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Happy Holidays!

File: 1678758636519.png (377.92 KB, 940x704, CLOSE.png)

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How was your day?
Anything cool happened?
What's the latest hip thing that calls your attention?
Did you drink enough water?
Have at it!
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File: 1682784143005.gif (48.99 KB, 200x200, c1d4ae5c5ae5b27d6839976d77….gif)

>Who do they serve?
Didn't you know?


File: 1682800512408.jpg (76.64 KB, 680x920, b000a6a9eb984424a86f0df7c9….jpg)

Not necessarily. While the spammers can be sellers trying to get people to buy their stuff, there is always a chance of them being feds advertising their new honeypot.


They are deliberately circulated by cloudfare to bully small websites into buying their services.


I don't think that is it, but I would not be surprised if it was.


File: 1682988043288.jpg (78.61 KB, 656x515, 1643816700877.jpg)

Tomorrow(+10 hours from now) I'll go on interview after half of year being NEET.
Yesterday my sleep schedule went to hell.
I wonder if I will be able to take a shower, which I haven't visited this half of year.
Oh, fuck.


Cloudflare does not gross enough off of sites this scale to necessitate that kind of guerilla marketing lol


I'm drinking water right now. I'm getting tired, too. It's only 9 PM. I guess it's time to head in for the night.


Kiwis are sour and apples are mealy. Not a good week at the grocery store for fruits.

Good luck on your interview!


File: 1682992747511.jpg (54.38 KB, 640x480, Dragon Ball Z 290 Buu's Re….jpg)

By the way, I've finished Dragon Ball: Z.
Planning on checking "Super" sequel as well, seems interesting and colorful.
Though original and "Z" was so slow, I watched them on x2 at the end with often skipping, finishing some episodes in 5 minutes.

Thanks, sushi-kun.


I eat kiwis like apples. I just bite into them, skin and all. It always freaks people out.


meh day so far, sushi rolls ;__;
only negative things happening…
mom says I should find something that interest me and that I have to go outside at least once a week but I have no idea what to reply to her
told her i'm into programming but i'm not even into it

I just spend my days reading visual novels and listening to denpa music
I just wanna be comfy…


File: 1683118745702.jpg (13.17 KB, 250x250, 2fdm7v.jpg)

Have you considered reading visual novels and listen to denpa outside?

In all seriousness though, I don't know. At some point you'll probably have to find some way to convince society to provide resources to survive.


How about early morning walks? Maybe there's a park nearby where you can go, or a nice part of town. You could go for a walk at about 5 or 6 am, the streets are empty and thugsare already asleep or drunk or drugged up to be a problem.
Well I couldn't guarantee anything if you live in America, but in the civilized world it's comfy at this time.


You should learn the ukulele.



File: 1683204529338.png (425.57 KB, 599x599, 1682972813744-0.png)

Hey sushis! Day just started. Hope you are all having a good day. Going to take breakfast with coworkers have this meeting.


God my unis weird I know second years taking their capstone and 5th yearers still stuck as juniors. How are people speeding through these CS degrees???


It took me 4 years to complete my degree. My friend 3. I had some trouble going thru it because of the sheer number of classes I had to take simultaneously + i'm not great at time management. The moment i did my last year, I had less to do, more time to focus on CS. Was very pleasant.

my friends were cracked thought. very fast learners and love programming stuff. I couldn't keep up because i was being very lax about my course.

those 5th yearers at your uni are great tho. Still chugging along. I feel like i'd trust em a bit more than someone speeding thru their course.


it's been a pretty comfy day. had to go to the dentist so that was annoying but besides that, that was comfy


I'm really sleepy and want to punch out already. I took a look at the Resi 4 remake after avoiding it for months and I wasn't impressed. Why can't we just have a nice, simple survival horror game these days? I just want to crawl around in the dark with no weapons while trawling through my inventory ffs


I am officially a man of taste now. Yesterday I payed a tiktoker for sexting.



I suppose enjoying the taste of shit is indeed a taste, but I can't say it's something I'd brag about.


