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File: 1677324323409.jpg (1.32 MB, 1088x1880, 1658511950279398.jpg)


What does sushi think of ASMR?
I find it helps me a lot going to bed and even after waking up. The former is great for insomnia, the second one is great to get out of bed. Makes me feel like a caring person can really fix things as long as it all works out.


It's creepy af, hearing someone do hush-hush so close to the mic. Kind of gross, too.


It's no much grosser than porn really.


I like non-vocal ASMR sometimes. I hate vocal, makes me feel squick.


i find the veiled sexuality/eroticism of stuff like this more gross than 'porn'.
porn is open and honest about what it is and what it's for, where stuff like this stuff is not. it's closeted. it lives in sfw spaces where you know people are jerkin' off to it. Which is part of the appeal i imagine.
not saying there is any issue with asmr being gross, porn is too, it all is–sex & gross go hand in hand~


File: 1677366411414.jpg (38.13 KB, 286x286, 1656373370374.jpg)

It is a good coping mechanism. Some times I feel like there is no one for me, ASMR is a nice method to relieve stress and be at peace, even if it's all manufactured.
Yes there is people who may see it as erotic, but there is crazy things people find erotic on the internet, this isn't that bad really


asmr is peak comedy without even trying. i love me some fellatio asmr in the mornin and rage asmr before i sleep it is top funny



When I think of "ASMR," I mostly think of recordings of things like mechanical keyboards clacking, or fountain pens writing. I do find these sounds to be rather soothing, but you folks seem to be talking about something very different. Either that, or there's a non-insignificant number of people who think that mechanical keyboard sounds are particularly sexual.

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