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File: 1669882607501.png (435.96 KB, 1291x1558, 94722281_p0.png)


It sucks having no friends. No people to talk to, or share moments with.
I made this thread so that you can give me advice on this particular subject.


Try increasing hobbies that have a social aspect


Which ones would you recommend? I found language classes are good, I personally would love to try a new instrument but there is not much social aspect in that


Do you like Yugioh?


Playing an instrument is a good idea. The only friends I meet irl nowadays are my band mates.


If you play an instrument, try checking out some dive bars to find concerts of a genre you like to play. I've found that members of small local bands are usually more than happy to chat with audience members after their shows, especially if they're fellow musicians. If you're lucky, you might even find a band with an opening you could join.


Join a club around an activity you like


How do I find clubs where I live? Most clubs here are for sports more than anything


File: 1672036429495.png (805.51 KB, 960x640, ClipboardImage.png)

Try talking a bit more with the people you work/study with. You both have to be there anyways, might as well make the day go by a little faster. 90% of my friends are from work.


Just bee urself


if you want to make frens, never bee urself


More like: Never go out full capacity and reveal every minute detail about yourself just after you've met someone for the first time. Test the waters. If you find similarities, try to make yourself vulnerable in this aspect by revealing more specific aspects of your views, interests or personality traits in that field.

If they follow up on this invite to deepen the relationship and reveal similar things about themselves, you just have come one step closer to finding a friend. If not, they may need some more time to warm up to you or will never pass a certain threshold, exactly like you did, when you tried to be someone you are not just to fit in, while suffocating in your armour of solitude.


File: 1674455996106.png (897.82 KB, 960x604, ClipboardImage.png)

100% this. Everyone is weird in some way, so the best way to make friends is to put your best features forward and hide your weirdness a little bit. People will want to interact with you for the parts of you that you put forward, and as you meet them, you can show them your weird side. And, hopefully, they'll show you their weird side. The people that tolerate your weirdness will be your acquaintances. The people that love your weirdness will become your best friends.

But all that said, sometimes, you will just not jive with certain people. No reason in particular, no fault of either involved, that's just how it is. Best you can do is keep looking for new friends.

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