Stupid wordfilder, I said s i m p


Hahaha I didn’t know that one was part of the filter. Funny


Local grocery stores loss leader is chicken thighs for .99 cents a pound. Nicce


File: 1683680729741.jpg (517.38 KB, 4080x2296, flowers.jpg)

Been staying busy, hydrated, and enjoying the outdoors
Lost about 10lbs since I last weighed myself
Things are looking up for this late bloomer sushi


"That's ominously cheap where not buying it" My bf :(


>Lost about 10lbs since I last weighed myself

Post belly pics! Be the Uiharu!


Congratulations on the weight loss! Nice pics too ^^


File: 1683766063097.png (199.8 KB, 900x600, 67034402_p2.png)

You know, if a sushi (male) marries a sushi (female) and they go on to have a kid (sushi) onto whom they will pass the rollymous culture, I can only be happy for them and somewhat envious.


File: 1683773847988.jpg (363.84 KB, 1200x956, 1622775292071.jpg)

I think there are more chances of falling deep into a rabbit hole and coming across Wonderland than something like that happening.


Imagine trying to force your kid to post on /sushi/
>no dad, I don't wanna' post on imageboards! I wanna' be on NewfangledKidPlatformThatYouDon'tUnderstand with all my friends!


File: 1683775711071.gif (390.14 KB, 498x418, papiez.gif)

If I had a kid I'd make sure they spend as little time as possible on the internet.
Post 2016 internet is like, some really nasty stuff. The division between kids and adults is almost non-existent, and some really nefarious people have used this for the worst.
I am pretty sure some relatives of mine wouldn't have ended up so screwed if it wasn't for the internet. Yeah their home is a bit shit, but I'm sure my daughter would find better people in martial arts or painting classes, or a music conservatory, than some internet corner about something she likes.
Not even online games are safe, so many shit goes on in Roblox just to name an example. It's best if she meets regular people and not the batshit crazy.


> Post 2016 internet
The inherent grossness/danger of the social parts of the internet have been present far, far longer than this. It honestly isn't that much different from how it used to be. If anything, the inherent nicheness of forums and IRC made the earlier internet more dangerous for kids. Now everyone's just on TikTok and has comparatively little actual social interaction online.

Forcing your child away from the internet is not a sustainable option. What *is* a sustainable option is helping them find community IRL, as you describe, and forming a prescient of open and honest communication with your kid about internet use. If that dialogue can be had without scorn or judgement, you can help your kid foster a healthy relationship with the internet instead of an unhealthy one.

Cute pic.


*precedent, not prescient, whoops.


Nice trips, is that comfrey?
I'm glad you're moving and enjoying the outdoors, I'm trying to do that, too.


>Nice trips, is that comfrey?
Thanks! Comfy comfrey :D
I have no idea what it is actually, when I google "comfrey" all the images were not the right shade of pink but it might be!


File: 1683842564446-0.jpg (2.08 MB, 4080x2296, IMG_20230508_144621175.jpg)

File: 1683842564446-1.jpg (5.93 MB, 4080x2296, IMG_20230508_153136496.jpg)

File: 1683842564446-2.jpg (3.36 MB, 3264x1836, IMG_20230511_142530781.jpg)

File: 1683842564446-3.jpg (4.93 MB, 4080x2296, IMG_20230508_144027458.jpg)

Some more woodsy pics I took


File: 1683950911443.jpg (174.91 KB, 950x950, __night_technoroid_drawn_b….jpg)

Convenience store clerk told me "you have super soft hands". Not sure how I feel about this…


Soft hands are good!


Pretty snek. Thank you for these they are very nice.


Why were you holding hands with the convenience store clerk?


I love all of you :>


We weren't holding hands! They just brushed against each other while handing cash!


The unintended hand brush, I avoid it as much as I can.


I am constipated :(((((


I got a rash on my right thigh. Allergy to some plants?


File: 1684947813457.png (225.52 KB, 421x364, .DDDD.png)

holy geez
where the fuck did time go?


Ate a McPorridge.

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