (and I'm too lazy to just make it myself).


I am a recovering alcoholic but I have been drunk only once in the past two months. I've been able to have some light ciders (young Henry's cloudy apple cider). Every day is a fight against wanting to get drunk but I've done well not to!


File: 1692212272592.jpg (214.4 KB, 1100x1029, 1674339609176.jpg)

Good for you. I kinda regret making this thread. Alcohol is a struggle we pick voluntarily.


File: 1692219536218.png (168.79 KB, 863x1050, ccee3d992b8325fb12fbafa68b….png)

It's a struggle, yes. But life without a vice is also a voluntary struggle. Just making it by is a virtue in its own way.


The fight against alcohol is tough but I think it's worth it. I've taken a likening to whiskey for a while and now it has been two and a half weeks since I last took a sip.
I think it helps me develop strength as a person to not indulge in it. Wish you the best sushi.


File: 1692545306384.jpg (398.94 KB, 1920x1080, mercy-00.jpg)

Went out for the first time in forever this friday
Met a really cute guy (first time noticing someone of the same sex while out, guess I'm bi but just extremely picky) who took me to a queer club
Was at a razor edge of having a good time and being really anxious, first time I was at any club ever period so I had no idea what to do while dancing so I probs looked like a fool, and I was way too drunk so I might have been a bit too forward and handsy
Had to leave cause I felt like the night might go wrong if I'm that drunk out and about, hope he didnt take it the wrong way (too loud to explain myself)

He had the best of vibes, a little sad I probs wont get to meet him again, but glad I did get to meet him
Thanks beer for making that happen, but also sorry for drinking so much of you that I became a sloppy mess and messed up the night you gave me
But it was still one of the most beautiful things in my life so far, to get to watch him dance and shine


File: 1692553106779.jpg (276.84 KB, 1675x2482, 3bb5331297332cca7e8165c082….jpg)

Sounds like it was a great time! And yeah, obviously watch how much you drink in a public and unfamiliar place, it could end poorly in a lot of ways. But having a whimsical night out with a stranger can turn into an adventure!


It's just too bad there always seems to be a hurt you have to grab along with the good, somehow, if you're a certain kind of person
Would really have liked to meet again on a date as sober people
He did ask for my number, but I havent heard from him yet. I know that it's too early to say for certain, but if I'm afraid to have hope, and my rationality wants to think, if he wanted to reach out while sober he'd done so by now

Sorry to sadpost, just, heck


I've begun to like it a lot more. It's boozy, but not overpowering like drinking it neat. I might get some coke and try a jack and coke. I tried it one time, but I never really cared for it, so maybe I'll like it more than Mtn Dew. I like mine more on the boozy side since the added flavors gets rid of the sugary taste of the soda.

In other news, I've gone to two tastings in the past two week. I took a trip to Kentucky and tasted some bourbon whiskeys from Buffalo Trace and Evan Williams. I had went to four distilleries, toured one, and sampled from two (the ones I've named). I tried a 12 year old bourbon at Evan Williams. It was pretty smooth, but like, 100 dollars and only available at the end of tours. I might try some more mixed drinks if I get more whiskey. I really don't like the pure flavor of any whiskey. I really don't get those "tobacco, dark chocolate, etc." vibes from it. Just oak, caramel, and alcohol. Send suggestions if you want. I usually get Jim Beam, which is also a distillery I visited in Kentucky.


have you tried any scotch?


If you're mixing stick with cheap whiskeys. There's no point in buying high end unless you like to drink it straight.


Throwing my vote in for apple juice as best bourbon mixer.
Go on, try it, you know it's good


I agree if we are talking about these sorts of drinks but there are plenty of cocktails that work extremely well with high end whiskey. The key is picking ones where the whiskey itself is the star of the show.

Off the top of my head old fashioneds, manhattans, and japanese highballs all work wonders with good whiskey.


I'll do you one better: hot toddy with heated apple juice instead of water.


This. Old fashioneds in particular are basically whiskey with a bit of seasoning. If anything, drinking straight whiskey without making an old fashioned just tastes kind of bland to me, like food without any salt or spices.


File: 1693511780139.png (342.4 KB, 460x537, 1667079947509-4.png)

I wanted to write a concise, coherent post about how sometimes you need just a little bit of alcohol to celebrate the good times, but unfortunately I drank way too much today. I was going to buy normal bacardi to make some normal rum and coke in normal moderation, but they were out so I purchased Bacardi "razz-matazz", which tastes like cough medicine, so I drank way too much to get it over with. Now I'm very drunk, but I think my point still stands. Cheers, sushis.


I keep sober most times because alcohol hurts to drink ;_;
But once in a while it’s nice to have a cooler with friends.


Seeing as it's harvest season, apple cider is the way for autumnal feels.

They're the most eco-friendly liquor, not only cause they're in season now, but also cause apples happen to grow on trees. Those big orchards can even make a net positive.
The ones with some percentage of cider apples are worth trying if you can find them easily. They're often less acidic, more layered, can be real flowery and honeyed, or earthy and funky, lots of different flavors possible.


I had a wild fermented cider not long ago
It was good! But I think I prefer the style in beers


Speaking of beer, I hear some folks from Münich have all these barrels of lager they've been holding onto since March for this big do in a meadow, so that's another seasonal choice.


>Those big orchards can even make a net positive.
Oh boy here we go.
Large apple tree monocultures where weeds have to be kept at bay and sprayed with pesticides is all but "eco-friendly", even if they are fertilized with organic matter mulch and organic pesticides, they inhibit biodiversity and are artificially kept at fixed stage of succession.


I've misspoken, didn't intend to mislead, you're right.
To minimize your impact you'd have to stick to the older traditional orchards such as in Normandy, or similar cideries like Ramborn in Luxembourg who claims to be carbon negative and doesn't use pesticides at all.


I've been trying to cut back on the drinking to help my weight loss
I used to drink beer or cocktails almost every day but now it's just a once or twice a week thing
Still love a good drink


Of course it would be easy to think monocltural orchards are net positives, given the lack of information on such matters in the public knowledge.
I reckon it would be hard to make a profitable fruit operation in truly sustainable conditions. I would know.

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